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  3. tardi44

    DAS and IB

    Thank you @Robert H Are you the Robert from Psychology Resources education?
  4. tardi44

    CME Group - Review After 3 Months

    @Brendon, I agree with @onosendi comment. Having troubles to close a position can be very dangerous. Can you please explain how you handle it?
  5. Here is a snapshot of the weekly analysis based on October 16th, 2018 COT (Legacy, Traders in Financial Futures) reports. More trade updates will come in the following post. For more information on this type of analysis check out the previous posts in the education section of the forum here, here, and there. Create a FREE account to get access to all previous weekly analysis and educational materials using the registration form found in this page. If you want to discuss further and clarify things, please send me a message to zack@bearbulltraders.com  Zack
  6. Robert H

    DAS and IB

    Here's my buy hotkey for reference: ROUTE=SMRTL;Price=Ask+0.05;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send It really depends on the volume, liquidity, and volatility of the stock. Sometimes I get filled right at the ASK, sometimes there is a few cents slippage.
  7. Hi Seamus, I'm not sure why my screenshot has no ECN fees listed. I use the +/- 0.05 hotkeys as well. Those by definition remove liquidity (hitting the bid/ask) and are subject to ECN fees. I'm with Interactive Brokers and my per share commission is 0.0035. Total per share after fees (SEC+FINRA+ECN) are about 0.005, so I assume those work out to 0.0015 per share. I believe people with CMEG are paying slightly more than that for ECN.
  8. Yesterday
  9. David C

    SF Bay Area meetup?

    Thanks for organizing Patrick and nice meeting some folks. Sorry I had to leave early. Cheers, David C from WC
  10. patans

    SF Bay Area meetup?

    Thanks to everyone who made it out!
  11. Abiel

    Day Trading Podcast Reccommendation

    166 podcasts here https://chatwithtraders.com/podcast-episodes/
  12. Results of the trade ideas based on the analysis of COT reports last week which were posted here and the trade ideas posted here For more information on this type of analysis check out the previous posts in the education section of the forum here, here, and there. Create a FREE account to get access to all previous weekly analysis and educational materials using the registration form found in this page. If you want to discuss further and clarify things, please send me a message to zack@bearbulltraders.com  Zack
  13. zwoomin15

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    That's what I tried first, but I think I got a wrong teller at that time. The person did not know well to walk me through. I think I need to visit another location for better assist. The last thing i wanna have is to have my fund sent to a blackhole. I just wanted to have at least partial knowledge about the process, so I can work with the bank assist better.
  14. Ija Watson

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    I recently funded my account with CMEG and Found it a bit easier to go to the bank directly and have someone do it with me. Took a while for the teller to find the right codes for CMEG so I could imagine trying to do it on own. IF your able to I strongly suggest doing the in-person wire if you can at least for the initial funding. Hope this helps.
  15. zwoomin15

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    I know this is very "newbie" question, but I need your help on "funding my account" subject. I got approved for an active account yesterday and was going to do wire transfer today, but I'm confused during the wire transfer process. I have Bank of America, and when I was adding a new recipient, they were several info that I had to specify that I'm not so familiar. (sorry. I have never done an international wire transfer, especially for offshore brokerage firm) Am I sending the fund to "Capital Markets Elite Group Ltd." and the destination bank account number that CMEG provided, and they will know which CME account they should link the funds to? With Bank of America, there was no section to include "for further benefit to" that would state my name and CMEG account number. (I attached a screenshot of page during adding a recipient) Has anyone done this funding process with Bank of America? Anything will be deeply appreciated.
  16. Hello everyone, i arrived a little early. Right now live music is going on outside the restaurant in the court yard. You can find me by the dance floor to the left of the band sitting in the chair with a Starbucks coffe if you are early to. Mike B
  17. Ssamo86, you can absolutely join us at the meet up tonight. The more the merrier! Hopefully we will see you there.
  18. Last week
  19. Hi Mike B, I wanna come as a guest.. do I still have a chance to join?
  20. Hello, Does anyone have tested Medved Trader platform? The platform is using data from many brokers and seems nice to use, well more friendly that TWS.
  21. Mike B

    Mike B. Simulator Video Recaps

    October 19 trade on EBAY. I did a quick trade within the first five minutes on Ebay. That one trade made my daily goal, so if I was live I would have been done for the day and transferred to Sim. But since I am already in a simulator, I made the mental note that from this point forward all the trades would only be conducted in simulator and would not count towards any of my statistics. I did not make a video today as I cannot fit the recap in the 2 minute time limit, so I am just going to type it today. By the end of the day I had 4 trades, 2 positive, 2 negative because I let 1 of those go past my breakeven. Trade 1 - Strategy - I was short biased as Ebay had a bad earnings report and it was having trouble popping above VWAP in the pre-market. I had a plan that if the stock sold off in the first minute that I would go short to 29.00 with a stop loss at VWAP if the the risk reward ratio was at least a 2:1. I entered and covered at 28.89 after a quick drop and then got out as the stock began to pull back towards my original profit target. Trade 2 - Strategy - 5 Minute ORBD. I set my profit target at 28.61 with a stop loss at VWAP. This trade I did not execute my profit taking plan well, as I let the stock go past my breakeven point once I had taken my first out. I was messing around with the level 2 display being in the ladder view instead of the normal view I use. I like the visual of the ladder view as it was easy to identify what direction the price action was moving; however, I did not like how I was unable to clearly identify when the stock was at my breakeven price. This caused the stock to move past my break even point, so I decided to just use my original stop loss as an exit as it was only .05 away. I exited the trade when it hit VWAP. Trade 3 - Strategy - did not have one as I started to let the candles dictate instead of analyzing the information the candles were presenting. Although I did not make money on this trade, this was probably the best trade of the day from a psychology development perspective. I entered at the 29.02 support level believing that the stock would go down toward my profit target from the previous trade at 28.61. I was saying to myself, "I know this stock is going to hit that profit target", thanks to the book "Trading in the Zone" I know when I start saying those words, I need to look for reasons why I am wrong. So I took my eyes off the 1 minute chart and started looking at the 5 minute and 15 minute chart. I quickly noticed on the five minute chart that the stock was making higher, higher, lows. When I saw this I said I need to get out and look for a profit target to the long side. I exited and quickly executed trade 4 to the long side. Trade 4 - Strategy - Modified VWAP Reversal - I set an entry at the high of the second candle as the third candle did not make a new high. I set a stop at the low of the current candle as I was still a little short biased, and I set the profit target at the moving average at 29.58. I took profit at the resistance level of 29.46, a second out when the stock broke the 50 SMA on the 1 minute, and I exited when the stock hit my profit target. Overall today I was happy with my trading. I met my daily goal and was in the green 4 of 4 trading days. I was also positive after commissions 4 of 4 days this week. I consider commissions & ECN fees as a learning price and do not count them when I consider whether I was green or red for the day. (Did not trade Monday) Monthly stats Win Rate% - 71% (3% increase from last week) Average Win Ratio is below a 2:1 (1 dollar off a 2:1 ratio) Net Equity curve is upward (increase from Horizontal) Gross Equity curve is upward (Same as last week) Current planned transition from primarily Simulator to Live trading is November 5, 2019.
  22. Robert. Thank you for the explanation. I do notice in my training Sim the ECN charge is at the $.003 per share cost. Of course, I'm trading very heavy at this point in the learning process however, I notice your screen shot has zero dollars in the ECN cell. Quick read of your link speaks of creating liquidity (credit) and not creating liquidity (debit). I have been following the advice from the group about bidding into a trade with the +/- $.05 idea for immediate entrance. Am I understanding correctly this would be defined as not creating liqudity and thus, charged $.003 fee per share at some point when I go live? If so, and assuming the screen shot provide is yours, how do you go about entry to avoid such a fee? Much appreciated. seamus
  23. MadsFromDenmark

    Day trading journal (MadsFromDK)

    Okay, let's do this! 17/10-2018. First day trade on the sim, i did get off from work early, so i could see Andrew on the chat. I finally did, set my hotkeys, on what i wanted! And i was READY, i could smell the prey. So the it begin. Could fell the emotions, for all the effort i did put into it.. So let's go into the trades.... AMD: Shares ?? price ?? -107,90 First trade ever on the platform. Das (hotkey) wrong settings,)So, as i mention, i was looking on the chat with andres, and all those others from Bear bull traders, and he said he would go short, on the AMD, for the Open range breakout, so i hit, my (hotkey) for the short, so it could calculate how many shares i should take, and now i just needed to hit my short. but it already have shorted it... Did see it waaay, to soon, and after it was to late.. SQ: Shares ?? Prices ??? -15,77 Second trade on the platform Das (hotkey) wrong settings) So, Andrew said, he was watching SQ, and so did i after that, (ORB) open range breakout, wanted to go short, and did hit my (hotkey) so it could Calculate how many shares i should (short) And i just shorted it, right away... And Again, i did not see it did. Only after it was to late... AMRN: Shares 4, prices 20,31, -0,84. Third trade, after i see what my hotkey was doing, i just sat a number of shares to short (4). The trade was not what i expected, and got stopped out because of my bad entry.. But now i just tried to take a trade by my self, and not a stupid hotkey... Feel, pretty good, about that (stop-loss) for break-even, and follow the RULES. CLDC: FOMO with a big F Shares 922, price 1,47, -92,20 Stupid emotions, was playing on now, my first 2 trades, and it was TRASH! Those hotkey's was pissing me off, but after it, i did edit it. I could fell, how i began to look for the (give me money fast trades) i alredy have taking 2 trades, some i should't and it was only a (hotkey) failure, i am way to late now.. - My (head) saying that to me on that time. So i notice a penny stock, that was pumping right away up! I was hype, to miss it, and jumping on the train, no pull back, no strategies, ONLY a big (emotion) trade... Of felling to miss out the good and fast money... I said, to myself, you just way to stupid, no plan, no strategi, remember i said to my self, should i just wait to it, will go to break even..? And after that i consistently just quit the trade... (Don't trade out of the mistake, get out IT!). ATVI: Shares 267, Price 78,13 +40,05 Bearish engulfing did happen at 5 min chart, waited at little bit, and did see it crack a new 5 min low, my entry was okay wanted to get under that VWAP 1min chart, and see it would continue down, it did so i shorted, and did scalp out to test my hotkeys, and it worked well. Should have waited a to sell, but overall a good trade. CVS: Shares 367, Prices 74,56, +31,25 Bearish engulfing crack, on the 5 min no new high, and a crack of that candle, entry was a little to late but want to see if it could crack that moving average, after i see it could, i did go short. Sclaped out, to the next moving average, and all out after it hit. Expected it could go down to the first moving average on the 5 min , remember also i did see those buyers was coming in. So i did get out of the trade. ISRG: Shares 33, prices 529, +43,62 Was watching it on the 5 min chart, and wanted to see if it could hold the support on the moving average, it did, and now i wanted it to crack that VWAP, On the 5 min and 1 min chart. Did scalp out, of the trade. MU: Shares 488, prices 43,01, +39,04. ORB short, should have waited to get out, but those 3 (consolidatoin) candles, on the 1 min chart, and did see the previous high on the yesterdays close, so got out. Need to be better, to keep some of those shares, and make a (breakeven) stop-loss. So first day, on the (job)! Let's go for this week, did only take 2 trades on for the 17/10-2018... And Today 19/10-2018. I got a lot of stuff, for the job, also so emotions going in my life, so needed to get that on place. But was locking for some trades, and did 2, good trades. IBM: Shares 395, Prices 134,57 +41,25 So was in the chat, and see someone saying take a look on the IBM, so i did.. I was see it, and did see a pullback, but did not trade it... After i see, those 2 b (red candles) on the 1 min, and a doji, i did go short. Did take my profit to quick, but was inspected it to, go up again, because it was to extended. PDCE: Shares 691, Prices 46,52, +71,72 It pop up on the screen and i wanted it to go long, but waited it to conform my entry and that was above that VWAP, for the 15 min chart. It tried 2 times, and cracking down, did see it on the 5 min candle, and now it was a Bearish engulfing crack, so waited it a little bit, and did short it. Wanted it to crack that moving average, on the 1 min, and took some profit afterwards, said to myself, remember, let the trade do the work, so waited a little bit, and scalp out of the trade. right after i was out. It reverse, just lock? or. Have a great weekend! Best of all Mads from Denmark!
  24. MadsFromDenmark

    Day trading journal (MadsFromDK)

    Thanks for you time to read it Carlos! Love to hear, you are saying that! I hope one day the hard work will come to a point!
  25. tardi44

    DAS and IB

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. No I'm in real. But I've just changed my button configuration, from ASK LMT STOP +0.05 +0.00 to ASK MKT +0.05. Do you think those settings are correct?
  26. Robert H

    DAS and IB

    Are you in simulator? I found that you will normally get filled at the extremes of your hotkey +/- tolerance. This leads to worst case scenario fills compared to real life execution. @PeterD noticed the same thing.
  27. pbenci

    SQ maybe silly idea but...

    Today i had to do the same as yesterday at the end. I need to figure out what to do if it goes against me in this case. I have covered half on the fall down but then had to give it back while going ORB again. Maybe that will be the strategy - if it goes against, go long for ORB. So either i am at 0 or at a good position for ORB Either way there was no gain with the short. Maybe i have just to scalp it and on the first Fall close the position completely. We will see today -$0.61 total with the "strategy" after 3 days: +175 on the ORB i was able to gain +169 so not a bad trade day for me today
  28. Jason H.

    Elgato Stream Deck

    Those are really nice looking, nice work!
  29. tardi44

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone, First of all I am delighted to join the community. French, born in 1981, happy in marriage and happy father of a son born in 2015 and a little princess just born in July 2018. My goal is quite simple: to get out of my job full time. Engineer in civil engineering I manage daily complex construction projects. It is interesting but I do not wish to make a career in this environment. I trained in swing trading for a year, without losing or winning fainal. As the markets are more and more unstable I prefer to evolve towards intraday trading. The US market opens at 3:30 pm in France in full working day and in the evening I have my family life. I have my Tuesday afternoon to trade quietly from home, the rest of the week I trade from a small laptop as soon as possible connected to the internet of my mobile phone. The challenge is very difficult. But I'm a fan of this quote: "They did not know it was impossible so they did it". I take all your advice and I wish you a very green success!
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