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  1. Please confirm too in the facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/315480819140810/
  2. Abiel


    How can we help you? You can email me too abiel@bearbulltraders.com
  3. Hi guys, we have created facebook events for these meetups: Dallas Meetup Austin Meetup Please use these events to confirm your attendance.
  4. Abiel

    Bear Bull Traders FAQ

    Education Center!
  5. Abiel

    Video recording issues in DAS

    Hi Chris. I don't use DAS recorder. I use OBS to record my trades https://obsproject.com/
  6. We are thrilled with all the great feedback we receive from you via email! Thank you very much for your support! Despite all of these wonderful comments, we are unfortunately low on Facebook reviews. We are asking your help to please visit our Facebook page and leave an honest review of BBT community. Please click the link below to leave a brief, honest & helpful review: https://www.facebook.com/pg/BearBullTraders/reviews Thank you very much for your help!
  7. IB Article on fees or credits for removing or adding liquidity to the market, respectively. Read more here: https://ibkr.info/node/201
  8. Hi guys, in BBT home page you will find a full list of positions. https://bearbulltraders.com/
  9. Abiel

    Recap Edit Software/App

    I use Jing https://www.techsmith.com/jing-tool.html
  10. Abiel

    PDT day trade limit?

    If you still have PDT issues please log out and back in DAS.
  11. Abiel

    PDT day trade limit?

    If you can't close your open positions email challenge@bearbulltraders.com, assuming you opened them today. If you held overnight that might be blocked as it breached the challenge rules.
  12. Abiel

    PDT day trade limit?

    Guys, DAS is working to solve this PDT issue ASAP.
  13. Abiel

    Save HotKeys in a file

    In DAS Trader Pro: Tools > Backup Settings. A zip file will be created in your computer desktop with ALL your DAS settings, including hotkeys. Use Restore Settings if something bad happens. Manually: go to DAS Trader Pro folder (usually C:\DAS Trader Pro) and copy Hotkey.htk. Paste somewhere else.
  14. Abiel


    Correct @hailchaser2
  15. Great idea Gabriel! You can post your trading journal in this forum.

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