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  1. They have been removed from YouTube but are still available on the Education Center.
  2. Robert H

    Suggestions for BBT Challenge 2

    You have to finish the week with positive equity. Blowing up on Day 5 (going to 0 or negative) will disqualify you. Yes, but you will need to sign up for the Challenge and use that account for trading. Great point, Marek. Even a bell curve which "weights" the dollar PnL would be a good compromise. Someone making $10k in one day should be rewarded more than another trader who leads the pack with $1000 on another day.
  3. Hi Jay, Other IB customers from Europe and Mexico have reported that the PDT rule applies to them. Check this post out: IB Canada does not apply the PDT rule. I am a customer and can confirm this.
  4. Robert H

    Programming hot key for stop loss

    Here is the working link: Do you see your STOP in the Open Orders window?
  5. Robert H


    Select PriceMarker on the right side, and click Config.
  6. Robert H

    Strategies for Profit Partials

    Old post, but relevant: Andrew takes off 25% of remaining in rapid succession. Personally I take off 1/2 or 2/3 after 1.5:1 risk/reward. Then I take the rest off based on the price action (holding support, no new 2/5 min lows, etc). William and Norm typically aim for higher profit potential and are more patient. It really depends on your style, strategy, and personality.
  7. Robert H

    DAS Route Types

    Yes, those routes are specific to IB. Use LIMIT and MARKET in lieu.
  8. Robert H

    editing hot keys

    Right-click the bottom area of Montage > Layout Config. Use the arrows to add the Hotkey to the right side: Press OK. You should get a ribbon which says "Right click here to add button." Alternatively, you can load the Default Simulator Layout which includes custom buttons already. Use the Duplicate Window function to clone the Montage. Here are some sample scripts to get you started: ROUTE=MARKET;Share=400;Price=Ask;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send ROUTE=MARKET;Share=400;Price=Bid;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send
  9. Robert H

    DAS Manage Stop Loss

    Unfortunately there's no way to achieve this automatically. You can manually modify existing STOP orders by: Double-click the original stop order in Open Orders window. This loads it into the Montage Update the Share number to your current position by pressing P on the Montage Optional: update Price if you want to adjust new stop to break-even Press RPL (replace) on the Montage This post describes how to set hotkeys to quickly achieve the steps:
  10. Robert H

    Interactive Brokers

    Tiered works out to be cheaper in nearly all cases. @peterB gives a good breakdown of the $0.0035/share and $0.35 minimum per order. Keep in mind that this does not include ECN, FINRA, and SEC fees. A good estimate of total fees is to take the total shares traded (in and out), and multiply by $0.005. So in both examples, that would be roughly $10.
  11. Robert H

    Remember orders in montage?

    I don't believe what you described is possible. However, you can store share and price values in a hotkey, which can then be loaded into the montage (rather than sent immediately). For example: SHARE=1000; PRICE=10;BUY=LOAD
  12. Robert H

    demo/simulator vs live account

    This is the only way to switch between simulator and real (per this article): You can however program the account directly into a hotkey/button via this command: ACCOUNT=UXXXXXXX
  13. Robert H


    Also make sure you select the relevant Montage before pressing the hotkeys. It won't work if the chart is selected.
  14. Yes. You need to define it in a hotkey. Example command: MinuteChart 10 1d; NumBar 24

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