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  4. Hi - I’ll be in Katmai August 18-24. Do you know where you’ll be meeting up?
  5. Can someone please send me the script for the hot key 1:2 risk to reward? Thanks
  6. I was unaware that DAS added temporary variables. Is "tempprice" a specific command or can you name it whatever you want? Also, just curious when they added this...
  7. Thanks Peter, I'll give that a shot. Practical use is last ditch protection only during early morning volatility.
  8. I'm interested - I'll be there Aug 11-23 visiting family - I'll be in Denali early on then going to Soldotna, Homer, and Seward
  9. Please post here if you want to join, more info soon.
  10. I've been getting in a REALLY bad habit of "entering" several times in a 3 second interval. Its from the desire to have massive share size. Which obviously worked well in this example. I need to work on sensitizing myself to the correct mechanics in trading again. I feel very impulsive in my movements. One entry, one click. When I add, one click, press the stop loss button etc. Sometimes things just get so fast that I feel very in control, but I certainly am not. I am lucky I didn't mess today up. I only ever had a max drawdown of $200 or so on the day. So the gain wasn't just massive share size, I did it with very little risk. I am just feeling like I am getting reckless. This sensitization can be solved with DAS replay by preforming the known entries and exits purposefully in a controlled manner. Several clicks at each entry is something that I cannot work with over time. I must solve this issue.
  11. Thks, looking forward to this, will implement at end-of-day. appreciated
  12. Hi @electronabs, welcome to BBT. Are you selecting TRUE in this setting? "Choose if you want to also queue up a physical stop order that will go into the market when the initial order is fully filled (returned success)." Also, make sure you have DAS version or above
  13. @smp It works! thank you so much, now my montage is usable again
  14. i think you could use temporary variable instead of the parenthesis. like tempprice=Pos*AvgCost;StopPrice=tempprice-300 i cant imagine a use case for this anyway. you will never get good stop loss like this you will be way off where you wanna be technically
  15. Apologies for leaving this thread hanging. With higher DPI monitors the issue of blocky bitmap fonts it less noticeable (but still not ideal) which could explain why some monitors look better than others. Windows DPI scaling has a hand here depending on how its configured. However for those that want to apply the change I mentioned, the change is simple and works system wide, so will make any applications using MS San Serif render with a scalable modern font. I've never experienced an issue from doing for various applications for many years, although theoretically an application could do some odd font metric calculations and display oddly. As a developer myself I can say that would be very odd thing to do as fonts vary with systems anyway but as always take care when editing the Windows registry and do this at your own risk. The change is specifying a font substitution using the mechanism built into Windows. I've attached a zip with two '.reg' registry files (that can be opened in NotePad or other editor to review the change) that will add or remove the change if required by double clicking the file required to run. Note: I could not attach a zip named file directly so added a '.txt' extension that needs to be removed. If you prefer not to run the files, this change can be done by running regedit.exe and then navigating to: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes Right click either the 'FontSubtitutes' item in the tree or empty space in the list on the right and select 'New' and then 'String value'. Name the value 'MS Sans Serif' and set the value to 'Microsoft Sans Serif'. You can choose another font such as Tahoma. After that it is necessary log out of Windows and log back in for the change to take effect. Some more major Windows upgrades can reset these substitutes so the change may need to be reapplied. With reference to the other change for making DAS use modern windows style visual control rendering, this requires editing the DAS Trader executable file or another system wide change. I've found one area of DAS (Trade Signal feature) where this causes an issue so I wouldn't recommend at present. I tested this mainly to see if DAS would have to do much work for the visual style change before I submitted the suggestion to them, and it appears not. RegFilesToAddOrRemoveFontFix.zip.txt
  16. @KyleK29 Say I'm already in a trade and I'd like to set a stop loss at a fixed dollar amount ... say, -$300. Whatever my current position size is, the stop loss will trigger as soon as I'm down -$300. I've tried the following script, but I get an "Invalid Operator" error. ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Market;StopPrice=((Pos*AvgCost)-300)/Pos;Share=Pos; TIF=DAY; SELL=Send The equation I have for the StopPrice is valid, but I suspect DAS doesn't like anything that complicated. Could I modify your 'dynamic share calculation' script to make this work?
  17. @KyleK29 Pls invite @smp to talk abt FONTS and how to optimize for easier reading. DAS taking too long on his request. We need to use the BBT community experts to make the trading experience more enjoyable. Hopefully @smpwill reach out to @KyleK29 so we have a talk during our Tech Session today OR could you add to agenda today and swing it from ur perspective.
  18. Hi Do you know how can I fix the font issue below ? I'm using same external monitor with 2 different devices and one displays fine when another is not looking good.
  19. Hi...had the same question and I found this YouTube video Thor did...
  20. Last week
  21. Any Bay Area/Norcal Members. Looking For Some Trading Buddies. Meet Up Locally.
  22. Hi everyone, Does anyone knows what are the fees for opening and maintaining the account with TD. I tried to read their terms but it was not very clear.
  23. Hello Kyle, I watched a YouTube video that mentioned that you created the hotkey called "BUY $20 Risk." I mentioned in the comments that the script you provided worked in terms of selecting the share size but the stop loss will not register. I copied the exact script you did. The reply to that video sent me to this forum page to ask the question. Would you please let me know what I did wrong? Thank you!
  24. Futures (ES) live trading journal 7/22/21 Thursday. As I mention previously I am no longer trading live Futures. I am just trading SIM while I am learning more advanced methods and getting use to the change s in the market. But every once in awhile the trade looks too good not to take it live, which is what happen today. Midday we were getting strong downward momentum. We just made a lower low and then a strong pullback into the "pull back zone" which is the dotted line. The price then held for 7 bars, showing strong resistance. And it was almost an exact 50% pull back. So I shorted and was stopped almost immediately. Then I did take a successful long trade and here is why: 1) When there is a good setup in one direction that quickly gets stopped out it tends to go in the other direction. 2) The price hit the outer band (red line) showing strength. 3) The price pulled back to the mid band -white line - giving a good entry. 4) The FYL crossed the MB (yellow crossed the white) both are indicators from the Day Trading Academy that I use. That is a bullish sign. 5) The momentum was still strong at the entry shown in the chart at the bottom where the current black dot was still above the green line at the entry. The trade went immediately in my favor where I sold at the outer band and at the first pullback. Yea, I should have held longer but I was well in the green at that point and not use to trading live anymore. I hope everyone did well today. Rob C
  25. peterB

    PCT boot camp

  26. thanks i was just about to write to Thor on how he has this set up
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