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  3. I may be mistaken but I was not aware that you can do that, including a corresponding stop loss at a price you choose, and automatic calculation of size depending on the difference, based on a risk unit. Is that so?
  4. you can have stop entries wherever you click
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  6. Make sure to check https://bearbulltraders.com/request-special-das-package-for-ib-traders/
  7. Hi Nathaniel, welcome to BBT! My advice is to take your time to go though all the resources we have in the education Center, to take this endeavor like a new business and start trading live when you prove yourself consistent in the sim, and have your rules, trading plan, tradebook, etc. ready.
  8. Hello to everyone. My name is Nathaniel Fischer and I am new to BBT. I bought Andrew's book about 7 or 8 months ago as I have been interested in day trading as a new career/business path. I knee that day trading wasn't a joke or an easy set of skills to master. I have been studying the free online content but I haven't taken the plunge to become very serious about it until the last few days. Having spoken with my wife who has been very supportive but also pushing me to get over my fear of the current economic market. So here I am and ready to give everything I have. Any advice and introductions would be much appreciated. Sincerely Nathaniel Fischer
  9. Hotkeys are very good in DAS, better than e.g. TWS. That being said, there are still limitations that I would like to see improved, e.g. stop entries over the prior High. I am not aware that TradingView is sufficient for actual trading, that is more of a replay, analysis and documentation tool I thought. Isn't it web based? That would not be my choice. I am personally still on TWS which has its own limitations. I am interested to hear other comments.
  10. hotkeys and risk controls no problem with multiple monitors every platform is complicated once you start having your own custom ideas and needs for its use
  11. Hello - Been going through the video series provided in the education center (great stuff!) I've done my own research on platforms, brokers and scanners and while Interactive Brokers and Trade Ideas ranks high according to many sources DAS is never on the list of recommended platforms. And during my simulation trading I've found DAS to be clunky and outdated compared to other options available like TradingView. So, I'm curious why DAS is the preferred platform here as opposed to others? Is it the trading hotkeys? Obviously that is a big one and I have not done too much in TradingView but I would think they have something similar (total guess). Not only that but the cost is considerably cheaper. $60 compared to $150. Is there something specific I am missing that is the reason behind the recommendation? I also can't seem to get DAS to work with multiple monitors while TradingView does. I can understand familiarity as a reason but as a new trader I don't have the familiarity and would prefer to use a platform that is easy to understand, navigate and just in general looks better on the eyes. Thank you for your time, Kyle NOTE: I'm only using the Demo right now.
  12. you need to right click the new window you want on the 2nd screen and click the windows to pop out of the application or in the old config style to be able to drag them to the 2nd screen then save the desktop and it will remember the windows positions
  13. I am new to this and I am having a hard time setting up my monitors how I would like. I have 2 monitors one ontop of each other. I have set up das on the bottom screen but when I try to enlarge the screen of das it wont go on both screens. SO I had the idea to open 2 screens of das, but all that did was log me out of the other one. All I want to do is put some more charts up top. How do I accomplish this?
  14. its membership, not a course. with the membership you get access to those resources listed
  15. What does setting Das to "High Speed" do, and what about the option "Real High Speed"?
  16. Hey guys , just looking to expand my hot key system, im looking for Kyles spread sheet of hotkeys. I don't navigate forums that much and clearly not good at it , Any help would be nice. Thank you
  17. Lana

    Trade Ideas Plan

    Hi Peter, Thank you for your message I read Andrew's book How to day Trade for a living, and I tried the simulator DAS for a week or so. Also I watched 9 BTT classes on YouTube. Now I got an e-mail that you have a 60% discount for the Elite course, and I am confused what course I need. I want to lean and be a day trader. Are classes covered in Basic the same ones that are covered in the book? How long are the classes?
  18. Peter, Thank you very much! This is exactly what I was looking for. Denis
  19. Interactive Brokers users: IB has been advertising (to me) their "IB Adaptive Algo". They claim that it can improve both speed and fill price. IB's marketing: "Since you place marketable orders, you may want to try using Urgent Adaptive Algo orders instead, as they have better price improvement on average." "Since you place non marketable orders, you may want to try using Patient Adaptive Algo orders instead, as they attempt to achieve the fastest fill at at the best all-in price." https://www.clientam.com/en/index.php?f=19091 So there is a setting for urgent and patient, depending on what you want to prioritize. I am a bit dubious because in fast moving markets this algo may miss out on entries. Has anyone any experience with this order algorithm?
  20. 1. open broker account (IB) 2. fund your account and set your base currency to USD on your IB account in case you are in europe 3. buy DAS https://dastrader.com/subscribe-interactive-brokers/ i recomend you to buy replay mode as well so you will be paying 165$ monthly to DAS no fees other than comissions on IB (approx $0.0115 per share) no data package for IB needed if you trade only with DAS 4. download DAS mobile app for cases when your pc goes off or you need to control your trades while your ISP/internet is down
  21. Hi All, I was wondering if someone can advise on the sequence of set up for trading. To date, I was trading in DAS simulator that I purchased acccess to through BBT. But I am now ready for real trading. Should I contact Interactive Brokers first to open an account? Then do I call DAS to get connected? Or Interactive Brokers offe that connectivity? Also, does anyone know the fees invovled? Thank you for your help!
  22. Welcome to the Jungle Bienvenido al grupo. Somos muy afortunados de ser parte de esta comunidad donde todos ponemos nuestro grano de arena para ayudarnos unos a otros. Saludos.
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