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    I love how this thread popped up again just recently, it's great timing for me. Almost exactly two years ago I started trading, lost my job, closed my accounts, found a new job, had a flood, bought a new home, paid off all my debts... It's been a crazy two years. This morning I fired up my renewed DAS subscription for the first time in two years. I made $100 in sim I never quit. I took a long break, and while I didn't want to, I needed to. Learning to trade is stressful. I wasn't out of work that long and I probably could have kept my account open and let my debt sit for a while to keep going, but I knew that it was cause me way more stress on top of the stress of trading. Because of that hard decision I'm now in a much better financial and mental place to go back. My account is funded double what it was before, I have no debt, savings, and a stable Work-from-home job, which allows me to trade most mornings and transition right to work. When to quit trading? For me the answer is "never" because I love it, I want to get better at it, and eventually I want it to be all I do. For others that answer might be different, but if you're in it for the right reasons then my response is the same: Never. You just have to keep asking yourself: "what do I need to change to succeed?"
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    Totally forgot to journal yesterday as I had to leave again after trading. ROKU chopped me up yesterday. I did have some good trades but ROKU was brutal to me. I didn't watch the spread of the stock and I was too far stretched from any MA. This morning I made sure to watch the spread on the stocks and be patient when to take a position. Today, was good overall. Only trade one stock today - LK LK Used Aiman's strategy on ABCD patterns. I was a little early on one of the entries. On the second try, I had a good entry but my stop loss was too tight. I didn't change it from my previous attempt. If I had allowed the 2nd attempt a little more room for the stop loss it would have been perfect. Ah well. I knew it was going to go long so I took it long again and it paid off. Not sure what I was doing afterwards but I did miss some of my favourite set ups. I think I was in the chat. A bunch of 9, 20 and 50 MAs crossing did exactly what they were supposed to do. I took a bunch of screenshots and I am thinking to make a separate thread on specifically that. I'll have to get more examples and data before I make such a post. Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day! So I didn't hit my 1% target for the day. So I decided to trade some more. It was good at first and I actually hit my target. But of course I had to trade some more. And now I'm down to .01%....... BYND Noticed a double top and saw the 9 and 20 crossing on a downward trend. Wanted to go short but was hesitant as due to that 100 MA. But once it dropped below both the 100 and 50 MA I took it short and hit my target for the day. I then noticed the the 50 crossing the 9 and 20 on the 2 min chart and decided to take it short. However, I didn't notice how close I was to VWAP and I got stopped out. LK Now I am a little annoyed as I lost more than what I gained on BYND. Was looking for another set and found LK. Watched the 50 cross on an upward 9 and 20 MA crossing. Went long - too early. The 50 touched the 20 but the candle was still forming. It went the other way. Now I'm annoyed, impatient and long bias. Lost most of it... Perfect example of why not to over trade. I just need a week of an overall gain. Have not have had one of those....ahh
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    1-21-20 AIS 0800, 5 hours sleep PAT: Revenge.... Over-trading Notes: First week trading a Live and Sim account together... Only PB#1 and PB#3 for Live all the rest in SIM 0920 How I feel 6/10 LK Live PB#1 .... 15min ORB with ABCD on the 2min.... I jumped the gun and did not wait for better confirmation on the 2min ABCD out at full stop...... -1R UBER SIM 2 trades off of 36.15 Level only.... tight stop on both.... first full stop second took 1/2 off to reduce risk and stopped out..... both times the Tape did a U-Turn on me..... -1R JD SIM PB#3..... Only reason for Sim was because the 5min had a new low..... touched all other points for PB#3.... Looked away from it and it hit my hard stop, I maybe could have saved some if I was watching it better.... -1R TCOM SIM PB#3 ..... trend trade ABCD on 1min should have been in at 1240 on the EMAs crossing also ABCD on 1min..... Took this on SIM because I was scared of what I did this morning..... Took a second trade same play... +6.6 Cons: Did not wait for better confirmation and jumped the gun on my Live LK trade.... Pros: Leaving the desk so I do not revenge trade came back and stayed in SIM for the TCOM trade Playbook Trade: TCOM Notes: Stay focused .... Rs: -1R Live +4.6R SIM
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    January 13 - 18 recap, This year I decided that I would post my weekly recap analysis in addition to my daily journal postings. Near the end of the year I felt I was not giving due diligence to the weekly and monthly analysis, so in an effort to keep myself accountable I figured I would post them in this journal. Top Three Good Trends While in the trade, I did have any issue with sticking to my profit taking plan. Whenever, I began feeling that mind was racing towards justifying why something would not work out, my mantra of discipline, courage, impartiality, patience worked well to calm my emotions. Although, I gave into my FOBW a couple of times this week, I also faced it head on and conquered it. I have to remember, that you cannot pick and choose which setups are going to work or not work. It is random and the only thing you can do it take the entry when the setup appears if it meets your edge. Currently, my edge has a higher probability of working; therefore, take the trade and move on. My ability to recognize my emotions is improving, even though I was not able to catch myself sabotaging my exits before they occurred, afterwards I was able to recognize them and have begun developing a process to prevent it in the future. Bottom Three Bad Trends I was not confident on my entry and sticking with my pre trade routine and execution. I had a lot of hesitation on the entry because of a feeling of being wrong. I had several montage entry issues this week. I would enter the wrong number or flip the numbers. I need to come up with a smooth executable process for executing the entry of the price. This also goes for the excel worksheet which determines the outs My emotions right near the entry point truly ramp up and my mind starts to focus more on the reason not to be in the trade instead of the reason to be in the trade. Focus Areas Next week My psychology right before the entry Self-Sabotaging acts Stop loss placement and why I am choosing that area for a stop loss
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    Day 9 - Jan 17, 2019 (Took Jan 16 off - fatigued, thinking it would impact my trading) 14 Tickets 2 Symbols Green Day 1. LK - Long - 1min - Breakout Pullback (6:34 Did Not Wait for Price discovery rule) Bought LK as planned - broke through ATH at 49.4 then came back to retest, got long 1/2 size on the pullback - 49.2 as stop below VWAP, with 40c risk. Profit target wasn’t defined should have been 2R. Started taking profit way too early 1/3 at 1R and then another 1/3 at 2R. Watched it come back and hold 50 thinking to go long on the dip - ended up chasing and buying at ATH and broke against me for stop loss on 1/2 position and panic sell on other 1/2. Good: Was a good entry with defined risk, Improvement: Need to have a better game plan going into this - would have been a 2R had I sold instead of my last BUY. Should've been a good trade, but I ended up buying the top. NO DEFINED PROFIT TARGET. 2. PINS - Short - 1min - VWAP Trend trade Watching PINS with a long bias, opened up weak but held the 23.6 daily. Failed bounce through VWAP on falling volume and right back down to the 23.6 level. Looked like it was forming descending triangle on 1min so I shorted as it bounced up into VWAP with stop just above VWAP. Told myself I would add to my short as it breaks down. Broke down, didn’t add, covered instead (fear to give back profits - happened with LK right before the this trade). Took profits as it dropped to my target for 2.5R and continued to take partials on the way down to 4.4R on the hammer. Good: Really like my entry with defined risk Improvement: Terrible position sizing, great trade idea and setup, but absolutely terrible sizing. Noted that I would add to my short as it broke through descending triangle, but instead I covered (FEAR - 5 candle looked like potential bottom, hammer) Today's Review Happy with my trades today, entries / trade ideas are getting better. But still having troubles with my trade plan and exits. Also notice i am selling too quickly and not always following through with my plan - in part due to confidence and also wanting to take profits to stay green. Think once I get more trades and data I will be able to justify with numbers specific setups and take the risk when i have the edge. What I did poorly: Inconsistent Position Sizing, need to have a exit strategy What I did well: Good entries, saw opportunity and got in What I need to do: Position sizing / going through trading checklist to ensure my targets are clearly defined.
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    Monday 01/13/2020 I had a well-being score of 6/10 this morning. I took 2 live trades this morning with FIVE and JD. My watchlist: AMRN, FIVE, LK, JD, TSLA and NVDA. I didn’t like the stocks that were moving today. Very few had shares to short. When the majority of my watchlist is void of shares to short I get an unavoidable bias to go long. So scrounging around I replaced a couple to get the watchlist above. But not to excited about it. FIVE was on my main screen since it was the only stock of any real interest. FIVE gapped down big and I had a short bias. The opening big print occurred in a few second (80K) and there were a couple moderately sized bearish prints afterwards. Volume was OK, but not great. But I then decided to go short if it breaks down under 96.50. It did and I shorted with a terrible fill. But I was light on the share size in case that happen so my risk was still OK. I had no final target, but would definitely take a partial at the first daily level at 95.67. The price dropped quickly and I took my first partial. Then reversed quickly so I set a limit order to cover at B/E. Which a few seconds later it did. This time I got a good fill so I made a small profit. JD had just enough PM volume to make the watchlist. I like it was making an all time high. JD opened with a bullish 1min candle and OK volume. But L2 is what got me to take the trade. Since JD is at an all time high so I didn’t actually have a target. Charts and L2 when I entered the trade: I did take a first partial profit too early from nerves. But then tried to take a partial at the high of the 1min candles. By the end I had so few shares left I tried to hold for a bigger move. When I saw it wasn’t going to happen I exited. What did I do good today? Used L2 well. I bailed out of FIVE quickly when momentum reversed quickly. What I am grateful from today? I was able to find a workable watchlist. What I should improve on: I am starting to get back to my old ways of taking that first partial profit too quickly.
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    @adrian88 and myself are working on a software which enables you to import your trades automatically from DAS, get an overview of your past trades, and also get statistics about your performance. We call it Chartlog. Our goal is to build an application for us traders to improve the process of journaling, visualize our strengths and weaknesses, and to speed up the learning curve! There’s a long way ahead, but we are working hard to implement planned features every 2 weeks. So please if you want something covered, let us know! (Check the planned features below) How to use: Create an account at https://www.chartlog.io Download the importer application (check link below) Login into the importer Choose the installation path of your DAS Trader Save - That's it Settings in DAS: In order to import your trades you need to check following checkbox in DAS: DAS - Setup - Other Configuration - Check the "Log debug message" box and save. Downloads: Chartlog Importer Download latest version: https://www.chartlog.io v1.0.1 (2019-09-18) v1.0.0 (2019-08-31) Features: Automatic trades import from DAS Equity Graph Split positions of the same stock in same direction into separate trades (not like DAS positions window) Group positions to trading days Interactive Charts of past trades Statistics: Trade winning accuracy Avg. trade P/L Avg. daily P/L Avg. trades per day Avg. winner profit Avg. loser loss Highest win Highest loss Avg. scale ins / outs per trade Strategies / Tags for trades Planned features: Risk/Reward analysis Sharing trades Stock information (float, caps etc) Improved statistics & analysis Goal & Rules tracking Sample Sets Support other platforms Support swing trades Delete positions / Hide positions from statistics Break-Even Range (George H.) Updates 2019-10-06 Interactive Charts 2019-09-16: - Journaling - Switch accounts - Global search 2019-09-02: Hotfix: Fix calculation of win accuracy 2019-08-31: Initial release Chartlog 2019-07-23: Added detail view of trades. 2019-07-19: Trade Analyzer initial release Screenshots
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    It's been a while since I last posted. With Christmas and New years, I tried trading but it was a busy time. I did trade but as soon as I was done, I had to head out and wasn't able to journal. Had ups and downs, mostly downs. The downs have pretty much repeated today. Took a couple trades today. MU, TSLA, APPL MU Took it long at the 2 min ORB. Real bad entry. (figured the spread isn't too bad, wrong thinking) I didn't even wait for it to go back to the VWAP. Then I took it long again, thinking a pull back to the 9 MA on the 1 min chart. Looking at it now, both entries were crap and too stretched. I have learned the 9 MA on the 1 min is not a reliable resistance. The 20 is much better. But I was so close to VWAP and should get closer to that for my entry...Patience is key, this also seems to be my biggest problem. TSLA I was a lot more patient with TSLA - knowing how fast it can move. On the 2 min ORB, I waited till it hit the VWAP and took it long. I am debating if I should be stopping out sooner and not wait for the BE. But when I do pull out sooner, it bites me in the ass and it ends up going higher... I took it long again after the 5 min ORB. I didn't like my entry as I was too stretched from VWAP. Made some profit but did not wait for the BE. I then noticed (on 1 min chart) that the stock hit its low of the day and bounced off. It's usually a good sign that it will now reverse. On the 5 min chart I noticed the 100 MA and thought it was a great resistance. I used that as my stop loss, as the low of the day was too stretched. Unfortunately, It just went below the MA, 2 minutes before it decided to go up. And that has been an issue of mine, I get stopped out before the move happens. Happened pretty often in the last 2 weeks. I guess I should take a smaller share size. But man, is it ever frustrating, knowing you read all the signs properly, but it just wants to screw you over, just before it does what it's supposed to do. TSLA ended up going way past the VWAP..... AAPL Bad entry. Looked at the 1 min chart, thought it was a pull back. But it was too stretched from all the MA from both the 1 and 2 min chart. When would I use which MA for a resistance. Sometimes the 9 and 20 MA on the 2 and 1 min chart respectively are good or the VWAP. In this case the VWAP was the right resistance level. Anyways, I was stopped out and then immediately went long as I thought the 20 MA was a great resistance. After about 4 min, the stock just went sideways and I pulled out as my stop loss was at the BE and didn't want to go red. Not a good start to the year. Will learn from these mistakes and move forward - Patience and FOMO are a big issue. Thanks
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    Welcome to the club! Very cool areas of focus you have there! If you have any questions just message me, Ive been around the block a few times, then down that alley you dont want to go lol then back again
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    Exactly Jason, I agree that a trader never should keep repeating mistakes. It's ridiculous how many times it took me to learn to accept a loss and stop out. But once I kept seeing that is the ONLY way to trade, you just do it and never look back. You can be wrong half the time with your trades, but those times you are correct, usually your R/R will be greater than 1:1 so statistically you WILL make money. Can you live off that is another story, currently I treat it as supplemental income. Also your time in the chair will increase your call outs and setup accuracy where you can only get better and reading the market. Imagine an accuracy of 2/3 trades correct with R:Rs greater than 1...
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    Hi everyone, Want to share my thoughts on creating a trading system. We all have goals. I think it is great. The problem is that we focus on goals without having a clear plan how to get to them. Goals are just directions. I think it is very important to focus on creating a trading system with clear steps and directions. Focus on improving that system and improving your identity as a trader. I would love to share my system, and I hope it will be helpful for some of you. Let me say a few words about myself. I started to trade a few years ago. Like many of us joined Sykes and traded penny stocks. Then I tried five more big and famous chat rooms. I was on a rollercoaster. One of my friends mentioned to check Andrew's room back in January. After watching a few videos I decided to join them. Got a life membership, and now I am here making money, but whats most important I am growing with this community. So let go back to my system... Here is a step by step what I do on a daily basis. 1. Business plan - with out a plan you just a swimmer in the ocean. It's scary and crazy. Be a captain of your own ship. But you gotta build that ship first! 2. Preparation checklist - no matter if you are a scalper or a swing trader, you can not trade a stock without knowing a float, RVOL, reading a catalyst, knowing ATR and more. 3. Having a playbook - have your setups with data collected on them. I am constantly adding charts of stocks in play to my playbook journal. Track your setups. 4. Risk management - is a KING or QUEEN not sure, always trade based of a risk. 5. Trade management - in order to know how to scale in and scale out you need to collect data. Are you good at one and done, or getting out by 10%. 4. Daily report card - track your performance. Trading is a performance job. You gotta know your mistakes, weakness and strengths. 5. Journaling - #1 thing for improvement and tracking all data. Reflect and review. Repeat day in and day out. So on every topic you have to create a detailed system, and put everything together in a way that it will be easy for your brain to navigate. You brain does not like complicated things and always trying to find an easy way. Make it easy and fun. Create good habits since the day one. Building yourself as a trader will help you to improve your personal life and the other way around. I suggest to read "Atomic Habits" by James Clear on this topic. This is a long journey, and I suggest you to take it seriously. Be a professional. Ask your self a question, "What would a professional trader do?" There is only one way to success, compound of a hard and smart work. Thanks!
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    Ville, my trades appear on CMEG portal around 2-2:30 am Eastern time.
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    My Wife has been telling me that I have the head for Day Trading for Many years. In the past we have worked hard on a small business in Key West and since have always had Jobs along with some kind of retail business weather it was the Art store in KW, a Donut business, an online retail business that we still operate and recently an Amazon PL business. This last adventure cost us a few bucks but fortunately I was able to get ride of most of the product and not fall too far in the red. I have recouped enough for a small Day Trading Account. I talked to a few people at work about this and they all had the same thing to say "Its tough and no one makes money doing it" after talking with them a bit more I realized that they were willing to put the money in but not put the time in to educate themselves and of course they lost money. Most of them are still holding on to Bitcoin for the long haul. I decided to start reading some books on this and I started with Stock Trading for Dummies and realized that was not the right book for me. I then found Andrews first book and was hooked. I should have listened to my Wife a long time ago. It just so happens that I work nights Sunday - Wednesday as a Poker Manager from about 3:30pm to 3:30am (home to home) eastern time, so I am able to get a few hours sleep before I wake at 7:30am to get ready for my Classes I joined BBT as a Lifetime Member on the 4th of July. I was almost done with Andrews first book. I woke up in the AM to watch the premarket show and at the time I would follow along on Think or Swim. I did this till the 15th of July. From the first day of practice I did keep a journal on paper until now (I think I will still write it as I feel like doing it twice cant hurt help me remember). I showered last night right before bed. I woke today nice and fresh, brushed my teeth, made myself an espresso and ate a protein bar. I had plenty time to do some of my own research before Carlos came on at 8:30. The last 2 days I have been very happy with my premarket analysis as most of what I have is either on Carlos watch list or is a low float (which I can not seem to get the info from the Das Sim platform). 9:34 +MGM at 30.99 (should have been 30.90 but I was slow on the hot key) I partialed out at 31.13, 31.25 and 31.34 and got all out at 31.60. My stop was previous candle 30.89 and Target 31.61 from the daily charts Realized +25.63 I took this Slower moving stock in play as I felt more comfortable with it. 10:02 +INTC 52.62 P - 52.69 and out at 52.56 (again I was slow on the trigger on both) My stop was prev. candle 52.55 and Target 53.00 on 5min VWAP Realized +.50 My total day +26.13 This is at 100 shares of each. If starting with $5000 my 1% rule would have been 500 shares of each for a realized profit of +130.65 The last two days after I have decide I was done for the day I went back to just play around and try to learn more midday strategies I took -TWTR misread what I thought was a drop and lost out along with a reentry +TWTR and this time it fell, LOL my mini Hulk.... I know myself and If I was in for real money I would have never even come back to the market for the day. but I will add this ticker also so maybe I can figure out what I misread.
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    I usually look on the 1 or 2 minute chart for the touches. Once you start looking for them you will be surprised at how easily they jump out at you.
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    Mike thanks so much for the heads up. Automating this would really help me out with controlling my position sizing allowing me to better calculate my expected risk and expected P/L. Excited to try this out, think this will make my life a lot easier!
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    Date: 01/17/20 Moderator Name: Peter Stock: PINS Levels: Previous Day Close: 23 Stock: GPS Levels: Previous Day Close: 18.53 Stock: MU Levels: Previous Day Close: 57.66 Stock: LK Levels: Previous Day Close: 50.02 Stock: TLRD Levels: Previous Day Close: 4.47 Stock: AAPL Levels: Previous Day Close: 318.73 Stock: TSLA Levels: Previous Day Close: 510.50 Stock: AMD Levels: Previous Day Close: 50.93 Stock: NVDA Levels: Previous Day Close: 249.28 Moderator Name: Brian Stock: FAST Levels: Previous Day Close: 36.80 Stock: IMBI Levels: Previous Day Close: 4.48
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    Friday 01/17/2020 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. I took 1 live trade this morning both with MU. My watchlist: SNAP, PINS, LK, AMD, TSLA and MU. Stuck with two stocks, on my watchlist, with no shares to short. I see Carlos had shares to short for PINS on CME. But I don’t on Centerpointe. Nothing really exciting on the watchlist so I chose MU by default on my main screen. MU gapped up in PM, but I had no bias. The big print hit only a few seconds after the open (~700k). 25 seconds after the open 3 signals occurred. We had a bearish 1min candle which just broke the 200MA-1min and a moderately sized bearish L2 signal. So I went short. PDC was my target and with $58 as my stop. Since my stop was tight I went half shares. My screen when I entered the trade (note the L2 signal): I was able to get 3 partials in before the price retraced, then due to a bullish L2 signal I exited the trade early. Though I would have gotten more of a drop if I used B/E as my stop I am proud of myself that I exited on the L2 signal which I have been trying to train myself to do. My exit signal: The total trade: What did I do good today? Exited a trade on a L2 signal. What I am grateful from today? Having MU on my main screen. What I should improve on: Was a bit distracted with my swing trades to take another trade though none of them actually needed my attention at the open.
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    1-15-20 AIS 0800, 4 hours, 6/10, Feeling a little tired.... I need to be very careful ..... PAT: Spread .... Trade Size.... Notes: Do not stop out before planned stop unless the Tape tells me so..... PCG PB#2..... Took this on a pullback to VWAP on previous 1min candle but could not close below ended up stopped out with strong momentum to the short side ... I flipped my position .... covered some to reduce risk and then covered more..... I added to the short again with momentum from the tape and came back again to my stop..... done for the morning..... -1R CRON PB#3...... Pull back to the 9ema on the 2min with an ABCD pattern .... no new low on 5 or 15min .... Took 50% off at 2R and looking for a place to add as long as the Tape allows me.... then 25% more at 3.5R..... All out at BE ... tried two more time to get taken out both times at mt stop.... -1R TGT Overt-trading and done for the day....... no real playbook trade here ..... Took this as I was listening to Brian and as he was talking about it getting to VWAP I was thinking the same thing so I entered without any thought.... I let the Chat stress me out once again.... -1R Cons: Maybe should have just went back to sleep for a bit and came back in the afternoon .... listening to Chat...... Pros: Getting out of here before I start Revenge Playbook Trade: none.... Notes: I need to consider trading in the first 5min if I have a solid plan and it follows my plan to the T ..... Rs: -3R
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    I like that when you recognized a setup that was not as good as you thought, you reduced your risk. I use this also when I feel price action is not as good as I thought it would be. And very nice on SIX ....
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    While watching the film recording after that, I realized I was away from my system when this opportunity came. I was picking up my daughter from school. Felt a lot better, because this was shouting Add.
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    Hi Mike, We wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and trading approach. My brother and I have learnt a lot from your journals. We are using OneNote for journaling and are planning to do a monthly report similar to what you have shared. This is a great example and will definitely help us to understand the nature of probability. We have not gone live yet. As of now, we are practicing three strategies on SIM - 5 MIN ORB, 15 MIN ORB and VWAP reversals. Still loads to learn and planning to go live starting next month. Thanks again for sharing your trades , journals and experience. Brothers
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    Swing trade journal 1/08/2020 I took me on a roller coaster this morning. It opened -1R below my stop. So at the open I am down -2R for the day. I guess I am not ready for the <$10 stocks. The price really dropped then and hit bottom and made a nice double bottom where I went long again (at the break of 50MA-1min) with a tight stop. The price rebounded quickly and I took partials on the way up. Though this was supposed to be a swing trade, when it topped out and broke down through the 20MA I exited. I really didn’t want to hold this stock overnight anymore. Sorry I use Etrade for swing trading so I don’t have the DAS triangles to show entrance/exit. Long CRWD at 52.10. First partial at 53.47. Second partial at 55.47. Stop moved to 53. Long LULU at 233.89. First partial today at 237.80. Stop moved to B/E. Long DKS at 47.74. First partial today at 48.74. Stop moved to B/E. Long I at 7.38. and 7.44. Stopped out at the open for a -2R loss. Back long again (this morning) at 6.84. First partial at 6.99. Second partial at 7.06. Third partial at 7.11. Forth partial at 7.18. All out at 7.15.
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    Wednesday 01/08/2020 I had a well-being score of 7/10 this morning. I took 1 live trade this morning with M. My watchlist: M, TSLA, WBA, BA, MSFT and AMD. I wanted my entire watchlist to have shorts shares available. M gapped up in PM but entered the open on a downward trend. But opened strong and engulfed the last PM 5min candle in the first minute. There was a strong PM level at 18.25. So I went long when it broke the level. May target was 19 and 200MA-1min was my stop. M was actually a stressful trade. There really was no clear movement. When looking at the 1min chart now there looks like there was nice flow, but it felt like I could be stopped out at any time. I took a partial profit at VWAP twice. Both times because I was losing faith that it would break VWAP. It finally did and I got another partial, but it didn’t hold and the price broke back down through VWAP. I exited when it was obvious it was a false VWAP break. Then it actually looked like a good short, but my nerves were spent and thus done for the morning. What did I do good today? Traded from candle stick and levels today instead of the tape. What I am grateful from today? Knew myself well enough not to take another trade. What I should improve on: Reduce stress during trading. I have really improved on this over the past year, but I still have a way to go.
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    Monday 01/06/2020 I had a well-being score of 7/10 this morning. I took 2 live trades this morning with CRWD and AMD. My watchlist: CRWD, TSLA, NIO, NVDA and AMD. I didn’t really like my PM watchlist. I didn’t have shares to short on the stocks on the gappers list. AAPL and BABA are on my no trade list so I can learn to trade other stocks. I had a strong long bias on CRWD and was on my swing trade watchlist. The stock gapped up in PM but was dropping as it headed into the open (which I liked). Then headed lower after the open. The big print was instant (200K) and there was also a mildly bullish L2. But I waited for the next big print. The price dropped and bounced and we got some bullish prints and I went long when it broke above the 200MA-1min. This was unusual for me since we are still below VWAP. My target was the 52.87 daily level and my stop was the bottom of the 1min candle. The instant after I went long L2 became bearish and I waited and about a minute later L2 became nuetral but the price had trouble breaking VWAP. On the 8th rejection (not exaggerating) of VWAP I took a partial to reduce risk. A minute later it hit my stop where I exited the trade. Then the price immediately reversed and didn’t look back and thus I missed the 8% run. I did hear Brian taking AMD at the open though I always get burned when I do that so I haven’t tried a 1min on AMD for awhile. But I saw the price holding onto the 48.24 daily level as support. So I went long with the 200MA-5min as my target and a really tight stop of the 48.24 level. The price did move higher where I took a quick partial and set my auto stop on B/E where I got stopped out very quickly. There was some slide so this trade was actually a slight loss. What did I do good today? I liked I took some shares off to reduce my risk on CRWD so I didn’t take a full R loss. I like my tight stop on AMD. What I am grateful from today? A few minutes after I was finished my day trading I took CRWD long on a swing trade and I did catch the big move. What I should improve on: I let my bias caused me to take the CRWD trade too early. Also, I still need to keep making my stops looser. I may be unable to trade tomorrow, so good luck to everyone. See you Wednesday.
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    Swing Trade Journal watch-list for week of 1/06/20 An interesting week. I got stopped out (by a small margin) on BIDU, CRWD, BE and UBER then all of them rebounded and BIDU and UBER made a big run after my stop out. So I was already feeling a bit salty about it then on my vacation (Thursday) where I purposely turned my text alerts into email alerts so I cannot focus on the markets, GE finally hit my trigger price which I did not see. By the end of the day the price actually reached my final target. I was feeling pretty distracted after seeing that and I was worried about disrupting my family’s vacation. But, luckily while I was visiting Knotts Berry Farm I saw this T-Shirt. I never buy T-shirts when visiting amusement parks, but bought this one on the spot. So this emotion is considered so childish they made a peanuts T-shirt out of it. Wow that really put things I perspective, Thanks CB!!! My watchlist. First the tensions with Iran may escalate making all longs on the watchlist moot. So first I look at defense stocks and companies that their revenue will be unlikely affected by the tensions. The defense stocks popped. The only one that looks like I may not be chasing it is HON. There was a pop but the volume has not arrived yet. It was also interesting the previous week was really holding onto the lower Fibonacci line. This makes PDC a strong tech level with the middle Fibonacci line and 3 daily levels all merging. If it holds PDC and moves higher I may go long. But if it does it will be difficult not to chase it. Thus it will be difficult to find an entry but will keep an eye on it. I like I but I am wondering if I missed the boat already. Also another stock I may be unsure of an entry point. A new high looks extended, so it needs to at least hold PDC. I may go long on Monday if DKS is positive. NKE has recovered but DKS took a hit on Thursday. The weekly looks good (with a bull flag wedge) and the daily looks good if it recovers on Monday. CRWD looks like its breaking out and made a double bottom. May go long (again) if it holds PDC. UBER looks good again but unsure if I could take this trade. I was stopped out on Tuesday, so I would enter this trade with a much worse entrance price. Also the trigger would have been $31 which I missed on Friday so I may be chasing it. But it is worth looking at it. LULU looks interesting. May go long when it breaks 235.50. Or a starter position if it holds above 233 since since that will create a MACD crossing.
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    Hello all, My name is Ben, I'm from Canada in the area of Calgary AB. (my account name for many things is Thomas, began as a kid and a habit ever since. Call me either lol.) My chosen path has always been that of emergency services. In highschool I began as a volunteer Firefighter and progressed by furthering schooling and eventually scoring a Fulltime gig. I quickly turned this into applying to be in a Police force, and have settled there ever since. I found day trading as I took a paid leave of absence for our baby girl (second one). I had 5 months off, and let me tell you, I FOUND day trading. I stumbled right into it, and did it. All of it. Naturally I'm doer, and being a doer, I jumped in. Everything I have ever done it's been sink or swim, and going in full blast. I believe it has served me well in most every facet except this one. Sadly on my 5 months of leave, I learned MANY lessons. I overtraded and watched the market for sometimes 16 hours a day.... but I lost a large chunk of money. Despite that, the whole thing felt a bit natural. The work mimicked the work I do. Fast judgments in stressful situations, exciting returns, I was at home. Sadly I blew my account up badly. I don't regret it, as I believe I learned invaluable lessons about the market that only big losses can teach... I began trading with an awful broker, and didn't know the difference. By the time I figured that out, it was too late. I began living and breathing information but I wasn't in the right headspace to be successful, so I bombed with what little I had left. I took a break, and am now hoping to return. (That break consisted of mass research and absorbing any and everything I could.) I found Andrew's book and read it's entirety in the last couple of days. I had been part of a couple communities, and I believe I am at that cusp of 'getting it' or past the point of just 'survival'. In fact I can FEEL it, and I hope that doesn't sound crazy... whether or not it does, I signed up immediately. I'm so excited to be here, and as I read that book I felt like it was no other literature or course I've read yet. Concise, to the point, and unbelievably relatable. I am READY to start this journey. My career path I believe is not for me anymore. I've spent a lot of time helping, and not helping myself. I want this pursuit for my family and to live a life I can enjoy with them, I don't want to live a life bagged with stranger's problems. That may have been long winded, but I haven't found a passion like this I first had passion for my other jobs. Sadly those paths are harsh, unrewarding, and lonely. I could do it for the rest of my life, but to look back and not have lived is not what I want anymore. I want more, and I've come here to find it. For me this feels like a fight for my life, and for that reason I am ready to fight for it by giving it the seriousness and attentiveness it requires. Once again, lots of wind in the sails there... I'm just very motivated and excited. Thanks for listening if you did, and I hope to make some real connections here with trading, and people.
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    1-2-20 AIS 0805, 3.5 hours, 6/10 PAT: Setup Grade... How I feel... Notes: Trade the trade not P&L...... Walk away if I am feeling antsy..... AMD 3 trades PB#1.1 pre 5min .... Took this on pure momentum... L2 exploded with large ASKs in a ladder for a quick scalp... took a 25% partial when it the ASKs ran out of steam and moved stop to BE.... PB#3 ... looking for a trend of the 9ema .... made a nice ABCD and a bounce off the 9ema on the 1min with a pull back on the 10min ORB and L2 started to stack but it was a little bit away.. my stop was the 50ma and ultimate goal for all of these plays is 48.00 (this had a price target boost from 40.00 to 58.00).... stopped early with L2 BIDs taking over and Ticker falling rapidly ..... unfortunately the BIDs were short lived and it made the move I thought is was making... I may have been able to hold it through my stop with T&S info but I will never know..... This trade was bad Trade Management ...... PB#3 ..... another ABCD trending above the 9ema on both the 1 and 2min.... I missed a partial at .88 as I was feeling greedy (ticker was telling me to take a partial here)..... took most off when it came back to my BE to reduce risk.... it never reached my stop and ran without me watching it... added in on FOMO and took it back off and regretted it so I reentered, YOWZA this is bad management but I am still recovering from my HULK day.... this went where I thought it would and it followed what I had planned from the beginning... this was just bad Management.... First two trades was a wash and the second was a small profit.... MU PB#1... 5min ORB with ABCD on 1min and bounce off the 20ema for confirmation..... took a 25% and a 10% partial looking for a much bigger move but stopped at BE.... Cons: Took my eyes off of AMD and missed the big move.... but should have managed my 2nd trade better.... Pros: Did call AMD right from the beginning... Playbook Trade: None Notes: Terrible trade management.... need to get my head out of my A$% ....... Rs: +2
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    Interesting stuff....thanks for sharing. Not a coincidence that practices that help reduce cortisol are also recommended practices for good trading. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/322335.php P.S. Now I have an excuse to eat even more dark chocolate!
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    12-30-19 AIS 0810, 4.5 hours. 4/10 Feeling a bit jittery ..... PAT: No FOMO, Spread, A or better Notes: Work on monitoring the price action when in the trade for a partial and exits, pay attention to the larger time frames.... Add Risk to the perfect A+ setups..... Yowza..... I went stupid for the day...... I did not stick to any rules... Went complete revenge..... lost a ton.... this was defiantly a hulk day... Chart is just a complete christmas tree ..... I thought I was down a bunch and when I finally decided to check my P&L I lost more than double than what I thought..... I can not even believe I did this..... after the first two trades I am supposed to walk away.... Traded a low priced stock that is not in my range.... well this is one way to loose everything for the month and more..... Cons:everything Pros: none Playbook Trade:none Notes:none Rs: -20R let me get the hell out of here before I do something stupid....
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    Thanks! And I thought your RAD trade on Friday was dead-on perfect.
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    Hmm well if you shorted 85 shares, with a stop of 7 cents away, that's $5.95 risk, not $20. You may have the script set to $20 but as Peter pointed out you may be limited to your buying power...And to risk $20 with a 7 cent stop you would have needed to short ~285 shares of AMD (at that share price). Hopefully this helps!
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    12-27-19 AIS 0815, 7 hours, 6/10 PAT: FOMO... Spread... Notes: take full size on A+ trades.... remember to stick with my main stocks.... RAD Reason2Trade ..... on Gap scanners ..... at time of trade RVOL was at 1.5 already.... had a plan in place.... PB#2... in the PM I had support levels at 21.35 and 21.85 as a pivot which turned into my support right before the open... it bounced off .85 when I went long for full size.... I took partials at my key levels based on Rs and all out at BE... I think I should have taken another partial at 0935 at around 23.50 as price action was changing but I was being greedy and hoping for another run on the day.... +3.5R Cons: None today Pros: Had a PM Plan and stuck with it.... Playbook Trade: RAD Notes: happy with the trade but need to learn not to be greedy.... Rs: +3.5
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    December 24, 2019 - The fun but frustrating experience of moving and setting up my primary office for continues. Thought I had the internet and KVM switch fixed, but again this morning ended up having issues with getting the charts not to lag. See the image below. When your last price line market does not match your level two data, and you have a hard line connection straight from the router to your computer, it is time to call the internet service provider and ask how is it that I get better connectivity using a MIFI puck then I get from a hard line. Got great service as they showed up a couple hours later, tested my lines, replaced all the connections, and gave me a new modem. We will see how it goes on Thursday. Hopefully, it fixed it. Most likely not going to be trading for the next couple of weeks as things are going to get really crazy with my retirement and moving offices.
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    12-24-19 AIS 0800, 4 hours, 6/10 PAT: Spread.... Bias.... Trade Management Notes: My Challenges are as important as my Rules RAD Basically No trades.... +.2R paid commissions.... lol Cons: Pros: Playbook Trade: Merry Christmas Notes: Rs: +.2R
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    West Coast is the Best Coast! GO PNW!
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    It's the commas. Looks like you're in Italy? In the troubleshooting section of the spreadsheet it mentions European users will need to change the decimal separator from "," to "." Incorrect - 0,01 Correct - 0.01
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    Have you had consistent success with this same setup?
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    Hi all, So I was going through some old messages that I've received over the years, and I stumbled upon a question (and my subsequent answer to) from a fellow trader who asked If I wouldn't mind sharing the strategies I used while growing my CMEG account -- twice -- from from a couple thousand, to over $20k each time. I'm going to paste my response below, because: 1) I think it may inspire someone on the fence relative to trading by providing an over-the-shoulder look into my days, 2) encourage those of you out there who may be doubting yourselves (because if a guy like me can do it -- ANYONE CAN) , and 3) highlight the notion that trading is NOT rocket-science, and largely dependent on our own personality/psychology. I've said it 1,000 times, and I'll say it once more: Trading is 90%+ psychology. I could teach my 7-year old daughter how to trade, but I'll never be able to control her mind....That portion of her being, as it is with all of us -- is an inherent battle within ourselves that very few external influences could effectively sway. As always, questions/comments are more than welcomed.... -- ---- --- --- -- --- ---- --- --- -- ---- --- --- Hi xxxxxxxxxxx, To be honest, I didn't trade much differently than my "normal" way of going about things. During the first run, I had to take somewhat smaller positions, and I did find myself trading more of the low-float variety, but once the account was around $3-4k, trading normal is all I did. My "normal" position size varies, depending on a few things, but my ideal trade is a mid-cap stock (priced in the $15-40 range), with medium to high float, and a tight spread. I like to start with 200-400 shares, then scale in to about 2-3x my initial take as my comfort level with the trade increases; if I don't gain comfort with the trade, I'll stick with the initial entry, or stop out. Anyways..., as the account grew, I would occasionally take more chances, but for the most part -- I just kept things "normal," as mentioned... The strategies I use are both simple, yet complex. Andrew would probably laugh at my saying "simple" (he calls me a very complicated trader, lol), but that's only cuz I'm looking at so many things at once (I call it the "big picture"). The first thing I always do is get a feel for the overall markets: I listen/watch CNBC, search for headlines, and check the major indices... I start trading the premarket around 8:45 am...with very small position sizes... I call this my "warm-up" for the day; kinda' like a football player warms up during his pregame... During this time, and as I'm filtering through my scans, I ALWAYS check the day charts of the stocks I'm interested in. I ask myself, "what is this supposed to do today; which way will it end based on a swing traders perspective?" By about 9:00 am I usually know what I'll be trading on the day, AND I have a very good idea of which way I want to trade the stocks on my list (but things can, and do change). At 9:30 am I'm usually hyper-focused on 1-2 stocks. I'm waiting for confirmation that my pre-market analysis is panning out. Usually it takes a few minutes, but there's always a huge chunk of volume that'll come in and move the stock one direction, or the other... At this time (about 4 minutes in), I've usually already begun to scale in, and will add to my position on obvious pull backs. If we get a clear cut 5-minute candle (white, or red), I'll usually play that direction till about 9:45 am (scalping profits, and reentering on pull backs). Again, though, things can change...so I'm always ready to stop out... At about the end of the first 15 minutes (this time is often ruled by "flag" type patterns; which are easy to see on the 1-min chart), I'll watch the 5 minute chart for reversal dojis; I guess I should clarify that I'm primarily using the 1-min chart for entries/exits during the 1st 15 minutes. By this time (~9:45am) my attention is now spread over about 3-6 stocks, and anything that's hitting my momentum scanners. Again, I'm looking for reversal dojis on the 5-min chart (or anything else that would indicate a reversal), and using the 1-min chart to enter, scale in, exit, etc... After this reversal is over, I'll often take another reversal around 10am ish, set a hard stop, then walk away... I HATE trading after 10:00/10:30 am, so my goal is to set it, and forget it from here on... Often times I'll fall victim to more trades, though....but again-- my goal is to be done after I've closed out the trades I took at 9:45. After a short break, I'll come back to the computers, and see if there's anything else worth taking a "set it/ forget it" type trade..., and then I'll handle other business (I used to have a YouTube channel, but now that I've deleted it, I have lots of free time! Lol ***edit -- I actually brought the YouTube Channel back last week; just search my name, Daniel Thomas, and add Day Trader at the end and I'll pop up)*** EVERYTHING I do is rooted in the ideals of support/resistance. Whether it's a pattern, a candle formation, a previous area of consolidation, walls/stacks in level 2, a moving average, VWAP, etc... IT'S ALL THE SAME. We're either going to fight the support/resistance, then violently push through, Or we're going to bounce (off the supportive/resistive area). So I look at all of it....and I'm looking it all somewhat simultaneously. There is ALWAYS a very obvious sign when we approach support/resistance, so having an open mind (to incorporating every thing I'm capable of seeing) helps me take high probability trades. I think this is why Andrew calls me "complicated," because when most traders are looking for a finite "system" for taking trades, I handle it more in a more multi-dimensional way. Anyways... I think people can trade ANY "style" with a small account. Of course it's harder due to the capital limitations, but it's possible to trade whatever style you're comfortable with. With a $1,000 account, and receiving 4:1 leverage, you can take roughly (depending on maintenance requirements and leverage restrictions): 800 shares of a $5 stock, 400 shares of a $10 stock, 200 shares of a $20 stock, etc... The key is to trade within your comfort zone, and ignore everybody/everything else. If you like flags, play low floaters... If you like obvious reversals, play mid-to-large caps. 100 shares of a $40 stock that moves $2 is $200 gain/loss. And 1,000 shares of a $4 stock that moves .20 cents is the same (+/- $200). Pick what fits your personality, and run with it... Also... keep in mind that with a small account, it's almost necessary to take on more risk than you normally would. At some point there is a cost to doing business (commissions, platform fees, etc.), so making 2% on a $1,000 account isn't going to pay the bills. My point is, even though you're in a smaller account, your risk is still present. I look at "small" accounts as an "opportunity" to trade somewhat normally, with a significantly tilted risk to capital. In other words... All I need is a few good days to even out my risk on capital, but I know/understand that a bad trade on day 1 (or 2...or 3...etc..) has the potential to blow up the account. I think the $4k mark, give or take, enables me to trade nearly identical to the way I trade in a $50k account. The problem many traders run into (I know I did) is taking on larger risk as the account grows larger (primarily by taking on larger sizes). If you can moderate what you do as your account grows, and you trade anything like I do -- when you get to $4k you're off and flying... Moral of the story... Pick a style that fits YOUR personality. For me, its mid-cappers with tight spreads and respectful float metrics. I can trade the low-floater pennies too...which I do on occasion, but they're not necessary; even if you have a "small" account. Avoid over-trading, avoid jumping the gun (FOMO), and take what the market gives you. If you don't see a trade -- don't trade. The markets aren't going anywhere; there is always another trade waiting on the horizon... And I'll end with this... I have talked to a lot of people that have found success in waiting for the first 10-15 minutes to pan out before taking a trade. There's a "sweet-spot" around this time every morning where the range to come is still profitable, and yet the volatility has simmered down. And I say "sweet spot," because-- again-- I think trading after 10/10:30 leads to more problems than it's worth (namely over trading with minimal reward potential). Day traders DO NOT trade for 40 hours per week like a "normal" person works their job(s). We prepare, study, etc for 40 hours (or more) per week, but our actual trading is MOST EFFICIENT for just that first hour, or so, of the day. My biggest struggle when going full time was appreciating this reality; that the money is made from 9:30-10:30, and sticking around much longer is most often a bad idea (unless you're just watching, but NOT actively trading). This is why I'll still take a trade after 10, but i WILL NOT (I try not to) sit around and watch it... I'll put a hard stop in, then come back around 1:30/2pm to see how it panned out.. In any case... I know I probably didn't answer your question like you hoped for, but I'm not into selling pipe dreams and false "strategies." The BEST thing any would be trader can do is get in repetitions....preferably in simulator...then trade the markets based on THEIR unique personality. I swing a golf club differently than you, I shoot a basketball differently, and I even sing karaoke differently (okay, I never really sing karaoke)... We can learn from each other, of course....implement things we see others do into our personal game plans...., BUT no matter how closely you study my golf swing, free throw, or vocals -- yours will ALWAYS differ... Trading the markets is very much the same... Keep me posted as the account grows... STAY GREEN, Daniel
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    Here is the latest beta version, This is for IB users: http://www.dastrader.com/download/fixes/DASInstallIBCO. This is for CMEG users: http://www.dastrader.com/download/fixes/ETFA. This version includes the new Moving Average Pair (crossover) indicator as well as a Moving Average Slope indicator. For information on how to enable these features, watch this video:
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    The platform is pretty much identical. The only difference I know of is the 'Risk Control' feature when you right click your account in the acct window. CMEG doesn't seem to have that so you better watch your max loss per day. Since I use them I just keep my max risk per trade so low I usually run out of trade setups before max loss anyway...if I was red on each trade. I emailed them about it a while back. Also I don't think the global trend line update that Lee W. was working made it to the release of DAS that CMEG uses. Perhaps in the next update once it's finalized with DAS.
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    I was browsing Farnam Street when this article caught my attention: What You Can Learn from Fighter Pilots About Making Fast and Accurate Decisions about the OODA loop, a practical concept designed to be the foundation of rational thinking in confusing or chaotic situations, developed by strategist and U.S. Air Force Colonel John Boyd for fighter pilots. OODA stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Boyd intended the four steps to be repeated again and again until a conflict finishes: 1: Observe The first step in the OODA Loop is to observe. At this stage, the main focus is to build a comprehensive picture of the situation with as much accuracy as possible. A fighter pilot needs to consider: What is immediately affecting me? What is affecting my opponent? What could affect us later on? Can I make any predictions, and how accurate were my prior ones? A pilot’s environment changes rapidly, so these observations need to be broad and fluid. And information alone is not enough. The observation stage requires awareness of the overarching meaning of the information. It also necessitates separating the information which is relevant for a particular decision from that which is not. You have to add context to the variables. The observation stage is vital in decision-making processes. 2: Orient Orientation, the second stage of the OODA loop, is frequently misunderstood or skipped because it is less intuitive than the other stages. Boyd referred to it as the schwerpunkt, a German term which loosely translates to “the main emphasis.” In this context, to orient is to recognize the barriers that might interfere with the other parts of the process. Without an awareness of these barriers, the subsequent decision cannot be a fully rational one. Orienting is all about connecting with reality, not with a false version of events filtered through the lens of cognitive biases and shortcuts. Including this step, rather than jumping straight to making a decision, gives us an edge over the competition. Even if we are at a disadvantage to begin with, having fewer resources or less information, Boyd maintained that the Orient step ensures that we can outsmart an opponent. 3. Decide Having gathered information and oriented ourselves, we have to make an informed decision. The previous two steps should have generated a plethora of ideas, so this is the point where we choose the most relevant option. Boyd cautioned against first-conclusion bias, explaining that we cannot keep making the same decision again and again. This part of the loop needs to be flexible and open to Bayesian updating. In some of his notes, Boyd described this step as the hypothesis stage. The implication is that we should test the decisions we make at this point in the loop, spotting their flaws and including any issues in future observation stages. 4. Act While technically a decision-making process, the OODA loop is all about action. The ability to act upon rational decisions is a serious advantage. The other steps are mere precursors. A decision made, now is the time to act upon it. Also known as the test stage, this is when we experiment to see how good our decision was. Did we observe the right information? Did we use the best possible mental models? Did we get swayed by biases and other barriers? Can we disprove the prior hypothesis? Whatever the outcome, we then cycle back to the first part of the loop and begin observing again. Boyd developed this strategy for fighter pilots. However, like all good mental models, it can be extended into other fields. So I googled OODA and Day Trading and our good buddy Brett N. Steenbarger, author of The Daily Trading Coach, came up. Right in his website there is this 11 page article "Trading as Mental Warfare" (a new window will open to download a .doc file). In this article, Steenbarger explains how trading, like the battlefield, offers an environment typified by risk, danger, and uncertainty, rewarding the efficiency of mental processing. The successful trader is one who can rapidly observe market conditions, orient himself, integrate information into effective decisions, and quickly act upon those decisions. So, lets watch Top Gun again!
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    Current setup is a 40" 4k screen w/ 1920x1200 24" side monitor. Hockey pucks for stands (I have so many, I use them for everything). It's my engineering setup turned daytrader setup. Also, a picture of desk cat.
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    Actually, I think it is better to run it in two different hotkeys: For Long positions you can use: 1) ROUTE=SMRTL;Share=BP*0.25;TIF=DAY+;Price=ASK+0.10;BUY=Send 2) ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Market;StopPrice=AvgCost-0.30;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send; In 1) you buy 25% of your buying power at market limit of 10 cents. In 2) you put a stop loss of your position at AvgCost-30 cent For Short positions you can use: 1) ROUTE=SMRTL;Share=BP*0.25;TIF=DAY+;Price=Bid-0.10;SELL=Send 2) ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Market;StopPrice=AvgCost+0.30;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send; In 1) you sell short 25% of your buying power at market limit minus 10 cents. In 2) you put a stop loss of your position at AvgCost+30 cent to cover if it hits your stop loss Test in simulator and see how it works.
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    Are you clicking the little line icon in toolbar? There should be a hotkey to select the line tool faster (Page Down). I changed my hotkey to SPACEBAR so I can press it with my left hand while operating the mouse with my right.
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    Kyle - I have a question regarding this hotkey. I have been using the script for a few months now and it works perfect. The concern I have is when I let the stock go to my stop loss (risk) $20, this is the exact amount I lose. The question is when I get my 2-1, I don't get a true $20 or even $40 reward. Why is this? I have let the stock run sometimes upwards of .40 cents where my risk is say only .12. I still don't get my actual risk to reward.
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    my experience with CMEG applied for account opening 5 weeks ago with all the documents uploaded right away. sent them multiple requests to provide status update - only got responses that they are busy called them and they repeat that they are still reviewing my application, i asked when will that happen and they hang up on me right at 12:30 local time. Now i am 10 minutes on phone listening to music again. Perhaps they just went to lunch...
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