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  1. Hello Robert,

    I found that you look familiar with a Canadian account and Interactive Broker.

    I have a big problem with IB and intraday loan fee.  I trade in the US with my IB account in Canada.  I also use DAS as a platform.

    Here is my problem: I was getting use to have some variations sometime with the exchange with my Canadian $ account:  -50$ or -100$, -200$. Sometime it give me +50$ or +100$ but this is more rarely.

    I trade the US stock but at the end of day, with my daily report, IB close the day and make the calculation for the exchange CAD versus USD.

    • In January, I lost 585$ US just with the exchange
    • In February, I lost 420$ US again with the exchange.
    • And on Monday this week, March 9 2020, I lost 750$ US with the exchange USD/CAD!!!
    • I can’t believe that a US citizen would make a nice trading day of 305$ US with 22$ commission and end up loosing 750$ with the exchange, 3 trades on $AAPL, $AMD and $NVDA

     I call IB last week to change my Canadian account in US$. They told me that it goes with the country of residence. The guy was not really helpful.

    With one of your post, I understand more how it work when I buy in USD with my CAD: https://ibkr.info/node/722


    Today, since all line where busy at IB, I tried the chat. The guys told there was noting to do even if I challenge him that it's impossible that a America with a US account would pay 750$ for making 305$.

    With this setup, I have no choice but to change Interactive Broker for another broker that would accept to open a account with USD.

    Any advice and recommendation would be really appreciated.



    1. Justin


      Stéphan, Robert is unfortunately gone from BBT. You should make an actual post and @ Andrew, Brian and Carlos all using IB Canada I believe.

    2. Stephane Courchesne

      Stephane Courchesne

      OK, thanks Justin ;-)


  2. Hi Robert, how are you ?

    Any chance you know how to use fibonacci tool on DAS to create this 1R, 2R etc so it tells you nicely where it is your stop loss and profit targets....

    Thank you,


    1. Robert H

      Robert H

      Hi Dalt

      Unfortunately I don't know how to do that. I've heard in the latest version there are chart indicators showing your stop and profit target. Another option is to draw a line manually with the trendline tool.

  3. Hi Robert, I can't open below link:


    would you please email me the excel files ? [email protected]

    thank you.


  4. Let's meetup Saturday July 6th. Andrew will be in town. Please sign up using attendance sheet in original post. Open to location suggestions. Last year we did Tap and Barrel in Olympic Village and it was a great atmosphere.
  5. The Day Trading Reality Checklist discussed in this YouTube video. Download link: Checklist.pdf
  6. Hi Robert, 

    Can you please share your moving average configs on your 2min chart? i know i saw a youtube video about it but i can't find it. 

    thank you! 

    1. Robert H

      Robert H

      Hi Mark,

      I use 8, 20, 50, 200 SMA. All with Source: (High+Low)/2

    2. Mark D.

      Mark D.

      excellent thanks!

  7. THANKS FOR THE GREAT RECAP TODAY, I saved it to watch over and over!

    I am interested in you thoughts on Questrade vs CMEG. I had a Questrade account since about 2010 was working up until May 2018 little time for day trading but was swing trading. May I joined BBT life time member and have learned lots. I have checked out BBT Form regarding the Brokers. Just wondering on your thoughts.

    Thanks and missed your recaps when you didn't do them for a while. There's not a day that goes by where I don't watch all the recaps, and Brians weekly recaps.



    1. Robert H

      Robert H

      Hi Norm,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      I assume you're in Canada since you mentioned Questrade. As a fellow Canuck, we aren't subject to the PDT rule, so CMEG isn't the best option.

      I would recommend IB. They open accounts with a minimum deposit of $5k USD.


    2. nwpals


      Thanks Robert, Yes I'm in northern Alberta about 2 hours from Fort St.John BC.

      The thing i do not like about Questrade is the time it takes to get into and out of a trade, no real hot key execution. Would like to stay within North American rather than going offshore. I'll check IB further.

      Thanks again and Thanks for all the Great recaps and Rants

      Norm P

  8. I just enabled editing. It will happen if we can get enough members together!
  9. Please mark off your availability in this spreadsheet: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OaSvkl2G8GTBpaKSrFPukaA8R7C2ZkKi91safLqMLYw UPDATE: Let's meetup Saturday July 6th. Andrew will be in town. Please sign up using attendance sheet above. Open to location suggestions. Last year we did Tap and Barrel in Olympic Village and it was a great atmosphere.
  10. hi Robert how I can find your tips on DAS here. can you send link. thank you.

    1. Robert H

      Robert H

      The DAS Trader FAQ is located here: 


    2. tabrizi


      Hi Robert - do you have a link to DAS hotkey set up?


  11. 'Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.'


    1. Eduardo Brasil

      Eduardo Brasil

      I don't know how to use DAS where i can find help here on BearBull trades thank you


  12. Robert,

    can you explain to me how to set up a 15 min chart hotkey in das? also how to change the number of bars on my 1,5,15,60,and daily charts?

    1. Robert H

      Robert H

      Go to menu Setup > Hotkey.

      From there, double click a line to edit that hotkey.


      Here's the command text for easier copy/paste.

      1 MIN CHART 1 day    F1    MinuteChart 1 2d; NumBar 30
      5 MIN CHART 1 day    F2    MinuteChart 5; NumBar 24
      15 MIN CHART 15 day    F3    MinuteChart 15; NumBar 16
      DAILY CHART    F4    DayChart 1d 365d; ZoomFit

    2. ebenezer


      thank you Robert!

      so i dont need to fill in the "script" in the script builder? or are the commands above the "script?


    3. ebenezer


      i figured it out. thanks again! your posts are really helpful!


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