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    https://www.bearbulltraders.com/downloads/ Go to downloads from the top right of your screen while at the website, not the forum page, and go to the drop down next to your name. The DAS layout file is in there.
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    12-02-19 AIS 0800, 7 hrs, 7/10 PAT: A or better setups... read sticky.... Notes: No voice chat before 1000..... ASLN Reason2Trade.... On scanners... RVOL was 8.0 at time of trade.... + preliminary results.... PB#2.... a setup... 1/2 size..... moving with volume and breaking VWAP..... bounced off a PM level..... in at 6.86, stop 6.74 below VWAP, target 7.31 Daily level..... took partials on the way up without a good clear sign only on the fast price action.... got halted..... resumed to a sell off to which I partialed towards the top and all out above BE...... +2R CLVS Reason2Trade.... On Scanners.... RVOL 3.1..... General news for sector..... PB#2..... A setup..... 1/3 size..... Was looking for an entry and when I turned my attention it made the move I wanted.... waited for a clear sign for an entry using the 2min ABCD... breaking above VWAP with increased volume..... in at 16.15, stop at C 15.91, target at 16.50 for PMH and large ASKs stacked to that point..... I was late on the first pop and partialed on the second then all out on LVL2 changes and price action slowing..... +.3R Cons: Probably could have done without the CLVS trade but I did take a very small size.... Pros: Took the trades that setup the way I wanted them to and did not hesitate Fav. Trade: ASLN Notes: Out for the day with two trades.... Rs: +2.3
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    November 27, 2019 -$UAA So I had a little mini vacation to Las Vegas, well actually it was more work than vacation, but it still prevented me from being able to trade for the last three days. I felt great coming into today, but also realized that it was the day before Thanksgiving and that I was very eager to trade. I even mentioned to myself to hold off and make sure the setup is valid and not to anticipate the market and enter early. Well I failed miserably at that and took a trade without a good setup. The pattern was there, but none of the other indicators such as level 2, moving averages, etc were there. Hints why upon the entry, I thought to myself why did take this entry. Shortly afterwards I was stopped out. I chalked it up to rust and the need to get a trade in. Overall happily with the discipline on stopping out and not rushing back into another trade. After this trade, I packed it up and started the long drive home. Overall, proper execution on bad analysis. I would rather get stopped out on a trade like this then make money and re-enforce a bad habit. Sample Set Results, G S S 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
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    November 21, 2019 -$AMD I had some good trading today, just misplaced my stop on $AMD, which caused me not get the 1R move that I should have gotten before getting stopped out. There was nothing wrong with the setup or the entry, just that I put the stop too high. It should have been about .05 cents lower, which would have gotten me the 1R partial and even a 2R partial. Oh well learning moment. I got out of the trade, when the "asks" started stacking up. The stock eventually went to 39.65 before coming back to my entry point. Sample Set Results, G S 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
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    I had so much of fun and it was great meeting everyone yesterday. Thanks so much to BBT for sponsoring the meetup and being so generous. I hope everyone came away with some trading friends!
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    December 11 - $PCG, $AEO, $HD Today was a good day of trading, but a reminder of how not being able to fully dedicate yourself can affect your outcomes. I took three trades today, to include my first stock priced over $200. I know most of you trade those all the time but for me, it was an achievement psychologically. Trade 1 - $PCG, I took it short after the sharp pop at the open. It had a lot of bids to the short side and had the moving averages crossing right at a price level. After entering I quickly got stopped out. Best part of this trade was how I handled it mentally. It was a simple oh well on to the next. Trade 2 - $AEO Another good setup, but just died right after my entry at the $14 mark. It was having some issues breaking this point. My only frustration came in that I had to go to an appointment, so I had to alter my trade management plan and go to a all or nothing range order. By doing this I lowered the success rate by 22%. And of course the stock came down to my 1R partial level and than bounced back to my stop loss. Because I couldn't be at the trading station, I was unable to take the small partial and instead ended with a 1R loss. Trade 3 - $HD, I had a my setup the only issue I had was that it was after the FED announcement but before the chairman began speaking. I decided to take it anyways as it was my setup and my goal for the day was to take all the setups I saw that met my trading criteria. I got a partial before it came back to the break-even point. I took a partial a little early because the Chairman began speaking and the stock just started to stall so I wanted to lock in some profit before. It just did quite run all the way to my profit target. Overall a good day trading psychologically, just the market decided that it did not want to pay me today. Sample Set Results, G S S G S G S [P(S)] P 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 .
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    December 6 - No trade due to traveling December 7 - No edge present December 9 - Sim due to traveling as it had been a couple of days, so I felt the urge to push the buttons. I had about 3 hours of sleep, so my analytics tell me not to trade. I decided to trade sim, so I sat back and waited for $CGC to make a pullback to VWAP. I got the entry on a 15 min Orb when the stock rejected VWAP with the moving averages in a favorable area. Not much else to say other than it felt good to trade after a few days of just not being able to trade in a routine. Looking forwarded to having a solid week of my normal routine without anything crazy happening. Sample Set Results, G S S G S G 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
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    December 4, 2019 -$AMD x 2 I had a tough day today. Overall it was a decent day just a tough day trading. Trade 1 - I had a great setup on $AMD. Moving averages crossing on 1 and 2 minute chart, a price level, all the moving averages on larger time frames below the entry, huge bids stacking up, and it was engulfing on the 5 and 15 minute charts. I got a good entry, set my partial at 1R where the stock hit but just didn't fill me, before the stock pulled back and stopped me out to the cent, before making the move all the way to my profit target. I vented my emotions with a few choice words, before getting a cup of coffee and sitting back down to finish the morning. Trade 2 - This was in the afternoon and again it had a great setup, Moving averages crossing on the 1 and 2 minute, huge bids stacking up, rejecting VWAP, and forming a price level. I took the trade set my 1R partial. The stock moved sharply up but stalled and did a strong pullback coming within a cent of stopping me out, before heading up to my partial. This is where I made some mistakes and strayed from my plan. I canceled my partial order as I wanted to clear it with the hotkey in case it hit my level and didn't fill me. It hit my level I pressed my hotkey and for some reason I thought that my hotkey was set to my old %, so I covered again. Well it wasn't so I took to many shares out which threw my profit taking ratios all off. I did some recalculations and set a range order; unfortunately, it was after the stock had hit the price. I left it because there were still huge bids stacking up that should carried the price back to my profit target. It did, but not before stopping me out at my breakeven. Sample Set Results, G S S G S G 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
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    12-04-19 AIS 0810, 3.75 hrs, 6/10 PAT: Spread..... A or better...... Notes: no voice between 0930 and 1000...... Evaluate my trade before taking it and pounce on it with full size if A+ EXPE Reason2Trade..... On Scanners... Buy Back.... 1st trade...... PB#2..... A setup.... 1/2 size.... in a clear uptrend in the premarket..... held 105.00 on the tape for a couple min and got in on break of VWAP with a stop just below VWAP and Target of HOD... stopped out... I wanted to flip my pos. but chickened out.... -.5R 2nd trade PB#2.... A setup..... 1/2 size..... 105 was a serious level of support and if it gets past this I believe it will get to HOD of 107.20... the LVL2 was a little biased on that move at the time.... the prints on the T&S were soaring and at break of VWAP I took an entry at 104.93 with a stop just below VWAP and my target of 106.99.... I took partials at 2x , 3x , 4x and in between... along with partials all the way up and am now holding onto 6 shares for BE or just below HOD of 108.98 as my risk in this chop is 5.50 and a target of 24.00.... reevaluating with a new downtrend on the 5 15 and 30min charts Im all out at a new pullback on the 2min to the 9ema... +2R Cons: Should have went with my instinct and took a Flip on the first one..... Maybe a little less partials on the way up.... Pros: Did take both entries on the plan setup.... Fav. Trade: EXPE 2nd Notes: I am done for the day as this has me at a comfortable profit and at my daily target, I do not want to give any back Rs: +1.5
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    Goodmorning Everybody Good day. Felt the FOMO but didn't let it bother me today. 3 trades: ARWR, EXPE, ROKU ARWR Rising devil trade. It was a little scary (especially if I wasn't in a simulator). Went short right below the VWAP. Held on and I knew it was going to go down. Held on and scaled out at the first MA. I was eventually stopped out at my BE. I used hard stops and moved my stop loss to the break even and I was eventually stopped out. I see how hard stops can definitely stop me out too early. If stayed in this trade, I would have made much more. But again, it can go the other way. EXPE Definitely had FOMO when I missed the 5 min ORB to go short but I didn't let it bother me and moved on and waited. Eventually it had a beautiful VWAP reversal and bounced off the 100 MA on the 1 min chart 20 MA on the 5 min chart. I am not too experienced with these moves but I'm glad I saw it. However, once it went above the VWAP, I looked at the 2 min and 1 min chart. Both showed higher highs/lows. Went long and with a stop loss just below VWAP. Scaled out a little early but since I am only using 10%, it wasn't too bad. I was eventually stopped out at my hard stop of my BE. Here I am having a bigger issue with using hard stops. The stock showed a lot of strength and I knew this was a pull back. I would never have been stopped out and I could have been in the trade for much longer. It didn't even get close to the VWAP. But this is why I practice. I'll keep this in mind for next time. ROKU Here, ROKU had tested the low of the day a couple times. Both on the 1 and 5 min chart. I had a feeling to go long. I mean I was right, but I shouldn't go on feeling. I stopped out below the low of day at the time but then it actually did what I thought it was going to do. It wasn't a smart trade to get into and I was right by chance. I should never take trades on feelings, but use information that the charts provide to me. Overall good day. Hard stops made me miss out on great opportunities but I've made my daily good. I'll have to review how not to use hard stops in certain situations. Again, any feedback is greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day!
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    It's the commas. Looks like you're in Italy? In the troubleshooting section of the spreadsheet it mentions European users will need to change the decimal separator from "," to "." Incorrect - 0,01 Correct - 0.01
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    Monday 12/02/2019 I had a well-being score of 8/10 this morning. A new month. I will be solid this month with no rule breaking. I took 1 live trade this morning with BABA. My watchlist: BABA, ROKU, CVLS, MU and APA. BABA I was short bias’d this morning. But BABA had some major levels both above and below it, so I was worried it may bounce around. I didn’t have to wait long for the opening big print. 17 seconds after the open a 355k print hit T/S which hints that there may be a reasonable move at the open. I waited for the next prints. My rule is at least a 3 second separation after the big print to use any other prints as a signal. Five seconds later a 5k sell at the bids 16 cents under the big print. For BABA I need to see at least 15 cents separation from the second print compared to the first large print. So it was good enough to be a short signal but not enough to enter the trade. At the same time a small bearish L2 signal appeared. But not strong enough of a signal to enter the trade. Then the price broke both the 198.41 daily level and the 198.30 tech level. So I went short with half shares since it was <1min from open. The 1min chart when I took the trade: The price bounced around a little, but I was still short bias’d so I took the other half of the shares as a 1min ORBD. My target was $197 and stop of $198.50. I did set a limit order to cover some at 1R, but I turned it off since it looked like it will easily reach it. I didn’t partial very well. Too often and though I tried to look at the spread I was not very discipline to take partials based on the ask and of course got poor fills. I finally held onto some shares if it reached my second target (195.59 daily level), which it did. Then I exited the trade with a bullish L2 signal. What did I do good today? I did not break any rules. What I am grateful from today? I am grateful that BABA gave multiple signals to enter the trade. What I should improve on: It seems I always need a limit order to mentally aim for and help prevent taking partial profit too often.
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    Week 11-25 to 11-29-19 What I did Bad this week: Beginning of week I was still gun shy and took small sizes even on A+ setups Took a trade out of boredom (costing money) Took a trade from an SMB setup.... All indicators said it was an A+ but this was my first time trying it so I should have been in SIM Took 3 loosing trades before 1100 What I did Good this week: Took A or better setups (at least that is what I thought at the time) only Limited my trades Changes to be made the upcoming week: None Rules to stick by for the upcoming week: After I call it a day either by max loss or a profit that I am comfortable with, only use the rest of the day for Journal and Playbook for evaluation In-Trade and Daily Stops Only A or A+ setups Do not Chase Challenges for Myself for the upcoming week: No voice chat before 1000 so that I can focus Max of 2 trades before 1100 (which is also my planned break) unless both are green Read my sticky note before each trade Goals and Rewards: I will need +20R at end of month to consider trading with more size
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    29.Nov.19 Green day. +2r. Light volume day due to Thanksgiving holiday and Half trading day. Took $PANW for followup move, one and done. Watchlist: $BABA, $PANW, $PCG. Trade1: $PANW. Yesterday, $PANW opened weak, but had been strong thru out the day and closed strong. Interesting was, it formed a doji hammer on daily at support level. I was biased on a Long trade for today. I still held on to my plan though SPY opened weak this morning. Got my entry above VWAP and held on for 2r. No more trades. Good: Planned the trade and Traded the plan today. Overall happy to close the month with a positive day and overall +21R for the month.
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    Or you can do the American way and pay with 'credit'
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    Hi everyone, Want to share my thoughts on creating a trading system. We all have goals. I think it is great. The problem is that we focus on goals without having a clear plan how to get to them. Goals are just directions. I think it is very important to focus on creating a trading system with clear steps and directions. Focus on improving that system and improving your identity as a trader. I would love to share my system, and I hope it will be helpful for some of you. Let me say a few words about myself. I started to trade a few years ago. Like many of us joined Sykes and traded penny stocks. Then I tried five more big and famous chat rooms. I was on a rollercoaster. One of my friends mentioned to check Andrew's room back in January. After watching a few videos I decided to join them. Got a life membership, and now I am here making money, but whats most important I am growing with this community. So let go back to my system... Here is a step by step what I do on a daily basis. 1. Business plan - with out a plan you just a swimmer in the ocean. It's scary and crazy. Be a captain of your own ship. But you gotta build that ship first! 2. Preparation checklist - no matter if you are a scalper or a swing trader, you can not trade a stock without knowing a float, RVOL, reading a catalyst, knowing ATR and more. 3. Having a playbook - have your setups with data collected on them. I am constantly adding charts of stocks in play to my playbook journal. Track your setups. 4. Risk management - is a KING or QUEEN not sure, always trade based of a risk. 5. Trade management - in order to know how to scale in and scale out you need to collect data. Are you good at one and done, or getting out by 10%. 4. Daily report card - track your performance. Trading is a performance job. You gotta know your mistakes, weakness and strengths. 5. Journaling - #1 thing for improvement and tracking all data. Reflect and review. Repeat day in and day out. So on every topic you have to create a detailed system, and put everything together in a way that it will be easy for your brain to navigate. You brain does not like complicated things and always trying to find an easy way. Make it easy and fun. Create good habits since the day one. Building yourself as a trader will help you to improve your personal life and the other way around. I suggest to read "Atomic Habits" by James Clear on this topic. This is a long journey, and I suggest you to take it seriously. Be a professional. Ask your self a question, "What would a professional trader do?" There is only one way to success, compound of a hard and smart work. Thanks!
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    Friday 11/15/2019 I had a well-being score of 6.5/10 this morning. An interesting day. 7 trades (2 live and 5 SIM) and all stop outs. Definitely not a confidence boosting day. I took 2 live trades this morning with NVDA and BABA. My watchlist today was: AAPL, BABA, NVDA, ROKU, AMAT and JD. BABA gapped almost 1% up though only 100k PM volume. After the open I waited for the big print. After well over a minute I gave up and moved on to NVDA. Of course as luck would have it the print arrived just after and T/S and the 2nd 1min candle gave a good long setup. I would have only gotten to my first partial (1.5R), but on a Friday I would have called it a day. On the positive side I did get to trade other stocks instead of the same BABA every day. NVDA open strong on the first candle and pulled back all the way to the 200MA-1min. The price found resistance and bounce back I went long. My target was all the way to $215 which was a level in after hours trading the day before. It is a long way, but I had no other level. Since R/Rs that are too big don’t seem to work at the open for me I took a large stop all the way to $210 which was the bottom of the candle wick. I set my limit order at 1.5R and the price did move higher quickly. It got to about 1.3R and T/S was showing some bullish prints so I tried not to partial early. But the price retraced and I exited at B/E. Then I went back to BABA which was setting up for a 5min ORB. I went long a little before the 5min mark. I made a hotkey mistake, but I recovered quickly. My target was the 185.65 tech level with a stop at the daily level of 184.24 which also happens to be VWAP. Ten seconds after I went long large bearish prints hit which means I should get out of the position, but I held. I was stopped out shortly after for a full -1R loss. It is not a rule to bail on a trade when I get that signal, but it would be nice that I get strong enough mentally that I can start doing that. Maybe I will try and reduce my share size but not completely leave the trade on that signal in the future. The bearish prints I ignored. Then I took 5 SIM trades and got stopped out on all of them. The DIS trade looked like an a really good wedge on a 15 min ORBD. But that even failed. What I did good today: Didn’t break any rules today. What I am grateful from today? Trading new stocks. What do I need to improve on: Exit trades early when you see a T/S signal or at least reduce your risk.
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    Just put our names on the sign up sheet. Looks like 65 now. See you all there, looking forward to it!
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    Thanks Rob. I was not able to take this as I saw lots of good intraday opportunities last week. Some people did take this. One person took it at the channel bottom as it bounced off support and is up good on it.
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    I am looking for blocks of 80 or more and in a ladder to a much bigger move....... I felt like it was gonna blow through .80 with the T&S printing .79 on the ASKs and once it breaks .80 there was a ladder to 40.00..... and on the BID side there are a few orders over 100 at .70 but no type of ladder to get to them..... As it approaches 40.00 the ASKs keep stacking below it and the BIDs are disappearing.... I was feeling like I need a partial here because the next large ASK was at .05 so it could slow up..... Once it got past 40.00 it pulled back as expected, made a nice ABCD and gave me a signal to increase size...... I took another Partail just above 40.00 with a little slow down of action but it soon came back..... Once it got past .05 the ASKs stacked back up in 5 cent or less ladder all the way to .35 and beyond..... I got all out once the ASKs were exhausted..... Hope this helps explain my thoughts through the trade.....
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    Hey @Zachary Nelson-Shine, I'm pretty new to it all as well so glad I'm not the only one! should be a great night looking forward to it!
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    12-11-19 AIS 0850, 4 hrs, 7/10 (slept in about 1/2 hour..... Late long night at work..... Im a little anxious..... PAT: Over-trading.... Notes: Allowing for pre 5min trading with smaller size..... Did not leave time for exercise or meditation.... Careful... AEO PB#2...... A setup.... Took this short on the gap down.... it broke up past VWAP then back down below VWAP where I entered.... unfortunately it did go back up stopping me out..... stop below VWAP and target at 14.31 -1R GME 2 trades A setup on both first PB#2...... took it long on the higher green entry and stopped out below VWAP with a target of PM level of 5.68 -2R second PB#2...... came back through VWAP again and this time there were more ASKs stacking.... with a better R/R and same stop and target..... +5R Cons: Jumping in on the pre 1min candle was probably not a good idea.... Pros: Felt good about the pre 5min VWAP momentum trades Playbook Trade: GME Notes: Will entertain a later day setup if it presents itself.... If it is not very clear I will be done..... Rs: +2R
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    Not to forget 60+% of the traders in the market don't even have hormones...not yet anyway.
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    Welcome Glen @glennthephoneman2020 Wow 28 years!, same company? That's a long time. Yes the black Friday deal is insane! Glad you took advantage of it. Yes simulation time is important and make sure you also journal during that time. I did not journal during my simulation time and I sure regret not doing it. There is a lot of information on there that will be so helpful to your learning curve. Once again welcome to the community!
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    I believe your broker will have access to a "local" version of many of the ETFs as well. It will take a bit of research to find out what you can get. Here is what I found when searching for "Switzerland Russell ETF" https://www.etfstrategy.com/goldman-sachs-cross-lists-etfs-on-six-swiss-exchange/ Or as Peter said, drill down and pick the stocks that make up the fund for example, to trade small caps in the Russell look at https://www.ishares.com/us/products/239710/ishares-russell-2000-etf . Scroll down to "Holdings" and see what is there. Then you can keep an eye out for which have catalysts, volume and/or are in play. On this list I can see MDCO which was in play last week. Personally, for day trading (still in sim), I take my cue from BBT team in the pre-market show. For swing trading, I follow Brian and am developing my own scanning strategies. I am pretty new, but I do feel your frustration about the ETFs. There are always work arounds.
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    Wednesday 12/04/2019 I had a well-being score of 8/10 this morning. I took 2 live trades this morning with BABA and ARWR. My watchlist: BABA, ROKU, NVDA, ARWR and WDAY. BABA had strong PM volume and gapped up but was heading down into the open so I had no bias. The big print arrived quickly at 9 seconds from the open and reasonably sized 249K. A few seconds later a strong L2 signal (long) appeared. But that was the only signal. I had no bias, no signal in prints, there was a smaller bearish L2 signal at the same time and the 1min candle was red. So I let that signal go. It ended up being true and I would have made it to my first partial profit. But I would do the same thing again. A few seconds later a bullish hammer formed and we had a bullish large print. The price also broke the 195.59 daily level and above the last two 1min candles. So I went long with half shares. My target was the PM level of 196.23 and my stop the 195.59 daily level. The 1min chart when I got filled: The price didn’t move much for a minute then dropped and bounce hard off my stop. So I added more to full share size. The 1min chart when I added: Shortly after adding the price dropped and I was stopped out. I liked AWRW but the spread was so large. Then a really bearish 2min reverse hammer was created and there was a really strong level around 61.70. If it could break it, it may run. When a saw a mild bearish signal in L2 I shorted knowing the fill would be bad. My target was the 60.45 level with a stop 63. The 1min chart when I took the trade (note L2): The price came close to my stop out, but finally dropped. I had a limit order a couple a pennies above the 61.68 PM level. The price reached it but it did not fill, so I then quickly took a manual partial cover. I set an auto stop at B/E and instant later I was stopped out at B/E. I later took 3 SIM trades. Two were quickly stopped out and one I was able to get a partial profit before S/O. Essentially, it was a tough trading day for me. What did I do good today? I did not break any rules. I kept losses small. What I am grateful from today? Trading a stock live I have never traded before. What I should improve on: I forgot to check SPY before I added more shares to BABA. It would have prevented me from adding since they were diverging.
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    Hi Everyone, my name is Tom, I am 34 and from Pennsylvania. I have a bachelor's degree in Information Science and Technology. I am leaving my job as a network engineer because I am just absolutely sick of it. A career change is in order and I want to pursue a career in day/swing trading. I want a lifestyle that allows me to be my own boss and be independent of the corporate world. I have some trading experience researching and investing(read:luck) in small cap biotechnology stocks. The lessons I learned from small cap biotechnology trading were heavy and with that heavy losses. However, I was able to save some money doing this to be able to comfortably take a year off from work and try my hand at day trading. I am here to learn as much as I possibly can, and hopefully contribute back to the success of our group while making enough money to survive along the way. I can't wait to start trading with everyone and I wish you all the best!
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    Hey Mark! Welcome to BBT! That's very interesting and so true. Many that try to learn to day trade to support a certain lifestyle are likely not to make it very far. Trading is something that takes time before the reward is received and consistency is build. And if people start with the pressure to make a living out of it immediately usually end up failing and giving up. Glad that you are aware of those pitfalls. Smart approach to try it out for couple of months and see if this is for you. We know trading is not for everyone but if your going to try it give it your best shot and see where it takes you. Once again welcome!
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    Thursday 11/29/2019 I had a well-being score of 8/10 this morning. Trading in SIM due to breaking rules this month. I took 2 SIM trades this morning with BABA. My watchlist: BABA, ROKU, CVLS and DIS. BABA was a slow grind down in PM with huge volume. So I was short bias’d. I wasn’t sure if we would get the really big print in the first minute due to the large PM volume. The market opened and I waited. No really big print arrived, but without it there was a large opening volume and the 1min candle created a nice hammer. Then we had a good L2 signal and I went long. 1min chart when I took the trade: $201 was my target with 199.30 (bottom of two previous candles) as my stop. The stock popped a little and I took one large partial. Then the price reversed and I exited at B/E. I flipped my position with and shorted. I took one large partial at the low of the day and then exited at B/E. I did miss the big move but I caught two 50 cent moves which is fine. The really big print did arrive 10 seconds after my first trade (~170k), but all the big prints stopped afterwards. So not much of a T/S signal today. What did I do good today? I didn’t break any rules. What I am grateful from today? I am grateful that BABA gave a strong L2 signal. Without it, it would have been difficult to go against my bias.
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    Free money right? lol
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    The bank will try to charge your card until there are enough funds, but you should ensure you have enough funds for this.
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    Hi there, My name is Rowan van Kleef from Holland and I'm new at the bear bull trading community, I want to thank you guys all ready for the great platform you've created! At this moment I'm watching all the videos in the education center, so that I can start trading in the simulator from next week. In the video 'How to place both stop loss and profit target in DAS Andrew mentions that in the case you go long the lo range is a market order and the hi range is a limit order. How does this work when you go short? Is it right in that case that the lo rang is a limit order and the hi range a market order? Kind regards, Rowan
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    Hey Rowan, welcome to the community! Yes you are correct. If you are short and you enter a RANGE Order it will react as you described the High Price will now be the STOP with a Market order and the Low Price will be executed as a LIMIT order.
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    Hi, everyone !!!! Finally joined this awesome community. My name is Alex, I'm 38 and I live in Los Angeles. Work with 3D computer graphics. Already have learned a lot from youtube recaps and premarket show. Eager to learn more and be helpful to the community of great people. Thanks.
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    Very nice trade on $TEVA. Looks beautiful on the 15min chart partialing nearly at the high of the candles.
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    Vikram, congrats on your 1 year anniversary! It’s been fun reading your daily journal and seeing you grow as a trader and man have you grown! The sky is the limit on your future as a day trader.
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    BABA has quite a personality and the spread can explode without warning. But with the trade wars on, it has some really nice moves. Have a good weekend as well.
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    20.Nov.19 -1r. Today was the day with so much of opportunities, still I din't make use of it. Watchlist: $TGT, $LOW, $KSS, $PDD. $CGC. I liked my watchlist today. Trade1: $TGT. Strong earnings, increased sales in digital channels, gapped up. All reason to be biased for long, I was looking for Fallen angel setup. Got one too, but my kid bothered me so much about something that I had to get out of position. Can't avoid it. Got back in again, after bounce of HOD for TT. Trade2: $LOW. Long after bounce off premarket high, added (not a good add) and got stopped out. Trade 3: $PDD. Sold off 25% at the open, due to bad earnings, China trade news and HK news. Triple catalyst, I was so biased to take short. All I managed was BE trade. It sold off so much that the pullback (profit taking) was 4$ to $35, when it started reversing again. Good: Good premarket plan and mostly good execution. Improvement: should have played $PDD better, could have been my 1 and done day. Overall disappointing day.
  39. 1 point
    19.Nov.19 +1r. Watchlist: $HD, $KHC, $KSS, $MDCO. $HD had mixed earnings, $KSS had poor earnings (was short biased) Trade1: $KSS. 3 trades on KSS today. 2 winners and 2 losers. Trade 2: $MDCO gapped up on rumor acquisition. was looking for rising devil, got stopped out (would have been nice 3bar setup on the downside, although i din't like the lower wick). Next took short at VWAP pullback got out at 50MA on 5min. Good: Didn't overtrade. Got out cutting my losses short. Improvement: Take a backseat, when the price action is choppy. Overall mixed day. Good thing I endedup slight green.
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    I noticed that some of the fast stocks will blast past my stop orders on my Kyles Keys but my BE key is a market order and seems to work every time..... If you want the code here it is.... CXL ALLSYMB;Route=Stop;Price=AvgCost;StopType=MARKET;STOPPRICE=AvgCost;StopPrice=Round2;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY;Send=Reverse; Not sure what broker your with but with CMEG I had to take the + out of DAY (it used to be DAY+)
  41. 1 point
    Mike; Here are my comments on AMD. If you don't want comments let me know. I'm hoping Abiel can start uploading my videos to youtube which will give you a chance to comment on my trades also.
  42. 1 point
    Hey Aaron, awesome analysis, I love feedback from traders as it helps me see my blind spots. 1) I would definitely agree with you, when I began trading I was focused on how much cents I was willing to risk and it was small. Since January when I started using Kyles hotkeys, I don't worry anymore about what the actual dollar amount per share is that I risk, because I have my hotkey's set to .33% of my account per trade or 3 trades within a day for ~1% of my account. 2) At the open I have a very defined set of criteria that I select stocks for my Orb strategies. This has been based of my performance and what I do well at. I am not comfortable with stocks above $50 at the open, they just move to much for me. After 30 minutes, I switch my layout and watch the same 9 different stocks daily along with 3 of the best stocks on the gappers that did a good move at the open. ($AMD, $MU, $JD, $SQ, $ROKU, $MSFT, $QCOM, $AAPL, and $NVDA). 3) I have 3 strategies I trade. 5 and 15 min Orbs that I have been doing for a year and within the last couple of months I have been working on a new afternoon strategy that involves the 9/20 crossing the 50. It did not work well in September because I did not have a good entry point identified and would get chopped up a lot; However, when I was watching Thor's Video on PLBO, I noticed my moving average crossover strategy was appearing quite often before his entry on the PLBO. So, I went back and did some analysis on my trades and found that the more often than not the ones that did work had a very similar setup to Thor's PLBO and the ones that I got stopped out on didn't. Therefore, I have layered Thor's PLBO strategy over mine and I just got done testing it in Sim. $T was the first live trade I intentionally used it on. That was a long way of saying I scalp at the open and like trend trading after the market has been open for 30 minutes. 4) When I post my yearly recap you see that it not the money that is my issue; rather, it is I just don't like to be wrong.
  43. 1 point
    Mike; I read many of your posts tonight. My thoughts. 1) You are only willing to risk a few cents. This requires perfect timing, entry, and to an extent knowing the future. 2) I see you got in on T today. Are you willing to consider stocks not on your list? For example, TGT had a nice move. 3) What do you prefer? Intraday trend trading such as TGT. Or volatility scalping such as MO, CORT. 4) I see in most of your videos you are adding AMD to your watch list. This is a violation of your process. Follow your process of focus on stocks with a catalyst. AMD rarely has a catalyst. 5) If the thought of losing money is too stressful then you might consider selling put credit spreads 45 to 60 days in the future on massive down days in the S&P500 or a favorite stock of the market (not yours). Take care.
  44. 1 point
  45. 1 point
    I love the KHC trade... it not only broke the 31.6 but it also kept trending the MAs....
  46. 1 point
    November 12, 2019 $AMRN Well I failed misserably at getting my yearly recap done yesterday. I had to take care of some personal issues that came up in the afternoon, so I will look at getting it done today and posting it. I had a good watchlist for the open. $DXC, $AMRN, and $TME. I failed miserably on saying focused as a setup was generating. As the pull back on $AMRN was happening I wondered off and was looking at $TME. By the time I came back to $AMRN, I had missed my entry. Ironically, while looking $TME, I missed the short entry because I went back to $AMRN to see how the setup was doing. by the time I looked back at $TME, well you guess it I missed the entry. So it was a rough morning. I then started looking over my normal watch list and say $NVDA setting up around 1025, but just missed the entry. After that I called it a morning and decided I would come back after the President was done speaking for the day. Well, I found $AMRN with a nice ascending pattern around the same time Thor was trading it to the short side. I was looking to take it long once it broke through 20.35. I got my entry and nice pop right away. Took a partial at 1R and then set my range order for break even and 3R along with another limit order for 2R. Eventually I got stopped out at break even before the stock decided to make it move to the high of the day. As this is my last trade in this sample set, I think I am going to look at the % I take off at 1R. Looking back over the last couple months the percentage of 1R trades is pretty high. Sample Set Results, S P G E E P P P P G G P P P G P S P E P P
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    This is a good topic and we can put something together on this. We will put a rush on getting this done.
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    Hello Everyone Traded yesterday, did not do well. Did not have time as I was pretty busy yesterday. Today wasn't good either - pretty much the same issues as yesterday. Emotional trading and a bunch of WTFs. LOL...Peter just did a poll and I'm in the 5% of traders today..blah. Tried to take Roku short after the 5 min ORB. Was waiting for a pull back closer to VWAP but still got in too stretched from VWAP. Didn't go my way and got stopped out. Again, I waited to long as I originally had a stop loss at VWAP, but I was being "hopeful". Thought I got rid of all of my stocks, however I moved my hotkeys around and didn't notice I only got rid of half. I noticed I had short stock left half way into that 1 min chart. I then just tried to partial out with what I had left. Tried to get rid of it all since the whole thing was a mistake anyways but hit the wrong key. Once ROKU went through all those MA and popped over the 50 MA, I went long. I also noticed the 9 and 20 MA crossing. Stop loss just below VWAP. I know the partial outs look early. However, I did hit the hotkeys at around 128.95 but it recorded much lower for those partials. I'm guessing, they didn't fill until then. My goal was that 100 MA. INTC Thought I saw a ABCD pattern building so I went long at 55.46 with a stop loss just below the 9 MA. I then pulled all my shares for no reason. I was upset about the ROKU hot keys mess up and hit ESP on all my trades out of frustration. My original plan was to start scaling out at 2R. I need to be patient and not let negative trades affect other trades. Things to work on: - STOP BREAKING RULES!!!!!!!!!!!! (should start using hard stops) - take it one trade at a time. If one trade is bad, move on and focus on the next trade. - Patience, patience, patience... - learn more about trend trading - study and focus on MAs crossing - Practice, practice, practice hitting proper hot keys on keyboard I also need to remember that I am in a sim to practice. It is actually good to make mistakes now and learn from them. Well that's that. I will see everyone on Thursday morning as I am back to my nursing job for 4 shifts starting Sunday. I wish I could trade and practice everyday as I definitely want to do this full time. The life style is just amazing. But what can I do.... Thanks everyone and have a wonderful weekend!
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    See chart and table attached comparing CMEG standard rates for small/medium/large trading volumes versus BBT discounted rates. I wanted to see how good the BBT discount was compared to CMEG standard rates and fees for an Active Trader account. And also see how this changes with respect to number of shares traded. Turns out the BBT discount is pretty substantial. (Thank you @Andrew Aziz) Especially if you're a low volume trader. For example, compare $5/trade VS $1.55/trade at 200 share trade size. That is, assuming my data is correct... Please let me know if you see any errors here. Fee structures are from 7-12-19. CMEG fee structure varies based on monthly share volume. I call them "small" (<350k shares traded per month), "medium" (350k-1M), and "large" (>1M). References: CMEG Active Trader Account Pricing CMEG ECN, SEC, and FINRA Fees CMEG-BBT Promotional Rates CMEG Standard Rates - "Small" Active Account (<350k shares monthly volume) Commission Rate: $3.95 up to 1000 shares/trade or $0.007 for trades > 1000 shares. ECN Fee = ~$0.004/share (rough estimate) CMEG Standard Rates - "Medium" Active Account (350k-1M shares monthly volume) Commission Rate: $2.95 up to 1000 shares/trade or $0.005 for trades > 1000 shares. ECN Fee = Same as small CMEG Standard Rates - "Large" Active Account (350k-1M shares monthly volume) Commission Rate: $1.95 up to 1000 shares/trade or $0.0035 for trades > 1000 shares. ECN Fee = Same as small CMEG-BBT Promotional Rates (when using SMART LAMP route) Commission Rate: $0.004/share ECN Fee = $0.0025/share SEC and FINRA Fees (same for all account types) SEC Fee = Stock Price * # Shares * 0.0000231 FINRA Fee = # Shares * 0.000119 ($5.95 max)
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    Actually, I think it is better to run it in two different hotkeys: For Long positions you can use: 1) ROUTE=SMRTL;Share=BP*0.25;TIF=DAY+;Price=ASK+0.10;BUY=Send 2) ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Market;StopPrice=AvgCost-0.30;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send; In 1) you buy 25% of your buying power at market limit of 10 cents. In 2) you put a stop loss of your position at AvgCost-30 cent For Short positions you can use: 1) ROUTE=SMRTL;Share=BP*0.25;TIF=DAY+;Price=Bid-0.10;SELL=Send 2) ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Market;StopPrice=AvgCost+0.30;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send; In 1) you sell short 25% of your buying power at market limit minus 10 cents. In 2) you put a stop loss of your position at AvgCost+30 cent to cover if it hits your stop loss Test in simulator and see how it works.
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