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    The last couple of weeks I was working on a software to automatically import all trades from DAS Trader, so I don't have to manually copy the trades (entry, exit, etc) everyday to my technical journaling to get an overview. I would love to share the first version with you guys. It is by no means the final product that I have in plan. In the first version my focus was to find a consistent way to import all trades, show a small performance statistic with this data and an equity graph. The project name is „Trade Analyzer“ but I'm very open for your suggestions. This software only works for daytrading. Swing trades are not supported yet. Please share your thoughts, bugs and feature requests with me! All the best, Igor Features: - Import Past Trades - Split positions of the same stock in same direction into separate trades (not like DAS positions window) - Group positions to trading days - Equity Graph - Statistics for: - Trade winning accuracy - Avg. trade P/L - Avg. daily P/L - Avg. trades per day - Avg. winner profit - Avg. looser loss - Highest win - Highest loss - Avg. scale ins / outs per trade Planned Features: - Automatic import in realtime - Save trades locally (no re-import on start) - Change trading accounts (e.g. Sim, Real) - Charting / Visualization of trades - Journaling - Cloud Function (import data from multiple computers) - Goal Tracking - Performance statistics and reports by - Time of day / Weekday - Stocks - Strategies - Compare Days / Weeks / Months Updates: v0.0.1 - 2019-07-19 - initial release Download: Trade Analyzer - v0.0.1 (2019-07-19)
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    I just started the Van Tharp Institute Peak Performance Course for traders (home study edition). I really need to improve issues with my trading (fear, self-sabotage, over-trading, etc.). I think this course could really help. To place some accountability on myself to finish the course I plan to post my reading notes and assignments online. Hopefully, the info provided will help others as well. Van Tharp Institute Peak Performance Course Vol 1: How to use Risk Preface: The three stages of growth for a trader. 1) They think they can make easy money from trading. They think the most important thing to investing/trading is picking the right stock. 2) A substantial change has to occur where the trader begins to asks, “how should I trade to make money.” Thus, they start looking for a trading system that fits them. 3) The trader realizes that trading success does not come from external control, but from internal control. Controlling risk, profit/loss>1 and position sizing all comes from internal control. Chapter 1 Commitment means congruency. It means the whole person is working together for a common purpose. No internal conflicts. When committed, trading is no longer just a hobby. The moment one definitely commits one’s self, then Providence moves too. I translate that as: when you are committed to work hard, luck will be on your side. To develop commitment first you must determine your obstacles. Second, and more difficult, you need to determine how those obstacles reflect what is going on within you. The last step is deal with them. Make peace with the obstacles by making them unimportant. Below I created my personal obstacle table: Obstacle Internal reflection Make them unimportant Fear 1) Fear of being wrong 2) Fear of missing my stop 3) Fear the loss will affect my trading and mood. 4) Fear the little success I’ve had is due to an accommodating market. Once the market changes I will fail and quit. 1) Your supposed to be wrong at least 50% of the time. If you are wrong less than 50% you are scalping too much. 2) You are working the mental muscle, it will get easier. I do have risk controls, if I miss my stop I can’t lose too much. 3) If you learn something from the trade, it was still worth while taking it. 4) Have faith in yourself that you will learn and adapt. Self sabotage 1) Every streak of good trading is ended with catastrophic failure. 2) I take way too many partials hurting my win/loss ratio. 1) You will wind down your streaks with smaller share size and SIM trading. So it will end with a whimper not a roar. 2) With more trades, more data will be available for analysis to determine proper partialing. Data is stronger than my nerves. The math will prevail. Over trading 1) If you only take one trade the whole day, but it had a poor setup, you already overtraded. 1) I am having slow progress, but I do see progress. My trades are slowly getting better. I have the time to learn. I am in no hurry. As long as I have progress there is no issue. Health 1) Not enough sleep and exercise 1) My family is slowly becoming more accommodating. It is taking time but they will come through for me. In the last 6 months my average sleep has increased from 4.8 hrs to 5.7 hours a night. Still a far cry from 8 hours but again as long as there is improvement.
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    I was getting burnt while taking the conventional ORBs at the open. It affected my pshychology when my first trade of the morning fails, even when I think the setup was perfect. For e.g, A beautiful strong 1min open candle on $TIGR below, with no wicks, I went Long and got stopped out. If my first trade fails then it becomes a catchup to overcome the losses and then achieve the daily goal, and my pshychology gets messedup. I found some ways to narrow the ORB setup down to a level which offers high accuracy and would like to share this strategy "Pullback ORB with Breakout Entry"|. I have tried this out for the last couple of months and it has worked very well so far. The reason for this setup: I wanted a high accuracy setup at the open. I don't like overtrading, I prefer one and done, if possible. I am time constrained during the day. I can trade only at the open for 30-40 mins. And I am not good at Trading reversals. About the setup: This Pullback ORB-Breakout Entry works very well with @WilliamH Harmonious Charts. Step 1: At the premarket, find a Harmonious setup, where the price action is above (or below) all the MAs on multiple timeframes 1, 2, 5, 15, 30, 60min and Daily (most of them, if not all). I prefer when the Harmonious chart is also ATH/ATL (All time High or Alltime Low) Step 2. Pullback candle: At the open, Watch the 1min chart for the first 2 mins. Check if the 2nd candle is a Pullback Candle. Then it is an Alert. E.g Below. Step 3: Breakout Entry: Wait for the 3rd candle to break the previous 2 candles high (only bodies, no wicks) and take an entry. E.g Below. Step 4. Profit Targets: This is usually high RR setups, some times as high as 3-4 RR and a good candidate for riding till close. Step 5. This pattern/Setup works as good when it occurs on 2min or 5min timeframes too. If step 2 doesn't occur on 1 min chart, switch to 2min chart and watch for the pullback candle on 2nd 2min candle. Continue Steps 2-4. If it doesn't occur on 2 min, switch to 5min chart and continue steps 2-4. P.S: Harmonious charts - Sometimes you may find higher timeframes as Harmonious and smaller timeframes not harmonious, Wait for the open to see if the price action becomes Harmonious on these smaller timeframes too. Contrary to other setups, this setup works well when it appears on smaller timeframes. Eventhough it may appear on 15 or 30 mins, the setup may not provide high RRs. These are not rare setups, they occur almost everyday on common stocks like $FB, $AMD, $MU, $UBER, $TSLA etc., At the open, I watch 6-7 stocks for this setup and switch from 1min to 2min and then to 5min. Please let me know if there are any questions.
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    31.Jul.19 Green day. 4R. Today is a day of Patience for me. Took the first trade only at 12.25PM. Did the premarket analysis, watched the open, didn't take beautiful setups on $AMD (MA rejection- 2nd min) $AAPL (Flattop breakout - 4th min) and $GE (ORB - 20th min). Just wanted to make sure I don't take any ordinary setups. Watchlist: $AMD, $MU, $FB, $AAPL also watching $ENPH, $TWOU Trade1: $TWOU. $TWOU was bearish the whole morning, afternoon it reversed and I took long after the MA cross and the price bounced inside of 50MA. Partial at 2R, 3R and stopped out at 1R. Trade2: $TWTR. Took a scalp below the 50MA on 1/5 min, Federal announcement on rate cut happened then. Took very smal size and scalped, as everything was following SPY. Good: I was able to remain patient and calm, while everyone in the chatroom is taking their trades making money. I stuck to my rule and traded only setups. Didn't over trade, only 2 trades. Improvement: None today.
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    My Wife has been telling me that I have the head for Day Trading for Many years. In the past we have worked hard on a small business in Key West and since have always had Jobs along with some kind of retail business weather it was the Art store in KW, a Donut business, an online retail business that we still operate and recently an Amazon PL business. This last adventure cost us a few bucks but fortunately I was able to get ride of most of the product and not fall too far in the red. I have recouped enough for a small Day Trading Account. I talked to a few people at work about this and they all had the same thing to say "Its tough and no one makes money doing it" after talking with them a bit more I realized that they were willing to put the money in but not put the time in to educate themselves and of course they lost money. Most of them are still holding on to Bitcoin for the long haul. I decided to start reading some books on this and I started with Stock Trading for Dummies and realized that was not the right book for me. I then found Andrews first book and was hooked. I should have listened to my Wife a long time ago. It just so happens that I work nights Sunday - Wednesday as a Poker Manager from about 3:30pm to 3:30am (home to home) eastern time, so I am able to get a few hours sleep before I wake at 7:30am to get ready for my Classes I joined BBT as a Lifetime Member on the 4th of July. I was almost done with Andrews first book. I woke up in the AM to watch the premarket show and at the time I would follow along on Think or Swim. I did this till the 15th of July. From the first day of practice I did keep a journal on paper until now (I think I will still write it as I feel like doing it twice cant hurt help me remember). I showered last night right before bed. I woke today nice and fresh, brushed my teeth, made myself an espresso and ate a protein bar. I had plenty time to do some of my own research before Carlos came on at 8:30. The last 2 days I have been very happy with my premarket analysis as most of what I have is either on Carlos watch list or is a low float (which I can not seem to get the info from the Das Sim platform). 9:34 +MGM at 30.99 (should have been 30.90 but I was slow on the hot key) I partialed out at 31.13, 31.25 and 31.34 and got all out at 31.60. My stop was previous candle 30.89 and Target 31.61 from the daily charts Realized +25.63 I took this Slower moving stock in play as I felt more comfortable with it. 10:02 +INTC 52.62 P - 52.69 and out at 52.56 (again I was slow on the trigger on both) My stop was prev. candle 52.55 and Target 53.00 on 5min VWAP Realized +.50 My total day +26.13 This is at 100 shares of each. If starting with $5000 my 1% rule would have been 500 shares of each for a realized profit of +130.65 The last two days after I have decide I was done for the day I went back to just play around and try to learn more midday strategies I took -TWTR misread what I thought was a drop and lost out along with a reentry +TWTR and this time it fell, LOL my mini Hulk.... I know myself and If I was in for real money I would have never even come back to the market for the day. but I will add this ticker also so maybe I can figure out what I misread.
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    We have a new scanner layout for our chatroom that includes two new scans. Kurt has tested and has been successfully using as indicators for possible trades. If you missed the video explanation live in the chatroom, here is the recording! If you want to get Trade Ideas we’ve negotiated a discount, so you can get their scan software for 15% off. Just click the button below and use “VANCOUVER15” at the checkout. http://trade-ideas.com/referral.html?p=vantrading&w=download Scanners Kurt.mp4 Scanners Kurt.mp4
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    I'm AA. I've been trading on and off for over a year now. Recently, I want to take trading more serious so I start to record my trades in a journal. My result hadn't been great, but I usually have some kind of ideas/excuses on why I would take a trade. So by writing this journal on BBT forum, I hope to get some feedback about my trades so I can improve as a trader. Anyway, I've been red all week so my goal for today was to make a few good trades and be done for the day. By doing so, I will be able to gain back some confidence in my own ability. Today, my main watch list is AMD, CROX, PX and WLL. My side watch list is QCOM, MU, and SPWR. Usually the side watch list are for stocks that price too high for my account or I don't have share for short, or maybe penny stocks. Trade 1: I saw that AMD had a strong open. I took a 1 min ORB when I see that it bounced back from VWAP on the 1 mins chart. 1000 shares at $30.66. My stop loss is below VWAP. Sold 600 at $30.7 which is high of the day. Then the rest towards the 200 SMA on the 5 mins chart for a profit of $70.40. I usually don't take trade in the first 5 mins so I was scared of the volatility of market in the first 5 min. As a result, I took profit way too early. As you can see, I scaled out way too early too... Missed out on a 60 cents move Good trade, but bad management. Trade 2: CROX gapped up a lot. It sold off badly in the first 5 minutes. This is probably the sign of share holders and swing traders taking profits. I saw that CROX bounced back perfertly from $24.6 level. That is the 200 SMA level on the daily chart which is an extremely strong support level. Then, I saw CROX pushed up above the MAs and VWAPs. It consolidated at this level. On the 5 mins chart, CROX seemed to hold the VWAP. I went long at $25.69 for 1000 shares. Stop loss is a bit below VWAP. Target is at around the @25.99 level then high of the day. Anyway, I sold 600 at $25.91. 240 at $26.05. The rest was supposed to be sell at $26.35 but it dropped 12 cents on me so fast that I sold it at $26.23. Profit of $304.80. Overall, today is a good day. I missed two opportunities today. One was on WLL. WLL gapped down a lot. I saw that it reject the VWAP and wanted to go for a 2 mins ORB, but then I saw that the spread was 10 cents! So I didn't take the trade. Right now it has SSR but I think it didn't have that at the time. Another missed opportunity was on SPWR. It gapped up a lot due to good earning. The last 20 mins of the pre-market seemed like it was ready to pop up. Well, I saw a strong open in the first 5 mins, I was waiting for it to pullback to test VWAP. If it holds VWAP then I can go for ABCD + ORB strategy. Well, I saw the pattern on CROX around this time and decided to trade CROX. Next thing I know, it skyrocketed without me
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    Thursday 8/01/2019 I had a well-being score of 5.5/10 this morning. My nerves were fine. WIFI was poor in our hotel room, the last 3 days, so I couldn’t even trade SIM. But it was a family vacation so I probably shouldn’t have been watching the markets. I have not taken a live trade in a week. I took one live trade with AAPL and one SIM trade with MU. I only liked AAPL in the premarket. I had MU on my secondary chart but was not planning to pay attention to it until 9:33am. I had no bias on direction on AAPL. Though I would likely need a hammer or weak first candle and pull back on the second 1min candle to go short. To go long my setup was simple, if it breaks the high of premarket <1min with high volume go long. I was betting on the 200MA-5min being a magnet to pull the price up. I usually would shy away with that big resistance in front of it. But I have been noticing the 200MA-5min is really good price magnet very near the open <1min. Though it may bounce and retrace to stop out. It’s a good place to take a partial and get out at B/E, where the price usually keeps retracing. Though it has a lower chance of working out it has a lower chance of a full -1R stop out. So, I took the trade when it looked like it broke the HOPM. Though looking at the chart now, it actually didn’t and I entered the trade a little early. My target was the 216.50 level and my stop was all the way down to the 200MA-1min, so I had to go a little light on the shares. The price touched the 215 level twice and took some restraint not to take a partial there. Then I almost got stopped out. But, I waited for the correct first partial at the 215.23 level. Then I was about to take another quick partial at the 200MA-5min, but the there was a really big ask (unusual for AAPL where L2 is not very useful at the open) for 215.50, so I waited. The price popped and I took another partial. Less than a minute later the price had a big and instant spike down through my B/E stop. So I took another partial, since I was losing faith in the trade. Once it broke back through the 215.23 level I exited. The chart when I took the trade. The entire trade: I took a SIM trade on MU, trying to practice my 5min ORB. MU opened strong and I saw AMD was really strong as well and I was hoping MU would follow. MU created an ABCD and I went long at the break of the 5min candle body. The same story with the 200MA-5min. Was it a hard resistance level and I shouldn’t take the trade or a good magnet for the price? Since this was SIM it was worth a try. My target was 45.81 level and my stop was VWAP and the 45.31 daily level. I took my first partial at the 200MA-5min then partialed when the price seemed to halt. I finally exited when we had 3 LL/LHs in a row. Score card AAPL 87% What I did good today: Waited for the correct first partial on AAPL. How did I challenge myself today? Traded with the higher risk per trade ($30) What can I do better: Wait for the proper entry.
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    8-1-19 Woke @ 8:00 very tired from last nights work. didnt eat well and had a lot of problems at work. SSS, coffee and a bar. I feel like I am getting much better with the pre-market and gathering my watch list I missed SPWR on ORB because of my past false reads within the first 5 min. I was having serious FOMO but I did not take it 9:45 +AMD ABCD on 1 and 5min, s/31.04 just below the 9, t/ 31.33 a daily that I have marked. I did take two trades because I wanted 500 shares and I only have hot keys for 400 and 100 (Ill fix that). This is the first day that I am now trying to work onj a fake $5K account (which is where I plan on starting). Took 50% Partials at 31.34 and 31.42, kept my stop trailing at under the 9 and got stopped out at 31.23 for a GP of 92.25 and 88.87 after fees This is my first one and done (in SIM)
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    Having fun is the best approach. You will learn. When I look at the first few swing trades I posted at the beginning of my thread, I now see them and go what was I thinking?, you learn as you go. Best advice I ever received: go to market everyday and just survive keeping small losses, everything else you will learn and it will work out over time. You need to bide that time... so don’t be dejected.
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    Monday July 29th, 2019 Sleep: 7 hours. Mood: good, ready to trade. almost took $MYL for an ORB but i was too nervous to pull the trigger. would have been a good trade. then it made an engulfing crack so i was looking for a short entry. I got in a small size on a little bit of a pullback risking the daily level of $21.24. then i doubled my position at the new 5min low, moving my stop to the new 5 and 15min high at $21.19. it came right up to my stop but never broke to a new 15min high. it was consolidating forever near my entry and i got up to use the bathroom and i was it wasn't moving and the volume was dying so i just got out at breakeven. not even 2 minutes later it dumped to my profit target. i haven't made that mistake in a long while and it's a reminder as to why i don't overthink my trades and just let the market do what it's going to do and not overthink it. oh well, try again tomorrow! GOOD: waited for a signal for my entries RFI: got out too early CONSISTENT: no, didn't follow plan. MOOD: ok, i'd like to get to my PT on this trade but at least i didn't lose money What i did good today: took a good trade, played the entry well. What i did bad today: let my snap judgement trick me out of what turned out to be a great trade. What can i do better tomorrow: don't mess with your trades, especially when they're 5min/15min trending in your favor.
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    Great job with the interview. I just watched it. Congrats on being the top equities trader on the DAS challenge!!
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    Live trading summary of the month of July. So by the end of June I have gone 8 months without a positive month and I have had a flat P/L for the last 5 months. Three days before the end of last month I was thinking seriously ending the month early and SIM trading to lock in a profitable month and solid score card. I thought that was silly and was thinking even if I lose every trade for the next 3 days I will still have a positive P/L. But that was assuming I stuck to a -1R loss. I under estimated my self-sabotaging behaviors. The following 3 days were a disaster, losing every trade and not holding to the -1R loss. Thus June was another flat P/L month and mediocre score card. So Thursday morning I was thinking, “not again.” And decided to take SIM trades only the next two days and lock in a positive P/L. Which I did. So finally, my ninth month trading live, is green. Kind of funny that those two SIM days were my best two trading days of the month. Would they have been as good if I was trading live? My win% (for live trades) for the month was solid at 58%. I added quite a few SIM trades this month on 5/10/15 min ORBs and saw an improvement as the month progressed. Using Van Tharp method for analyzing trading systems, the 17 live trades in July with my 1min/2min ORB setup has a very good rating. But that is a small sample set. The 3 months previous has a rating of poor (but tradable) due to the 5 trades I let the loss pass -1R. All it takes is two trades a month, that you don’t stick to your stop, to go from a “very good” system to a “poor” rating. I am still trading with Centerpoint and it has been OK, but not great. I haven’t experienced any more tech issues since the second week. The execution speed is OK. I only trade very liquid stocks so I wonder why I get different speed results from day to day. Not impressed by the short list. Since they have a “hard to short” app, their easy to short list is not extensive. I remember when both ROKU and CGC were dropping like a rock one day. I had neither available to short and I hear people with IB making great trades on those stocks. In July I read (actually listened to) The Willpower Instinct which was recommended by Tommy. I wrote a review for it. https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/topic/1278-book-review-of-willpower-instinct/ I also listed to Trading beyond the Matrix by Van K. Tharp. The book is actually free on their website: https://www.vantharp.com/trading-beyond-the-matrix-the-red-pill-for-traders-and-investors-soft-cover It’s worth a read, but does read like an advertisement for their courses. With that said, it worked, because I am taking one of their courses. I started taking the course (home study version): Van Tharp Institute Peak Performance Course for Traders. To place some accountability on myself to finish the course I started to post my reading notes and assignments online. Please see my link if you are curious about the course: https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/topic/1286-van-tharp-institute-peak-performance-course-for-traders-my-journey-through-the-course/ Stats for February/March/April/May/June/July: February March April May June July Total # of live trades 21 34 36 36 38 19 Hulk Days 0 0 0 0 0 0 Max Loss Days 0 0 0 0 0 0 Broke max trade rule 1 1 0 0 0 0 Hoy Key Mistakes 1 1 0 0 1 2 Score card 81% 81% 84.5% 85.8% Only half the trades as usual since I had 9 SIM only days this month. My two hot key mistakes was issues switching back and forth to SIM. My score card was lower than I had hoped but at least an improvement from last month. Goals for July: 1) Don’t go hulk. 2) Learn to control your emotions after a loss. 3) The trade score card average for the month should exceed the previous month. 4) Increase risk per trade from $25 back to $30. 5) Keep improving health. 6) Follow the new 11 rules I specified in my June 28 weekly 7) Keep making SIM trades on 5/10/15 min ORBs
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    Van Tharp Institute Peak Performance Course for Traders Vol 1: How to use Risk Chapter 3 The most important trait that a winning trader can have? Personal responsibility. Ed Sakota in Market Wizards said, ”people get exactly want they want out of the markets.” This chapter has two stories describing the above statement. One who got rich and lost it in the dot-com bubble and who still blames everyone else. The other example is the author who got into a car accident. A witness would clearly see it was the other driver’s fault. But was it? The author hated the car he drove and was actually receptive to have the car destroyed. He was shocked to realize that yes he was likely also at fault for the accident. Then it became clear how one totally creates their world. Personal responsibility is the most important characteristic for the person who wanted to transform himself or herself into a good trader or anything else for that matter. If you believe in personal responsibility, you could change. The author plays a marbles game with his traders “in training”. The marbles are randomly picked and are labeled as winners and losers of different degree. It is designed to give the player an average return of 0.45R. So it would be a really good trading system. 1/3 of the class go bankrupt. 1/3 lose money and about 1/3 get rich. The unusual differences has to do with position sizing and is not the point of the course yet. The point here is some of the losers blame the person who picked the marbles from the bag and had a losing streak. Thus not taking personal responsibility. They did not recognize their mistakes and thus will not learn from them. So they will repeat their mistake over and over. The best thing a trader can do, when things go wrong, is to determine how he or she produced those results. Then determine what the choice point was and give yourself other options to take when you encounter a similar choice point in the future. Daily debriefing (journaling): Acknowledge the mistake, determine the circumstances that caused the mistake, then mentally rehearse an alternative (more useful behavior). Assignment: listen to Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. It took a few days for my request through the local library to go through. I have listen to some of it already. When I finish I will come back to this page and update it. The secret is the “law of attraction,” Which is essentially positive thinking gets positive results. But it pushes two thoughts with that. One is negative thoughts attract negative results as well and that this law of attraction has some new age “power” to it. Forgetting about the latter for the moment I have seen the former in action. I meant one of the luckiest people and worked with him in graduate school then the cooperate world for about 12 years. It’s amazing how luck is always on his side and he always makes the assumption that luck will be on his side. After 12 years I see how it actually works. It’s two major traits. One there must be dozens (or more) little decisions made every day that are very binary. He will always lean to making the decision that may bring something positive, though the odds are very small. I will tend to do the opposite and make decisions that may cause something negative to happen. After say a week, a few hundred of these choices have occurred. One or two pan out or a combo of several and something reasonable go his way and the opposite for me. Since it is impossible to follow the repercussions of all these choices, it looks like good or bad luck. The second trait is an open mind to different possibilities. If you think that something positive may happen, when an opportunity, though it may be outside the box, crosses your path, he would see it and act. I would be close minded and not see it. There is actually some data for this. I once read about an experiment where volunteers were gathered. One set of people considered themselves usually the lucky type and the second group considered themselves unlucky. Everyone was given a newspaper and asked to count the number of pictures in the newspaper. The unlucky group usually took 2 or 3 minutes to count all the pictures. The lucky group usually took around 10 seconds. Because the lucky group all noticed a big sign on page two stating, “there are 46 pictures in the newspaper.” The unlucky group were focused on just looking for pictures and never noticed the sign. You can imagine how that applies to day trading. So you need to make yourself luckier by using the power of attraction.
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    July 25, 2019 - $AMD (Partial) Today was all about execution. The goal today was to execute each step of my trade plan with violating any rules. Identify Profit Targets - Accomplished Place Stop Loss - Accomplished Analyze the Risk - Accomplished Entry Execution - Accomplished Profit Taking - Accomplished The only rule I violated today was trading a stock not in play. I had $BMY and $TAL on my watch list. The entry I look for did not form on $BMY and $TAL went on SSR. (I do not trade SSR stocks). So, I went to my favorite list and to see if I could get an entry to work my profit taking as that is my focus right now. Proper execution of my profit taking plan. I found an entry and executed the profit taking to a tee. Took a partial at 1R and left the rest to either hit the profit target or stop out at the break even. I will say I met my plan today and advance my understanding of controlling my emotions when the stock moves in my direction. Sample Set Results, S E P 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
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    24.Jul.19 Green Day. 2R Profit. Watchlist: $AMD, $MU, $SNAP, $TXN, $CAT, $AMRN. Later I also included $ROKU, $IRBT, $TER. I traded a lot today, including $FB after earnings. Trade 1&2: $FB. Took short at 200MA on 1min, stock was too strong and stopped me out. One of the failed MA bounce setups. This is fine. After 1min crossed 200MA and created a hammer, took it long just one partial near PCL. Trade 3: $IRBT. Fallen Angel setup, but Poor entry. stock was very volatile and didn't get my move immediately, so got out for a small profit. Trade 4: $SGEN. Long above 200MA (1min) and 50MA (5min). Had 1.5R didn't take it as the target was $72, missed by 3c. Got stopped out. Trade 5: $TER. I was done for the day. not planning to take a Live trade. so just watching $TER, and noted MA cross reversal on 1min. Price bounced off the inside of 50MA (very good indication for good setup). Took it short on SIM, realized it was Live. But the setup was valid so traded this. This was a very good trade. Trade 6: $CAT. Took VWAP bounce for Long, got stopped out. Then went Short twice before getting stopped out. 3 losing trades on not so great setups (C- setups). Good: I was able to try out different trading setups, including post earning $FB. Still only trading with small share size, within my risk. $TER was my best trade of the day, although it happened by mistake (thought I was in SIM). Improvement: Overtraded $CAT. It was not a great setup, still went back trading 3 times. Biased on $CAT, that had an impact. Partials need improvement, as I am missing 1.5R moves and getting stopped out. There were some great moves today, I just didn't catch one.
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    Wednesday July 24th, 2019 Sleep: 7 hours. Mood: good, ready to trade. I have time to focus on the market at the open. Only trade today was an ABCD in SNAP. i missed the ORBs out of fear. i've been getting stopped out often on ORBs the last couple of weeks so i wasn't ready to jump in on this ORBU but it would have been a good one. instead i waited for the pullback and traded this as an ABCD with an entry on a new 2min high after a doji. my stop loss was a new 2min/5min/5min low. I had to leave my desk to travel for the day so i set my 3R range order. got within 2 cents of my profit target at around noon GOOD: good entry RFI: could have waited and got more shares. profit target was a bit far MOOD: good, I didn't have a choice but to hold on but i'm glad my order got filled. i was going to pull over and get out of the trade at 3:50 if neither my PT or stop loss was hit. CONSISTENT: yes, exactly as planned.
  18. 3 points
    Tuesday 7/23/2019 I had a well-being score of 6/10 this morning. My nerves were not good. I am worried I am going to give my profits back for the month and have another flat month. I took two live trade with AAPL. Then two SIM trades: ROKU and MU. I was focusing on MU and AAPL at the open again. As usual I created my mental scenarios what I would do depending on possible setups. Neither stock I had any bias this morning so I had the usual 4 scenarios in my head. One scenario was AAPL to pop up, on high volume, and go long when it breaks the high of premarket. After the open the price did pop and had to make a couple attempts to break the premarket high (which I like, it shows it’s a real level). It did make a clean break, so I went long. My stop was the 208.43 daily level and my target was the 209.43 daily level. R/R~2. But the price reversed almost immediately and I was topped out. Now the trade looks like the short scenario I had. I have difficulty flipping positions, but since the setup looked just like the scenario in my head I didn’t find it too difficult and went short when it broke a premarket level 208.30. But I went small share size. Not sure why. I didn’t have time to think it out much so I gave it a large stop. My stop was supposedly the 50MA-1min, so in theory I was half share size. My target was the PDC. I got a little confused, not use to flipping positions, which was my last stop and my new entry, so I took my first partial well too early. My second partial was about where my first one should have been. The 1st 3 partials were small. I only got 50 cents out of AAPL on this trade which isn’t very good. When I was finished live trading I took a look at my P/L and was surprised it was negative. Then I remembered the winning trade was half share size. What the chart looked like when I took the trade: First trade Second trade The complete trade: Score card for my live trade. AAPL AAPL 86% 85% As for my SIM trades, they were both 10min ORBs. ROKU I was immediately stopped out and MU I had a nice winner. So I was green for my SIM trades today. What I did good today: Created viable scenarios to follow at the open. How did I challenge myself today? Flipped a position. What I did bad today: I am not happy about the small share size I took on the second trade. What can I do better: I need to start thinking about the possible flip trade before I exit the first trade.
  19. 3 points
    18.Jul.19 Green Day. I had changed my strategy a bit. I have reduced my R factor by 50%, My Max loss is 4R, Daily goal is 4R. Because I am starting out without PDT rule, I would like to take as many trades as possible to confirm my style of trading. It may result in overtrading a bit and lot of commissions. But I think it is important not to restrict myself when i feel the setup is there. My Risk controls are my Maxloss per day and small R. I can do this in SIM, but sometimes I get very complacent in SIM. I will journal most of the trades that are relavant, if not all. Watchlist: $AMRN, $AMD, $MU, $FB, $ROKU (although I liked $NFLX, price is not in my range) Trades 1, 2, 3 & 4: $AMRN, I liked $AMRN because it was gapped down. Price is within my range and it is not very volatile. I took ORB down after a shooting star (alike), got stopped out after 1R. I waited for the price to pop above VWAP, took it long after the long wicked candle, got stopped out. Did it again, and got stopped out. Then the price starts to move up on ABCD pattern, I took it long now and exited at HOD. Missed the move, but I was short biased on $AMRN and was worried about the Double top. But $AMRN traded much better than I imagined. Trade 5: $AMRN. I am a bit emberassed about this one, because of the way I managed it. This is probably one of my worst Trades if not The absolute worst. Mid day, I noticed that $AMRN started to reverse. i saw the Shooting star on 15min at the 50MA. This was perfect setup. My entry couldn't have been better. But I chickened out after the price retraced back to my entry. I missed a 10R move. I was already Short biased on $AMRN and I should have stayed in this. As expected price came down to 50MA on daily and even close to 200MA daily. May be I just wanted to stay green today, however small that is. I expect $AMRN to be in play again tomorrow. Trades 6 & 7: $MU. $MU was strong on the daily. It created a false VWAP breakout on the downside, then came above resistence including VWAP. I took it long and partialed at HOD. Went long again on the pullback to the HOD. Nice Trend trade. I managed it quite well. Trades 8: $AMD. Noticed $AMD wedge forming at $32.77 (daily level) Took it short at the break of wedge to LOD. Partialed once before exiting at new 15min high. Neat trade. Trade 9: $ROKU. This was a really nice Reversal trade. 15min had strong support 50 and 200 MA below. Price bounced off of 50MA also forming double bottom on 5min. This is A+ setup. Sold all the way to VWAP. Good: I like my new strategy to cut down the R and be open to take more trades. I can learn a lot from it. Also means, I am operating with small share sizes, which I will slowly increase every month. I changed my DAS layout also, and like the new format. Improvement: Need to accept the loss on a Trade, I am still hesitant and assume that my trade setup is going to work every time. Or I am cutting short my trades so the A+ setup now becomes an Invalid setup ($AMRN short). $AMRN could have been my one and done. My focus is to try and avoid this going forward.
  20. 3 points
    double top on the 5min rejecting the $29.62 level (high of pre-market?) plus that indecision candle on the 5min with a break lower. then it starts making lower lows, lower highs on the 15. just my 2 cents.
  21. 3 points
    Thursday 7/18/2019 I had a well-being score of 6.5/10 this morning. My nerves were actually OK. I wish I knew why some days my nerves are better than others so I could control them more. I took one live and one SIM trade today. Though I will only journal the live trade here. I was focusing on MU and AAPL again. I was hoping to trade FB at least once this week, but AAPL had OK premarket volume and some news. AAPL opened and the price dropped and bounced off the 200MA-1min and formed a hammer with really good volume. There was a triple level of a 203.97 daily, the $204 and the 50MA. When it broke these levels I went long. My target was 205 and stop out at the 200MA-1min. R/R~3 which is really high at the open. I took an early partial at the 200MA-5min since I was worried about a bounce. Then I got a really bad fill. My fills with Centerpoint have been getting worse and slow lately. So, I essentially took a partial at B/E. That messed up my emotions. So I did what I usually do when I am not controlling my emotions, I take a ton of partials. The only thing that saved me was I took small partials. So I did have 20% of my shares left when I hit my target. It doesn’t sound like much, but if I partialed with regular size I would have had 6% left. What AAPL looked like when I took the trade: The complete trade: I also took a SIM trade with MU. I actually had a winning 5min ORB. I can’t remember the last winning one. Score card for my live trade. AAPL 88% What I did good today: I was much more prepared today for the opening bell. How did I challenge myself today? Tried to trade on SIM as if it was real. What I did bad today: Let my emotions effect my trade management What can I do better tomorrow: I should have tried some calming exercises during the AAPL trade instead of just baring the emotional swings.
  22. 3 points
    July 17, Sim on $BAC Overview SIM, I am working on trying to identify criteria when taking a moving average X-over trade. The purpose of my afternoon trading today was to work on finding stocks that had a setup along with taking an entry with a good risk. The profit target did not matter to me as I was working entries with this strategy only. Why did I enter: So here is the thing. I see certain chart patterns with the moving averages about to cross and more times than not I am right in that the stock moves in the direction I was thinking. So I literally opened my platform, looked at $BAC and saw what appeared to me as a good entry. The problem is I do not know exactly why it appeared to be a good entry. When I trade Orbs, I have a predetermined criteria to enter, for this type of trade I have nothing other than a gut feeling. The one thing that did stick out to me was the stock rejected 29.62 4 times on the 15 and 3 times on the 30 minute charts. I was wondering what do you all see that makes this a trade that worked out? Or was this just a random occurrence just getting lucky? Thanks
  23. 3 points
    17.Jul.19 Red day. Watchlist: $MU, $SQ, $TSLA, $QCOM $CSX. Trade 1: $MU. Took conventional ORB at the open. Took short on the pullback to VWAP, got stopped out. 1.5R loss. Trade 2: $CSX. Another ORBD at the pullback. One partial and then got stopped out above VWAP. I don't think the stop was too tight. May be I could have re-entered, but after a loss, I move to other stocks. Probably to avoid Revenge trading. Trade 3: $ AMD. $AMD and $MU were choppy today. I noted the price popping up above the resistence and also setting a trend. I took it long after the bounce (red hammer candle 1min) Price moved slightly and then dumped to stop me. Trades 4&5: $TSLA. I took long after price broke VWAP mid-day with a strong candle and offered pullback. Got stopped out. Went long again as the setup was there. my target was $257(2R), I moved it higher, once the stock was strong. But got stopped out BE. No partials. . Good: Not much, except no Revenge trading. Improvement: I need to reduce my sharesize. And analyze my stops. For the 3rd day, I am getting stoped out on good setups. I had 2R on $TSLA, but moved my target after seeing the price action, stopped BE. May be i should partial once before moving my Target to higher levels.
  24. 3 points
    Wednesday 7/16/2019 I had a well-being score of 4/10 this morning so I only traded SIM. Today was one of those days showing why I don't like trading SIM. I took a trade on a bad setup and immediately got stopped out. Then I started taking lots of trades and breaking lots of rules. Yes its all on SIM, but these are bad practices that will weaken my resolve the next time I trade live (hopefully tomorrow). What makes things worse is my last trade was a big winner, thus helping to solidify the bad habits. I will not journal any of my trades here, though I will review all the video tonight to see if there was anything to be learned. I hope the rest of you had a better day.
  25. 2 points
    02.Aug.19 Red day. -1R. I was down -4R after the open, but ended at -R. Watchlist - $PINS, $SQ, $MU, $NVDA and $CRON. Watching $PINS(gapup) and $SQ(gapdown) at the open. Trade 1: $NTAP. Very good trade today. I took a reversal on this and made 2R on it. It's one of those Rubyred stairs setup, kind of rare setup. Trade 2: $CRON. Very Good trade. Took Reversal on 5min shootingstar/15min 200MA bounce. I just didn't have the patience till my target is reached, I got out early. Trade 3&4: $AAPL. $SQ did not give me the pullback that I look for at the Open. $PINS was very choppy. I moved to other stocks, Found $AAPL to give VWAP pullback short. Took 2 trades on it, didn't work out. Could have waited for more time Trade 5: $CC. $CC also provided the VWAP pullback short, a hotkey mistake resulted in -1R . Good: Traded 2 good setups on $CRON and $NTAP - Shootingstar/MA bounce reversal & RubyRed stairs setup. Both are A+ setups and had good RR. Improvement: I could have waited for more time when my watchlist didn't give any setup at the open. Instead jumped into $AAPL on a Ok setup. Both my good trades in $CRON and $NTAP offered me more, I was not patient enough to take it. I like to trade at the Open and finish in few mins. I just don't seem to have the patience for mid day trading. Not sure how I am going to deal with it, anyone has any suggestions?
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