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  3. So my friend simply said you need to open the hotkey window in your main monitor, then you can move it over to another monitor.
  4. Hello, was there any further word from DAS on this feature? Thanks.
  5. Hey @Martin D @PeterD, I also live in Melbourne. Peter I live about 10 min from where you were based. Must of drove by multiple times on the way to the beach.
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  7. Hello, Thank you all for the positive comments! I've made a few more sheets in the same style for three more strategies. Here they are: 1-Minute Opening Range Breakout (ORB) 1_MIN_ORB.pdf Rising Devil Rising_Devil.pdf Falling Angel Falling_Angel.pdf I personally have taken very few Rising Devil and Falling Angel trades, but they are strategies I want to practice. So bare that in mind and use these sheets as supplementary, "at a glance" information, to the content provided on the BBT website and YouTube. Here are the videos I grabbed the examples for the Rising Devil and Falling Angel strategies from: Meir Rising Devil Recap: https://youtu.be/uhgZ7ohqExI Thor Falling Angel Recap: https://youtu.be/Q1oCiT1hOug
  8. @Justin I logged-in this morning, and the hotkeys did pop up normally, but then the second I opened up the Hotkeys window, same blank screen with scroll bar, but no data visible. I expanded the Hotkeys windows to all the three windows, but still the same issue.
  9. I use the following commands in SIM and trying to figure out what is going on. Double click to trade and Montage > Style > Stop Order is set Long StopPrice=Price-0.01;DefShare=BP*0.97;Share=DefShare*0.167*Price*0.01;Price=Ask-Price+0.01;SShare=Share/Price;Share=DefShare-SShare;DefShare=DefShare+SShare;SShare=Share;Sshare=DefShare-SShare;Share=0.5*SShare;TogSShare;ROUTE=LIMIT;Price= Ask+0.03;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send;DefShare=100;TriggerOrder=RT:STOP STOPTYPE:MARKET PX:StopPrice-0.3 ACT:SELL STOPPRICE:StopPrice QTY:Pos TIF:DAY+; I use this Long command (please ignore the entry, its on purpose). i was expecting the stop loss will be triggered but that is not the case. can some body explain what is going on? Short: StopPrice=Price+0.01;DefShare=BP*0.97;Share=DefShare*0.167*Price*0.01;Price=Price-Bid+0.01;SShare=Share/Price;Share=DefShare-SShare;DefShare=DefShare+SShare;SShare=Share;Sshare=DefShare-SShare;Share=0.5*SShare;TogSShare;ROUTE=LIMIT;Price=bid-0.03;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send;DefShare=100;TriggerOrder=RT:STOP STOPTYPE:MARKET PX:StopPrice+0.3 ACT:BUY STOPPRICE:StopPrice QTY:Pos TIF:DAY+; I use this short command (please ignore the entry, its on purpose). i was expecting the stop loss will be triggered but that is not the case. can some body explain what is going on?
  10. I have seen that issue in the past, but not so bad. I believe it was a windows resolution/scaling issue... You can actually see the scroll bar off to the left... I can't quite remember how it was fixed for the person who was having trouble. But I'll ask them and get back to you!
  11. 2020-7 - 1 & 2 Tough day overall on 7-1. But I made some nice positive trades in the afternoon by watching the scanners in the BBT chatroom. Felt pretty good since my watch-list had gone stale, I felt the scanner gave me some good additional trading opportunities. Green Day on 7-2 I ended up 1.1R but was as high as 3.5R. Kept trying to go for my goal of 5R for the day... One of the things I read on Andrew's book was if a trade was not going your way to exit it right away. I felt I did a great job of this on 7-2. This has been a big change for me as I have really have been trying to let trades run all the way to goal or stop. Also trying to swing for the homeruns. It feels different to be quick on the exit trigger, but I think it is making a positive impact. Will keep monitoring the strategy.. Really only traded one symbol $PFE all day and also took one SPY trade. Just a few trades to share: Trade 2 $PFE +1.55R Took for a reverse ABCD at 9:34 in and out... 11 AM Trade $PFE -1R 1/2/5/15/ORB and HOD This was a trade I was excited to take. I had alerts on my PC and my phone for this this stock to reverse and come back and break this level. (34.62) I got an excellent entry with 2000 shares, ready to make the homerun of the year. You have to ignore the 34.85 line on this graphic, since I clipped that later it is reflecting the high of this trading day. There was no sign of resistance on this trading day. I was convinced that it wasn't going to slow down until it hit 35 and would have the opportunity to continue. Well....It rose pretty good but then gave two back to back indecision candles at 11:34 and 11:35. Had I been able to exit (or even partial) at this point I would have closed another 2.5R. I wanted the homerun so bad I stayed all in. Then my house got crazy and I had to take my daughter. Stopped out for a 1R loss. Still hurting. How would you have played this ? Afterthoughts: Feeling great about having a green day. Feeling great about bailing out on bad trades with zero or close to zero loss. Still pushing trades as opposed to waiting for perfect setups. Traded the SPY for a +1R. Thinking I should add this in my game when the signals are there. Good use of the TI scanners in the PM yesterday. Happy 4th to All ! Weekend Goals: Study double bottom setups. I have two books that were recommended: Market Wizards and Volume by Price. Need to put a dent in both. Practice in Replay with the homework posted from BBT. Study commission structure and impact for IB. Add 10% partial buttons. Add Kyle's HotKeys to "Laptop" setup
  12. @Christopher Patterson I think that is solid advice, to stay away from $100+ stocks...Need to think about adding that in as a rule...
  13. Thanks Valentin; I traded in SIM on TOS for a couple of months and then went live. After one week it was apparent I needed to switch to DAS and IB. I am on my second month of SIM right now with DAS. I thought I would be back live by now, but apparently more studying required ! Hopefully soon !
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  15. @Justin @Abiel Hi Justin & Abiel! Do you know anything about this issue with Hotkeys?
  16. Hello, Can someone help me out with this Hotkey issue? I'm trying to setup hotkeys, but for some reason nothing pops up on the screen. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the program, but still the same issue. Have anyone encountered the same problem in the past?
  17. Day 120 - Jul 2 , 2020 27 Tickets 2 Symbols Green Day Personal: Well rested, good premarket prep, ready to go. Goals for the day: Report Card = 100% Watchlist: RVOL at open: INO: 140% NIO: 680% BYND: 110% Trades INO (1) - Short - VWAP Break n Go Took INO short as we saw selling volume coming in, but I took it short right into PMH as support - idea was to short as it broke down, got in pre-mature as I was watching bid decrement thinking it was dropping. Note: looking like a potential ABCD is if makes higher low and then higher high. Improvement: Need to be more aware - look at 5min chart - shorting ta super extended move at around 50% retracement…. NIO - Short - Descending Triangle (1) and Add on Assymetrical Triangle (2) NIO looking weak and lost 8.97 level that held before, took it short (1) as bids were getting hit and offers stepped down. SPY Falling as well. Came back up to breakdown level - didn’t end up adding, didn’t like the buying vol. and the hammer so covered. HUGE offers at 9 (2600 lots), took more off as 9 broke ended up being close to 5000lots. Rest is on for original break at 9.11. Took an add as It broke down through asymmetrical triangle (2) -delayed as I was on the phone and distracted -Tried to get cover on drop but moved back up quick. Stopped out. Trade Management: Got scared, it touched my limit order at 8.81 and printed but I didn’t get filled. Soi chased up 1/4 and moved it up. Note: Entry 8.96, stop 9.09 (thinking I should have made it 9.09 above that doji wick. INO (2) - Failed Descending Triangle Chasing….as soon as I got int, realized I should have waited for a pullback to get tighter entry. Came right back to the breakout point and had a doji off - did not take it - I definitely should be adding here…..poor trade management. Improvement: Trade management - have to stop micro managing these trades. Need to come up with a better exit strategy INO (3) - Short - Descending Triangle 21.4 held to the penny on 5 min, then it got hit hard - wasn’t watching price action too closely as I was distracted on the phone. Took it short as it dropped that level, didn’t realize I was going short right into 5min 50MA….MRNA ended up getting some news on vaccine delay which could have had a helping hand. Ended up dropping right to PMH - took majority off and left the rest on until we broke longer time frame down trend. Improvement: Need to follow my game plan, took partials off and then we retested the breakdown level to the penny - stats show I should be adding here. Could have added some nice PnL here. INO (4) - Long - VWAP Break n Go Was watching, had the asymmetrical triangle breakout was still short so covered position - clean sign of strength. Should have flipped position right away. Ended up waiting for VWAP break on Vol. Seems that INO tends to strengthen into the close - shorts would want to cover positions before long weekend so could see a VWAP squeeze here. Got a minor squeeze - covered majory as it looked weak. Poor trade management Trade Ideas (Potential Trades) 9:49 - INO - ABCD but didn’t come back down to VWAP/PMH (No Entry - Criteria not met)9:52 - PFE Reverse ABCD if it come back down below VWAP on a strong reversal candle (No Entry) 9:54 - INO Bull pennant, look for some more tight consolidation (No Entry - Broke down) 9:56 - Thinking BYND ABCD (Winner ~5.5R Max) 10:11 - INO looking like a potential ABCD (Loser) 10:17 - JPM descending triangle. 94.3 level breakdown was on secondary… (Winner ~7R) 10:32 - INO break of 20.9 level, but doesn’t fit any strategies..trying to setup for Descending longer time frame (No Entry) 10:35 - BYND 3 bar play, entry on 140.75 break, stop above 141.77 (PDC to be safe) 10:38 - INO still in descending triangle, not liking the fake breakdown. But I would attack that short is it comes back down. (No Entry) 11:28 - BYND short on asymmetrical triangle - classic fake breakdown. (Loser) 12:23 - BYND asymmetrical triangle should be takin short as it did a fake out to the topside - but higher low, and above PDC offering support - don’t like it (Would be a winner, but No Entry - way too sloppy) 12:26 - INO was looking to go long break of 21.7 - Aiman held me back saying could be an ABCD (Thanks Aiman, also wasn’t any one of my setups……..) 13:27 BYND longer time frame asymmetrical - didn’t give me a definitive signal (No Entry) 13:27 - SPY looking to breakout from asymmetrical/ascending triangle (1.6Rish = Breakeven) 14:07 NIO Descending triangle - (No entry = Above VWAP) 14:19 - SPY was looking for 313.75 break out again from previous level (1.9R = Breakeven/ Small Winner) 15:35 - NIO ascending/asymmetrical triangle. This thing could take off - getting close to end of day….NO TRADE……..15:48 here comes the breakout and squeeze volume. 9.35 entry. 9.29 stop? (No entry due to stats showing im terrible into the close….but 8R Winner) Trade Review Goal 1: Playbook Setups Only = FAIL Goal 2: No Adjusting = PASS Solid day today with a few good trades. Mistakes were avoidable though - main loss was on over extended short, chasing the 3rd wire bar down (INO Trade 1). I think I did a great job trading price action. When it showed strength getting out and going long. Could have possible flipped positions a little earlier a few times, but was waiting for confirmation which is ok. Things I did well: Followed one stock closely and got a good feel for it., Not holding a bias - trading opportunities vs forcing ideas. Things I did poorly: Be more aware of longer time frame, trade management, stick to my stats (Enter on breakpoint retest) Daily Report Card 1.Playbook Setups Only (ABCD, VWAP Break N Go, Triangles looking to add 1-2 more) = 4/5 = 80% 2. Placing trades with defined risk, and profit targets (No adjusting) = 5/5 = 100%
  18. @True @Justin i got late "to the party" so I couldn't help at all... here is thing, OBS is not designed on its core to record several screens at a time on different files, but more to switch between different screens or content "on the fly" for no-later-edition porpouse. I found out that it DOES allow to open multiple instances, so you can set up 2-3 OBS windows to record 2-3 screens at the same time on different files. That will requiere further edition later, however it is doable. You will need for sure 2 or 3 different HDDs on your PC to record that or a fast SSD... second options is the bare minimum, as there will be no moving parts, the files can be writed at the same time with almost no botleneck. However, the most demanding component in the system will be your GPU for sure as it needs to encode 2-3 screens in real time: doable but costy. I've got a proper GPU for video editing (XFX Radeon RX580 Black Ed 8GB) and it is not that expensive. It will cost you between 180 and 240 dollars aprox. I've tested 2 screens recording /encoding in real time and the GPU can manage that. It will manage 3 for sure too. I've got 4 HDD on my machine so I can record every screen on a different physical device, that helps too. Setting up : open OBS as many times as screeens you need to record to go settings OBS settings and select output file on diff devices or an SSD go to OBS video and select Hardware Encoding (both NVDA and AMD have that on discrete GPUs) Note : I 'd bother to try it on a laptop unless it is a gaming laptop with a modern discrete GPU and an external USB 3.1 SSD drive
  19. @Kendrick C. Yep, those look like all the usual suspects lol! Just a final note, make sure you give much more weight to the 2-3 stocks you have deemed "in play" for the day, good luck man! -Chris
  20. Abiel, Thank you for your response and those links. I will likely use CMEG once I get out of sim so the thread you posted will be helpful.
  21. @Christopher Patterson Thanks for long reply, your comments are always inspiring. To enlarge the search space, I have created a custom formula, ATR%, in trade-ideas and screened around 50 top rated stocks that look familar. Theme Symbol Name Price ATR % Float (M) Aerospace SPR Spirit Aerosystems Holdings, Inc 24.02 11 104 Aerospace BA Boeing 186.4 7.8 564 Aerospace SPCE Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. 16.12 7.4 175 Aerospace RTX Raytheon Technologies Corporation 62.46 4.7 863 Airlines and Cruiseline NCLH Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings 17.72 12.1 213 Airlines and Cruiseline AAL American Airlines Group, Inc 13.82 10.9 419 Airlines and Cruiseline CCL Carnival Corp 17.19 10.8 401 Airlines and Cruiseline UAL United Continental, Inc 36.97 9.9 246 Banks WFC Wells Fargo 25.86 5.4 4,087 Banks BAC Bank of America Corp 24.02 5 8,666 Banks JPM JP Morgan Chase & Co. 95.48 4.3 3,024 China GSX GSX Techedu Inc. 55.12 8.1 83 China IQ Iqiyi, Inc ADS 23.36 7.6 315 China PDD Pinduoduo, Inc ADS 84.51 6.3 588 China BILI Bilibili, Inc ADS 46.87 5.2 240 Energy OXY Occidental Petroleum Corp 18.48 8.6 899 Energy OKE ONEOK, Inc 33.62 8.4 412 Enterainment PLAY Dave & Busters Entertainment, Inc 14.01 12.9 30 Enterainment DKNG DraftKings Inc. - Class A 34.81 10.1 240 Enterainment PENN Penn National Gaming, Inc 32.95 9.5 116 Enterainment MGM MGM Resorts Intl 17.34 7.8 469 COVID-19 VXRT Vaxart, Inc 8.01 17.5 46 COVID-19 INO Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc 21.7 16.6 142 COVID-19 NVAX Novavax, Inc 77.77 9.6 58 COVID-19 MRNA Moderna, Inc. - Common Stock 59.68 6.9 272 COVID-19 DVAX Dynavax Technologies Corp 8.5 9.1 77 COVID-19 SRNE Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc 6.11 8 177 Others ENPH Enphase Energy, Inc 47.13 9.2 118 Others ACB Aurora Cannabis, Inc 12.7 7.1 109 Others BYND Beyond Meat, Inc. 148.72 7.1 57 Pandemic VIAC ViacomCBS, Inc 23.81 7.3 351 Pandemic ROKU Roku, Inc 119.5 6.2 101 Pandemic PTON Peloton Interactive, Inc. 57.97 5.7 176 Retail M Macy's, Inc 6.89 9.2 309 Retail GPS Gap, Inc 13.04 8.9 205 Social Media TWTR Twitter, Inc 30.86 4.5 767 Social Media SNAP Snap, Inc 23.76 4.3 863 Technology SQ Square, Inc 110.17 4.6 357 Technology AMD Advanced Micro Devices, Inc 52.28 4.4 1,164 Technology MU Micron Tech, Inc 50.62 4.3 1,106 Vehicles WKHS Workhorse Group, Inc 14.68 12.4 70 Vehicles CAR Avis Budget Group, Inc 23.65 11.3 57 Vehicles PLUG Plug Power, Inc 8.58 8 320 Vehicles NIO NIO, Inc 7.86 7.6 754 Vehicles LYFT Lyft, Inc. 33.11 6.1 238 Vehicles UBER Uber Technologies, Inc. 30.76 5.2 1,249 Work From Home FSLY Fastly, Inc. 82.88 8 71 Work From Home CLDR Cloudera, Inc 12.63 7 255 Work From Home NET Cloudflare, Inc. 35.38 6.5 150 Work From Home WORK Slack Technologies, Inc. 30.66 6.1 396 Work From Home CRWD CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. 101.53 5.5 149 Work From Home ZM Zoom Video Communications, Inc. 251.25 4.2 165
  22. Hello BBT Members in Calgary, I am in Calgary, it will nice to connect with BBT members in Calgary interested in having trading buddies. Please reach out if you are in Calgary. My email address is [email protected] Cheers Adi
  23. Big thanks to Andrew for his infectious enthusiasm! really appreciated meeting the other members, and the discussions were very insightful. Thanks for the time & effort to make a very memorable meeting!
  24. Thanks for the printouts as I've downloaded a few of the ones I wanted to try first and so far I think I've been able to understand them and use them to trade better since I've been able to take better entries and exit at the proper time.
  25. Hello BBT Family This is Rinesh from St. Louis. I am new member (1st day) to this Awesome Community. I have been investing for few years now trying to learn Fundamentals but had no clue to Technical aspect and Day trading. My introduction to Day trading was after I got furloughed couple of months ago and decided to explore this Field. I was very intrigued and excited on the potential of Day trading and joined a Chatroom having beginner's luck followed by humbling experiences to being overly cautious. I wanted to sustain; so I started finding articles , you tube videos and books on Amazon and found Andrew Aziz's "How to Day trade for a Living" and found it so awesome, so meaningful and had quite a few AhhHaa moments while reading it. (Example: Averaging down works 85% of the time but the rest 15% can take many gains away from you) I found the book and the scriptures therein so systematic and soon realized this is a field with it's own Learnings, its own mechanics, its own Science. No matter what I do in life I do it with passion, be the best in what I undertake and Excel. I wanted a structured Learning, Development and Growth. My intellectual mind resonated with Andrew's Book and thought process. So here I am. I am going to start my training, and practice DAS simulator to become efficient in order execution. I am looking to improve in Risk Management and become Psychosocially strong during trading. My desire is to work towards making this my full time Fun! Next Books queued for my mind: 1) Advanced Techniques in Day Trading A Practical Guide to High Probability Day Trading Strategies By Andrew Aziz 2) Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. Thank you, Rinesh
  26. Hi Patrick, it will depend on your broker's commission structure, but with IB tiered you will pay 0.35 up to 100 shares (.0035/share) + fees. If you use limit orders instead of marketable limit orders you will save on fees. Here is the commission structure of CMEG.
  27. Really great. Thanks so much for putting this together.
  28. Hello everyone. I am working in Sim right now and was wondering what I should anticipate for fees and commissions while trading. If my daily goal is $50, but I take 5 trades with partials to get there, wouldn’t I likely end up negative on the day after fees? I know each broker is different, but is there a dollar amount I should be thinking about in the back of my mind as I execute each trade in sim? Any guidance on this would be appreciated.
  29. Hi All, My name is Swaraj and I am a Solutions Architect(IT Tech Manager) originally from India but now a citizen of the UK. I worked as a Financial Analyst in a bank after completing my MBA in Banking and Finance initially and traded Forex on and off depending upon how busy I was at times with my full time job. Forex, though being a 24 hours market doesn't provide enough opportunities during evening session(UK time) due to ranging market conditions. This problem led me to look elsewhere for some other instrument to trade and that search ended with Andrew's books on Amazon. After reading both his books I decided that I will now focus my attention on Stocks, especially day trading for couple of hours during the day, that suits my lifestyle too. I have been through all the videos now under Education centre as well as doing daily practice through DAS trader as much as I can. I have already seen some improvement in my trading after couple of days, all that just by practising under replay mode. Kudos to the team, both Bear Bull Traders as well as DAS to provide such a feature which I am sure will reduce my learning curve by a significant amount of time. I am all excited and pumped to be a part of this community.
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