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  1. Robert H

    DAS and IB

    Here's my buy hotkey for reference: ROUTE=SMRTL;Price=Ask+0.05;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send It really depends on the volume, liquidity, and volatility of the stock. Sometimes I get filled right at the ASK, sometimes there is a few cents slippage.
  2. Hi Seamus, I'm not sure why my screenshot has no ECN fees listed. I use the +/- 0.05 hotkeys as well. Those by definition remove liquidity (hitting the bid/ask) and are subject to ECN fees. I'm with Interactive Brokers and my per share commission is 0.0035. Total per share after fees (SEC+FINRA+ECN) are about 0.005, so I assume those work out to 0.0015 per share. I believe people with CMEG are paying slightly more than that for ECN.
  3. Robert H

    DAS and IB

    Are you in simulator? I found that you will normally get filled at the extremes of your hotkey +/- tolerance. This leads to worst case scenario fills compared to real life execution. @PeterD noticed the same thing.
  4. Robert H

    Help! Losers way bigger than Winners!

    @George C My two cents: taking first partial after 10 cents is too soon. I try to take first partial after 1:1 risk/reward or 0.20-0.30 (depends on ATR and stock price). If the trade goes in my direction but fails to reach that, I then bail out of the trade at break-even or tiny profit.
  5. Robert H

    Transfering Positions from IB to CMEG

    Try asking IB/CMEG support for a definitive answer. I know that my Canadian broker allows transfer of securities, but this is in Canada.
  6. Robert H

    Changes in Chatroom!

    We're returning to the old format which had 2 tabs: one for stocks and one for off-topic. Let's see what the community's opinion is on having 3 vs 2.
  7. Bump for new tutorial video in original post.
  8. @Jan R I've since upgraded PC's to the ASRock DeskMini GTX 1060. It supports 4 displays whereas my old DeskMini 110 was limited to 2 displays.
  9. @JohnG The middle monitors are 3440x1440 and the sides are 2560x1080.
  10. Yes, the deal is still on: https://speedtrader.com/bearbulltraders/ Some members have reported certain stocks not available for short. Not sure which stocks in particular.
  11. The minimum deposit was $10k USD when I opened my account in February, 2018. Another member mentioned that it has been lowered to $5K USD. Please contact IB Support to be sure!
  12. Robert H

    DXY In Das

  13. Robert H

    Risk Management

    A better example is taking 1,000 shares with a $25k account. Since your buying power is typically 4:1, you can take a position up to $100k using leverage. 1% of your account is $250. This means 0.25/share on 1,000 shares. The important part is to find a stop loss at a technical level, and figure out the per-share loss. This will determine the maximum share size you can take. Stop loss first, share size after. Using the same numbers above, a 0.50 stop loss would mean taking 500 shares. And so on and so forth. The 1% rule is a maximum. You can always risk less, but never more. When I traded 100 share lots, I pretended that my account was $2,500. All risk management and daily goal/loss calculations were based off $2,500 and not the full size.
  14. Robert H

    Scanning for ORB's and Reversals

    Check out Andrew's ORB scanner as a starting point. Cloud link: http://www.trade-ideas.com/Cloud.html?code=a151665e41a756e75f8805afaa78c073 Forum post discussing the scanner below.

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