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    Hey BBT, My name is Romell, I'm a Correctional Officer in the Bay Area, California. I started trading April 1st after finishing Stock Investing for Dummies( don't recommend this book at all). Thanks to that book my swing trading portfolio is doing pretty well though, but it always felt a little too "hands off" for me. It turns out a friend of a friend was a professional day trader for 3 years using Andrew's books. Him and I had a long conversation about it and it seemed like it would be a much better fit for my personality. So right now the plan is for me and my wife to practice in a sim account and learn as much as we can. Hopefully in a few months we'll be using real cash and this can become a decent second income...or my new career, who knows...
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    Hi Jonathan, glad to see that you joined BBT as LT Member and that more people from Latin America is joining us!
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    Good Night to all, my name is Bautista del rio. I am 16 and i live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Probably the youngest in the community. So as you have guess, im still in high school, i will graduate in 2021. I have been trading for 2 months and studying the market since the begging of this year. I joined the BBT community, because im looking to take my knowledge of trading to a higher level and try to start been profitable this young. I signed up to the lifetime membership, so I have time in here. Feel fre to contact me, my instagram is baudelrioo , i would love to speak to everyone in the community. Bautista Del Rio
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    This is great Chris! Just from a technical point of view, your video, mic and speaking quality is on point! Definitely consider submitting these to @Abiel to be re-posted on the BBT YouTube Channel under our Member's Trade section!
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    By Larry Ginsberg It has been said that humans are creatures of habit, and while we like moments of spontaneity and surprise, we feel comfortable when we know what to expect and can follow a plan or schedule. During the COVID-19 pandemic it has been easy to lose track of time as our rigorous daily schedule and commute have been replaced by being quarantined at home for endless hours and days, and the lack of a schedule has made many of us more uncomfortable than we had imagined. According to Ramon Solhkhah, M.D., chair, Department of Psychiatry, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, “While many of us complain about how busy our schedules are, it represents expectations and patterns that are an important component of good mental health.” He continues, “The pandemic has left many people feeling adrift because those daily routines that were essential to us before the COVID-19 crisis have evaporated and been replaced by uncertainty and a lack of structure that can contribute to stress, anxiety and even clinical depression.”..... https://www.hackensackmeridianhealth.org/HealthU/2020/06/02/why-routines-are-important-for-mental-health/
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    My Setup: I originally was going to build my own PC, but I couldn't source all the parts I wanted in sufficient time. Instead I purchased an off-the-shelf Ryzen 5 3600 PC, with 16GB RAM, 500GB M2 SSD, GTX1650. When purchasing, I specified for 4 Video outputs, but on delivery the card only had 3 (1xHDMI, 2 DP). A bit disappointed, but for 3 monitors it's sufficient. I promised myself if I am successful I will upgrade. I also purchased 2 x 27" monitors, very basic, but get the job done. The top monitor is an old HP Compaq 22" that I had lying around. I have a unique solution for the top monitor. I have some old TV mounts stuck into the wall (were there when I moved it), it's not compatible with anything I have. So I attached some thick wire to some screws in the back of the old monitor and 'hung' it on these old mounts. The desk can be adjusted to a standing desk (which I like to do around the time of the open), and then I move the top monitor to rest above these wall mounts leaning against the wall.
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    Hey Chris, Just spent over an hour talking with DAS support about this. It's pretty much a bug. The prices have a "pixel range" on the chart. So if you zoom in all the way, when you move your mouse up and down a bit on the chart the price will stay the same at 16.77 within a range. If you move your mouse to the lower range of those pixels (so it still shows 16.77 on the chart) it will give you 16.76 in the montage. Unfortunately, as you zoom out to see more, it smashes the prices (and pixels) together; so you can't determine what pixel range you're in.... Sometimes it only gives you the upper pixel range and sometimes it only gives you the lower... Unfortunately there is no solution. I'm still chatting with them... I'll let you know.
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    If you scalp like this you should be trading futures anyway, not stocks. I used to have DAS with IB, and IB's API on other platforms. The API, whether FIXAPI or anything else, all the same! Total piece of junk. My fun issue with DAS and IB was that I would end up in a short position randomly, from an order that I cancelled in DAS minutes or hours earlier, but it ended up not being cancelled in IB's system. I would find out later on, when I would be short some amount of shares in a stock I traded earlier in the day! It certainly made me lose all confidence in the situation so I moved on and never looked back.
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    Thank you Eric, this is the first time I hear something like this in 2 years trading and supporting this community.
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    My 3 year old son watching Carlos and Norm go through the gappers. IMG_4133.MP4
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    Hi, My name is Jonathan from Uruguay I´m really happy today and wanted to share with you all that I have just signed up for the lifetime membership to BBT. My trading career and passion for the markets started about 3 years ago after reading both of Andrew books,. Since then I´ve been doing many things and learning a lot every day, I signed up about a year and a half ago to BBT chatroom but then I didn't have the knowledge and mindset that I have today so I tried many other things, courses, chatrooms etc... like every new trader I went all over to find and learn everything I could. In my quest over the last 3 years I made a lot of money and lost a lot too, I was making decent money swinging stocks and writing options and took some money out to start day trading, I was totally confident on my skills and knowledge so I decided I should go live without even trading on demo for a while, as you all could guess, obviously, I did everything wrong, from position sizing to risk control etc and blew up the whole day trading account in a few months. SO far I´m still net positive so thats a good thing I´m still on my path to be a consistent profitable trader, still healing the wounds and scars that blowing up and account have left on me but I know this is my passion and what I want for my life. After being around for a while and trying most of the things that are around( chatrooms, furus, gurus, services, you name it..) I can honestly say that BBT is the place to be, and thats why I´m back for the lifetime. I´m also a big fan of SMB capital I did their DNA for a succesfull trader course and when I saw that Mike Bellafiore got together with you guys I knew I had to come back. I´m looking forward to learn and share my trading experience with you guys. HAGW everyone
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    Welcome to the BBT community @Michael Morgan, @Ashley294, @BautiDR, and @cindyishh. Look forward to seeing you in the chat and do not hesitate to ask questions, everyone in the community is here to assist.
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    Man, I wish I had that kind of financial drive when I was that young. Welcome! Hey Cindy! I’m from SF as well We have quite a large group of traders from the area. Keep an eye out for a Bay Area meetup; hopefully we’ll have one soon after the stay-in-place order has finished!
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    Welcome Cindy and Bautista, you'll find it's a pretty friendly and helpful community on here. crippling Student debt is one of the great scandals of our time in my opinion. when I went to uni in the 1980's the Govt, paid the the tuition fees and gave me a grant to live on (without needing a scholarship or the like). I had soon paid them back in taxes, when I started work - now you have to pay taxes and debt.
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    Hi everyone! My name is Cindy. I'm 25 years old and from San Francisco. I'm new to trading as I just started learning in April. I'm currently working as a full-time pharmacist. I realized that my student debt would take way too long to pay off for the life I want to live. I found out about trading and felt that it would be a good path to head down with the eventual goal of working less hours and having more freedom in life. I was learning from a different community but didn't like the vibe and didn't feel like the members were very supportive of each other. I was also searching for more information to learn when I found Andrew's book and BBT. I decided to try BBT's 1 week trial last week and was blown away by the professionalism and level of support members had for each other in this group. I felt like I learned so much more in 1 week with through this platform than I did in the entire month of April so I HAD to join. I'm so excited to keep learning and growing with everyone! Cindy
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    Ah okay, just be careful bc group trading can alter your thought process. I find it best to work in our Chatroom in the pre-market to get our battle plan ready. When the market opens watch those stocks but if you hear people yelling 'long, weak, nonsense, doing stuff, garbage, ahh ouch, or 'cover cover cover' when you're long' it can be distracting . This is because no two traders are taking the EXACT same trade, you may be taking a slightly different setup with different stops and targets. Then when the dust settle 15 minutes in or so that's when I become more active in the chat. I am saying this with the lightest of heart btw I love our chatroom's charm.
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    Hey Everyone, My name is Michael Morgan, I'm 26 and live in New Castle, Pennsylvania. I'm an afternoon/nightshift supervisor at Steelite International. For the past year I have been looking for a second source of income and trading was something that I became interested in. I have no experience trading but after reading a couple books on the subject and then reading both of Andrews books, I feel this is definitely something I would like to pursue. My long term goal is to become a successful trader and maybe one day this could become my permanent job. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and learning some new things. Cheers, Mike M.
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    Today I did a great job at the open, not only did I honor my no trading first 5 minute rule, but I waited another full 5 minutes before entering a trade. I did not try to force a 5MinOrb, that's a pretty big accomplishment for me, I would usually talk myself into a trade, but nothing met my Orb criteria. Then after that 2nd 5 minute candle finished, I jumped into a trade that isn't part of my current strategies. NVAX formed an engulfing crack on the 5 minute chart, I know this is a valid strategy, but it's not one that I am focusing on at the moment. I also entered late. BA was a double bottom trade, the double bottom wasn't that clean, it actually did more of a triple bottom. I don't have a criteria checklist for my doubles the same way I do for Orbs. So I'm going to work on that now. This was a phone trade at the end of the day. None of these are part of my current strategies. I was guessing AMD would reverse at the close because it was so far from VWAP. It wasn't given me any signs of a reversal, it was all in my head, so I tried two longs and got stopped out. Then switched to a short, and added to my short. I am not happy about these trades, I still ended a little green, but this could have very easily turned my day red. See you in the chat in the AM!
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    Yeah, Ben has it close! You simply right click the edge of one of those windows, the Frame Window Configure will pop open and you uncheck "No Title Bar".
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    Hey BBT Community! My name is Tony. I recently moved overseas with my wife, who works for the foreign service. I thought I would look into getting more into investments and the stock market while I work part-time and finish my masters. I have a limited background in value investing and swing trading. So far I've been in the black (better to be lucky than good sometimes). But felt I needed to further my knowledge. After hearing Andrew Aziz on a podcast, I thought I would look more into day trading and I have been amazed at the level of engagement with this community. I've already read the first book from Andrew, as well as How to Swing Trade by Brian. I look forward to finishing up the book on Advance Techniques in Day Trading and getting through the rest of the great training material BBT has to offer. I am excited to be a part of the community and learn from everyone, and I look forward to the future when I can hopefully pay it back. Best, Tony
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    Good afternoon BBT community, My name is Andrew, and I'm from Morris County, New Jersey. I am still fairly new to trading, and am currently continuing my education through books, online videos, and now by joining a chatroom. I also trade PaperMoney through my thinkorswim mobile app, for additional training. I am currently saving up enough money to purchase a worthwhile desktop computer that I can use to trade seriously, as trading from a smart phone is not conducive. I am looking forward to continuing my education with BBT, and especially getting to know everyone. Cent'anni, Andrew aka Tracksuit Trader
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    Hi BBT, My name is Justin and I'm a self-employed Management Consultant based in Melbourne, Australia and am just getting started on my day trading journey. Keen to connect with any fellow Aussies (and the wider community) on BBT to learn more about their experiences day trading from Oz. Have been a part of the community for a day and am excited about the opportunities ahead! Cheers, Justin
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    Hey Marek, (and anyone else who is having this issue), you can use the Pop Out feature to solve for this problem. In the main window you create a new Montage, Chart, etc. > Right Click on the top bar > Select Pop Out. Then you can drag the windows around to any secondary monitor and position them regardless of the monitor size.
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    Hi All, My name is Ranajit, i am from Richmond, Virgina. I am a casual swing trader. Recently i lost my job due to the pandemic and now i am more serious on trading. I am trying to build my alternative career on trading probably on day trading. Anyone trying to meet up (for now virtually) i am here. Want to learn from any of the excellent people. I am just 3 days in the chat room and i am feeling great. Thanks Ranajit C
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    Yes, you can short on SSR with CMEG. In the montage window you'll see "SSR.S" meaning it's on SSR and CMEG has shares for short.
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    Thanks a bunch, I greatly appreciate the help and speedy responses!
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    Hey Guys, My name is Marcus and I live in Bend, OR. I am brand new to the group but liking it so far! I own a small composites fabrication shop in Central Oregon where I employ 5 people. I am looking forward to meeting the members here and learning as much as possible.
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    Hola amigos I started studying day trading about a month ago, when I had to close my business due to a little thing called covid19. Maybe some of you have heard of it? My experience over the past month has been pretty wild. This is all before finding BBT. I decided to jump right in and open a TOS account, join a few chat rooms, take a few cheap online courses, and crossed my fingers. Unfortunately the world that I fell into was penny stocks. Whoa, what a crazy ride that is. I got into some pretty wild covid19 players and my account skyrocketed. As you could imagine that didn't last very long. After about a month of that I thought that there had to be another way. I quickly figured out that I like technical analysis and price action way more than trying to figure out the fundamentals of a company. I also realized that I don't have the emotional stamina for penny stocks. After doing some research I found Andrews book and quickly became interested. I joined BBT last week and have been loving it. The community and support seems amazing and, with a background in psychology, I love that this group really takes that part of trading seriously. I live in Portland, Or with my wife and 2 daughters. If anybody is ever in the area let's meet up. I would love to meet other traders. I am also on the lookout to network and find other traders who would be up for starting a small group within BBT to help each other out and keep each other on track. If anybody knows of a group that exists or is up for creating one with me let me know. Adios, Casey!
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    Hi Everyone! I am an Optometrist in Canada but I've always had a secret interest in trading I just didn't know how to start. My husband actually bought the book off of amazon a few weeks ago for himself but once I got my hands on it I couldn't put it down. I joined BBT a few weeks ago and have been watching the classes and morning chatroom. What a great community. I just started in the DAS simulator -- Right now I'm working on customizing hotkeys and layout and focusing on 1 strategy at a time. If there are any other new traders practicing in the simulator that want to connect, I would love to get a small group together to throw around ideas/tips. Please reach out to me! Look forward to getting to know a lot of you here. Lauren
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    If someone is interested, I wrote a few AutoHotkey commands to add new rows and perform other actions in the Market Viewer through hotkeys. In the attached file you can find hotkey scripts to: Delete the selected row (ALT+D) Delete all the rows (SHIFT+ALT+D) Add a new row (ALT+N) Export the current list to a file (ALT+E) Import the previously exported list (ALT+I) The last two commands are useful to copy the content of a Market Viewer window to another Market Viewer window Additionally, there is a command to add the current symbol selected in the Montage window to the Market Viewer. However, the script is written to work only if the Market Viewer window is the only one located in the same screen of the Montage window. If you need the script can be adapted to insert the symbol in a specific Market Viewer (follow the instructions in the script). To use the script, change the extension of the file to .ahk and launch it with AutoHotkey (https://www.autohotkey.com/) EDIT: Updated with a new version, including some new functions: Possibility to add the date to the exported files (IncludeDateMVList parameter at the beginning of the file) Some functions to calculate the profit targets based on multiples of your predefined risk A function to drag a symbol from the Market Viewer list to a chart (useful if you don't want to use a montage window for each chart) A function to toggle between standard and bigger Montage window height (to display wider market depth when needed) DAS-BBT-V1.ahk.txt
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    Hey guys. I just wanted to put together a little document on what I have been doing to learn the /ES. This isn’t exclusive to futures, this is for ALL trading and for those looking to give themselves the edge and to take their trading to the next level. This document is for beginners as well as jaded traders such as myself. The point here is you need to adjust how you view the market and change your thought processes. Recording Trades This may seem like a no-brainer, but not many people do this. I didn’t realize the power of recording the market until I started doing it. There are plenty of free programs out there (I use Open Broadcaster Software, OBS: https://www.obsproject.com). Since I am only trading 1 instrument, I just need to record my primary monitor. If you are trading equities and use several monitors to trade from, this may become a bit of a challenge. However, you should really only try to focus on 1 stock as it is anyways. In this case, you can record the screen that you are trading from. The other option is, just record 1 screen and ONLY trade from that screen. I also highly recommend that you record the entire day’s action, even if it’s just 1 stock that may die in the middle of the day. The reason for this will become clear in the next section. But the point here is that you NEED to be recording what you are doing, because in the heat of the moment, you don’t always know what is happening, but the recordings can help you with that. Reviewing your Trades If you record your trades, like I mentioned above, then you absolutely need to spend time reviewing your trades. I know many people here simply copy and paste their trades into their journals, put in a little blurb about what they saw happen, then never go back or care to look at it again. While this is good in practice, unless you are actually reviewing your trades in depth (and you are able to remember what was happening and going through your head at that time), there’s really no value to the journaling; you need to review! This is where the recordings come in. I mentioned in the chat that I record the entire day then I go back in the evening and re-watch everything. While this may seem a bit extreme, this is the only way you can improve your skills. Why? Well think about it this way, in the heat of the moment while the market is open and you are trying to trade, do you think you are really seeing every possibility? Are you seeing the probable outcomes of your trade? Probably not! Furthermore, you are under the “gun” so to speak of getting in at the right spot, managing the trade and exiting with a profit or a loss. This all happens at lightning speed and sometimes, you don’t even have a second to think about what is happening. When you re-watch the recordings in the evening, you are more relaxed and you can observe A LOT more of what is happening in the market/with your trade than you can while it is happening in real-time. Even doing your journal review at the end of the day, you are still a little stressed from the day and may not remember/see everything that you thought you remembered or saw. This is especially true for a really bad day. You do not need 6 and a half hours at night to literally re-watch what you already saw earlier in the day. Instead, scrub through the recording (this means taking the time scroller and moving it to different sections of the video) and find important points in the market action. Areas of major support/resistance, technical levels, VWAP, moving averages and most importantly, reversals. If you focus on these areas exclusively, you can start to see what is happening at these key spots and learn what to look for. Also, do not do this right after the market closes. You need a few hours to decompress after 4PM EST. If you jump right back into it, your mind is still going to be fried and you will be missing out on key points, so take a break and do this after dinner and before bed if you can. The recordings allow you to calmly review the market action, what you did right and what you did wrong and learn from what you are seeing, which leads me to my next piece. Taking Notes Of course, we all went to school at some point in our lives and had to take notes on what the teacher or professor was telling us. Or, we read several textbooks and took notes on that. Trading is no different. We are in school essentially trying to learn a rather subjective subject with about a million variables going on at every microsecond. But, there is a lot of information in all of this noise and by taking proper notes, you will be able to find small pieces of information that can help you gain your edge. Now, taking notes, trying to trade and also watching the market is literally impossible. Some people use dictation software and speak into a microphone that records their statements either into a document or just a voice recorder. This is an incredible process! I tried it but the dictation software didn’t understand me and since I hate the sound of my own voice, re-listening to myself is impossible (yes this is petty, but something about my high-pitched nasally voice drives me batty). However, if you have a pen and paper available and you can quickly jot down a quick note, even if it’s an important price level where you saw a large order get executed, will still be very helpful. However, what I am getting at here is if you do the recordings like I mentioned above, then you will have a much easier time taking notes when the market is closed, you are relaxed and you can focus a bit better on the action. You would be amazed as to how much information is out there when you are able to sit back, relax and just watch and take simple notes of what is happening. However, I have found an even better way of note taking for trading which is in the next section. Asking the right questions Everybody learns at different paces and via different styles. One way of learning that I felt has been dramatically helpful for me is simply asking a question then finding the answer to it. While we can read books, watch videos and listen to others talk about their trading, until you truly understand the “why” or the “how” you are just blindly following somebody else around and this will get you into trouble. When you are unable to look at the market from a purely objective perspective, then you cannot understand what is actually happening. I’ll get into this more in the next section, but it’s important to discuss here. If you come up with questions about things you are seeing or things you are not understanding, then you will be forcing yourself to find the answers to those questions and forcibly build your knowledge. Because now, you are seeking the answer instead of being told simply “look for this”. Well, “how do I look for this, why do I look for this?”. Here’s an example: “Do value areas and High-Volume Nodes (HVN’s) on the DOM (Depth of market) provide entries and price targets?” This is a question I wrote down on my notepad and I am working on answering. Another question you can ask yourself is “How strong is the VWAP in AAPL? Does AAPL respect its VWAP?” Or, “What happens when a large order is executed on Level 2? Does price retrace then try to retest that price again? Is price being held down by a large player”? It is then your job to find the answers to these questions. You won’t find the answers in one day or in one recording, but now you have something to work with. Just sitting at your screen, watching the live market or even a recording without any direction or guidance isn’t going to help you. I know because I spent 4 years doing this. Sitting at the screen and trying to make sense of what is going on with all of this noise. Well, by not having questions to answer and trying to seek the truth or answers within the noise, I just sat there and wasted my time getting lost in all of the noise of the market. Get a pad and a pen, write down your questions then watch the market live and most importantly, watch the recordings and find those answers. Once you find the answers to your questions, watch how your trading changes. Charting your own path (pun-intended) I mentioned above that most of us like to follow something blindly, especially in such a complicated environment as the markets. But you need to learn to think for yourself and think objectively. As humans, we need structure. It’s how our brains work, it’s how we live our lives – with structure (and lots of it). We are logical beings and we need “rules” in order to function properly. Everything in our lives has structure and a set of rules. Driving, working, sleeping even eating. There is structure and rules in place for everything in our lives. Trading is no different. So, we seek out ways to find rules that say “If a then b”. Well, I hate to break it to you but most rules don’t work. The market isn’t about absolutes. Far from it. There are millions of people in the market place (as well as machines) all making decisions based on their subjective point of view of what they “think” will happen. Sure, some people do have rules and I am not saying you shouldn’t have any rules – quite the contrary, but you need to understand that just because you have a horizontal line on your chart from a higher-time frame doesn’t mean that price is going to touch it to the penny (or tick) and bounce off of it. This happens, but usually, you have larger players that know that all retail traders are looking at that level and most people have stops there. So, the large players will throw a bunch of money at that zone to break it and trigger the stops, then take the money from the stops getting hit and push price back down and even further lower. Well guess what your “rules” told you… “let’s go long when price breaks this level”. Guess what just happened? Johnny Stock at Goldman just pushed price through the level, trapped you (and millions of others) into a failed trade, then sold it faster than cold water on a hot day, just to get a better price. This happens all the time. This is why you need to answer QUESTIONS rather than have rigid rules that tell you A=B. Because that’s not how this works. Yes, rules for stop losses and profit targets are critical and you can be somewhat rigid on those, but just understand that you need to think for yourself in this and develop your own way of viewing the market. Having somebody like Andrew at your disposal is critical because while I encourage you to answer your own questions by putting in the time watching the recordings, Andrew can absolutely help you in getting the answer a little bit faster and even assist you in finding that answer. And it’s not just Andrew, anybody here in our wonderful community can answer your questions. We are all here to help one another out and to work together. I implore you to come up with some questions (only after you have watched the markets long enough and watched some recordings) and find the answers to those questions. Everybody is different and the questions and answers you have may not work for me, but that’s quite ok. We are all here to build knowledge on the market and to most importantly, learn for ourselves and develop our own style of trading. While it is impossible to master the market (anybody who says they have is full of themselves), we can certainly take advantage of certain imbalances. If you think you mastered the market, you have a rude awakening coming because the market is impossible to master and will put you right back in your place. But put in the time and effort, and you will be rewarded. Do not look at trading as a way to get rich quick or start making tons of money, because you will just lose tons of money with this mindset (I know from personal experience). Treat the market like it’s a school and a game that you need to learn the strategies of. Approach it like this and follow what I said above and you will reach success IN TIME.
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    Look forward to more "Daily Talk".......love the concept.
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    Hi everyone, My name is Moein and I am from Vancouver, Canada. My background is electrical engineering, and I received my PhD in mechatronic systems engineering in 2016. I am currently an instructor and a research associate at a university in Vancouver. As learning how to trade was one of my passions, I started making myself familiar with different types of trades and found day trading very interesting. Then, I found Andrew's books and when I read both, it made me even more eager to learn day trading and finally become a day trader. I am now at the early steps of working on DAS simulator. Hope to learn from you all and hope to see you guys after this pandemic. Stay safe and healthy.
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    @onlyjava Thanks for the nice comments! Below are couple of books, I hv found very useful too as I grew as a trader. Trading Tools & Tactics by Greg Capra The Art and Science of Technical analysis by Adam Grimes.
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    @Abiel I've decided to give DAS/IB a second chance because I found a workaround that will be able to prevent this glitch. As long as I manually enter 100 as a share value into the montage, it shouldn't be misfiring on every 40 or so of my orders and adding that extra zero. CenterPoint Securities has not responded to my inquiry yet, but they apparently have no native way to report on or manage delta dollars like IB does, which is my favorite feature and lets me hedge with options knowing the exact realtime balance. CenterPoint has an extra service for this which they call their Risk Manager/Portfolio Margin Solution, but they charge 2k/month for this when delta dollars is free on IB and native to the Portfolio tab, so long as you select it for a column. Really bothers me though that I can't do OCO orders with DAS using a trailing stop. Sterling Trader lets you do that by holding down the control button to select a batch of orders, and then right clicking to assign them as an OCO group. @peterB I have about 17 video-recorded examples of Interactive Brokers natively mixing up the automatically [attached] stop loss and profit targets, suddenly giving them all buy instead or sell or vice versa until I restart it. I no longer use those kind of orders with them. Was a year ago but no reason for me to start trusting them with that. They say that it intelligently selects the right direction, and it would for a while, but once it got confused it would do that to every single new order. Forced me to close and reopen IB sometimes over 12 times a day.
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    If u save and reuse ur horizontal levels, trendlines, fibs, rectangles etc are stored in tht file.
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    Hi Benjamin! Welcome to the community, I wish you best of success in your journey, and we'll be happy to help guide you through it!
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    Thanks Aiman and Brendan. I would follow your advice in next trade.
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    Hey! Found it finally.
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    Hello, I'm grateful to be here. My name is Chris and I'm from Texas. After serving in the U.S. Army for 6 years and spending a lot of time away, I felt like I had a very rewarding career but wanted to reconnect with family so I left the service. Unfortunately, I thought the next step for me meant working in a corporate job. After going through the grind for the next 2 years I felt unhappy with the many 60 hour work weeks and spending more time away from family and friends. Luckily I came across Andrew's book and here I am now after subscribing for the lifetime membership! I'm committed, happy to be here, and look forward to contributing and learning with everyone. Thank you for having me.
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    wow! Thanks Kyle! Maybe 1999 is too much, but maybe from 2010. Market has shifted a lot in the last 10-15 years. Regardless, thank you so much for doing this!!!
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    Hi Girish, Sorry for the delay in replying, I decommissioned the old server and I'm currently building up a new server as I needed more power to handle all the data I'm adding. I'll post to the forums when I expose the gap list for users. -Kyle
  43. 1 point
    Hi all! My name is Sam, but everyone calls me by my middle name Logan. I just joined the group after I retired from the Air Force. I live outside DC in Maryland. I've invested and traded for year but this is my first time day trading. I listened to a lot of audio books during my daily 2 hour commute when I was working and came across Andrew's book. I was hooked after that.
  44. 1 point
    Hi Jay, My name is Justin and signed up yesterday, based in Melbourne.
  45. 1 point
    That chair looks sweet Justin, great taste! Definitely getting one someday. But what I like more is your anti fatigue foot mat, Just bought one bc my dogs are killing me down there.
  46. 1 point
    Welcome @TonyRay, @Andrew Agliata, and @stonks88 to the community. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We are here to help.
  47. 1 point
    The company is pretty solid at this time. Cannot see into future. Regulated and has its origins from couple decades years back. Mastercard card issuer so has tht check box ticked. Andrew opened an acct with them recently. I currently have acct with them BUT am disputing some actions by staff. This may be ur main prob depending on the day of the week. Staff service ! But I went to the top executive management to resolve. I will update here Monday / Tuesday if issues resolved.
  48. 1 point
    What a warrior to power through all that and continue on.
  49. 1 point
    Norm. Any dev on this. I also tried a couple of time since last August for ATR, FLOAT, SHRT FLT and ADV. Do u think we should just keep asking ? Not sure how to get a few DAS bugs tht I have found addressed quickly, Any advice anyone ? May just create one thread for ALL requests so everyone knows wht has been requested of DAS.
  50. 1 point
    Very clean - I think this is going to be great. But for me, right now, it's unusable until deleting trades is implemented. As I'm in the simulator, I test ideas and analyze outcomes that I don't consider part of my "official" morning trades. Also having tags is absolutely necessary for journaling. Being able to analyze what types of trades (ORB, ABCD, etc.) you do best on by pulling up their tags will be great!
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