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  1. Hey guys Andrew will be on Washington D. C. this weekend and it would be great if he can meet up with some local traders for drinks and chat. Time and venue TBD. Please confirm attendance.
  2. Guys, please confirm attendance here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/vancouver-bbt-meetup-tickets-191181718667
  3. Hi guys, unfortunately Andrew can make it for this meetup, it is cancelled.
  4. Please confirm here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bbt-meetup-in-edinburgh-scotland-uk-tickets-188912802277
  5. Sorry guys Andrew can’t make it for tonight. Are you able for Monday night?
  6. Hi guys, who could help to select and reserve a venue for this meetup?
  7. try booking under kareem darwish or Andrew Aziz
  8. Please see original post updated with venue.
  9. Thanks for the update Nuno! Andrew is updated now!
  10. Hey Everyone, as you know Andrew is traveling, if anyone is interested in meeting up Saturday, October 9 for some drinks and talk trading? Date: October 11 Time: Around 8:00 pm (TBC) Venue: TBD (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK) Please confirm here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bbt-meetup-in-edinburgh-scotland-uk-tickets-188912802277
  11. Update: Date: October 6th Time: 7:00pm Venue: Adega e Presuntaria Transmontana II (Porto, Portugal)
  12. @nmdinacio @FernandoMiranda @Sampas we just added venue and time to the original post!
  13. Andrew would like to have a big meetup in Vancouver, maybe at the new office for drinks and socializing on December 3rd. 6-8 PM drinks and light appetizers at BBT/PCT office 8 PM-2 AM EDM Music and more drinks and more socializing *everyone welcome Later, in the evening, Andrew would like to attend an EDM event organized by some of the famous artists of Vancouver, for a night of music and dancing and more socializing. Andrew is highly encouraging BBT members are joining for both events, with friends and family, and even non members are welcome. Andrew will cover appetizers and drinks for meetup, but tickets for EDM event can be purchased here. Please sign up ASAP and I guarantee you a night of EDM music with BBT and some of the fastest growing artists of Vancouver, would be worth your time. Andrew would like to support the event, so your ticket purchase helps the artist and organizers of the events. PLEASE CONFIRM ATTENDANCE TO BBT MEETUP HERE.
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