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  4. They have been removed from YouTube but are still available on the Education Center.
  5. Why are these videos unavailable????
  6. Hi fellow traders. I would like to share with anyone who may find this useful or perhaps provide a helpful ‘head start’ into the world of Hot Keys. When I began to learn day trading and the importance of using hot keys, I created an editable PDF file which I would refine and develop as my trading progressed. To this day I still refer back to this chart as a constant reminder of my complex hot-key layout. One very nice thing about the PDF I am providing here is the fact that all the comment text boxes and red square boxes are ‘live and editable’. You can use this file as a head start to customize your preferred hotkeys vs. creating one from scratch. (Bit of a time saver) You will find that as you evolve your hotkeys, you will revise your PDF on the fly continuously making it more detailed and accurate for your desired use. Just a note; All I did here was take a photo of my actual keyboard and added some black space around it. I then saved a .jpg file and converted it to a PDF file. A few things I would like to point out here in hopes to answer some possible questions. This layout I am providing here is simply how I ‘personally’ have found to work for ‘my’ for my trading style. Yours can of course differ. - The text boxes Highlighted in ‘yellow’ represent the very active hotkeys I use most commonly - The colored stickers on the keyboard (purchased from a dollar store) are something I did to help me learn with clarity/confidence under pressure. Once you have used them for a while you will most likely find that you do not need colored stickers. Your hotkeys become natural to you. That day will come. - The hotkey scripts I am providing are based on using DAS trader version (and in particular IB as my broker). Please note to ensure that you test out all your hotkeys in simulation mode before you go live. Make changes as necessary. - From my understanding and experience using hotkeys in DAS Trader Pro Hotkeys associated with ‘stop order’ like actions DO NOT work in pre-market environments. (I do not know why). So use at your own discretion and ensure to test out all of them in the simulator environment. Perhaps now that I have done this, it might be nice for other fellow traders to share their hotkey layout and what works well for them. Be nice to see other trading styles. Happy trading everyone! And good luck! Uploaded; April 20 2019 Revision: 0 DAS HotKey Layout and Shortcut Scripts REV0.pdf
  7. Glad to hear it. Same thing with me. SIM is really good for testing out strategies, but I never felt that it helps with psychology. I think it teaches me poor discipline. So I shy away from using it.
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  9. kboggs

    Boston Meetup

    Keep me posted of any meets in Boston area. Thanks !
  10. Live trading summary for week ending 4/19/19. A good week. Both my health and my nerves improved. My first week, since I have gone live, that all may trades I evaluated as “good” trades. Not necessarily winners. Just trades that I followed my setup and execution rules. Stuck to my new 2 trades/day max. Even after my double stop out yesterday, I had no trouble sticking to my rule. My max trades per day are so ingrained into my brain now. Revenge trading seems to be under control now. It took 10 months to get it under control, but for my personality, that was fast!! Since all my trades are trending toward mostly good now (note the table below), I think the 3 tier trade critique does not have enough resolution anymore and I need to develop a new scale. Up until recent I really had three types of trades, 1) being completely stupid (usually trade without a setup), 2) not stupid, but still not following rules or 3) following rules. Now that I have been, for the majority of recent trades, following my rules, I will create a score card and start to evaluate my trades closer. So I can start fine tuning. I like the way Mark D does his trade evaluations and I will use it as a base and modify it a little to fit my style of trades. My trade evaluation by week: I usually increase my risk per trade at the beginning of each month (if the previous month was positive and void of hulk days). But, I also had a rule that had never been satisfied. If I go a week that has positive equity and I followed my rules on every trade, I will increase my risk/trade. So next week I will increase my risk/trade from $36 to $42. So next week I need to create a way to give each of my trades a score. Follow my rules and see how I handle the higher risk. I must keep are sharp eye on my chart configuration. I will be checking it twice a week. Still kicking myself that my chart configuration was wrong yesterday. Happy Easter!
  11. Thanks Mark. I am still kicking myself for having my chart configured wrong yesterday. But the one nice thing was after two stop outs I never thought for a moment to take another trade. Two trade max, the day is done. So I watched the chatroom instead. 3 months ago I probably would have gone hulk. But staying to a very strict max trades/day has really helped. But wow it was annoying for the first month.
  12. This 15" MSI gaming laptop rig is a steal at the $829 price point on Newegg....if you prefer Amazon go to MSI's website and have yourself redirected to buy it at Amazon for $20 more https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16834155111&bc_pid=TjgyRTE2ODM0MTU1MTEx&utm_source=Bluecore&utm_medium=BehEmail&utm_campaign=Cart_Abandon_1&cm_mmc=EMCCA2-042019-_-ASC-_-Bluecore-_-Content&obem=5muQwh4lvm2JSygphSsyzJ24as7o_8gIQz6hVj3ysEw%3D&bc_lid=18 MSI GF63 8RD-088 15.6" 60Hz IPS Intel Core i7 8th Gen 8750H (2.20 GHz) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 16 GB Memory 256 GB SSD 1 TB HDD Windows 10 Home 64-bit Gaming Laptop GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB GDDR5 Intel Core i7 8th Gen 8750H (2.20 GHz) 16 GB Memory 1 TB HDD 256 GB SSD 15.6" 60Hz 1920 x 1080 eDP IPS-Level 45% NTSC 14.13" x 9.99" x 0.85" 4.10 lbs. 1 x HDMI (4K @ 30Hz) 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C 3 x USB 3.1 Gen 1
  13. Mark D.

    Mark D. Day Trading Journal - Live 2019

    Week 16 Recap Amateur trading Wednesday and Thursday. The worst part about this week for me is how I’m starting to slip back in to letting my losers run past my intended stop. Another bad habit that’s starting to creep back in to my trading is trying to force my opinion of being right by taking the same trade repeatedly when I can see after the fact that it was against the trend. I have several other issues but those are the two that are doing the most damage so I’m focusing on those for now. My plan for next week was to go back to SIM but I’ve decided that part of my issue is that my fear of losing money is causing my bad trading and the only way to overcome that is work on being consistent and sticking to my rules in real trading so I’m not going back to sim. I am going to only take two losers on Monday. Other changes are; I’ve removed the daily chart. I don’t think it’s helping and it’s only making be biased. I’ve eliminated my unrealized P&L on screen so I can focus on the price action and not how much I’m up or down. I’ve removed the 5min MA from all charts, so my charts are less busy. Hope everyone has a happy Easter! · Weekly stats o 2.5 R/R (Goal: above 2.0) [Previous Week: 1.7] o 32/48 67% (Goal: above 80%) [Previous Week: 58%] o -$89.76 (Goal: $250) [Previous Week: -$23.10] o 5/12 42% trades with the trend (Goal: 100%) [Previous Week: 70%] o 6/12 50% Non-optimal Entries (Goal: 0%) [Previous Week: N/A] o 3/12 25% Letting Losers Run (Goal: 0%) [Previous Week: 10%] o 2/12 17% No Setup (Goal: 0%) [Previous Week: 20%] · Highlights o Risk management on my BX trade was on point. · Ongoing things to work on o Forcing trades in the wrong direction, especially after getting stopped out. o Taking the same trade again after getting stopped out. o Letting losers run to my auto-stop of 1.8R. Work on always getting out at stop. o Kicking myself for my bonehead CRON and QCOM trades.
  14. you're definitely forming skills. For one, your no emotional reaction to getting stopped out is a huge mental skill!
  15. Thursday 4/18/2019 I had a well-being score of 5/10 this morning. Nerves were OK. An interesting day. From a monetary standpoint today was my worse day in 6 weeks. But from a trading quality, I think it was OK. I took two live trades today, first one with MU and the second with AAPL. I was stopped out on both. I first thought that this was just the law of averages since my last 8 trades were all winners. Though I am not trying to count winners and losers at this point of my learning, one thing was nice about it. I am still on the fence if I am going to make it as a trader. I really don’t know if I am actually forming the skills yet. But it did make me think. It is difficult to have a streak of 8 winners completely on luck alone. So it made me think I may have acquired, at least, some of the basic skills. I had to end my trading day (I had a busy morning planned), so I could only briefly go over my trades this morning. Both looked like OK trades that happen not to work out. That bothered me during the day for the MU trade. Because it was a REALLY good setup. Yes they can still fail, but it made me start to second guess my setup. Finally, now I was able to examine the trade very carefully and I saw the issue. MU had a really good “Vish” setup and I needed to wait for the break 43.15 tech level. It had great TLs below it to take partials. When it broke, I shorted. It stopped twice on a level that seemed invisible and reversed and I got stopped out. Now looking at it closely, somehow the 200MA on my 5min chart got inadvertently changed to my 9MA color/line. It was supposed to be a dark thick line. I thought it was the 9MA. So there was no setup. If the chart was configured correctly I would have not have taken the trade at that moment and waited for the break of the 200MA (which occurred 4 minutes later). At first I got quite angry but got over it in a minute, because now I know why the trade didn’t work. So based on the data I had I did make the correct decision. So I will accept this as an OK trade. I saw setup that satisfied my checklist. I waited for the correct entry and I S/O at the planned spot. 5min chart 1min chart The next trade was with AAPL on a 5min ORB. I was waiting for the 5min candle to finish, but on the 4min candle the price made a new high so I went long. The price immediately reversed and broke the 203.39 TL which was my S/O point. Technically I took the share amount that 5c below that level was my S/O. But for a $200 stock it’s not easy to stop on the correct penny. So I S/O 2c too early. The price immediately reversed on my S/O and made it to my 1st partial. In hind sight I can easily say I should have waited for the 5min candle to finish. I would have gotten a better entry and gotten two partials before being S/O. But, honestly I have not done well so far on the classic entry for the 5min ORB. I have been doing better on an early entry setup, where I enter on the new high. But my sample set is still well too small to make any conclusions. So I followed my current setup, waited for the entry and S/O very close to the planned spot. So I will call this trade OK as well. What I did good today: Felt zero revenge after the two stop outs. Never thought for a second to take another trade. I took my max two trades and the trading day was over. How did I challenge myself today? Searched for answer why the MU trade didn’t work instead of my initial reaction that it just didn’t work out. What I did bad today: Not happy that I had my chart configured incorrectly. What can I do better tomorrow: I need to check the configuration of my charts more often. Yes, I am completely at fault for the MU trade. There is no excuse for having my charts configured wrong. Your platform setup is the easiest part of trading and thus no tolerance for carelessness.
  16. Please confirm too in the facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/315480819140810/
  17. great job not getting chopped up. a black day is always better than a red!
  18. Mark D.

    Mark D. Day Trading Journal - Live 2019

    thanks Mike! I was tempted to short it after that but it was too crazy.
  19. Hi Indian traders, I will be in Goa April 26th, 2019. Anyone interested for a meet up? If yes, lets meet then!
  20. Great risk management on $BX. I was watching $BX too but the price action was to crazy for my tolerance level to get in.
  21. April 18, 2019 - Nothing I had limited time for trading this morning. I was watching $CRON and $BX. There was a possible setup on $CRON, but I was not comfortable with the price action around VWAP, so I choose to sit on the sidelines. $BX was to crazy of price action for me to get in. Sample Set Results P G S P E S P P P S G 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
  22. Hi Bearbull traders! I had a big loss these days beause i was acting irrationaly and to help me out of it i tried to make a picture of what is happening when you average down so you can see how usless technique it is. Actually it is unbelievable that our brain accepts such stupid idea to solve the big problem of being in a bad trade. I put it into a picture, hopefully it is clear to read. For the purpose let's pretend we trade a low float stock which price is around $10. to me now it is obvious that better exiting and entering another trade is always the better option. What do you think? I swear i will never do it again!
  23. Sigh.. more mistakes, lol. Should've been a great positive day, but fell short. Chickened out twice on $CGC and the last time I didn't take profits at the break of the 50MA and suffered smaller profits. $STNE.. sigh.. Chickened out and missed a huge drop. $ROKU traded perfectly. $WTR.. sigh again... Cut it off before it made a great move. Gotta do better. I cut many trades off at the 9/20MA 1-minute right before moves happen. Just didn't exit as good as my entries today. $CGC 4/18/2019 $STNE 4/18/2019 $WTR 4/18/2019 $ROKU 4/18/2019
  24. Mark D.

    Mark D. Day Trading Journal - Live 2019

    Thursday April 18th, 2019 Sleep: 7 hours. Mood: good, ready to trade. First trade of the day was BX. i got in right at the break higher, sold half when it stalled out and the rest when it made a new 1min low at my breakeven. glad i got out becuase it dropped hard! GOOD: entry, R/R and trade management RFI: could have held longer and sold more when i had the chance MOOD: great, really happy with how I handled that trade. CONSISTENT: yes. The last trades i hulked out a little bit. I noticed in the pre-market that if CRON came down to the PPDH that would potentially be a good place to take a long position. I noticed it did exactly what i thought it would at 9:46. i waited for it to come back to the 16.40 level but i got impatient and decided i would take half size and put my stop at the level i wanted my entry. it came all the way down to it and i got stopped out. then i tried the same trade again, with the stock making new 5min lows below VWAP, i didn't get much better entry the second time either and then held past my $10 stop. then i gave it one last try right at where i wanted my original entry giving it to the LOTD, again it crossed my stop loss and i held for another big loss. GOOD: stopped trading. RFI: amateur trading forcing my opinion to be right when it was clearly wrong. MOOD: not that bad, i'm working on positive acceptance of my mistakes. CONSISTENT: big no! Another max loss day. and i broke my rule of only two losses allowed after a max loss day. i'm going back in to sim for the remainder of the month. I'm breaking my rules, letting losers run, and forcing my trades and i hit my max monthly loss so it's back to sim to try and work on my emotional control before stepping back in to real trading. What i did good today: Great trade management in BX. What i did bad today: CRON trades were about as bad as they could be What can i do better tomorrow: need to focus on trading with the trend and focus getting out of trades that aren't working Other comments for tomorrow: Back to SIM until i'm making better trades.
  25. jkeough1987

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hey, my name is Joshua Keough and new to the community. I have kept the stock market apps on my phone and watched how the stocks moved for years and always thought about getting into but never made the move. Last year I had some extra cash and decided to start putting just a little bit each week and start buying stocks. At that time I did not know of the day trading rule and quickly found out I was investing my money and would need to make more intelligent buys. This went on most of last year and the start of this year. I only had around $800 invested at this time and maybe through buys and sells had gained about 4% on it. This was a little demoralizing and so I decided 4% was fine if I was using more money. So I took some savings and added into the account and was actually given some margin. I was lucky for a few weeks and made a decent return. That's when I really started reading into stocks even more and saw people were using options and making amazing gains and decided I wanted those same gains. The short story is I do not trade options any more :-). I took a step back and started looking around and that's when I found Andrews book. This was actually only two weeks ago but I noticed he left the BS out and told you the truth and this made me feel more comfortable with his ideas and training so I decided to join the community. So far I have learned more in the past 2 weeks than the previous year of messing around. Thanks for everything and I hope to be a lasting member of this community and one day even help give back to it. PS. I am in the panhandle of Florida. Just outside Pensacola and I can walk to the beach. Its a hidden gem.
  26. David from CT

    Seeking Accounting Consultation

    Hey Carlos, my accountants have been really good about getting me converted to a full-time trading business. Feel free to give me a call or txt msg at 203-770-3995 to discuss further.
  27. April 17, 2019 - $MU & $AMD (Stopped x 3) Painful day today. I definitely did not execute my trades well. All three trades, I did not do any risk to reward analysis prior to entering. The worse of the three was $AMD. I entered without a profit target or any basic analysis, just that I looked over and saw the 1 minute chart looked good for an entry, so I entered. I was also in the second $MU trade at the same time. I cannot think of a time live that I have traded two stocks at the same time. Anyways, I exited $MU before my stop because I loss faith in it, not that there was really a technical level to get out and focused on $AMD. Once I did that I realized I probably should not be in the $AMD trade either, so I exited. The one thing that you cannot see on the $AMD chart is that price action was moving towards VWAP. I will say the one thing I am proud of is that I did not go past my daily max loss and I truly was not bothered by the monetary losses, it was more that I was not executing my entries and risk to reward analysis. I think I was forcing the trades instead of letting the setup develop, because looking back it looks like I was stopping out when I should have been entering. Sample Set Results P G S P E S P P P S G 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
  28. Thanks Mark. About two weeks ago I lowered my % on my first two partials. Leaves me with more shares in case it runs. I have had so many trades fizzle after the first partial that I was taking higher and higher % on my first partial. A bad habit I am trying to break.
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