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  1. For new BBT members, just a quick advice when activating their DAS subscription for the first time. You can take advantage of the 14-days of free simulator and use this option to configure DAS, test hotkeys and get used to the software. You can sign up for 14 Days Trial Demo HERE (top of page, first time user only) and take that time to setup your simulator. During this trial, market data is real-time ONLY for Nasdaq Exchange traded stocks but delayed for all other Exchanges. This install is the same BBT simulator uses so when you activate it your username will provide real time data feed for both NASDAQ and NYSE and it will keep the same layout you define during the trial. For Lifetime members, we provide support in helping you get setup with the DAS Trader Pro platform. If you need assistance, please schedule support time with our in-house DAS technical support tech Jonathan, simply find an available time slot and fill out the form in your Dashboard. To activate your 3-months sim subscription just email to [email protected] with the activation date.
  2. When a stock is in SSR it means the stock is in “Short Selling Restriction” (SSR) mode. SSR is triggered when a stock is down 10% or more from the previous day's close. In this case, regulators and the exchanges restrict short selling of the stock when its price is dropping. You can only sell short on the ask, you cannot sell short directly to the buyers (on the bid). It means that the priority for selling is for the sellers who currently hold positions (own the stock), not for the short sellers who are wanting to profit from the downward movement. If you want to sell short, you have to queue up on the ask side and wait for buyers to come to you. Real sellers, on the other hand, can accept bids from buyers and get rid of their positions. The SSR is designed to give the real sellers, who own the stock, a priority to sell over the short sellers on the market. So, when a stock is in SSR mode, you need to send your orders to sell on the ask, and then wait for an uptick so your orders get filled. One way to do it is using these buttons in the montage so you can send a limit order to a price range and wait to get filled when the stock is in an uptick. It would be great to hear advice and tricks from BBT members on how to go short on SSR stocks....
  3. I guess they ask for proof of residence in the country (Canada). If not, there would be no need of offshore brokers, all would go to open accounts with IB Canada.
  4. You´re welcome, yes, take your time to build trading skills and consistency in the simulator at the time you grow your account capital. Good luck!
  5. Yes that would be an option of offshore broker to avoid PDT. Just be mindful that if you choose DAS, monthly cost will be charged to your account so $500 will shrink too soon.
  6. The bank will try to charge your card until there are enough funds, but you should ensure you have enough funds for this.
  7. Hi Konstantinos, you can use credit card and paypal to pay your membership. I guess you are talking about a debit card, yes your card should have enough funds to process the payment. You can use your debit card to pay with paypal. Please let me know if you have any questions, Abiel
  8. Hi Konstantinos. PDT rules apply to every broker based in the US, so if you are using an US-based broker, does not matter where are you based, you are subject to PDT. If you are using IB Canada, PDT rule does not apply, because IB Canada is a canadian company and PDT is a regulation of an US authority (FINRA) for US brokerage companies. IB US account minimum are here.
  9. I use OBS as I can use sound filters to improve audio while I am narrating my trades while recording. I run an I core i7-7700 @ 3.60Hz and seems to me there is no problem on use of computer resources. Since the beginning I didn't like DAS recorder so I don't know if they have improved it. With DAS and chrome With DAS, OBS & chrome
  10. Welcome to BBT @Jason Mah! Yes, we have lots of learning resources here in the forums, Education Center, Media Center and Downloads! make sure to explore all!
  11. Hi @Grace Kowalski, welcome to BBT! Thank you for sharing this amazing story! and of course, GOOD LUCK!
  12. Bienvenido Carlos! / Welcome Carlos! We have a space in BBT for spanish speaking people here!
  13. I am testing this feature of DAS, trading from montage L2. If you right click in L2 > Config Level 2 the config window will open. In the column config, move ORDER to the right and it will show a buy button in every price level in the bid, and a sell button on every price level in the ask. You will be able to send limit orders typing # of shares and clicking the price level of your choice in the bid or the ask. This is particularly useful in SSR stocks, rising devils or just to take profits in a patient way in congested price levels. An as these will be limit orders, you will be adding liquidity.
  14. Hey guys! As Andrew announced today, he will be in San Francisco available for a meetup either Friday evening this week (11/8) or Saturday breakfast. We hope some local member can take the lead on the organization of this meetup and propose a venue. Please use this post to confirm attendance!
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