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  3. I'd love to join the Zoom, did this ever take off?
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  5. Posted 22 hours ago (edited) Date May 13, 2021 Status (Live/Sim/PCT Sim) PCT Sim Performance Questions What did I do well? I didn't trade in the first minute. Found a 60 minute hammer that I could get a directional bias from. (PLUG) What could I have done better? Upon reviewing the video I saw that it did not BID over premarket high. I should have only added on minute 3 if this occurred. I should have expanded my 1 minute chart so I didn't accidentally place my stop higher when the chart expanded (as I clicked). I need to keep my stops active until hit (that starts with clicking in the right place when I buy shares). I should not have shorted against that 60 minute hammer. Only when there is just a regular range break should I do this (60 minute range break without a hammer). Psychology Questions What's your performance pressure out of ten? ( 0 = too comfortable; 10 = too anxious) 6 Is the current way I am trading going to lead to long term success? No, my losses have been very high. I am trading sub par stocks because I am not seeing what I want in the first minute. ABCD's might be my next step because of this change in performance.
  6. I appreciate the feedback. I try to distill the journaling process into its most basic parts and put all of the lessons from the most recent week into a weekly review. Otherwise the review process is way too overwhelming to the point of being useless when I look back after several months. I have found that I don't really like going back through individual trades after a long period of time because I usually feel I've developed enough since then that I don't want to "taint" my current view of the market with old thinking. That's why I track generalities of how I'm doing from day to day in order to stay an active participant in my development, but not so intense that my anxiousness leads me to unnecessarily making adjustments. The weekly review distills my concerns from one week to the next, so I can clearly distinguish between trading anomalies and recurring issues. Otherwise I feel too responsible for my results from day to day rather than letting my strategy reveal its viability through frequency. Thanks for reading.
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  8. I REALLY like how you recapped here and it motivates me to do the same.
  9. Date May 12, 2021 Status (Live/Sim/PCT Sim) PCT Sim Performance Questions What did I do well? Not much! Showed up to the computer. What could I have done better? It is clear that I should not enter in the first minute. My sample size is large enough to confirm that my intuition during this time is very poor. plus my tight stops work against me during the price discovery. Set my stops immediately after entry. Uncontrolled losses will result if I don't do this mechanically. Get in on a range break. avoid trading intra-range on the 60 minute chart. (aka be more picky with tickers) Psychology Questions What's your performance pressure out of ten? ( 0 = too comfortable; 10 = too anxious) 5 Is the current way I am trading going to lead to long term success? No, I need to set my stops and let them get hit.
  10. Thank you good sir! i am noticing that if the price action holds above the 9 it is a good entry point, where as the cross over happens later on in the chart. so i am thinking of keeping it without the cross over or using the cross as needed for more confirmation.
  11. Hope this thread is still active, just noticed it. It is really tough to trade with a full-time job. I'm still mostly trading in the simulator and I'm lucky that I can trade from 9:30am-12pm(I live in East coast!). After that I have to get ready to go to work, unfortunately. I've been trading in the simulator for almost 8 months now and I wish I could quit my day job and become full-time day trader. Then I could concentrate 100% on trading and I would have more free time to study and practice all the strategies, risk management, psychology lessons etc. I try to read and watch some of the lessons on my lunch breaks on my phone, which is not ideal. It's been really long process so far and now I'm just starting to be consistently profitable. -I wrote this on my lunch break, lol
  12. Trust me when I say this is by far the most frustrating thing about using a broker. Their variable margin is too much for me.
  13. The external linking in TI does great for changing the DAS Montage when clicking a symbol in TI. Does anyone know if there any way to do the reverse? Would really like it if I click a symbol in DAS, to change TI. I currently use TI for charts, news, etc. and it gets a little cumbersome when using User Defined List in DAS as my watchlist, but have to manually change the symbol in TI so that I can see the charts.
  14. Thanks Bailey, I thought I had 1-4 margin (75% right?)... but is actually only 25% for most tickers...
  15. Good evening MIGS, I have had similar issues in the past. My memory isn't crystal clear, but I believe that when I looked into this the math ended up working out. Basically there are variable margin requirements for each ticker, so if you are only allowed 25% margin, then IBKR will restrict a significantly higher amount of buying power than the position is actually worth. Anytime you have this issue, check the Short List provided by DAS. You can view if the symbol that is selected has any margin limitations. TRADE > SHORT LIST SHORT LIST It is currently after hours, so this isn't updated correctly. However, this could be your next step in troubleshooting. Good luck! Bailey Nevener
  16. DAS shows a “withhold bp” way off in excess of the required $$ for the position, meaning if I buy 100 shares at 10 each instead of showing “withheld BP” of $1000 (100*10) it shows a lot more ( $$ much higher like 1300 )...anyone with the same issue???. Still using my training IBKR account but with full DAS version ( updating to current Rev didn’t fix it).
  17. From my understanding, it's used for momentum and more for scalping. Whenever the crossover happens, it can signal that the price/trend is headed in that direction, though it's not guaranteed. I like to use it into the 50 MA, as some explosive moves can happen there. More specifically, if it happens just below or right at the 50, you can scalp anywhere from .1-$1 (depends on the cap of the stock) as it breaks through the 50, with even more profit potential if it takes place between 10-1 ET (when a retest of the 50 is possible if it hasn't done so since the open, and the trend goes in the direction of the 50). I would suggest going back and looking at different stocks and studying charts if you're going to do this. I have also found that this works with ascending/descending triangles when happening at the 50. Also remember that these indicators are lagging, so price action is much more important to watch, especially if price closes above the two before the actual indicators crossover (better entry with price action compared to when it shows it happens).
  18. Does anyone use this strategy? is so please explain in detail what you guys think about it and any information that will or could help build my strategy that i am basing on the 9 20 cross over
  19. Date May 10, 2021 Status (Live/Sim/PCT Sim) PCT Sim Performance Questions What did I do well? I didn't force myself to make goal amount today. When I had platform issues I took off my positions. What could I have done better? Had my platform setup correct, but there's always problems when you come back from a hiatus. Held onto INTC for the day run. (That was when I had platform issues) Got to the computer sooner than 6:16 a.m. and get setup faster so I wasn't rushed at the open. Psychology Questions What's your performance pressure out of ten? ( 0 = too comfortable; 10 = too anxious) 3 Is the current way I am trading going to lead to long term success? Yes, the trading style will lead to the long term success, however I will need to make sure that I am setup to trade sooner than 6:28 a.m.
  20. i think this would do it CXL ALLSYMB;ROUTE=MARKET;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;Send=Reverse
  21. Hey BBT and @Abiel Good day. This is Luke here! I am new to the community. I wish you could help me out in understanding the Tradebook. I am eager to learn. 1) In the first Strategy - Fallen Angel / Rising Devil I am stuck at the given examples. What are the lines/ Curve indicated in the chart? I know there might be Lines like Previous Days close, High, Low, Premarket Hi/Low... also VWAP, SimpleMA, ExponMA... But I wish you could enlighten me with which is what in the provided example. We have Horizontal Line -Purple Solid Line =? -Yellow Solid Line = -Dashed Red Line = -Dotted Red Line = -Dashed White Line = Curves -White = -Green = -Blue = -Red = -Orange = Thanks for your help!
  22. I just started a couple months ago (paper trading right now) and I'm from the same area too! I'm in lawrenceville, ga
  23. Check this youtube channel and his other vids in options trading in TWS... youtu.be/6qV6xsw-plA
  24. all seems fine to me if you are using Interactive Brokers broker if you are using just demo of DAS or other broker you need to change all your hotkeys Route=SMRTL to Route=LIMIT
  25. breakeven hotkey: ;CXL ALLSYMB;Route=Stop;Price=AvgCost;StopType=MARKET;STOPPRICE=AvgCost;StopPrice=Round2;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;Send=Reverse; Here's my montage settings(also my montage style is set to stop order):
  26. Hello good people, Forum lurker here seeking some advice. I have been day trading for the past half year, but now due to a new job restriction, I'm not allowed to. I still can however swing trade in indexes and ETFs (non single stocks) freely and I am thinking of doing that. This would definitely change the pace and strategy, and I'm going to Brian's book first as a guide. Anyone with experience with the same thing or any tips?
  27. Anybody is interested in meetup for Toronto based BBT members via Zoom?
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