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  4. Hi All, I am based in San Diego and wanted to see if anyone from San Diego or southern Orange County would be interested in a meetup? Thanks, Tash
  5. Hi All, Can someone please share the Trade Ideas layout link that's been used by BBT? Thanks
  6. I happen to be in Vegas for work and would like to RSVP. I can join a bit after 6pm (not sure if it's at 5 or 6 pm)
  7. Thanks for your write-up. I am in the process of switching from TOS to IKBR (trader workstation). So far TWS is horrible. My reason for moving from TOS are fill execution and price move, but if its a steep learning curve at IBKR then I might just stay with TOS.
  8. Hey everyone, I am going to be in Vegas April 23 at Freemont Street. If you live in the area or are in town would love to get a drink with you. RSVP here in the topic or at this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bbt-meetup-las-vegas-tickets-885894342827 Date: April 23rd Time: 5:00pm PST Location: Whiskey Licker 128 Fremont St #2, Las Vegas, NV 89101 Live Concert at 7:00pm PST at the stage next to the restaurant. https://vegasexperience.com/annie-bosko/
  9. Hi @mikez, Did you have an NBN connection when you were getting the 85 sec delay? Regards, Phil
  10. Any idea how can I get the same values of Thor's Camarilla pivots on DAS on TradingView?
  11. I am from Netherlands nd interested just let me know
  12. Hi, I a new member and learning trading from last 3 years , I am looking for someone to join me ( zoom meeting) for charting or technical analysis where i can share my thoughts while charting or learn something from you like a TA discussion. Please let me know if you are interested , we can setup some time and charts few stocks for next day. Thanks
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  14. Hi i recently saw William's video on hotkey that I really like. I'm not able to find the excel spreadsheet he he shows at 1:25 in this video : Does anyone have a link to this spreadsheet? thank you
  15. Hi @Brendon! This is great! Can you share where you saw the liquidity grab at 170? Bookmap,l2?
  16. Wow, I have been here off and on for the past 4 years.  This year I decided to take on trading  seriously.  Been pretty "green" using Thor's system and being patient.  I work as a mortgage banker full time 6 days a week.  I  jump in daily for   short period of time.   I am  now able to be home four days of a trading week.    

    Stay green, be patient. stay with only 1 or 2 stock only.  Use the pivots.  

  17. Hi Matt, Hope you are doing well. I speak french and I am interested to join the group. You can reach me at [email protected]. Au plaisir!
  18. Hi, is there anyone who is with Interactive broker & filing tax on their own? Interactive Broker Tax statements 1099 & 8949 sent to IRS has Wash Sale disallowed even for MTM 475 traders (I have filed MTM 475 & 3115 in prior 2 years). On Turbo Tax Form 4797 for MTM 475 traders, they asked for Gross Sales & Cost Basis. I am not sure where to find this number on IBKR statements that correctly include Wash Sale. Anyone had experience?
  19. Hi all Question regarding using the simulator during the training phase. I go through the process of picking my Stocks) isn play pre market then plan and trade it in my simulator (TOS) however once that is done what should I keep working on on the simulator to improve my overall trading? Should I buy/sell/set stops constantly to get used to the hotkeys, should I be looking for trades at different times of day practicing new strategies or should I just trade as if I were trading for real with my real amounts/$risk? Advice as to best maximize the use of the simulator is appreciated Thanks
  20. I have been having success with vwap pullback trades lately. I'll keep it short and sweet What I saw in this setup was a strong 5 minute bullish candle and a 50% pullback to vwap. This aligned with pre-market high, holding the 9ema on 5min trend, above R4 and holding previous day high. Stop was below R4, target was R6, HOD, then a large liquidity grab at 170. Gave about 3-4R.
  21. I used CMEG back in 2018-2019, I was one of their first accounts, they have been known to change their process without warning. They initially had no end of day wind-up closing positions on margin then randomly one day with no notice liquidated my positions. Things probably have changed a lot since then but you may need to give them a call and go over everything you are wanting to do before you do it. They also complained about providing an end of year statement when I requested one. I have since moved to IB and have been reasonably happy.
  22. I made the switch from DAS back to thinkorswim (tos) - here are some observations that might be of help to traders who are comparing DAS to thinkorswim SIMULATOR DAS simulator is probably the best realtime sim out there. TOS Papermoney (simulator) - the fills are really bad - it is counter intuitive - you would think that the fills would be super fast because it is a sim - but not. so I quickly switched from TOS sim to TOS live and started trading with a very small number shares - early on in my learning process. HOT KEYS TOS does not have elaborate hot keys like das - I made the switch - I use active trader on TOS like most TOS traders do - check out this video for the limited hotkey setup for TOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKDoAFafN78 CAMARILLA DAS has built in CAMARILLA pivots You can script CAMARILLA pivots on TOS https://usethinkscript.com/threads/camarilla-pivot-points-day-trading-system-for-thinkorswim.12988/ LEVEL 2 DAS has really good level 2 - you can pay more and expand it to ARCA and IEX TOS level 2 is a joke compared to DAS TIME AND SALES DAS has really good T&S TOS T&S is decent - I have compared with DAS and found that DAS order flow is smoother - but TOS T&S works OK. COST DAS $150 per month min platform fee + the charges from your broker for transactions TOS FREE platform + FREE transaction fees for stocks - if you have a Schwab account - you can create a Schwab account with with very little money options cost $0.65 per contract per transaction FILLS DAS fills are considered superior than tos. TOS fills are decent from my experience - there are studies that show that TOS fills are fast. to me the fills are super fast sometimes and decent most of the time. WORKS ON A MAC DAS windows primarily - can make it work on a Mac with parallels TOS works on Mac, Windows, Linux out of the box CHARTS & TOOLS DAS look and feel of DAS is dated - like a 20 year old windows 95 application - configuring the charts with multiple windows is a struggle and unexpected craziness can happen with your layout. But essential chart studies are available on DAS. Options trading on DAS is available but not as good as the TOS interface. DAS has limited stock scanning capability. TOS excels with charts, layout, chart studies (countless). I was able to replicate all the studies that I had on my DAS charts on TOS - most of them included with the TOS platform - others with a little bit of scripting. Link to Camarilla pivots script above. TOS also has extensive analysis tools, news and fundamentals info. TOS has a very sophisticated stock/options scanning interface with the ability to convert your scans into watchlists that update automatically. Overall, TOS wins.
  23. This is a late reply but wanted to inform those who are wondering missing ARCA tab. I contacted DAS sales support ([email protected]) and they said that the Deluxe Plus package ($165), which I ordered via BBT web page, does not contain ARCA book. Also it does not contain Options level 2 for swapping. Instead, they suggested that would I like to swap "Fundamental data (floats)" for the ARCA data feed for free. I said yes and now I have the ARCA tab and much more entries (ACBs) in L2.
  24. you can add a route=SMRTL; at the end of each of your scripts. i am affraid that the idea behind your requirement is false
  25. Well I just checked in to my hotel a few minutes ago. If you decide to head anywhere for dinner, I'd like to join
  26. Same here on looking for evening activities. I'm over at the Mariott Pinnacle 500m down the street from the Paradox. I'm at the hotel bar if anyone wants to stop by and say hi. Wearing a black hoodie
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