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  1. Lana

    Trade Ideas Plan

    Hi Peter, Thank you for your message I read Andrew's book How to day Trade for a living, and I tried the simulator DAS for a week or so. Also I watched 9 BTT classes on YouTube. Now I got an e-mail that you have a 60% discount for the Elite course, and I am confused what course I need. I want to lean and be a day trader. Are classes covered in Basic the same ones that are covered in the book? How long are the classes?
  2. Lana

    Trade Ideas Plan

    Thank you Peter! I am new here. I don't know where I have to start. What membership do I have to buy to get simulator discount from BBT and for learning? Thank you for your help.
  3. Hello everyone, What plan do I need for the Trade Ideas: Premium or Standard? Do I need it when I am going to start just trade on simulator? Thanks in advance, Lana.
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