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  2. Ville, my trades appear on CMEG portal around 2-2:30 am Eastern time.
  3. I opened account with them and it went really smoothly. The whole process was 10 days, including one request of additional information and funding(from Europe). They send 10 emails keeping me on track whats going on. So far so good... But now that i have opened the account, should trades be showned in realtime at my CMEG Account Portal? As i can't see my friday trades. For Ed: I use Kyle's Hotkeys, which define dollar risk per position. They work great! Just remember change the hotkey script so that the DAY+ on the script is DAY
  4. That 8 gigs is never enough. Not to say you can’t add more. But when you start adding chrome tabs for finviz/bbt/squawk... and maybe OBS to record. You need 16 min
  5. That 8 gigs is never enough. Not to say you can’t add more. But when you start adding chrome tabs for finviz/bbt/squawk... and maybe OBS to record. You need 16 min
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  7. 6th Gen i5? Would this be a used PC? I would not get a used PC for trading, you don't know what you're getting. Minimums to have: CPU: at least an i5 or greater (latest gen recommended) RAM: 16BG or greater Monitors: 24 inch or greater, 1080 is fine Video Card: 4x ports or greater, by far the best is nVIDIA P620 (I have the older P600, they are not for gaming), you're gonna need a screen for chat, platform, and the other 2 for stock watching. https://www.amazon.com/HP-Quadro-P620-Graphic-Card/dp/B07C68M2GJ/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3JJ5SAP0BDV3V&keywords=p620+quadro&qid=1575047336&s=electronics&sprefix=p620+%2Celectronics%2C186&sr=1-1
  8. Hey, sorry for the late response, I am still recovering from PRK eye surgery, it did stop me from trading but not from working on my gainz. So if you were a beginner, keep your workout shorter, probably no more than an hour each session otherwise you may injure yourself, mostly in your joints by gaining the flexibility and stamina for longer more intense workouts. Over working out will slow your progress and fatigue your nervous system. Do about 4 exercises per session, 2 per body part, and 2 body parts a day. One compound movement and 1 isolation, example would be like a barbell bench press, then a dumbbell bench press or a barbell curl and the a concentration curl, and you're done for the day. Then for the full body lifts like deads or squats, just have that as your workout day, it should take you an hour to do say 5 sets of those with warm ups. DO NOT bother with a personal trainer lol, they will take your money but you will learn best by your own trial and error on what your body tells you and your own research, like youtube, t-nation, etc. Kind of like trading, trade with a community and learn from them, but trade on your own, no hand holding.
  9. 1/24/2020 Well, today did not go too well, but that's part of the learning curve. Some of my bigger goals right now are to develop my rules and be consistent with them no matter what. I'm trying to work more on accepting losses and making sure that I stick to those rules so they remain small losses compared to my wins. One positive from today is I sold off where I set my stop losses on my losing trades. It's easy to Monday night quarterback your trades and say "if I just held on it would've eventually gone down for that short!" Ultimately, it kept my losses down and my one win from today was a great return and almost made my day neutral versus red. I found myself not focusing on one or two particular stocks during the open. Because I'm so new to all of this, I find the need to find every trade setup possible for my strategies, which ultimately works against me because I'm missing out on stocks I had been previously watching because I'm too busy watching 4-5 other stocks. Anyways, today I want to go over four trades that I took. Only one of the trades was a winning trade. First two trades: BYND. I tried to take a 5m ORB. I was shooting to take my first partial at or near the high of day and judge from there if I was going to go all out or ride it out. It did not work out, the price (very quickly) shot back at me and jumped below my stop very quickly, I got out with a greater loss than I wanted. The second BYND trade. I saw the stock pulled back to VWAP and struck resistance at it. I took the trade short however, I stopped myself when it began to peak over VWAP, where I set my stop loss. I didn't have another level to really judge the stop loss on. It sucked because the trade eventually did plummet about 45 minutes later. I did not continue to monitor the trade because I felt like I would be getting myself stuck in a range + I already had two losses on it, so I moved on to other tickers. Third trade was AXP. I tried to trade this as a 15m ORB. It broke the body of the previous 15m candle, I went long. The stock immediately turned around on me. I saw the stock go below VWAP on the 5m and stopped myself out. Fourth trade, and the only winner for the day was INTC. I saw a good ABCD pattern in the beginning of the day on both the 5m and 15m charts. I saw it found support at the VWAP. I set my stop loss just above the 20EMA which was close below VWAP. I took partials all the way up to about 68.85. Not real sure what my logic was when I took that first partial at 68.25. I probably should have held longer and started easing out later than I did.
  10. Swing trade journal 1/24/2020 Lots of stop outs today, though none for a loss. It is nice going into the weekend with only one position. Stopped out KNL today at 25.24. Entered at 24.46 and 25.03. First partial at 25.15. Second partial at 25.42. Long KO at 56.04. Stop at 55.40. First partial at 56.93. Second partial at 57.48. Next target 58. Finished the day with lots of strength. Finished a little in the red but better than the broad markets. Stopped out WBA at B/E today. First partial at 53.45. I should have exited yesterday at the close when it was weak. Stopped out GILD at B/E today. First partial at 63.63. Second partial at 63.97. A bit surprised by the weakness since it finished with strength yesterday, probably just the broader markets. Entered and exited ADNT today. The price dropped hard today and reached the bottom of the channel. Also, it looked like a good reversal on the 5min chart. Went long at 19.74 and when it reached VWAP I thought I don’t really want to hold this position over the weekend. So I exited at VWAP ($20.19). Everyone have a good weekend!
  11. Great trade. Great adding back. You added in when I bailed
  12. Thanks for your feedback. I just want to compare their L2 or Market Depth with DAS as I just asked DAS and they don't have some of the books like TWS has and I think TWS platform sucks
  13. When I used eSignal (which I think does have the best charting SW) they connect with brokers through their platform. So you could trade with their platform. At the time I used it they just offered Futures. I think they offer Equities now through a broker on their list and the platforms connect. So you trade through the eSignal platform using one of their brokers they have a partnership with. At least that was how it worked when I was using it. Though I found I really didn't need that good charting. But if you want the best, especially with time frames less than 1 minute, then I recommend them.
  14. I asked DAS what Depth of Books they provide: NasdaqTotal View Arca Book IEX Deep But they do not provide: Nyse Openbook BATS Book These last two are not included in DAS. Most people think that if you are trading nasdaq stock you only need nasdaq total view. This is not true. Most of the L2 liquidity will be from Nasdaq total view but there is also liquidity in the rest of the books. I just wanted to throw this out there and see if someone subscribed to all of them that is using TWS in IB sees a difference with DAS.
  15. 1-24-20 AIS 0900, 7 hours, 7/10 Woke up too late to start my journal and was not able to do my morning rituals.... I was able to pull levels for my watch list and pull if / thens ...... INTC PB#1 first entry turned to PB#3 on second entry ORB supported by ABCD and the Tape..... Took two partials then added back in each partial was 50% and every add was back to original share size...... last one I stopped out of on the Tape.... +9R Cons: Missed an add at about 1033 to increase my risk Pros: Am able to trade calmly with less stress on the phone with a couple traders (thanks Ted and Steph) Playbook Trade: INTC Notes: stay with my small group and talk out my trades Rs: +9
  16. Good morning. Decent day today. Took a bunch of trades: AMD, PCG, INTC, ADPT AMD 5 min ORB. The 1 min charts shows a hammer doji and then a doji above the VWAP. Went long on the 5 min ORB but it didn't work out my way. Good trade management so I'm happy. PCG LOL Andrew was cursing at this stock and I felt the frustration as well. If only I kept a cool head, there would have been a great entry right after I was stopped out with 2 hammer dojis forming. I got into the 5 min ORB a little early but when looking at the 1 min chart, there was definitely an opportunity go long when those 2 hammer dojies formed. I then saw the 9, 20 and 50 MA crossing for a long position. I definitely could have had a bigger stop loss, but I am not sure what I was thinking. Should've, would've, could've. INTC Saw an ABCD pattern and took it long and was stopped out when the stock started to turn over. I noticed the 9, 20, and 50 crossing in a downward trend. However, as per my rule, I did not take it short as it was really close to the VWAP. It would most likely bounce back from it. I went long and hit the wrong hot key and got it by accident. I went long again and after some consolidation it did jump up. I was stopped out again as it hit my stop loss. But I did immediately go long again as I saw the 9, 20 and 50 MA cross in an upward trend. Stayed with it until I got stopped out. ADPT This stock was consolidating for quite some time but the 9, 20 and 50 were about to cross. Took it short as I was far enough from VWAP for it to bounce off. I did see the 50 on the 2 min chart and the 100 on the 1 min chart coming in but also far enough to make a decent profit. One thing I regret is not taking enough profit when it did hit 3R or even 4R. Ah well. You live and you learn. Again, learned a couple things and also confirmed some of my findings when it comes to the MAs crossing. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!
  17. Friday 01/24/2020 I had a well-being score of 7/10 this morning. I took 2 live trades this morning with INTC. My watchlist: INTC, SYF, AXP, TSLA, SNAP and AMD. I liked INTC and thought it had room to run. I was planning to take a 1min ORB or when the price breaks $67, which ever comes first. Then my DAS platform crashes at the open. I quickly restart it. I then hear Andrew complaining about the same issue. But the way I have my platform set up you can’t quickly restart. When DAS was back up I see I missed my entry on INTC. But not by much so I went long. The price immediately stopped moving as soon as I enetered and I was feeling uneasy about the trade. Then I heard Brian say he took INTC. The price then popped up a little and I took a partial and set my auto stop at B/E. My stop was triggered in a few seconds. Then looking at the setup it looked good for a long again, so I got back in. This is usually difficult for me to do. Then I heard Andrew say he went long INTC. My target was $68 with 67 as my stop. I took a quick partial out of nerves than a second one at the 1min high. Then as the 5min mark approached it looked like a great 5min ORB or ABCD. But it’s usually a disaster when I add into a trade. But I could feel it was the right thing to do. Then luckily a L2 bullish signal hit and I added in. The L2 signal when I added: Then I took a partial quickly due to nerves of adding. But then my partialing got better after that. Then all out when the price broke through the 9MA and created a reverse hammer. What did I do good today? Got back into a trade and added into a trade. I usually have issues with both of those. What I am grateful from today? Recovered quickly from IT issues. What I should improve on: I am happy with my trade today.
  18. hi Elias, 29th is better for me.. it's good to know BBT members in Dubai.
  19. Hi guys, I’m looking for a desktop for daytrading. What do you recommend? I’m trying to keep the costs down as much as possible. I’ve found a desktop shown on the photo below, should it be sufficient? Also how many monitors do you need as a minimum?
  20. Thanks Mike. Sorry about the multiple questions. And congrats on becoming a moderator. I just noticed you are on the right side of the chat now.
  21. Janaury 23, $PCG I feeling a little behind the markets all day today. Missed a 5 min Orb on $MU, and a 15 min Orb on $JD. I knew coming into today that I was just not on top of my game. I wasn't tired but I could just feel my mind was not operating at the speed it was the past couple of days. I was able to keep myself calm and I got a setup for a breakout on $PCG. I was a little worried about it prior to entering because, I just like the previous trades, I had missed my normal entry. If you look you can tell the entry came on the second time it broke the price level. When I saw it hold the moving average and go for the break, I decided to enter anyways. I should have moved my stop up from my original stop and it would have given me a better risk to reward. I ended up cornering myself and introducing added friction to the trade as I was on a time crunch with taking my daughter to school and I had not gotten the partial yet. I have no plan for this situation, so tonight I developing a plan when this happens again. I was lucky and got the partial prior to leaving and set a range order for my 2R level. As it is a morning trade I only look to get to 2R on this. Overall, a good day and I will take it. I am not worried about the run afterwards, because it in not within my current plan. Maybe later I will start at looking to take advantage of these. Once I get through 20 of these moving average breakout trades, I am going to consider looking at increasing my risk per share. But for right now I need to gather data on this setup.
  22. Last week
  23. I usually look on the 1 or 2 minute chart for the touches. Once you start looking for them you will be surprised at how easily they jump out at you.
  24. Mike, Any particular time frame (1min chart?) you look for the resistance/support touches?
  25. Swing trade journal 1/23/2020 Long KNL at 24.46 and 25.03. Stop at B/E. First partial at 25.15. Second partial at 25.42. Next target 25.67. Almost stop me out at the open. Flat for the day, though made a nice hammer on the daily cart. Long KO at 56.04. Stop at 55.40. First partial at 56.93. Second partial at 57.48. Next target 58. Stop moved to 56.50. Finished the day with lots of strength. Stopped out on GRMN today at B/E per plan. First partial at 100.71. The price spiked down at the open and filled my stop order. I just wish my fill wasn’t the low of the day. Long WBA at 52.95 today. First partial at 53.45. This was from Brian’s watchlist. It made a nice double bottom and I went long. Finished the day with weakness. Almost bailed on the trade at the close. But since it was still above VWAP I held. I hope I don’t regret it. Stop at B/E. Long GILD at 63.25 today. First partial at 63.63. Second partial at 63.97. This was from Brian’s watchlist as well. Went long when it broke above VWAP and held. Stop moved to B/E. Finished the day with strength. Stop at B/E.
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