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    Hey Everyone, as you know Andrew is traveling, if anyone is interested in meeting up him on Dubai, November 26 for some drinks and talk trading? Date: Nov. 26 2022 Time: 6:00 - 08:00 PM Venue: Koko Bay. West beach Palm - Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Please confirm in this thread!
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    Thanks @Miah I'll give this a try!
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    Thanks a lot Abiel
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    Here https://bearbulltraders.com/trading-to-the-power-of-r/
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    Please note the new date for this meetup is Nov. 25 2022.
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    Fellow Bear Bull Traders, I would like to share with you the Equity Simulator. Another possible name for it could be Expectations Manager. What the tool does: The tool calculates the likely Equity curve and distribution of daily R given the probability of R outcomes in every trade. It also compares the Equity curve when using a Fixed amount R vs using R as a % of Equity. Motivation: As part of my Trading plan, I've set rules for increasing and decreasing position size based on my trading results, as well as moving from Live to Sim and vice versa. But I was feeling that these rules were quite arbitrary - I was wondering how many Red/Green days a week/month I should reasonably expect in the long run, and what kind of profitability I would actually need to meet my goals. Learning how to execute each trade properly is paramount but I felt this would add some perspective and peace ("do I really have to have red days, given my win rate?":) Alternatives: EdgeWonk analyzes individual trades and seeks for potential improvement in entries, exits, and trade management in general. (thanks @KyleK29 for the suggestion) In contrast, this Simulator can't be used for tweaking individual strategies - it focuses more on the bigger picture and your average trading results. It could be however used to compare your results using two styles of trade management - e.g. Style 1 : 60% chance of -1R, 40% chance of 2R vs Style 2: 80% chance of -1R, 20% chance of 4R Further comments can be found in individual cells and on the second sheet. Please let me know any suggestions or questions. Link to the Excel file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SUEfrZskJOWpwASR7sUvB2LnOrkxgF2d/view?usp=sharing Have a nice day and don't forget to hold the line! JanJ
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    Hi Adam! I'm interested in the group study on Thor's book.
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    Hi Adam, I am interested in joining the book study. Thanks
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    Hi Adam, My name is Jeff Podell and would love to be part of working group on Thor's book. please let me know - many thanks and my email is [email protected] thanks again, Jeff
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    Hello! I'd love to participate in the group study!
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    @AdamzTradez I am interested
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    Hi adamztradez just got the book, i would like to be part of the group
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    He is just now in Europe. Would be nice if he made a Meet up here.
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    I'm in, let me know if I support in anything for this meet up.
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    Looking forward to the trip and meeting all of you!
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    Hi Everyone, Looking forward to meeting everyone in person and learning a bunch of cool stuff! - David B. (chatroom handle, SonoFusion)
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    Hi Everyone, My name is Hung-Wei, and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am a developmental biologist and have been doing research for 20 years. I started trading seriously in 2021 during the pandemic and faced the uncertainty of my academic career. I did experience the rise of the bull market in 2021 and suffered the down of 2022. But as said, " it is the best time to learn more about the market." I am looking forward to knowing more about this trade. Best Hung-wei
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    Hi, Everyone, my name is Bob Pike and I'm in Barrie, ON. After 28 years with the military and 5 years with Shared Services Canada I've decided on trading as a third career. I plan to retire from SSC in two years as my pension will be at max after 35 years. This sounds great, unless you have an ex that walked away with half your pension and every penny you had, sigh. I started with some Motley Fool subscriptions and became fascinated with Coupang. I opened an account with Questrade and started swing trading Coupang, riding the bumps for 10 cents or more per share, eventually trading 1,000 shares at a time. Recently the January correction trapped me with 1390 shares at $22.63 and it's trading around $19 right now so I'm stuck for a few weeks. Once stuck, I bought Andrew's book "How to Day Trade for a Living" and realized that I have no idea what I'm doing, LOL. I want to start over and do everything you folks are doing, use the same brokers, software, methodology. I like to help people so hopefully I can learn enough to be of service to others. I have a lot of family and ties to BC so it's nice to belong to a group headquartered there. I have a new monitor coming on Monday so I'm really excited: 4K HDR display with Ambiglow 558M1RY/27 | Philips . I want to see if one giant monitor will be as good for trading as a bunch of little ones. I've read that you can go either way. I'm doing data center networking from home now due to the pandemic so spend all day in front of screens, I just accidentally broke my ASUS 49" curved monitor that I loved. Thanks for having me, I hope to learn quickly and help others if I can. -Bob Pike
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    Hello BBT! Name’s Adam (AdamzTradez)! I joined BBT on Monday Jan 24th, 2022. I have a 9-5 as a Microsoft DevOps Developer in the Houston Texas area (Work from home). I have been a Microsoft Developer (Microsoft Stack) for 20+ years. My Trading Journey: I am coming from Warrior Trading where I spent a 1 full year with Ross learning about Momentum Trading small cap (small float) stocks with a long bias. I really enjoyed learning from Ross and his team, however, I found that I am not as quick at executing my trades as Ross. I also felt that I wanted to learn more about trading mid/large caps, specifically how to short. As a warrior trader, I was taught that 10 cents a day keeps the W2 away! I was able to squeeze 10cents out of most if not all of my winning trades. However, I found I was giving back 30 cents on my losers as they would flush right past my “Mental” stops and I would fall back to my then horrible strategy of HAHahahaha (Hold and Hope) it would bounce or pivot back to let me stop out break even, only to watch continue on it’s journey back down to VWAP, 9EMA, LOD, Center of the Earth, you get the point. What I began to notice is the Short Sellers would have a field day shorting against Ross and make a killing in their PNL. Buying Pivots or Reversal became a very logical way to trade tickers, however, I was only taught how to go long. ( Ross is Long biased as he trades primarily in an IRA account ) I gave myself one full year to complete my training with Warrior, but began looking for a new community that could train me in reversal and pivots. I began to watch Thor’s Youtube recaps and could clearly see, “wow! This guy gets it!” As soon as my Warrior Membership expired, I bought into BBT. I look forward to learning from Thor and all at BBT. Specifically, I am looking for coaching/mentorship on improving my entries and holding my winners longer. Improving my Risk Management from 3:1 to 1:3 minimum. I have live trading stats on TraderVue from Sept 2021. I’ll attach a screenshot if possible. I currently trade on DAS with TD Ameritrade. Anyone willing to take on a new student or refer me to a group, to assist in pinpoint entries, learning pivots, reversals, trends, L2, T/S. etc…? Any feedback is welcome! Cheers! - AdamzTradez (if you are unable to see attachment, I have uploaded image to imgur: Here )
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    Trailing stops are a great tool for a trend trade when the price is moving slowly but inexorably in one direction for a longish period of time. A trailing stop acts as a moving stop loss to protect your profits while also allowing you to secure near the maximum profits of the trend when it reverses. I started using them in SIM today because I recognized that I tend to jump out of trends too early, leaving profits on the table. You can create a trailing stop on both the long and short side in the same way: 1. In your montage, set the order type to STOP 2. In the "Stop Type" drop down, select "Trailing" 3. Just below the "Stop Type" drop-down, the third field over from the left is labeled "Trailer Price", set the value to the amount you want the stop to move behind the price. 4a. If you're setting a stop for a long position, click "SELL" - You should now see an order sitting in your order window 4b. If you're setting a stop for a short position, click "BUY" - You should now see an order sitting in your order window A trailing stop always stays a set value below the current price, so for example, if the price is 4.20 and you set a Trailer Price of .20 on a long position your stop loss will be at 4.00. If the price goes up the trailing stop price moves with it, but only in one direction. So for example, if the 4.20 stock moved up to 4.30, the trailing stop would would move to 4.10. If the price subsequently moved down to 4.15, your trailing stop price will stay at 4.10. The trailing stop price will always be set based on the current price, so be careful to look at the current price and movement on the 1 minute chart, the stop will trigger the moment the price tics back to the stop price. For example, if you see the 1 minute candles varying about 10 cents per minute on the trend, a .05 trailer price will probably trigger too early. Make sure you're setting your trailer price to a value that protects your profits without prematurely closing your position when the trend would likely continue. I will update this thread with real chart examples. I also have a hotkey but I want to test it in SIM Monday before I post it here. Edit: How to create a hotkey to set a trailing stop.
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    I just noticed this thread, but I've been with BBT since July 2021. I'm 30 and taking a break from the IT industry to learn trading. I bought my first stock when I was 9 and have always had a fascination with the markets. Covid created a great opportunity to invest further in the market, which led me to give day trading a shot this year. After some early beginner's luck, I began to take losses and moved into DAS Sim. Through meticulous journaling and performance review, I'm starting to see the couple strategies I'm good at...and the several I'm bad at. I'm thankful for this community as it often provides the encouragement I need to get back on the saddle the next day and reminds me that I'm early on in the process. I love to talk trading so if you'd like to review trades together virtually, let me know! My focus strategies are the 5-min ORB and 5-min ABCD. I'm preparing to go live with these strategies in the coming days so wish me luck!
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    Hello everyone, I joined BBT on January 1st of this year and it has definitely been an amazing decision! Prior to joining, I was subscribing to the YouTube channel and pre-market prepping with BBT on my Trading days (Thursday Mornings and Fridays) for about a good 6 months prior to pulling the trigger and joining BBT. October of 2019 marks the start of my learning journey. I have been on a mission for a few years now trying to find my way into entrepreneurship. I picked up some random books at the library after hitting some brick walls in my endeavor for some time. (The primary struggle being risk aversion due to my low income.) I had zero experience with the stock market and trading, but I keep a very open mind and decided to start reading a book on Trading Options. I was immediately enamored with this book and the newfound world of trading. The biggest draw being that one can learn without risking much or any capital. That concept was mind-blowing to me. I was in another trading group prior to this one and did not have a positive experience socially. I was essentially ignored or bullied for being a female. There was no in-between experience in which I felt like an actual member. Unfortunately, it is a common experience for other females in this field. In general, I have done a lot of work on myself to overcome social anxiety/low self-esteem issues so as you can imagine, the way I was treated was very damaging. I am very much a fly-on-the-wall here but am looking to change that. I know that it is essential to my success that I start socializing with like-minded individuals. I don't anticipate being bullied here but the hesitation to participate is still there. Thus far, learning to trade has helped me grow as a person. I have learned to put myself out there and take risks. In my previous group I learned to trade bear and bull triple leveraged ETF's for Natural Gas and caught on quite well, only trading the bearish ETF successfully (against the bullish trend). I was impressed, especially considering the fact I had zero structure or actual defined strategy in place. Those ETF's no longer exist, which is a blessing, because that has lead me to BBT and the concepts of finding stocks in play, structure, and probability amongst other critical things. I am currently testing my second strategy and hoping that this is it. The time and data will tell me the answer. I went into Trading with the idea that it could take me a couple of years to learn. I'm coming up on that 2 year mark, and loving and respecting the process of learning to become consistently profitable. Although I haven't found my strategy yet, I feel confident that I will. One idea I wanted to share that seems to be extremely helpful for me is recording my trading sessions. Once I started doing that a few months back, I feel that I am learning what works and what doesn't far better and faster. It is one thing to journal and look back at your trades with a snapshot and your afterthoughts but completely far more enlightening to essentially relive it as an observer. Although, I am only trading 2 days/week or less, I feel that reviewing my trading sessions via recording is really my game-changer. It truly has taught me that it isn't necessarily about the quantity of trades I am able to make, but the quality of my journaling and lessons from the experiences I've had.
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    TastyTrade is legit and Tastyworks is also amazing. They make the whole option process so simple. With theta being a factor in spreads, it really makes swing trading much more controllable. As for the OP, I'm assuming they are talking about Long OTM Call options. If you for some reason come across a stock that is slowly trending down, and for some reason you know that it is about to have a major bounce, then you can get OTM call options for extremely dirt cheap. Make sure that the expiration date is 56 days out or more otherwise you may not see an increase in the price of the OTM Call option even if there is a major bounce. Also make sure it is 56 days out or more because the theta really starts to work against you any sooner than that, so there is significantly less love in being wrong on the timing of the bounce. It is a good idea to have a delta of .15 or higher because of the aforementioned lack of responsiveness to price movement if it is too unlikely to hit the strike price. IMO it is probably better to get an OTM call option that has a very good chance of being in the money at the top of whatever bounce you are expecting, so that you can hold onto it if the trade continues to work. If you don't do that then the theta and implied volatility will swiftly chop your profit and your head off in the middle of the trade. Also trade management for Long OTM options (with a relatively close expiration): profit NOW is way better than profit later. Unless you are in the money: then profit now is still better than profit later. If you think you'll make an extra 15% if you hold on, just get out. If you think you'll make an extra 100% if you hold on, then consider holding it very strongly, and then sell half. Also anyone that says you can't make money consistently from long call options (including Tom Sosnoff) is almost always talking about at expiration. Duh. It is true that it is difficult to make money with OTM call options because there are lots of factors and you need to be right basically immediately. However, not for one second, does that mean you can't do it consistently. It just means you have to do it with these things in mind. I'm not an expert, but I did make 25k in two weeks from 3k with OTM options once. LOL.
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    Hello everyone! I'm 97.34% sure that I'm going to apply to the next PCT Bootcamp cohort. I heard that it should start at the end of April/ beginning of May. I always like to be a prepared panda. Do you all have any recommendations on how to prepare over the next two months? Cheers, Wayne
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    Good news, I fanally solved my problem. Since IB where busy with the Covid-19, it took me 3 weeks in total to make all arrangements and have my USD account working. First, I took out my CAD $ from my IB account. I've then opened a USD account over the Internet with my current Royal Bank of CANADA but it did not work. They could not make a USD transfer to a Canadian provider since it was going to convert my USD deposit to CAD and I could not link this account to IB. They had to transfer me to another department for USD account with RBC in USA. I then checked with Bank of Montreal where I have another account ond opened a USD account. Took me 2 minutes over the Internet. I then linked my account directly with IB. After the verification, I was able to make a deposit in US to my account. Now, everything is working perfectly, I don't loose even 1$ from my gains. Hope this topic could help someone.
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    Do you have the latest das software? if not might need to upgrade it. also it depends on your das description i believe but if you should be able to see it you can find it under: Quotes ->fundamental a window will pop up where you can enter the ticker or you can link it to your montage using the anker. information including float is visible here
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    Hi All, I created this topic so that Trader's can share their real time experience/journey in the world of Live Trading or with Bear Bull Traders. I find myself fortunate to be able to share my story as well as my 2 cents on the learning I have had from the mistakes till date. To start with, a brief about myself : My name is Paras Jandwani, 29 yr old, basically from India but have been settled in Washington DC, USA for the past 5 years. I have been working with a Tech company named Accenture (Yep, not a full time Trader yet) as a Solutions Business Consultant for the past 9 years. From a very young age itself I was interested in Stock Market, following tickers and watching business programs etc. However, for some reason may be social pressure could never make a career in finance (no regrets though). Anyways long story short I opened multiple trading/Investing accounts back in India and invested money based on the FURU alerts or speculation. I eventually blew up my account 2 times leading me to take a break from Trading. Trading Journey with Bear Bull Traders (then "Vancouver Traders") It is always said that you can suppress your passion but can never wipe it out from your life. Since I had already moved to USA, the passion of making a living out of the stock market led me to look for options available to me to learn and explore the US Market. It was around August 2017 when I found your book on amazon with the title "How to day trade for living" which I thought exactly met my need. I immediately bought it and was impressed with the simple concise way the book was written and detailed about everything that needs to be performed step-by-step to become a Stock Trader. Currently, with the huge amount of options, with data available on google, the beginner's struggle a lot with what needs to be performed and are really confused if anything offered to them is genuine or not. The book written by you clarifies all of these confusion and give a very clear head start for beginner's trading career. After I read the book, I immediately joined the Bear Bull Traders (then Vancouver Traders) community in September 2017 and followed almost every small suggestions/guidance provided by you in the chatroom. I traded in SIM for 4 months and went live in Feb 2018. It's been almost 9 months live (every trading day from 8:30 am to 12 pm EST) and looking at the past where I was down with more than $ 6k in losses around the mid of June 2018 and gradually coming back to break even in Aug 2018 and currently sitting at a net profit of $ 3.5k.The figures might not seem big as I have always been a very risk averse Trader and when I started I used to trade with a volume of 20-50 shares for high priced stocks such as TSLA and 100-200 shares for mid-float stocks (I never traded low-float stocks, till date). Currently, I easily trade 500 - 750 shares/trade for mid-float and 200-300 shares/trade for high priced stock. I think every trader has to pass through a learning curve and should respect the process. I have made my own mistakes and learnt from it. I am still learning every day and happy to be able to lead my passion. Hope to be successful one day and trade full-time. Below are some of the items that I learnt during the process : 1. You just need to master 1-2 strategies to be able make consistent money. (I tried multiple different strategies (not just from the book) to create an edge and ended up with being more confused) 2. Volume sizing should be a privilege and should be increased gradually in 10-20% every time when you are confident enough.(At the time, when I started making consistent profits with small volume of 100-200 shares I immediately started trading with 500-600 shares at a time which led to a lot emotions taking over leading to consistent losses) 3. Say NO to Averaging Down ( This type of trading saves you almost 90% of the time but would wipe out months of profit in a single day when it doesn't work. Been there and learnt it the hard way) 4. Higher number of tickets DO NOT guarantee higher profits. (I have a rule to Stop trading once I achieve my profit target or my max loss or 30 tickets/day. Number of tickets/day have saved me rule has been a very important for me to take selective trades. I remember my reckless/revenge trading having 223 tickets on one of the trading days which cost me hundred's of dollars in losses.) 5. Rules are meant NOT to be broken. (Almost every single time I broke my rules I paid the price for it) 6. Being patient with the winners and impatient with the losers. ( Almost every single trader faces that. I was very impatient with the winners and patient with losers which made my losses bigger then my profits) 7. Setting the stop loss right to either an indicator/support/resistance level (Had a very bad habit of setting the stop loss at the level based on the loss I was willing to take) 8. Importance of Journaling. (I use a software named Edgewonk for Journaling. My past chunk of trades gave me the indication that my win rate between 9:30 and 10 am is 76%, between 10 and 10:30 is mere 24% and 10:30 to 11: 30 is 64%.This was an eye opener for me. I almost immediately stopped trading between the time where my win rate was the lowest. This really helped me in maximizing my profits) All the above mentioned experience wouldn't have been possible without a person who is a guide and a mentor, none other than Andrew!. I hope to continue learning from him and find myself fortunate to be a part of an amazing trading community.
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    Hi All, my name is Carlos M. I am 32 and live in Northern Jersey, few minutes from the NYC. After 12 years of working as a Senior Operations Manager, I was laid off this past December. My company purchased GE Appliances and moved to their headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. I thought I would be more upset about the layoff but I had 12 amazing years, and I was ready to move on and try something new. The company gave us almost a year and a half notice, that was more than enough time to prepare. (Plus a nice $$$ for years of service and sticking around until the end :) ) As my work started to transition to the new company, I found myself having a lot of free time during the day. I always had an interest in trading stocks and this was the perfect time to start practicing and getting ready. I did another online course and trading that did not work out (that’s a story for another time), and then I found Andrew’s Book and Chatroom community. Signed up for the Platinum package, I did the simulator for about 4 months and when live this month (January 2018). Looking forward to possibly meeting up in the near future with others traders and continuing being part of this amazing trading community. Carlos M.
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    Hi Everybody! My name is Ryan (Ryan W in the chatroom). I live on Long Island, NY and I'm an IT consultant with my own business. I have been in IT for about 15 years now (I'm 32 and got started when I was 15). I have Bachelor's Degree in Business Management with a concentration in Information Systems. I have always been interested in trading. One of my best friends is Jesse Colombo (look him up). He introduced me to trading and finance in general while we were in high school, but of course I was only concerned with girls at that time lol. As I got older, I realized how interesting the markets are. I love staring at charts and trying to understand the underlying sentiment and what is happening on the screen. I started swing trading more actively in 2010 and was basically just treading water. I wasn't a fan of the overnight risk and after having awoken to several of my positions being down due to news or earnings, I realized swing trading wasn't great for me. I started to look into day trading. I got involved with Trading Education company here in NY and provided IT services for them. I was exposed to day trading more and was really enthralled by what was happening. Of course, this particular company wasn't known for the most honest and realizable trading education, so I took what I saw with a grain of salt. I received some exposure to some really great traders and mentors though, but their strategies and styles never really worked for me. After almost 4 years of day trading and having whipsaw emotions and losses, I am happy I found Andrew. I bought his book and was literally on the verge of giving up, but seeing how he trades and understanding his style and strategy has helped me immensely! The IT field has changed dramatically from when I first got started, even when I was in school (seems like a million years ago) and I am just sick and tired of it. I have been wanting to switch over to full time trading for years now, but the strategy I was trying to make work never worked. The person that taught me doesn't trade this style (even though he teaches it) and it just ended up costing me a lot of time and money. Now that I am on the right track with Andrew, I really hope to move over to full time trading sooner than later. Since I work for myself, I am able to balance trading and my clients. Of course, some days that's not always the case, but it does give me the opportunity to have the exposure I need. I look forward to working with everybody both here in the forum and in the chat!
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