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  1. Hi Robert, 

    Can you please share your moving average configs on your 2min chart? i know i saw a youtube video about it but i can't find it. 

    thank you! 

    1. Robert H

      Robert H

      Hi Mark,

      I use 8, 20, 50, 200 SMA. All with Source: (High+Low)/2

    2. Mark D.

      Mark D.

      excellent thanks!

  2. Robert H

    Recording Recap Video

    You mean a little box of them on webcam? OBS can do that with multiple video sources! Check out this post for some basic info on OBS:
  3. IB offers really good exchange rates! Watch this video. Make sure to test it out in the paper trading account first. https://ibkr.info/video/1172
  4. Take a look at this post for how to create a hotkey for stop loss. Try changing StopPrice=AvgCost*0.75 (long) and StopPrice=AvgCost+1.333 (short)
  5. Robert H

    IRA Accounts for Day Trading?

    I'm pretty sure SEC regulations disallow shorting in a registered account (IRA, 401K, TFSA, RRSP, etc). Check with individual brokers for other restrictions.
  6. This may be possible through the use of Symbol Lists. 1. Create a Symbol List (Tools > Symbol Lists > Create New List) 2. Select all stocks in your watchlist and Right Click > Send To > Symbol Lists 3. For each Scanner, Configure the Symbol Lists filter to only include your list (Add Existing List) I'm not sure if stocks from your watch will meet the criteria for each scanner. Worth a shot though. Cheers.
  7. Robert H

    SIM & P&L

    Here's a clumsy workaround for keeping a running P&L in simulator.
  8. Could you record a video of what you see and post it on YouTube or email to the team? Thanks.
  9. THANKS FOR THE GREAT RECAP TODAY, I saved it to watch over and over!

    I am interested in you thoughts on Questrade vs CMEG. I had a Questrade account since about 2010 was working up until May 2018 little time for day trading but was swing trading. May I joined BBT life time member and have learned lots. I have checked out BBT Form regarding the Brokers. Just wondering on your thoughts.

    Thanks and missed your recaps when you didn't do them for a while. There's not a day that goes by where I don't watch all the recaps, and Brians weekly recaps.



    1. Robert H

      Robert H

      Hi Norm,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      I assume you're in Canada since you mentioned Questrade. As a fellow Canuck, we aren't subject to the PDT rule, so CMEG isn't the best option.

      I would recommend IB. They open accounts with a minimum deposit of $5k USD.


    2. nwpals


      Thanks Robert, Yes I'm in northern Alberta about 2 hours from Fort St.John BC.

      The thing i do not like about Questrade is the time it takes to get into and out of a trade, no real hot key execution. Would like to stay within North American rather than going offshore. I'll check IB further.

      Thanks again and Thanks for all the Great recaps and Rants

      Norm P

  10. Robert H

    15-Minute Chart Reversal Strategy

    Yes, waiting for the new 15-min low means a later entry. However, I've found that the 15-min low confirmation increases the probability that the reversal occurs. If you go in too early on a new 5-min low, often it can squeeze you (ETSY did this yesterday and almost hit HOD before dropping). With experience, you will get better at gauging when it is ok to jump the gun. Your MU trade was great. It bounced off the MA and then hit the VWAP at noon. Really strong stocks will often find support off the MA's during their descent. JD basically bounced off the VWAP. As with any chart, MA's and levels are areas +/-0.05-0.10 and not exact points. I use limit orders a few cents away from targets to increase the likelihood of getting filled. AAPL made a nasty pullback and new 15-min high before losing VWAP. This kind of move is typical; it's like a giant, slow-moving reverse ABCD. For the reversal strategy, you need to use loose enough stops and give the play time to work out. This may not suit a lot of trader's styles or personalities. It took me awhile to improve my patience and learn to trust the charts. Cheers.
  11. Robert H

    Daily Profit, Daily max Loss

    @Mohamed Omar Congrats on the green month! Unfortunately, I'm unable to provide individual journal review at this time. I suggest you start a post in the Journals subforum and have other members/mods provide feedback. I can take a look as well. Cheers and best of luck.
  12. Hi Dennis, Are you using the paid simulator or the 14-day free trial demo?
  13. Which window are you clicking? It has t o be the Account window per the screenshot above.
  14. You can't add the Daily MA's directly, only through the use of Global Horizontal Lines which are sync'd across all charts timeframes for one ticker. Take a look here:

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