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  2. Futures (MES) algo trading journal Tuesday 10/19/21. Strong momentum over night and a deep pullback triggering the algo to enter a long trade before the open. The price slowly dropped than a pop, but not strong enough. The price dipped down again and I was stopped out. Then over the next 45 minutes the price did eventually reach my target. I hope everyone had a good day. Rob c
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  4. Thank you Karl. Nice to know we're a bunch of BBT traders in Montreal. Would be nice to meet some of you guys soon somewhere with a beer in hand...
  5. count me in, thanks. Appreciate the map & info. Registered on the eventbrite and admitone link.
  6. Futures (MES) algo trading journal Monday 10/18/21. Over the weekend I programmed in dynamic profit targets and 2 weekends ago I programmed dynamic stop losses. Thus the algo is better prepared for volatility. There was strong momentum all day but I programmed the algo to be overly choosy. So it waited a few hours and after a second wave of strength and a pullback the algo went long. What was great is the algo on Friday would have not taken profit and I would have been stopped out at BE. But today, with the new programming, the the algo was looking to take a profit at the bottom of the level (I have the algo draw in Dodger blue). Rob C
  7. Last week
  8. Hola como estan todos. soy nuevo aqui... aunque el ingles es mi primer lenguaje mis padres hablan solo espanol y mi espanol hablado es fluido. Si hay un grupo en espanol me gustaria participar con ustedes.
  9. I am looking forward to this event!! Unfortunately I will have to leave at 7:30 pm to catch the ferry to Victoria.
  10. Does anyone know how the mute user function works?
  11. Hi there new here too. I am too gonna switch over to IB eventually. Problem is i need to transfer my account over and long shares from td to IB. Anyone know how long the process of transferring accounts over takes? and is it smooth?
  12. Hello Everyone. New here . Have been dabbling with trading for 2 years. some successfully some not. Noticed i needed more training and discipline to do this full time. So i am here. would appreciate any guidance and help in my journey to become a better trader.
  13. Should be closing on the house tomorrow. Going to be a month or two until I move though .
  14. it does not work man... you buy AAPL for 140 for a swing with a stop of 139 now AAPL goes to 141 you set your limit order to short at 139 you get executed immediately because short 141 is better deal than short 139 therefore you need a stop order for stops
  15. @Brian Pez I was thinking abt this.......So I would set a LIMIT order in the opposite direction of my ENTRY to act as my STOP, similar to my TAKE PROFIT, same share size. Then I can sleep at night ? LOL. Reduce quantity/size since after hours are thin ensuring I get fully filled amount.
  16. Thanks Alastair. I have been using the chat room Benzinga. I'll look into TraderView. I appreciate your response. Cheers
  17. Correct for both......Demo and news is an additional. I get my news from TraderView. I do not know anyone who uses the DAS news feed. Other traders use FinViz news service and BBT provides Benzinga via BBT website/chat session.
  18. Hey all, I am using the Das demo from BBT and I added a news feed window on my desktop and I linked it to my Market Viewer window. The headlines show up but the content field says: NOT PERMISSIONED FOR NEWS BODY! - is this to do with it being a demo, or is a news feed a subscription service? I appreciate any guidance on this. Thanks in advance!
  19. Check this post for specific mechanical steps which I use to read/intrepret the tape. It maybe helpful or it maybe a waste of time, either way read, digest, discuss and provide ur opinions. https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/topic/1916-bookmap-for-learning-level-2-and-ts/?do=findComment&comment=22979
  20. Rmeemebr, I heard borders are also getting open by driving, so you can drive from Seattlle and WA state. Please if you book a hotel, book around downtwon, or Coal HAarbor. These hotels are close to office, and in really good areas: I marked office in this map. Do not book anythign near the crossed area, as it is a homeless neighborhood.
  21. Futures (MES) algo trading journal Friday 10/15/21. The algo only took one trade on Friday. There was steady momentum from the PM in to the open. Then 30-60min after the open a deep pullback occurred and the algo went long to be stopped out quickly. The price did reverse and move higher a couple of minutes later. Looks like a good trade it just didn't work out. So for the week: 5 winners, 2 losers and 3 BEs. Now that the weekend started this where I do all my work. Review trades, run back testing, determine new parameters, run 2 new ideas I have for the this algo and work on new algos. Have a good weekend. Rob C
  22. Agreed, wish this members board was a little more active though
  23. Hey man, I'm looking for a trading partner as well. I'm 29 from Etobicoke and looking to share some trade ideas, 

    I use two strategies as well the 5 minute ORB and Moving Average Trend Trade. Feel free to msg me back on my page and we'll connect. 

  24. Hey guys, new to the BBT community and fairly new to Trading, I've recently started trading SIM and I'm looking for a trading partner, Mainly to Navigate DAS with and exchange trade Ideas. If anybody's interested please leave a comment below and we'll connect. I know the basics of DAS but looking to get more in depth as well. I started learning more about the market during the pandemic , even though I was investing previously. I've read both of Andrews books as well as many more, my knowledge isn't overly extensive but I have been studying Technical Analysis and Intraday and Scalping for almost a year now. I'm more then comfortable with the three pillars of Trading, and like I said previously just want to expand my knowledge as much as possible. ( I'm not that new to strategies, psychology and risk management just transitioning to DAS from TradingView )
  25. Hey everyone, how are you all? My name is Nick and I'm a TV professional, looking to get more involved in trading and investing. Been reading Andrew's books, and following the market all year. I've signed up for the trial membership for now, and am strongly considering getting the annual (as it's currently discounted), but also looking to see if I'd fit in here? I'm signed up with TD Ameritrade, and have been in Think or Swim for months, and have gotten pretty comfortable with it - are others here using this? I know others apps are faster (esp for day trading), I'm just dreading learning another software as I'm so invested in TOS haha. But I also know I may need to bite the bullet and jump to Das Trader Pro if it's better, and helps me learn more easily from all of you. And finally, I'm really into index funds - are there others here trading them? As someone knew to trading, I really enjoy the simplicity of tracking a small bunch of them. Just curious if most of you are trading company stocks, or if index funds fit into your plans as well. Thanks so much for your time. And have a great weekend. Cheers
  26. For anyone who is coming from outside of Canada keep the following in mind: https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/covid-vaccinated-travellers-entering-canada
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