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    • I had a similar issue with DAS and hotkeys, but the culprit was a faulty keyboard. Bought a new one, and all is well.
    • This is the first I've heard of such issues. Have you tried another keyboard? What kind of computer are you using? It's really surprising considering that hundreds--if not thousands--of our members have used DAS hotkeys successfully. Have you reached out to DAS Support? As a paying subscriber, you are entitled to a 1-hour free session with their Tech Specialist to ensure your system is running smoothly. Best of luck!
    • Hi all,  Want to fill you in on a bad experience with DAS trader. I recently went with das trader pro setup with IB, but after a week of trial, on both sim and real time trading, I found Das was not executing correctly. Sometimes my orders wouldnt even go through with my smartkeys set-up. Other times, duplicate orders would go through instead of a buy canceling out my short position for example.  I dont trust them with my money anymore, and WOULD NOT recommend DAS PRO.   
    • I'm on my way from Sorel-Tracy #SouthShoreRepresent
    • It could've been worse if we think about it, imagine it kept going down and down after you averaging down the stock? You could've got with much more loss, but it went higher, which was unlikely then, I mean especially after it broke the VWAP, I would have done the same thing you did btw. I mean going long, then averaging, then it breaks the VWAP which is usually a stop loss, luckily the stock bounced back! Time to get out before it drops again! You did well going out I think:) However,  Looking at five minute candle made it pretty clear that it's bullish. I face the same problem with realized and unrealized amount, and my scaling depends on the number written there, I'll try to disable it tomorrow and see how it goes) Thanks for your post 😄

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