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  1. You´ll need a trading platform or check broker´s Short Stock Availability List. Really this is broker dependant, IB could have BYND stocks to short, and CMEG don´t.
  2. It is explained in the Education Center videos, in the forums and everyday in the chatroom.
  3. One of the first things I learnt in sim was to change the default amount of shares.
  4. I didn´t stop excercising durig pandemic: running before 6 am avoiding parks (closed) and pedestrian areas and using my home gear (bands, sandbag, kettlebells) .
  5. Eric, that setting is in the 2012 DAS Trader Pro User Manual:
  6. Eric, this is not an "obscure template settings" as it is the solution to avoid montage changing from live account to paper trading account, every new live trader ask about this and is pointed to our DAS FAQ in the forums, this is the forum thread.
  7. I am convinced that daily goals of 1% - 2% are for experienced traders.
  8. Hi Ákos. There is not promo code for Alliance, the only featured brokers are in this page https://bearbulltraders.com/software-brokers/
  9. Thank you Eric, this is the first time I hear something like this in 2 years trading and supporting this community.
  10. In DAS, you will see a "S" o the montage (this is explained on Class 1 / Onboarding session) The price is shown in the L1, L2 in the montage and in the chart (candlesticks) (this is explained on Class 1 / Onboarding session) The limit is your buying power, in case of high volatile stocks, the margin is reduced or non existent, this depend on your broker In DAS about one second using marketable limit orders In day trading we cover our shorts in the same day. If you swing trade, when short you would pay interest on the position size for each day you hold it overnight.
  11. Use tools > Backup from the old DAS and Tools > restore in the new one
  12. This is weird, I just tried your script and it bought me 100 shares in sim. Do you have any hotkey that buys 1000 shares?
  13. Not sure what you mean. At the bottom of montage, does it have 3 tabs? (see below)
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