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  1. Hi Kyle, this has always been an issue based on how VWAP is calculated. Here's an old post from @Dima regarding the subject: Hope that answers your question.
  2. Thanks, Kyle. I found that even using the dollar risk version, the diminishing available BP was still an issue. I'm assuming this is because it still contains the DefShare=BP*X variable. I've since switched to a more simple version based on @fjmocke original hotkey: Price=Ask-Price + 0.02;Share=100 / Price;ROUTE=SMRTL;Price=Ask+0.05;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send As we know, the downside is being rejected based on insufficient BP. I manage this by copy/pasting my Withhold BP from DAS to Excel. For some reason I couldn't get the STOP orders to work at all. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. On behalf of the BBT Team: thanks again for all the work!
  3. When first starting out or learning a new strategy, I would suggest respecting your original stop loss. This way you can get a feel for the signals that appear when the trade falls apart. As Mark Douglas recommends during the 20 trade exercise: make it mechanical and limit decision making. As you gain experience, you will start observing the above indicators that reduce the probability of your trade working out. This is where intuition allows you to get out of a trade early. Remember that you can always re-enter as commissions are cheap. The danger when doing this as a beginner is that it leads to getting chopped up and/or revenge trading.
  4. This is the hotkey command: https://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=%SYMB% You have to select the montage for pressing the hotkey.
  5. Robert H

    Daily Profit, Daily max Loss

    Having a daily profit goal early in your trading career can have negative consequences. You may feel the need to press, chase, trade the whole day, etc. Your goals should be based on execution, psychology, rule adherence, making improvements etc. Similar to what @rom30 mentioned above. Treat your daily goal and max loss as stopping points for the day. That being said, a goal of 0.5% to 1% a day is usually recommended for early in your career. 5% is unrealistic. It also makes sense that your daily max loss is no more than your daily goal--a losing day should not wipe out a winning day. Here are the numbers I used when first going live: Account: $2500 Daily goal : 1-2% (25-50$) Daily Max loss : 2% (50$) Risk per trade : 1% to 2% (25-50$) If you risk 1% on a 2:1 setup that hits, then your day is over (one and done). Sometimes you end up with a few small winners and losers that put you black, small green or small red. It's a good habit to evaluate yourself throughout the day and know when to throw in the towel. Sometimes the market isn't tradeable, while sometimes the issue is with ourselves. For beginners this distinction is very difficult to make. So best to bench yourself. Cheers.
  6. Robert H

    Fear of losing

    Jimmy, We've all been there. Try reducing share size to rebuild your confidence. Go down to whatever minuscule level it takes to be carefree (not careless). For me that was risking $25 a trade. Trading small for a long enough period of time will develop the good habits and reduce hesitation. Once you find yourself entering, managing, and exiting without fear, slowly increase share size. The trick is to make it so gradual that your psyche won't know the difference. This strategy allows you to risk more--and make more--as your consistency increases. Cheers.
  7. Robert H

    Toronto meetup Jan 18, 2019?

    The old GTA post kind of died off. I've closed it in hopes that this one gets more traction. Here it is for reference:
  8. Robert H

    Journal Templates

    Check out www.tradervue.com. Lots of people in our community use it. There's paid and free versions. Great stats and analysis on your trading.
  9. @KyleK29 Thanks for adding the STOP order feature! I will test in simulator and report back. Awesome work on the Stop Order Modifiers, too. I ran into an issue today while having multiple positions opened. Note I am using the % Equity Risk version of the hotkeys. I believe using the Dollar Risk version may avoid this. So I opened position 1, risking 1% of my account. My buying power is now reduced by what is used by position 1. All is well. I open position 2 using the same hotkey as above. However, I am now risking much less than 1% since the calculation is based off available buying power (of course). This leads to a much smaller position than what was intended. It gets worst if you open a third or fourth position. Note that my buying power is never fully consumed. Each subsequent position is just calculated based off the decreasing available BP. I'm going to manually calculate 1% of my equity and use the Dollar Risk version. Will report back on results.
  10. IB Canada gives 3.33:1 leverage (30% margin requirement) for eligible stocks. Most mid floats we trade fall into this category. Click the underlying stocks link here for further info. Volatile stocks--such as $CGC--are not eligible for margin.
  11. DAS doesn't have an equivalent feature that I am aware of.
  12. SMRTL is Interactive Brokers' proprietary route for limit orders. SMRTM is for market orders.
  13. Check out this thread for the answer:
  14. Robert H

    15-Minute Chart Reversal Strategy

    Post charts so we can review what the issues were.
  15. hi Robert how I can find your tips on DAS here. can you send link. thank you.

    1. Robert H

      Robert H

      The DAS Trader FAQ is located here: 


    2. tabrizi


      Hi Robert - do you have a link to DAS hotkey set up?



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