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    The Day Trading Reality Checklist discussed in this YouTube video. Download link: Checklist.pdf
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    Ran into this picture online today... This is so true about any type of success in any career or goal. People only see what others have achieved and want the shortcut to the top. In my personal opinion, in Day Trading there are no shortcuts, the work must be put in, by education, practice, practice and even more practice. After comes the physiological and emotional part that is trigger when we put skin (real money) in the game. This is were we need to transform from a regular Day Trader's mindset to a Successful Day Trader's mindset. This is by far the hardest part of Day Trading and requires hard work, persistence, and dedication just to name a few.... #wegotthis
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    Good morning! Happy Sunday! Time to review Week #1 of 2019! Let's review our journal, what we did well and what needs improvement this coming week. Highlight your top 3 improvement areas and let's focus on them this week. Do not worry about your P&L we have a whole year ahead of us to work on that. Let's start with getting a firm process, habits and foundation to support future growth. Check out Reflection and Review podcast for Trading Journal ideas. See you all in the Pre-market show tomorrow 8:30 Wall Street time!
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    “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” Day Trading requires a lot of discipline at your trading desk and off it. Make sure you are puttting in hard work on your daily routine to motivate discipline in your personal life as well. Exercise, Read, Meditate. Happy Friday from the local gym! Looking forward to a great Friday and morning Pre-market show!
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    Here is the chart we shared this morning in the Pre-Market show as we discussed the Markets. Very interesting. There is a good read article about bull and bear markets here (https://www.brightscope.com/financial-planning/advice/article/27993/Bull-And-Bear-Markets-A-History/) were I found this chart.
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    Good morning BBT Family, Happy Sunday! Let's get up early and put in some work. All the work to become a better day trader is not put in during the market hours. Let's take advantage during the off hours to get closer to our goal. Few things we can attack today and tomorrow. 1. Review last weeks trading and highlight improvements areas for the coming week. 2. Check out members recap on YouTube and learn from them. 3. Read a book. (Andrew's 2nd book if you have not done so already.) 4. Review classes again and again. Let's put in the work during this off time! Let me know what you are doing on your end.
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    I had an amazing week with 1 small red day Monday and the rest green. For us new traders this is a great confidence booster but it is important for us to stay even-keeled going into the next trading session. There is a fine line between confidence and over-confidence. Over-confidence can make us take weak setups, aggressive position size, and early entries because we expect everything to go our way as it has in the past. When it does not, our confidence takes huge hit and this can lead to bad trading, overtrading and easily snowballing a small red day into a big red day....(I have had my share of this experience.) A green streak does not make the probability of having another green day higher. Our past results do not determine future results, same goes for when we have red days. So let's stay even-keeled and "cool as a fan" as we enter tomorrow's trading day. (Now time to look at the improvements notes from last week's journal!)
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