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    Hey everyone! Excited to have found the BBT community. I'm 44 and recently moved to the Cincinnati area. I have driven past a billboard about learning day trading for over a year now, and for some reason it resonated with me this week. Mainly I think what prompted this was listing to Tom Bilyeu taking about breaking the time for money equation. I've had in interest in stocks and stock investing for a long time now, but I've always hesitated about day trading for all of the negative stigma around it. But as I started to look into this one company's training program, I started looking around the marketplace and Reddit and have come to believe the overwhelming feedback out there that you don't necessarily need to pay for expensive trainings and individualized coaching, but you DO need an appetite and willingness to learn and the support of a strong community. Enter BBT. I found Andrew's book and the BBT podcast and am grateful for both! I'm not all the way through the book yet, but I'm excited to crush it pretty quickly, join the next onboarding training, then getting after it! I'm really looking forward to getting to meet everyone, learning the trade smartly, then graduating to real investments in the near future. Cheers!
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    flip is just a double position stop but sometimes you may be not filled because of margin requirements so be aware of that
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    Hi Gideon, I am also a UK day trader. Have been investing in stocks for 4 years but only now just looking into day trading. I set up my IB account yesterday and my journelling account today. I think we have a benefit to trading from the UK as our trading day starts at 1.30pm so not too early!
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    Hi, I’m planning to start day trading from the UK. I have set up an IB UK account to be linked to Dastrader. Please let me know if there are downsides with this set up trading US markets from the UK? Thank you
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    Newer versions of DAS have two options to visualize menus and settings. Go to Setup > Other configuration and you have USE NEW CONFIG WINDOW selected. That´s the new menus and settings. Uncheck it and you will get the old menus, just like the videos.
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    $PRICE+($TARGETR*2); this is not possible in DASTrader as it dooes not know the mathematical logics and brackets you need to do $PRICE+$TARGETR+$TARGETR instead see the log for the errors you get. there will be an error about route not being "LIMIT" etc. overall you should switch to the new syntax and forget the old one as the calculations done in the old syntax are now useless and it will be easier for you to understand what is going on rather than studying why the switches between SShare and Share are there
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    solution of 2024 here https://open.substack.com/pub/traderpeter/p/das-trader-advanced-hotkeys-part-777?r=1wujo4&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web
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    I use both, and from my experience, some orders do not get filled, and has a huge slippage on the stop market orders. Especially volatile stocks with wide spreads like nvda. You have to do the math, for the vol of shares I trade on nvda, the avg cost for the week using IB is around $60, about 250/mth. TD, free. But I do notice that I have bigger slippage, sometimes up to .30-40 on entries, and stops compared to IB. However, the overall performance on stocks that has slower moves, and tighter spreads, such as $aapl, not much of a difference. it is a toss up for now, but as you move into bigger shares, and volume, then you have to calculate if the slippage loss on a given stock is worth the commission free trades. For now, yes for me on nvda, since most of the time, I am looking for min. of 2-4 dollar move, and the .15-25 slippage in entries, are. usually 5-7.5 loss, but make up for it in the trade. Limit orders are decent, but market orders execution on TD is terrible. But as i said, I have never been able to accurately tell how much slippage, but some of the stop/market orders have slipped by .20-35 cents. If you have 100-200 shares, that's 35-70 dollars. Yes, I have seen such loss on a stop that is suppose to @b/e. However, Ib has some slippage on market orders, and stop/market. But it is usually .5-10 cents. Nominal. What I am thinking of doing is placing a bracket order .25-40 cents in front of my b/e limit order. The only danger about using a limit order, if it doesn't get filled, you can face a big loss. Stop market, you will get filled, but not at the price you have it placed, due to the slippage. so, yeah, one of those things that we deal with. I can't help but to think the mm and the brokers benefits from this somehow, but there is no way to prove it. I think they use micro pennies to make profits, but probably make a killing taking in the diff between a spread, and the slippage, if they can slip it in there. Happy trading Everyone.
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    It is said ( from the trading books and experienced trading mentors) that it is better to stick with just one ( or at most two ) strategy for either day trading or swing trading. The advantages include: - by focusing on one strategy, you can better ( easier ) find out the accuracy and profit/loss ratio of your strategy; by a number of testing. - there are all kinds of entry points / setups during the day in the market, by " filtering out " the various opportunities and narrow down to just one type of setups ( entry points ) , you are easier to react to price actions that keep moving and changing, and your emotion will be more stable and easier to control and be calm. It is said that " do not attempt to catch all opportunities in the market " & " Less is more". Hope it helps.
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