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    March 29, 2019 - $BB & $AMD (Partial, Hit Profit Target) I am still adjusting my next sample set (Profit taking Plan) a little before posting the parameters here; however, on Friday I set a goal to trade a 5 min Orb and 15 min Orb live if I could find 2 stocks that met my trade criteria. I wanted to see the emotions and nervousness that I would experience adding an additional strategy. It went well and I was happy with my execution. Sample Set Results P G 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
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    March 28, 2019 - Nothing met my edge, but I did take a sim trade on $AMD working the engulfing strategy that I will be incorporating after this sample set.
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    March 27, 2019 - $CVS (Partial) As I prepare my next sample set, I have continued to trade my previous sample set. I missed a few great entries on 5 min ORBD this morning; however, I did take a trade on $CVS, with a decent entry.
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    Wednesday March 27th, 2019 Sleep: 8 hours. Mood: good, ready to trade. Took an ORBD in CRON. it gave me no trouble at all. i meant to sell half at my profit target but i hit the wrong button and got all out. kicking myself for this mistake it fell all morning. GOOD: good setup, waited for an entry. RFI: sold all too early. MOOD: a tiny bit mad I left a lot of money on the table. CONSISTENT: no, hotkey error. Next trade was a MA trend in AMD. i figured the stock was going to sell off once it got close to all those levels above VWAP but i didn't want to short until it broke. i waited for the 5min to close below VWAP and got in short. I knew the whole dollar at 25 was going to be a problem to get through so i took half off just in case. then i got out completely once it made a new 5min high. it turns out i should have just let it run because it never hit my stop. GOOD: waited for confirmation to short. RFI: didn't accept the full R loss and partialled out way too early. MOOD: ok CONSISTENT: no. What i did good today: Reading price action well and getting in to trades right on time. What i did bad today: Left too much money on the table. had i managed these two trades correctly, i could have easily got to my daily goal. What can i do better tomorrow: Go back to range orders to help with the nerves on selling.
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    Tonight, added some more hotkeys, and put stickers on the buttons. Even though Andrew stresses in his books that traders need to use hotkeys to be successful, I didn't realize how much of a difference it makes until I started using them.....and its only been one day. I'll never go back to point and mouse click.
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    I've been trading in a different simulator since Jan 29th 2019. I started using DAS this week as part of the BBT challenge. Im not very good at editing my screen shots, but hopefully I get better as I do these journal entries. Made a mistake putting order in first thing. Trade one: My plan was to go short when it broke below 17.00 with target of 16.00 and stop of 17.25 or go long when it broke above 17.81 with target of 18.60 and stop of 17.60. I got in and added to my position as the price rose (this whole time Andrew was also shorting the stock) I watched the price spike twice to my stop, a stayed in because it would immediately fall back down. Then I covered at 17.35. I SHOULD HAVE STUCK TO MY ORIGINAL STOP. Trade two: I got back in short (should have waited longer, did this as a revenge trade), added to position when it spiked and failed. Took profits several minutes later, I was practicing putting orders in as I did this. Trade three: When I saw it fail to move above the 200 average on the 1 minute, I went short again, the first partial on this trade was a mistake, messing with orders again. The stock slowly fell throughout the rest of the day. . Thanks for taking the time to look, any feedback is welcomed.
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    Hi there, I have a clean account with $50.000 at my broker and will start day trading the BBT strategies from Andrew his books live on Monday 6th of May 2019 for 1 month. This thread will be a log of my journey into preparation to it with struggles and hopefully, somebody can learn from my mistakes or help me to be successful. If anybody wants to help mentor a bit I'm willing to reward if needed or donate to charity. I will post broker statements every day and describe all my trades. Basic rules will be: 1. Only trades with strategies from the books from Andrew. 2. Maximum loss per trade $250 - (0,5% of account) so size will be positioned accordingly to this rule 3. Maximum loss per day $1000 - All trading of the day stops when I'm down $1000 4. Daily target will be $500 - Trading stops when hit. 5. I can only enter trades between 9.3am and 11.30am NYC time So maximum I'm willing to lose here is $20.000 in this experiment in 1 month. I'm not a beginner in trading and I have 100% free time to trade like this full time. I'm mentally prepared to lose 20k, I see this is a worst-case scenario and I accept this fate. I will do everything I can to prevent this from happening. Wish me luck and let's see how I will do! I'll appreciate all advice and comments! Cheers Vic
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    Thursday March 28th, 2019 Sleep: 7 hours. Mood: good, ready to trade. First trade of the day was an ORBU in AMD. i missed the ORBD but when i saw the big volume and the punch through VWAP and the MAs i thought it would make a good long trade. sold half at the HOTD and another half at the previous previous day low. got out the last piece after the engulfing candle at 10:10. GOOD: waited for a good opportunity. got a decent entry. RFI: sold first half too early MOOD: good. CONSISTENT: yes. I was waiting for a double top in AMD after i got out of my last trade. ended up getting back in on the short side once it made a new 5min low below the PPDC line. I chased the entry a little bit, i could have waited a minute of two and got a better entry. i risked the HOTD to the 200MA on the 5min chart that was also right around the even $25 level. sold half at VWAP too early but it didn't sell off like i expected it to and i was afraid of it bouncing off the VWAP. I shouldn't have been concerned because it ended up hitting my profit target and i got all out. GOOD: waited for confirmation it was a short. RFI: got in too early and out on my first half too soon. MOOD: good. CONSISTENT: not on the first half. What i did good today: Only took trades i was confident in. What i did bad today: Nerves are still present on my selling. it's my first week back live trading so i'm not too hard on myself for this. What can i do better tomorrow: Set range orders for slower moving stocks past 10:30 so i don't over analyze the price action.
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    Thursday 3/28/2019 I had a well-being score of 5/10 this morning. My nerves were good this morning. An interesting day. I actually took 3 trades today though I have a 2 trade/day limit. The third trade was supposed to be in simulation. I am having an issue with the simulator. I seem to only be 50% successful switching from live to sim. I double checked the order settings both on the platform menu and the montage but it’s still very iffy. I had two trades today on AMD and one on LULU. AMD had a scalp setup both long and short. And yes I scalped it in both directions. The first scalp was long. I entered when it broke the 25.18 TL and first partial (large partial) was at the Boullinger band. Then out at B/E. The there was a scalp setup in the other direction. I went short on the new LOTD with my first target 200MA and a second target the 24.89 level. I took a large partial at the the 200MA and S/O at B/E. These partials on scalps aren’t working. I may have to stop that. I switched to SIM and double checked it. Then I liked LULU (great R/R and a near 1st target) and decided to make this SIM trade as realistic as possible. Though I like the slow and steady up swing to VWAP, if I was really trading this live I would give it a large room and a wide S/L. So I set my S/L at the 5 min 20MA. Then I went long and quickly checked if it was on SIM. It was not. But since I took a realistic trade and my nerves were good I stayed with it. I took my first partial at a premarket tech level (168.77), though not sure where I got that level from. Then took partials a bit arbitrary. Then all out on the 1min new low. What I did good today: Nerves were good. Great S/Os at B/E. How did I challenge myself today? Handled an accidental live trade well. What I did bad today: Took an accidental live trade. What can I do better tomorrow: Need to figure out what is wrong with switching from Live to SIM.
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    Be aware of your mindset. Yesterday was a beautiful trading day, lots of stock with clean patterns and I believe a lot of members had a good day. I had my worst day ever. -1500dollar plus commissions.. this is big for me. This after some green days with ok trading where I got 200 a day average which I had set as a daily goal. so why did I get such big loss. my mindset was not good , why is.. well.. a couple of days ago I broke up with this woman I had been seeing. before market opened I noticed she had send me some messages which threw me off guard.. at that moment I knew my mindset wasn’t good but I ignored it. I did after all had a winning streak... Market opens and I start trading with bigger shares then usual, 1000 shares each time no matter the stock. Get bad entry’s and getting stopped out on pullbacks. I use mental stops but in stead of looking at the chart and accepting it for what it looks like I just checked my p&l... The more I traded the less feeling I got and didn’t recognize any patterns anymore. i mentioned in the chat room about the loss and got private contacted by John, just a small talk helped me to realize what I was doing and I didn’t trade anymore. Thanx a lot for contacting me! You probably saved me from an even bigger loss. anywayz, what did I lean from this. Awareness is a key ingredient for good trading. That and a good entry. When I make a few loosers I must immediately take a step back, do a recap on the loosing trades to find out if it was my own fault or just the probability of a good setup going wrong. Needless to say, about 80% was my own fault, What I will change right now is going back to smaller size, I may try out hiding my p&l as this has messed with me before aswell also on winning trades, all you really need is the charts. Be more mindful during trading, how? I’ll add meditation to my premarket ritual, I did before and it felt good when I did.and If I don’t get the entry I wanted, I must accept it and don’t jump in, another acceptable entry point often appears again and I will wait for it. Less profit is always better then a loss. In a way I feel grateful for this loss too. It made me realize a few things which I thought I knew but... And thanx again John, being contacted by another trader got me out of my hulk mode. i love the chatroom! Best trading investment to date. grtz tommy
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    Nice one, I too had a great day and looking back missed money, BUT That's not how things work of course. You can't pick tops and bottoms. You are just going to have to accept that. Just like I did Good luck and thanks for the daily writeup, very nice! Cheers
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    Wednesday 3/27/2019 I had a well-being score of 5.5/10 this morning. My nerves were better this morning. A very disappointing day. I had two trades today both on AMD. There was no scalp setup so waited for the 2min ORB. I took an early ORB (9:31:11) with a very bearish candle. Checklist: This was the same setup as yesterday on AMD and it didn’t work out so why did I try again? The first level to take a partial was too strong and it bounced. I was able to take a partial at that level (25.69), then S/O at B/E. The next trade I was waiting for a clean break of the 25.69 with VWAP as my S/L. same setup as my previous trade. But AAPL caught mt attention on another chart for an instant. When I look back the price passed my entry by about 5 cents. Thus I should not have taken the trade. But since my finger was on the trigger my FOMO took the trade and I went short. Now I have a bad R/R and my S/L is far away. So I pulled my S/L in just above the 25.69, though there is no technical reason to do so. I then got S/O at that level quickly. The price then went up to 1 cent below my original S/O plan, reversed and had a huge run down which I missed. What I did good today: Stayed to my 2 trade limit though very painful to do so. How did I challenge myself today? Recovered emotionally from the bad trading today quickly (for me). I thought it would bother me all day. But I was OK an hour later. Not fast enough to trust myself with another trade, but a big improvement from me. What I did bad today: Didn’t follow my plan on the second AMD trade. Since I missed my entry I should either not take the trade or wait for the setup to emerge again (which it did). What can I do better tomorrow: Control the FOMO. Today was a big lesson that it is OK if you miss an entry.
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    March 26th - Did not take a live trade. The stocks on my watchlist today were a little choppy for the first 45 minutes. $MU and $AMD had great moves after that once they picked a direction. Hopefully, some of you were able to take advantage of it.
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    Tuesday March 26th, 2019 Sleep: 7.5 hours, mood: good ready to trade. first trade of the day was an ORBU in BBBY. I waited a couple minutes after 9:35 to see which way it was going to go and i liked the price action on the 1min chart, when it broke up to a new 1min high i got in, risking a new 2min low to the HOTD. i sold 75% at the HOTD and the rest at b/e. GOOD: waited for the entry and sold according to my plan RFI: could have got out at a new 5min low on the remaining shares. MOOD: good CONSISTENT: yes. What i did good today: disciplined trading. no impulse trading What i did bad today: there were a couple other trades i could have take but stood on the sidelines. What can i do better tomorrow: still working on the selling.
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    Monday March 25th, 2019 Sleep: 7 hours. Mood: good, ready to trade. first trade of the day was in AMD. i was waiting for a pullback after the first five minutes for an ORBU but i never got an entry, then it sold off with the SPY and i thought it should take a short position. i wanted to get in at the PDC but when it pulled back it bounced off the previous day low so i got in risking the PDC and was trying to get to the low of the pre-market. i sold some at 1R a little bit because of nerves but also because it wasn't really selling off. i set a range order for the second half at my entry to $26.75 but it wasn't breaking the premarket low and the SPY looked like it was turning around so i just got all out. glad i did i would have broke even on the second half. GOOD: patient with my entry and waited for confirmation it was going lower RFI: selling wasn't great. MOOD: ok, glad to have a winner first day back to live trading. CONSISTENT: stuck to my stops but my nerves got me on my selling. I'm happy with my first day back to live trading. I was busy before the market opened and only had a half hour between meetings so i'm glad to have the emotional control not to take a ton of trades. I'm seeing now that i should have traded in sim as close as possible to live trading all of last year. It's a way easier transition to live if the only thing i changed from last week to this week was the prefix on my account. it really helped with my emotions. What i did good today: emotional control on entering and not chasing. What i did bad today: selling on nerves. What can i do better tomorrow: try and stick to 75% at profit target and 12.5% at next target.
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    I pretty much did the same thing, but hotkey mistakes are really messing up my trading. Ive since introduced HOT Buttons in muy montage and are pretty clear to me. I still use hotkeys but have these just in case as some hot key mistakes can be costly in the challenge on monday. Looks like you are well prepared. I have to start journaling. I like the idea of putting sticker on the keyboard Good luck friend.
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    March 22, 2019 - $AMD (Hit Profit Target) First sample set I completed today. Had a good trade on $AMD short. I thought I might be able to let the last little bit run longer but the stock bounced back, so I got out completely. Sample Set Results P G S G S 6 7 8 S S P G G S G S S P S G
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    These are interesting, but I wouldn’t consider it science. Maybe it’s because my personal experience with Keto has been completely different. The BBC program: there are soooooo many other variables than the twins diets that would impact their ability to learn in one morning about charts and day trading, that I take absolutely nothing from this little experiment. Tufts study: the problem here is using the “low carb diet” for one week. The study should have actually looked at the people AFTER they were in ketosis for a while, they probably didn’t even get into ketosis in one week. So I agree with the study in part, because while your brain is switching from glucose to ketones, yeah, it’s a bit foggy. But once it switches and your body “heals” your brain starts firing much quicker. My personal experience with the Keto diet has been great. Besides the weight loss, the best way I was able to describe the change in my brain. Before when asked a question, sometimes I would have to “search” my brain for an answer, kind of like, try to think back and link some things together to remember things. In ketosis, the answer is usually there immediately, no searching was required. example: where did I put my coffee, before ketosis: trace my steps back, think of what I did thirty minutes ago, oh yeah I was in the bathroom, then went to my desk and set my cup down in ketosis: onmy desk, I’m not sure if the other mental steps are completely skipped over, or if they are just blasted through at hyper speed. Either way, the result is the same, quicker answers to the question. My concentration was also boosted, ive heard people talk about the effects of aderol on their concentration level, the way they explain it is how I feel when I’m in ketosis. Basically when I’m in ketosis the “brain fog” feels like it’s just lifted away.
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    Live trading summary for week ending 3/22/19. From a quality standpoint, this week was OK. I did break a veto rule, but it was marginal (>0.5*ATR) and thus learned a lesson to measure not eyeball. And I mixed and matched setup/execution rules once this week. Another lesson learned. I took a setup with one set of rules but I executed with a different setup rules. Didn’t go well. It is unusual that the stock has two different setups simultaneously, but from now on I need to call it and executed as one particular setup. Though no major mistakes were made, my only two really good trades were on the SIM which I did not include in my evaluation. My trade evaluation by week: Need another solid week and can call it a good month. February was only marginally good and first week of March I had some rule breaks, but I have been better since. Some good lessons learned this week and started adding SIM to my live trades. It is too bad that my 5min ORB results are so bad now. But when I take a SIM 5min ORB I usually get a winner. So I need to keep taking these live until I get those fixed. I am reducing my share size on those.
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    Week 12 Recap Happy with my progress this week. i'm going back to live trading again so i'm excited to start working on becoming profitable in real trading. I've been struggling with getting in to trades too early the last couple weeks but this week i'm really starting to nail the entries. Goals for next week are to not worry about P&L and just take good trades with great entries. · Weekly stats o 2.0 R/R (Goal: above 2.0) [Previous Week: 1.8] o 48/52 92% (Goal: above 80%) [Previous Week: 93%] o $32.16 (Goal: $250) [Previous Week: -$3.50] o 12/13 92% trades with the trend (Goal: 100%) [Previous Week: 71%] o 1/12 8% Early Entries (Goal: 0%) [Previous Week: 43%] o 1/12 8% Letting Losers Run (Goal: 0%) [Previous Week: 0%] o 0/12 0% No Setup (Goal: 0%) [Previous Week: 14%] · Highlights o Green week this week with 4/5 days green. Going to try going back to real trading. o The rule of trying to enter within 15cents of my stop loss has been a big help this week. o I’m going to keep taking quick partials on ORBs, that seems to be working well. · Ongoing things to work on o Selling needs to be better, even though I’ve improved my accuracy, I’m not taking enough out at my profit targets. Increasing selling to 75% at initial target then 12.5% at next level then the rest on a range order to let run. o Still making hotkey errors! o Revenge trades on stop outs first thing in the morning still needs work. o Got Auto stopped out on a trade this week, need to work on never doing that.
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    Friday 3-22 Only made one plan before the open. I did not wait the 3 minutes like my rule states before trading, I traded on the first candle. Trade 1 Shorted, then added to position, took profits on reversal. Trade 2 Long, took profits, then final at break even Trade 3 Short, could have held for more profits, but decent trade. P&L Trades Hand written journal entries
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    Friday March 22nd, 2019 Sleep: 8 hours. Mood: good, ready to trade. Only took one trade today, a double bottom in AMD. i missed the downtrend in AMD and MU and i was looking for a reversal around 10 o'clock. i liked AMD because it looked like it might pop on that PPDH level. i waited for a new 5min high and got in a little early and i went full size. it came down to my $10 stop but i gave it a little more room because that's a normal pullback and not a new low. It ended up hitting my target and i sold half then half again when it struggled to make a new 5min high. got out all at my b/e. i think i have enough trades now to see if i should be getting all out on my final partials at new 5min lows. i'm going to look over the trades over the weekend. GOOD: waited for a new 5min high to enter the trade. sold at planned price RFI: need to sell more at my target. 75% at target then 12.5% at the next level then hold the rest. MOOD: good, should have got all out when it stalled over the VWAP. CONSISTENT: yes, i followed my plan. What i did good today: took one good trade. What i did bad today: I could have bailed on my final partial and then reversed the trade to the downside. What can i do better tomorrow: sell more at profit targets, hold lessto b/e.
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    3/21/2019 Got chopped and racked up commissions for days. Made about 10 hot key mistakes. Took a lot of trades on $CAG. More than I should have. Trash stock reward of the day goes to $CAG. $CAG - Went short 300 shares after the price action consolidated after a drop. Didn't think that bull run would hold. I covered a minute later feeling like it wouldn't go. Got back in short 200 shares then added 75 more on the way down. Covered half at VWAP. Covered the rest on the pullback. Got back in short 200 shares looking for a fade down through VWAP. I felt some bearish pressure on the 5-minute with a lower high lower low, but the price action closed above VWAP. Stopped out after the price action squeezed. $CAG - Went short again 200 shares again thinking that move was finally coming. Got in under the 9MA 1-minute, but didn't feel the short love. Stopped out again. $CAG - GOT THE CLOSE BELOW VWAP/9MA 5-MINUTE. THIS WAS IT. Nope... Trash. Went short 50 shares (hotkey'd 50 instead of 200) looking for that push down. Set my stop at 25.43, but didn't feel it. Cut the trade off early before the squeeze. $CAG played games. Then of course, the move happened. $MU - Super strong today. Caught a 9MA bounce on the 5-minute. Went long 300 shares and sold 50% in 3 steps. Sold everything afterwards. I think my sell points were maybe too close, but then again, you don't know what's gonna happen. I'd maybe let my first partial go a bit further since there wasn't a sign of a sell off. But, I sold it because it was filling the bearish gap on the 5-minute. $MU - Annnd stupidity struck. Or was it stupidity? I went back short on $MU looking for a reject of the 9MA 5-minute. I went short 75 shares (hotkey'd 75 instead of 300), added 300 more and looked for the move down. Should have waited for more confirmation since the price action closed bullish above the 9MA 5-minute. Got squeezed up and stopped out. Got back in short 50 shares (hotkey'd 50 shares instead of 300) and added 300 more looking for the move down. I covered half at the 50MA 1-minute, then took everything off at break even. Then the move happened so missed that opportunity. Came back with one more trade. Went long 400 shares after the price action closed above the 9MA 5-minute thinking we'd get a move back towards HOD. Stopped out at break even. Sold half on accident then sold all. Lot of hot key mistakes today. Result:
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    March 20, 2019 - $GIS (Partial) I had a huge blind spot trading mistake today. Instead of covering at my 1R, I actually ended up purchasing another 1/3 of my position. The biggest problem was that I originally thought I had covered half. I did not pick up on it until I glanced over at my current position size and noticed I had more shares than when I started. I extremely happy with my reaction, as I re-evaluated where I was exited 1/3 to get me to a spot I was comfortable handling and then exited again when the stock broke the 9 MA for the second time on the 1 minute chart. Sample Set Results P G S G S 6 7 8 S S P G G S G S S P 19 20
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    It took me over a year to become a consistently profitable trader. I was one of the dumb ones, and decided that I didn't need to use a Simulator account and that I could just learn on the fly. Well, over $30,000.00 in losses later, I changed my mind. I hit the books, watched videos, and traded in SIM for 3 months before I started trading live again. And, when I did trade live, I started with 100 shares (or less) per trade, and only increased my share size by 25 percent each week if I had a profitable week. It took me about 4 months to reach my current position sizing. When you're first getting started, DONT focus on the money. Focus on quality setups, respecting your rules, and most importantly, MANAGING YOUR RISK. 90 percent of day traders fail. If you want to be a part of the ten percent who make it, do it the right way. 1) Educate yourself and determine your strategies 2) Practice and refine your strategies in SIM for a minimum of 3 months 3) When going live, start with SMALL position sizing and DONT focus on making money 4) Slowly and practically/sensibly increase your position size. Don't go from 100 share to 500. Honestly, don't even go from 100 to 200. Increase your share size incrementally. 5) Continue to educate yourself. If you break your rules, see steps 3 and 4. You can always go back to smaller share size while you improve your processes. 6) Congratulations, you're now part of the 10 percent.
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