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  2. Week 12-09 to 12-13-19 What I did Bad this Week: I traded more than 3 times before 1100 twice this week Took a pre 1min on one trade Jumped the gun on one trade Made a Hotbutton mistake 3 time this week What I did Good this Week: Respected all my Rules Feeling good about my pre 5min decisions Doing a better job of getting in on trades when I see them setup Saved money by reading the L2 and T&S and getting out before my stop and before a big dump Changes to be made this upcoming Week: None Rules to stick by this upcoming Week: After I call it a day by either MAX Loss, Profit Target or what I am comfortable with, only use the rest of the day for Chat, Journal, Playbook ect. In-Trade and Daily Stops Only A or better setups Do Not chase or revenge trade Challenges for myself this upcoming Week: No Voice Chat before 1000 Max of 3 trades or 2 loosing trades in a row before 1100 Take a planned break at 1100 for other Bus. Notes: One of the days I slept in and was rushed in the Pre-Market causing me to feel a bit rushed at open On another Day I skipped my workout and meditation and I never felt quite right during the trading day Goals and Rewards: +20R at end of the month to consider trading with more size +12.6R for the week
  3. @KyleK29 Below 2 hot keys I am assuming placing a stop market order by double clicking on chart to get stop price for an open position. Please let me know if my understanding is correct. TriggerOrder=RT:STOP STOPTYPE:MARKET PX:StopPrice STOPPRICE:StopPrice QTY:Pos TIF:DAY+ ACT:SELL; TriggerOrder=RT:STOP STOPTYPE:MARKET PX:StopPrice STOPPRICE:StopPrice QTY:Pos TIF:DAY+ ACT:BUY;
  4. Amazing night with beautiful people! Andrew and wife are awesome, thank you very much for coming and spoiling us the way you did! Lots of photos will follow......
  5. Great night - Big thanks, to the Big Man himself Andrew, and everyone tonight what a great crowd, absolute pleasure meeting all of you!
  6. Hey all, it was an absolutely stunning evening with you! Big thank for Andrew and the organisers!
  7. Thanks Rob. I was not able to take this as I saw lots of good intraday opportunities last week. Some people did take this. One person took it at the channel bottom as it bounced off support and is up good on it.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hi Nas, thanks for posting your trades. Did you take W long yet? It looks like it has broken out of its range.
  10. Swing trade journal 12/13/2019 All out WDC at $55 WDC long at 49.30 First partial at $50.63. Second/third partial at 51.96 and 52.77. Then all out at $55. SLB Long at 35.74. First partial at 37.25. Second/third partial -yesterday- at 37.81 and 38.32. Fourth/fifth partial at 38.78 and 39.33. Stop at 38.30 SLB I still have a few shares left. Recent history SLB reverses when it hits 70 RSI. And we are hitting strong levels. But I think it is still worth holding onto a few shares and see if it consolidates and moves higher First on the watch list is PLAY. This is sort of an antitariff play since its revenue is domestic so it should be unaffected. Not a pretty chart. But it did have an OK upward trend the last 3 weeks and seems to have a nice support at 38.30. The reason for my interest is it tanked after earnings and completely rebounded the next day. Then the next day it did what I hoped and dropped again but to a lesser degree. Now I hope a pendant or even better a wedge can form that I can trade from. If this formation occurs it will take a few days. So I am just watching now. W I got from Nas posting it a couple of weeks ago and I have been watching it. It looks like it has broken out of the range now, but that was a really large range on Friday which causes difficulty in choosing a stop. If you look at a daily chart it looks like you go long on the break of 91.25 with a stop of 86.09. A $5 stop makes any decent R/R impossible. Looking at a 60min chart the $86 level doesn’t seem as critical. So two options. One goes on the break of $91 with a stop at $88. Though $3 is still a large stop, there are only 3 levels in between $91 and $100. A $92.50 level, but it is not that strong, a $94.95 level, which is strong but almost 2 years old and 50MA-1D. So it could really run if it gets going. The second option is go long at the break of 90.20 with a tight stop of 89.50 and manage it like a day trade for the first day or two. It could easily be stopped out, but if there was a signal on the 5min chart for the day it could be worth the risk. I will have to wait until Monday and play it by ear. I can’t make a decision on the trigger yet. Have a good weekend. See you on Monday.
  11. December 13 - $AMD What a crazy morning with all of the trade news. I had a great setup on AMD to the short side, but was real cautious due to the pending trade news. I held through the pullback and I was ready to hold it when it started to move in my direction again; however, as it was reaching the top of the hour the momentum died off, so I exited as I did not want to get caught in a squeeze. Eventually after the news release and the market calmed down I got the move I was looking for. My second trade was on AMD to the long side, as it was testing a price level and the news was about to come out. I entered right before the news broke. Unfortunately, because I was on WIFI and the volume in the market was extreme, my platform began to lag. The charts were not useful to me, so I had to go off of the Level data that was coming in without any disturbance. I meant to take a partial at the initial pop, but instead added to my position throwing off my ratios. Once I realized it, I quickly covered readjusted and entered a range order for the last little bit and got filled right away because my platform was lagging. Overall I was happy with the trade and how I managed the mistakes. Looking forward to next week. Sample Set Results, G S S G S G S [P(S)] P S P G 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
  12. Hey George Thanks for the suggestion! I like it. We would need some kind of setting to define a "Break-Even range" since it's different for every user. I'll add it to the planned features. Best, Igor
  13. Okay so roll with me on this one here. If you've been around BBT for any length of time you know what a 1-min ORB is. And if you've tried it, I bet you've also noticed that it isn't as easy as 2nd minute makes a newer high than the previous minute close and vice versa and have gotten your pee-pee slapped. I've noticed lately that a lot of 1/5 ORBs dont work out. Especially the 1 min. They pump it up just enough for you to FOMO in the beginning for the second minute. Then damp it. (Link here for the uninitiated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV5QlSgq7lg So... My thought process is to get in to a stock at somewhere like 9:30:40, let it come up and allow for the start of the new minute to print higher to wreck people getting in and get out for a base hit. Whatever it may be in this case like 10-20cent scalp profit and get out at like 9:31:05 or so. Could even in to see if it runs. Thoughts? Ill be practicing this strategy in the future. Obviously if L2 is positive then let 'er run.
  14. Last week
  15. Maybe you will tell me this is all easily done with buttons..but I haven't looked into the button calculations yet. It takes a share price and based on your account size will show you the max shares you can afford as well as display the money you'd lose/gain for each .05 interval up to 50 cents. account_size = 30000 from decimal import Decimal print("Welcome Tom, your account size is set to " + str(account_size)) share_price = input("\r\nPlease enter share price... ") shares = account_size//Decimal(share_price) print("**************************************") print("\r\nYou can afford " + str(shares) + " shares.") print("**************************************\r") stoploss = Decimal('0.05') while(stoploss <= .5): risk = 0 risk = int(shares)*stoploss print("stop loss of " + str(stoploss) + " risks " + str(risk)) stoploss+= Decimal('0.05')
  16. Yes, Carlos by chance posted his L2 config window and I saw how small my tiers were set. It looks much better now. Thx.
  17. So for the last month patterns by themselves do not seem to work on AMD.... Even with LVL2 it is tricky...... Yes the smaller T&S window is 2K and above..... I use this to see if there is a large seller/buyer at the same price for a period of time and if it coincides with the LVL2..... I use CMEG...... try going into LVL2 Configure.... I went up on my Tiers....
  18. 12-13-19 AIS 0843, 6hrs, 6/10, PAT: Spread..... A or better..... Notes: Do not hesitate but also do not jump the gun.... AQST PB#6.... first attempt so I kept my risk very low..... on the third min. it broke above VWAP an as soon as it came back through I had an order sitting at 5.47 as this was on SSR... L2 also started showing some nice BIDs in a ladder...... My stop was tight above VWAP and target was low of day... +1.3R CIEN PB#3.... Trending the 9ema on the 1 and 2min and making a nice ABCD on both, touching the 9ema on the 1min..... in as soon as it made a new 2min high..... stop was below C, the previous two candles on the 2min and ultimate target was a daily level of 44.41,....as soon as it got to the L2 prices at .87 the price action changed..... it chopped for a couple min. and BIDs started showing up giving me a Reason2Exit.... -.6R MU Took two stabs at MU Long and one Reversal...... The first and second I took with a trend above the 9ema and L2 was giving some light signals.... one of the things I have been noticing is that MU will often have some nice L2 signals and when the action approaches them they are pulled.... both were either partialed or stopped early with this information..... the Short was taken on the same L2 but BIDs this time... I was off looking at other tickers when it was at the 51.20 area and I missed some good partials..... the last red green was an all out.... I accidentally hit sell position instead of cover..... +1.6R AMD These two AMD trades were taken as possible trend trades... the first one I was stopped out of the ABCD pattern... the second one I took 1/2 of the first and I added in once I seen that the T&S didnt want to let it go past .45 and the L2 started to pick up.... Took partials and all out at BE..... -.3R Cons: Over traded..... Hit a buy key on mistake Pros: Saved money on following the L2 and T&S getting out early on the changes..... Playbook Trade: AQST Notes: Slept in today and was a bit rushed in the premarket.... Rs: + 2R
  19. Friday 12/13/2019 I had a well-being score of 8/10 this morning. Will be a short journal entry since again I was spending more time handling swing trades. I took 1 live trade this morning with BABA. My watchlist: BABA, ROKU, MU, SAGE and LULU. BABA had strong volume in PM and originally gapped up but headed down into the open. Between the Trump tweet and the tariff announcement at 9:30 I had no idea what to expect. 23 seconds after the open a 355k print hit. 3 seconds later a bearish print hit. 2 seconds after that a reverse hammer was formed and PM low was broken. I also like the 200MA-5min was near to act as a magnet. I went short. I got the usual bad fill. 1min chart and T/S when I entered the trade: My target was PDC with my stop (tighter than usual) on an invisible level around 205.60 that was respected in PM. I took a small partial at the 204.80 level (~1R). Then priced reversed and touched my B/E (which is now my stop). The price dropped back down to the 204.80 level where I took another partial because I was losing faith. The price reversed again and I exited a few pennies before my B/E because I hate when BABA flies through my stop. If I didn’t S/O early would I have reached my target? My stop is now set for two cents above B/E. I looked at my recording carefully and the price reversed 2 cents from my stop and the ask was 1 cent from my stop. So I would not have been stopped out and I missed the drop down. Every time I let BABA hit my stop order I lose half my profit in the fill. And when I stop out early it doesn’t reach my stop and I miss the run. I need to change my strategy. Then I quickly had to jump over to my Etrade platform and manage my swing trades. Which I journal here: https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/topic/1536-rob-cs-swing-trading-journal/ After managing swing trades I came back to DAS and got stopped out 4 times. My SIM trades have dropped <20% and I am losing discipline now when I take them. Not sure what happen. I need to adjust my strategies. What did I do good today? Traded using the prints at the open. What I am grateful from today? Able to switch focus quickly to swing trades. What I should improve on: Need to change strategies on B/E stop outs on BABA. First, I will try focusing on the spread when it approaches my stop. If tight let the order go through. If wide perform a manual stop. I also need to change my other trading strategies. My 5/10/15min ORBs having gotten really bad.
  20. Thanks Carlos. I didn't know how off my settings were until I saw your L2 config. Very helpful!
  21. Guys, meet you All tomorrow at 7pm at the "AQUA SHARD BAR", we will have plenty of drinks, beautiful people and a photographer...
  22. hahahahah hilarious looking forward to meeting you too xx as i said i have become the talk of the town looll i wont wear my wedding dress but i will wear something equally posh but then you guys need your DJs ahahha
  23. Hi Helen, Yes, I have got a photographer and Andrew has been informed! We have booked him for 1hr between 8pm and 9pm. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow, are you coming in your white wedding dress?
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