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  2. Wednesday results: 3 trades 3losers -3R trade 19 -1R trade 20 -1R trade 21 -1R Friday results 1 winner +2,5R trade 22 +2,5R
  3. It sounds good. 8pmET is 3am for me. Will it be available afterwards?
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  5. Thanks for the video. Question to Jessie, not so related to TD/IB. What triggers you to accumulate in premarket for the open?
  6. Last week
  7. Thanks, tested it today all seems good!
  8. Please use this thread to post your questions before and after the Success Webinar! Quantitatively Measuring Strategy Success We all have some intuition about how well our trading strategies work. And by and large, this intuition is enough to simply retain or discard a strategy. Additionally, many traders review easily acquired metrics such as win rates and average gain/loss to further gauge success. However, we can learn even by quantitatively measuring the subtle intricacies of our trade entry and execution criteria. In this webinar we will learn how to create viable strategy metrics and determine which ones have the most impact on our profitability. Date : Tues Dec 1, 2020 Time : 8:00 PM ET Location : Webinar Room (Lifetime Members only)
  9. @MattJT just use Market and Limit and what i have with CMEG it automatically uses PDQ and based on my statement i'm getting the BBT discount
  10. For anyone stopping by I'm still trading just not doing as many video recaps. I'll be uploading weekly recaps here still.
  11. Hi, I'd like to get started with options trading because the upfront costs of options are very low, relative to owning the stock. However, what I didn't realize is that there are multiple barriers to doing so. One of them being my broker's "permission levels," which won't even allow me to setup a vertical spread. Is it even possible to trade options beyond "covered calls" with a small account? Also, TastyWorks seems to offer options trading with a $2k new account. What's the catch? https://tastyworks.com/
  12. I am having the same problem. My Das version is Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  13. My DAS platform has been working flawlessly for the last 3 weeks with the exception as of last Thursday. I attempted to enter a trade using Kyle’s hot key like I normally do but nothing happened. I tried resetting the script, deleted and RE-downloaded das etc, none of it help to fix the issue. Das tech team suggested this forum(Only manual trade entry works.) See example montage screen shoot 1 and 2 of default das hotkey no issues vs screen shoot 3 and 4 Kyles hotkey issue see montage when I hit shift +Z (Share box goes blank) it says (set default share to 200) Then (Error: Invalid Shares!)
  14. Hey @Nperez13 >>>>> Reversals and ABCs; Since you have more time to determine proper risk, You hit the nail right on the head ! Thanks
  15. Hi have you worked this out yet? I`m trying to find out myself
  16. Thank you for response @onlyjava , @JasonH I've come to realized some hotkeys are better suited to the time of day, trading style, and trade setup. I've been finding more success implementing $15k buying power hotkeys during the market open for ORB's, and Risk/Share $20-50 for Reversals and ABCs; Since you have more time to determine proper risk, and it will help you protect your realized gains from the morning. Also using a Logitech mouse with hotkeys buttons helps, since once you double click you'll be quickly press another button to enter without having to move the mouse over to the montage. Blackfriday deal for a 20 button mouse lol https://www.bestbuy.com/site/logitech-g600-mmo-wired-optical-gaming-mouse-black/5608091.p?skuId=5608091&ref=212&loc=1&ref=212&loc=1&gclid=CjwKCAiA-_L9BRBQEiwA-bm5fkL6isgYjfVgZfKKHKdv3z5-S3GXAEju1YDjHPB6gpzJ8yoxo1NRtBoC9aMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  17. Tuesday trades 3 trades 3 winners +7R: trade 16 +4.1R trade 17 +2.2R trade 18 +0,7R
  18. Hi, DAS Trader only handles US and Canadian market data. You can get market data from most markets with Interactive Brokers´TWS.
  19. Hi guys, I have a few questions about platforms and brokers. So I would like to be able to trade the UK/European and US markets. I purchased the DAS simulator and would like to know can I purchase market data for uk/euro markets while Im am training as this data dose not seem to be available in DAS sim? Do I need to sign up with a broker in Europe to get date (lvl 1/2) to trade in the DAS sim? Is this even possible?
  20. Problem found: if its weekend or 4 days not trading then after that i start gambling first two trades was not setup, third trade was bad setup i usually don t short strong stocks right away. Need to be more careful Mondays. I put reminder myself to read trading plan before each Monday open. Notice: if i had 1/1 all or nothing approach, then this first 15 trades would be +3R 9 winners 6 losers win rate 66% average trade +0.2R... need to see more data, i watch it again after 50 trades.
  21. Has anyone tried DAS with TD ameritrade now and can comment on quality of executions? thank you
  22. To answer to ur question would be to consider AGGRESSIVE and PASSIVE orders. Read the link and videos associated with the link for more detailed info. https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/topic/1916-bookmap-for-learning-level-2-and-ts/?tab=comments#comment-14463
  23. Took my first bigger options trade today on TSLA. Scalped a few weekly 500 calls. I trade them just like I do the stock...just watch the stock on a separate montage. As you can see one contract w a price of $25 requires about $2,500 in buying power to purchase (100 share per lot). So a $2.5 move on the contract equals ~10% while the stock probably moved maybe 2% or so... I follow Jay on Instagram...he's pretty good at posting educational stuff there and on youtube where he has a channel.
  24. monday stat: 4 trades 4 losers -4R trade 12 and 13 -2R trade 14 -1R trade 15 -1R 5 -1R
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