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  2. Thank you. Is there any way to set a trailing order that gets deleted if a limit order is hit? So for example if the price moves 20 cents against me it stops me but if it hits my target it takes profit and deletes the trailing
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  4. Mohamed Omar

    My Day Trading Journal

  5. Mohamed Omar

    My Day Trading Journal

    @Bibonow, @Skye, @nmarnson Hi guys, I hope everyone is doing good Like we discussed on my other post, I will start to post my Journal here with my Chart in order to get some advice. if you guys want me to add anything else on my Journal let me know. Thank you.
  6. Mohamed Omar

    My Day Trading Journal

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  8. @Daniel Thomas - I only ski about once or twice a year but have found it's like riding a bike. At 54 years old I don't push it on the slopes. That would not be me in the photo. Alyeska Ski Resort has lots of different terrain for every skill level. The resort hotel is gorgeous and has indoor pool, exercise, and spa facilities, as well as places to relax by a big fire and enjoy the mountain scenery outside. January is a magical time to visit Alaska. Hope you and your wife can make it. https://www.alyeskaresort.com/hotel
  9. It's a tad more involved (easier to mess up and leave yourself open to error) and best explained in a video. Essentially, you have to do it in one of a few ways - a replace order or you have to cancel all pending orders for that symbol, both have their tradeoffs. DAS does not currently have a hot key for grabbing the active stop of a symbol. I've included the hotkeys for this in the 1.46 spreadsheet (under extras), but instructions will follow when I do a video on it all. Yes, I'll be doing a video on the latest version once I make sure I've gotten everything corrected in this. I think there was one other user with issues, so if it's all good for him now, I'll do it before I leave on vacation. Technically, the price you double click in the chart should show up in the montage until you fire the hotkey. It's then overwritten by the order price (e.g. ask + .05 cents). There's a few other things that can cause DAS to blank the box or fill it with a L1 price. If you want the price you initially clicked, you can store it by putting this at the beginning of the hotkey (if it's not already there). StopPrice = Price; That'll store it in the StopPrice variable which can be viewed on the montage if you use the "Stop Order" display style.
  10. released via Auto Upgrade. Unable to find release notes.
  11. thank you @KyleK29 this has been a huge help to my trading! i was wondering if you know why sometimes the price double clicked in the chart shows up in the montage and sometimes it doesn't? the hotkeys work either way it just seems almost random if the price is displayed in the montage or not. thanks again!!
  12. Mohamed Omar

    My Day Trading Journal

    Hi BBT, I will start to post my journal and trades here , I'm not a profitable trader yet, still trying to survive the learning curve. So I'm open to all of your advice Account size 4400$ Daily goal : 2% = 88$ Daily Max Loss : 2 % = 88$ Risk per trade : 1% = 44$ Thank you.
  13. zwoomin15

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    @Daniel Thomas. I actually figured out with a rep at Bank of America. I had to stop by Bank of America branch office at two different locations because the first rep that I talked to at the first location did not know how to. Thanks for your support though : )
  14. Weekly recap and week ahead posted in Education Swing trade and on Youtube.
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  16. Chris Davis

    DAS Alternative

    Did you add your Interactive Brokers and/or TDAmeritrade information into the setup for Ninja Trader? IB is a local pull. ToS will require you to enter your username/password for your brokerage account at TDAmeritrade. Once one (or both) are in there you should see data.
  17. Anyway you can do a how to video on how to set this all up, tips and tricks?
  18. dchababe

    DAS Alternative

    Hi Chris, I downloaded the ninja platform. But their charting gives me only daily: 1, 5, 15, ..etc.. minutes don't download. Am I missing something? Thank you Sammi
  19. Daniel Thomas

    Alaska Meetup - everyone is invited

    If you guys are talking slopes like the one in the picture, there's no way! Lol... I haven't been on skis since 1997....and even then -- it was only once! The imagery is amazing though. Imma' try to talk the wife into it, though she's a Jamaican -- who loves beaches and sunshine -- so I have my work cut out for me! Lol... I know for certain that I would enjoy the trip... I've always wanted to visit Alaska!
  20. @KyleK29, nice. This seems solved the "Not enough buying power" problem as well. Much Appreciated. Going back to my original question. How do I set up a hotkey enter a stop loss order with the trigger price I double clicked on the chart?
  21. Hi Tommy, Risk Controls are not available for BBT sim accounts, we are working with DAS to enable it.
  22. Hello, I just started and got the lifetime membership, and I'm using the 3 months free DAS sim. I'm following the video and when I right click the Accounts window, I see the "Open Risk Control Page" option but it is greyed out and not clickable. Is this page only accessible in the paid sim? Thanks.
  23. Hi Zack,

    Have you stop your FX Weekly analysis ?

  24. The program only checks the production branch. You have to manually acquire and install the BETA versions. There is a version, but it's a tad tempermental, 0.34 is decent. I'd recommend backing up your existing DAS install by right-clicking the directory --> Send to Zip. Then install overtop of that directory. https://www.dastrader.com/download/fixes/DASInstallDEMO. ^^ This is the SIM/Generic version. There are separate builds for IB/CMEG, if you happen to have them as a broker.
  25. Should be in original post now, I copied the wrong share link so it was linking the last version.
  26. Minor revision from the version (1.45) uploaded earlier today, 1.46 now includes more "bidirectional" modifiers (don't need Long / Short specific keys).
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