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    Andrew is hosting a hiking on Saturday, April 06 for Live Trading Workshop Vancouver attendees. Grouse Grind Trail 2.5 hrs; 2.5 Kms Rating: challenging 7:00 AM at Grouse Grind Trailhead More information here. It says it is closed now, but it will be open by April, unless rain or snow. Also, watch this video: Please confirm in this forum post.
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    I would love to join. I fly in at 10:40 am arrival. Thanks!
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    Andrew mentioned a morning hike, but we´ll finalize details soon and will post them here.
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    Good morning @Abiel, I know you stated more details to come, however, do you happen to know the time frame Andrew is aiming for? I fly in 4/6 @ 2:09pm local time there. Would love to participate if it is an afternoon event?
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    Hello BBT My family and I will be travelling to Vancouver in our RV. We are outdoor people who prefer to stay in a rural campground and not in the city. We also hike several times a week. A typical hike for us is around 5-6 miles maximum as we have two kids with us. I am posting this to see if anyone is planning to do any hiking or outdoor activities that would be good for meeting up and talking trading.
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    1- Go to Study Config on your chart 2- Select the Pivot Point study. 3- Select ConfigEx 4- Uncheck 'Include in Scale' What seems to be happening is DAS is squeezing all your cams on one chart so you can see all of the levels at the same time. This can be helpful sometimes, but not always. Good luck.
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    Hey Alex, I'm Jordan and I would love to show you a different way. I have no idea how much money that you make, but I just want to let you know that it adds up. It's not a get rich quick scheme, but I have read all of the books that you read and some of them really make you think. Let me know what you think.
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    In this video AdventureDogLA shows us how to set up Risk Controls in DAS Trader Pro. Risk Controls enforce limitations such as maximum daily loss, maximum shares traded per day, etc. Risk Control Page is a safety net to keep in control our loses, either to have an external control over our behavior as traders or due to a contingency such as failures in the internet connection, electric power outages, broker failures, etc. You can find "Open Risk Control Page" in DAS Trader Pro Account window, just right-click in any row of that window and Risk Control Page will open as a popup browser window to let you update your risk control settings. Some considerations: 1. This configuration works with real accounts and simulator 2. You can deactivate settings "Risk Control Page" anytime by leaving all in blanks and clicking SUBMIT 3. When you are using DAS linked to IB, or simulator, the Risk Control settings are handled by DAS. DAS staff updates your settings manually (the form is emailed to them) anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes during business hours. 4. In LOSS fields, enter a positive number. 5. “No new order” avoids orders for the current day 6. “Pos Loss” = Position loss. 7. “Enable Auto Stop” will automatically close your positions when you hit the Max Loss / Total Loss. 8. “Max Share - Max auto stop execution share per day” = How many shares can be sold / bought by the Auto Stop mechanism. 9. “Max Auto Stop Order Size” = Maximum size per order made by the Auto Stop mechanism. 10.“Delay for next order if exceed max order size (sec)” = Time between orders if the Auto Stop needs to place multiple orders to close your positions. 11. “Stop Gain Account Net Realized PL Thresh“, “Drawdown Percent of Max Net PL“ , “Pos Stop Gain Thresh “ and “Drawdown” - Like Auto Stop but for gains. The threshold is the profit the Stop Gain is looking to hit, the Drawdown is how much it can drop from that target before your positions are closed. Example, you set a threshold of 2000 and drawdown of 20(%). When you make 2000 in P/L, the Stop Gain will trigger, and will close your positions if you drop 20% ($400) from that value, closing you out at $1600 Net P/L.
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    To complete the rider agreement DAS Trader - Interactive Brokers IBKR: the first two slots is today's date the third slot is DASTRADER and the forth slot is you U account numbers you will only sign the customer side and upload, don't worry about IB side signature, it will be sent after upload to IB to fully connect the account
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    This exists now. In case anybody finds the above instructions confusing, here is the step-by-step on how to set up "click and add" price alerts. Steps: 1) Right click on a chart > Chart Area > Config Area. Check the box in the bottom-right that says "Enable placing alert on chart". 2) Next, you must create a hotkey (Setup > Hot Key > Add New Item). I have simple scripts for when price crosses above or below my alert price. I'll share them: Price crosses ABOVE alert price: AlertName=newalert;AlertType=LastPrice;AlertOperator=>=;AddAlert Price crosses BELOW alert price: AlertName=newalert;AlertType=LastPrice;AlertOperator=<=;AddAlert 3) Open the Alerts window (Tools > Alert & Trigger). This window NEEDS to be open for the hotkeys to work, so I now just have it permanently fixed in my Desktop layout. 4) Now, when you press your hotkey, an arrow with an "A" next to it will show up on the chart, and you simply click the price where you'd like the alert to be placed. (NOTE: The first time you click, you'll get an error message that says "Placing alert failed". Just click again and it will work. This is a bug and I've reported it to DAS already.
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