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  2. Hi Zen, welcome. What do you mean by "2 confirmations after breakout"? You mean two 1min candles above/below the breakout?
  3. Monday 03/30/2020 I had a well-being score of 6.5/10 this morning. I took 2 live trades with ABT and CCL. My watchlist: AMD, ABT, DAL, JNJ, CCL, and BA. ABT had an interesting PM. It had a catalyst and a level at 83.25 it touched (or nearly touched) 3 times near the open. Then at 9:26 the volume really increased with a bullish candle and then a hammer. The L2 looked weighted to the ask side. Then 2 min before the open T/S lit up green and I went long with small share size. The price popped and retraced. What the chart/L2 looked like when I took the trade: The price popped, but not high enough to take a partial. Then the price dropped to my stop (82.50) and bounced and made a hammer where I added. My target was the daily level at 84.73. The open had lots of volume but little movement at first. Then the priced moved higher and I got two partials. Then the price sat for almost 2 minutes while SPY was moving higher. Finally the price moved a little higher where I partailed again since I was losing faith. Then I tried to exit at the break of the 83.25 level, but wow what a slide that was. Right after the ABT trade I noticed CCL had a weak 1st minute then was bouncing between VWAP and the LOPM. If I could get a really good entry near VWAP I would short. I didn’t have to wait to long and actually got filled immediately. I had to only wait a minute for the drop to start. I took way to many partials. I got caught in the halt. Then I accidentally made a hot key mistake near the end when I was exiting, and added a few shares. What did I do good today? Good use of T/S. What I am grateful from today? It’s great starting the month (my trading months always start on a Monday) on a positive day.
  4. 1) Would really like Brian for a Swing trading webinar/workshop, on how he selects his swing trading watchlist, what criteria he bases his watchlist on. Every time he shares a weekly recap, he does mention stocks he is keeping as watch on. Would be really helpful if such a webinar can be arranged. 2) Day Trading Options by Nas, the first part was a really good into, Another follow up with strategies and specifically which cheap OTM options to trade would be really good too
  5. March 23-29 Weekly Report Top Three Good Trends I absolutely choose to fight the fight each and every day and face the unknown. My risk management is on point again which is what saved my week from be a total disaster and my execution of trades was not on. I was present in the moment for each of my trades and was hyper focused on executing my plan after Tuesday when I was all over the place. My trading the last three days was right where it needed to be. I accepted the fact that I am not in the zone and that I need to take a real look at what I was doing wrong and how to adjust for the upcoming week. Bottom Three Bad Trends Entries and managing the trade once I was in was a huge issue this week. I think upon the increase in risk, I once again started to doubt my setups which is crazy because they still work even in this market. I could tell that I am focusing on the outcome/future instead of focusing in on what I need to focus on which is the present moment. My exits were the second big issue I had this week I was always worrying again about being wrong. My focus was not on executing it soundly because my mind was focused on future events or outcomes and a monthly goal that is not important. I put an arbitrary goal at the end of the month which this week put undue pressure on my performance. Emotions got in the way of trading because I was looking at the past. I was unable to forgive myself for the mistakes I made and dwelled on them preventing me from taking other good setups when they presented themselves. Focus for Next Week I stop my current sample set and reset. No point in going down the rest of path when the beginning was so out of the norm that it would not be a good representation of the data that I was looking for. I have re-calibrated my trade plan and will go into exit week was a solid plan to execute regardless of the individual trades Do not focus on individual trades, instead focus on completing 20 trades that meet your setup along with following your process. I have already paid for them so the only thing that I can do is make money by taking a trade that meets my plan. Focus is on the big picture not the individual little movements as they do not matter. Plan your trade, trade your plan.
  6. Starting this thread to post my Day trading journal. Starting this week I am experimenting with taking just 3 trades. (this is to overcome my overtrading habits). Goal for each trade will be 3R. So I make 3R or lose 1R. Here is 12 point check list I have for entering a trade. RULES for entering a trade LONG SHORT 1 Catalyst Catalyst 2 Daily chart is favorable Daily chart is favorable 3 SPY in your favor SPY in your favor 4 Harmonious charts Harmonious charts 5 RVOL > = 2 RVOL > = 2 6 Above VWAP Below VWAP 7 2 confirmations after breakout 2 confirmations after breakout 8 Volume coming in Volume coming in 9 Above moving averages Below moving averages 10 Big Ask at a distance Big Bid at a distance 11 Bids stacking up Asks stacking up 12 3 R IS FEASIBLE 3 R IS FEASIBLE
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  8. 3-23 to 3-27-20 What I did bad this week: Technical Errors: Wrong hotkey once Trade management: Jumped the gun in the early market Over-trading: Tried several scalps at end of day that were not part of my playbook and or trades that were not in playbook on 4 of the days What I did good this week: Respected my in trade and daily stops. Took most trades on all of the days that I was calling out Only took PB#3 or PB#7 live Feeling more confidant in my PB#s 3 and 7 Reading the tape well on focused days Adjusted in-trade trading plan for the current choppy market taking more partials and scalping more. Staying in control of my emotions for most of my trades Changes to be made this upcoming week: Work on playbook trades that I may need to scalp when Tape is slow or not doing what I anticipate Rules to stick by this upcoming Week: 1. After I call it a day by either MAX Loss, Profit Target or what I am comfortable with, only use the rest of the day in SIM unless it is an A+ setup then only give back what is in my plan 2. In-Trade and Daily Stops 3. Do Not chase or revenge trade 4. PB#s 3 and 7 are only to be taken Live unless Rule#1 5. Only A or better setups at time of Live trade Challenges for myself this upcoming Week: On mic trades only with my small group if available Take a planned break at 1100 or 1200 for other Bus. @ 0905 do some exercise and then meditate to calm myself Stay unbiased Notes: Rules are not to be broken, these will cost money every time My Challenges are almost as important as my Rules, Pay attention to them Goals and Rewards: +20Rs or more at end of the month to consider trading with more size in the future two months +11.6R for the week
  9. there is always something happening and you never know... and despite the bad situation overall the volatility is our wish
  10. Good insights. As far as the employment picture. It is so unprecedented that we have no way to predict what will happen with the economy in the US, and other countries as well. There is a very high chance it will be a recession so bad and deep that everyone will wish this was just 2008. Employment and people's confidence in things drives everything in the economy. Stocks are massively overvalued for the lack of growth right now. Good article on the employment, before the actual number came out last week. This coming week will probably be even worse for unemployment claims. As it turns out being a trader is one of the best jobs for times like this. https://www.vox.com/2020/3/21/21188529/initial-unemployment-claims-goldman-sachs
  11. P.S: if you only had losses on Form 1099-B, can you still get deductions from your trading expenses (on other incomes)?
  12. @IamKarthi - Thank you for sharing details about your trading journey. You have definitely enriched the BBT Community with your postings. Looking forward to hearing more from you. I am especially impressed with your selection of trading related books - I bought all of them
  13. Hello BBT, This is my first year working on my taxes as a daytrader. I am not sure on how to add expenses on Schedule C, assuming I qualify for the trader status (i.e. Computer, monitors, chatroom, desk, etc...) Can anyone share a snapshot of their Schedule C? (of course without your personal info). Thank you!
  14. I uploaded to the 1st post an updated version with these new features: I added a window displaying a detailed view of the trades, that you can open from the menu or by double clicking the tables containing the trading days, the trades and the statistics. Depending on where you click, the list of trades loaded in the trade details is populated accordingly: if you click on a trading day/trade in the Trades/Analysis tabs, the list contains the trades taken during the day if you click on a strategy in the Statistics tab, the list is populated with the trades associated to that strategy, given the selection filters if you click on the selected trades in the Statistics tab, the list contains all the trades selected according to the filters You can associate a screenshot to each trade. The screenshot can be pasted from the clipboard or can be imported from a file You can add a detailed review of the trade. The trade review consists in formattable text, and a template for the review can be saved in order to use it as default for the new trades. I added a few tooltips to highlighting the content of each area of the windows for the new users. You can disable them from Settings->Tooltips.
  15. Got the Fibline to work but realize u cannot define the fib level percent, only color/style/width. The other BUG i notice is tht with MainMenu-> HotButton->Config->Command value gets truncated with a long script when u exit DAS. So u have type in command every time u start DAS. Works fine otherwise.
  16. Hello, my name is Tasos , I am 20 years old and I originally come from Greece. I have been a member of Bear Bull Traders technically for four years, since 2016. However, I had to create a new account last year where I got a Lifetime membership. I began my journey of trading since I was 16, I dropped out of high school and was trading while working. I did DAS simulator for many years and had many conversations with Andrew. I failed. A lot. It would be incredible to calculate the amount of hours I spend these last four years looking at screens with candlesticks. I had to take drastic measures because of life events that caused me to leave trading to the side for a while, but it was always on mind and what I aspired to do for the rest of my life. I finished online high school and I am currently pursuing a BSc in Banking and Finance with a Minor in Financial Markets Trading, and yes there is such a thing (long way trading has come). I mainly participate and trade the FX market and have interests in commodities and basically all Macroeconomic subjects. I have come a long way from a kid knowing nothing about how this whole thing works and I am excited to see where I can reach. My goal eventually is to become a hedge fund trader or an IB. Nevertheless, whatever happens, trading is the reason I have goals in life. It has changed my life, it has taught me things about my life and made me the best version of myself. I decided to be more active in the Forums as of late since I do not have school obligations because of COVID-19 and plan to participate even more. Since I do not particularly trade stocks anymore I will be posting on FX market forum where I hope I can exchange ideas with people. Lastly, I know Andrew is a great guy and hope he remembers me and it feels good to be back and see how much the community has grown. It honestly is the best non-toxic community there is with actually smart individuals in this space. Safe trading!
  17. Hi, first time post here but here are my two cents. I believe the stimulus bill being passed is the current cause of SPX having a pullback, thus causing EURUSD and GBPUSD to make these moves. The sentiment currently is risk on, but the reality of the situation is that the virus has not been solved and the worst is yet to come, especially in the U.S. I expect by the end of the week NYC to be in a lock-down and more states to follow. Additionally, this week is important because we are going to have post effect indicators of the economy, as of the past week we had lagging indicators i.e Weekly unemployment job claims at 3 million! A number that you would think would not cause the stock market to record its best weekly gain since 1938. Nevertheless, I expect DXY to form new highs in the weeks/months to come and I expect EURUSD under 1.05 and GBPUSD under 1.10 (My opinion and my opinion only) The spread in the credit market is also concerning and what I expect to be one of the causes our economy is going to go into a recession. Also, I foresee bad numbers coming out of the US and markets changing sentiments, causing SPX to fall even further. I believe USD will re-establish once again its safe haven status and eventually achieve parity against the EUR, which I see having major problems. A dissolvement of the EU in the long run might not be out of the question IMO. Lastly, I believe we will see WTI under $20.
  18. Anecdotally from other member's posts on the forum, it can take upwards of 2 weeks to get approved. They also are very slow to respond, but they will eventually. Funding is rather simple though once done, they have detailed instructions on where to wire the money once you have access to your account.
  19. Last week
  20. Hi all, I filled out the basic part of the application to go live with CMEG. I emailed them yesterday to find out how to proceed to the next step; they have not replied! how long does the application process usually take to get approved? and what is the process to fund the account?
  21. 1st - if 26.20 is a level i would partial there and set stop loss to BE and hoping for a break but there was the level and also the MA coming down so it had not much chances to succeed 2nd -it was just too late for anything i think. maybe an ABCD short when it touched the MA on 1min but there was just not enough space for some real target other than LOD
  22. it is trading against a support level but i think i would take it also as a 3 bar play on the 5min chart and the 2 dojis on the 1min chart with a stop of 15.35
  23. L2 is overestimated. i have not seen ABCD in the first 10 minutes for many weeks now so maybe you do not trade it. your 1min ORB is not a 1min ORB and obviously if you have a 50cent stop on a 18 dollar stock, you have to have target arounf 16.50 or you have something wrong
  24. here are my stats this year. remember it is always about risk management
  25. Think that I found the cause of the bug, fixed it in the new version, and also improved the auto-size mechanism, that sometimes was using more space than needed. I will post the new version as soon as I complete the screenshots attachment feature...
  26. Hi, if the SQLite format is ok for you this application: reads the DAS logs and saves them in a SQLite DB, which you could use to get the information about the orders and join them with the watchlist info. In the DB for each order you would find this info: If you want to integrate this in a script I don't see any problems in making the DB creation available from command line.
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