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  2. KurtLoeblich

    St. Louis, MO (or surrounding area) Meetup

    September 28th is my birthday! Also, I was thinking mid October. What about the 19th?
  3. KurtLoeblich

    BBT is padding Andrew's stats?? 😉

    I dont think it would've been a bad day if he caught a 3 dollar move on MU. That probably would have been his best day ever!
  4. Today
  5. Kinga Maurer

    How to hide pre-market when market is open?

    good idea! i will certainly do that and get them on the case thank you!
  6. Yann

    DAS Trader Pro FAQ

    Hey, I'm trying to setup my DAS exactly like Andrew as a starting point for my own config. Is there a place where I could grab his "Desktop" file or is that not available? Thanks!
  7. Yesterday
  8. I love it how you entered right above the 50MA after it held it for around an hour! I love it more that you entered so close to the MA which makes your stoploss really tight and get you much room above you for profiting! Good job Vikram!
  9. Awesome Kyle! We do appreciate your contribution here! Thanks a lot!
  10. Thank you for pointing out the typo.
  11. Just letting you guys know of a typo on BBT Results page for MU today 8/16/19. Definitely no $3 long play today on MU. https://bearbulltraders.com/results/
  12. Thanks. But I actually don't have the emotional reserves yet to take a second trade on a stock that I already made money from. Even if the second trade is a good one, if I get stopped out and return my profits it hits me harder than just being stopped out.
  13. IamKarthi

    Vikramaditya Trading Journal - Live 08Apr2019

    16.Aug.19 Red day. -1r. Not a great day today. But loss limited to 1r, despite bit of overtrading. I will not be trading next week as I am on vacation. Keeping my journal short today, due to travelling. Watchlist: $NVDA, $AMD, $AMAT, $GE $NVDA: Trade 1: Traded in the premarket, biased for Long. Took profit and got greedy, increase sharesize and got stopped out. Trade 2: When the price bounced off 200MA 1min, took a position for long, got stopped out (as I was waiting for $NVDA to reverse due to my bias) Trade 3: Took Long after price bounced off multiple times at 50MA 15min, Good partials too. Added in between, hence stopped out at BE. Price reached my final target of VWAP. $GE: Traded $GE as a follow up to yesterday. Didn't trade cleanly today. $AMD : Traded $AMD when $SPY surged on a news. Scalped the move. Good: Nothing much except kept the loss tight. Improvement: Today was the first time I breached my rule in Premarket (share size). Breaching a rule in premarket disturbs the whole day. STAY GREEN!!!
  14. Friday 8/16/2019 I had a well-being score of 7/10 this morning. My nerves were OK. I took half share size today since it was Friday. I took 2 live trades with AAPL and NVDA and 3 SIM trades. I have not been happy with ROKU this week. Since I was half shares today I decided to have NVDA as my second focus with AAPL. AAPL had those same two levels looming above it at the open again (same as yesterday). AAPL opened and moved with no pattern for about 20 seconds than got a huge volume increase and broke through the two levels. I went long at the break. My target was the 205.11 level with the 204.33 as my stop. The price moved up, I took a partial, but than stalled and I took another quick partial. The price retraced quickly. I tried to exit at B/E, but the price slid right through and took all my profits away for a small loss. The chart when I took the trade. The entire trade: I then saw NVDA create a nice 2min hammer. I don’t know how NVDA behaves so unsure how to treat the daily level just above it. I watched the price move up and bounce hard from the daily level. My first instinct was to wait patienly to see if the price breaks that level and go long. But what I see with AAPL is these levels are a strong magnet for the price. Though it may not breeak the level it is low risk that the price will not reverse on you until it reaches it. So I could take a partial and get out at break even. Plus there wre no levels for $3 above this level, so if it broke through it may really run. So on a pull back I went long. I had a stop at 160 but no defined target. Price moved up to the daily level where I took a partial as planned. Price retraced then shot right through my B/E. So my exit was at my original stop at 160. I still think this was worth the gamble. I then took 3 SIM trades all small winners. Score Card (live trade) AAPL NVDA 88% 84% What I did good today: Took 3 winning trades I liked on SIM What I am grateful from today? Only a loss of -0.2R. That’s like a winning day for a Friday. What do I need to improve on: Same as yesterday. I need to revise and back test exit strategies.
  15. TomGruetzmann

    Zurich Meetup - August 18th

    Hi, Perfect Abiel. Thanks a lot. Time is 7:00 PM. (The 12:00 - 4:00 PM was certainly a time zone issue) Tom
  16. Glenn Budde

    Budde (Booty) Trading Journal

    8-16-19 Up @ 7:35 7hrs sleep...... rested, SSS and a Bucci I started my day and forgot to log here first after these first two trades Ill take some time to log and clear my head......... PAT: Still need to fine tune my share sizes....... always use my Sticky Notes.... -AMD and flipped to +AMD on ORB ...... third 5 min candle broke the low of previous candle bodies, got stopped out and seen the action completely change so I flipped and took profits on the way up this candle till price action changed again.... +AMD flipped to -AMD on ABCD and a reversal all based on 5min..... got in late on the ABCD with small size (again not trusting my setups and myself) and added to it after confirmation, partialed out three times and all out on new 5min low..... seen the price action change to the short so I flipped the position, took partials and held for a bit, when I realized that I didnt have many shares left I just got out as I didnt have much more to gain. +91.62 +CSCO 3 times on ABCD all fails.... I did take too many shares on this also (500 instead of 400) on every one..... First I took when it went above the 9 to what I hoped was D..... Second bounced back off VWAP and again over the 9....... I should have never took the 3rd trade on revenge with no good stop loss calculated........ (165.00) +TPR VWAP Reversal (lightning bolt)........ Found this pattern from Peters Class but I got in late which moved my stop after partials to BE and got stopped out loosing lots of profit if i pulled the trigger at 19.60 like I should have (again no trust in myself or my setups) +15.25 Cons: Still messing up my share sizes but getting a little better........ Back to not trusting myself and my setups, they have been working..... I did revenge trade on CSCO Pros: I did pay attention to all my Sticky Notes and PAT.......... I am getting much closer to correct share sizes......... Using new price action after entry I was able to flip and make more profit..... Note to Self: Keep adjusting my share sizes......... Trust myself and my patterns.......... NO Revenge ........... Profit Target (+50.00): (58.13) Over all for the Week Target (+250): +397.78 Done for the Day.... If I come back it will be SIM of SIM..... Took a closing 5 min trade..... not sure if I am supposed to treat this like an ORB but .... Seen the 1550 Candle as an engulfing crack and confirmation by the open of 1555 candle and added to my position on the pull back...... Also the LVL2 looked to be Bearish along with the +1.6% on the day (I figured that people would want to take profits for the weekend) took 50% profits all the way to 3 seconds before close... Not sure if any of this is sound so if any Veterans would like to comment that would be great... This trade would end up making my day break even but there is no way I would have done this with real money so it will just stay down here..... +69.07
  17. Abiel

    Zurich Meetup - August 18th

    Venue: Frascati, Bellerivestrasse 2, Zürich, 8008, Switzerland Time: 7:00 PM https://www.facebook.com/events/414264585862495/
  18. JenniferL

    Zurich Meetup - August 18th

    Frascati, Bellerivestrasse 2, Zürich, 8008, Switzerland Not sure about the time -- it says 12-4PM on the calendar, but the announcement in chat today said 7PM -- think it might be a time zone calendar issue.
  19. JenniferL

    Zurich Meetup - August 18th

    I am unfortunately out of town, but can you provide some specifics? I'd like to see if my husband can go, and I can live vicariously through him!
  20. Abiel

    Zurich Meetup - August 18th

    Hi Tom, we have someone from Basel interested in attend this meetup, asking for specific place / time. Could you please provide input?
  21. EJ Gaine


    Hey guys... I’m new to the group and to BBT in general, but I see the thread for meetups has fallen by the wayside the last six months. Maybe we can try to get that going again... Thanks!
  22. Very nice trade on $AAPL, both planning and execution. Looks like price respected your strong daily level at 203.73, do you think about entering the trade again when it formed ABCD on 1min.
  23. Thank you very much for your feedback! Monthly and weekly overviews are definitely planned!
  24. Go to DAS - Setup - Other Configuration - Check the "Log debug message" box and save. This will make DAS logging all future trades and allow the software to import it. This unfortunately also means, that the past trades are not going to be visible. Let me know if it works!
  25. Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it. It's an honor to hear that from the Hotkey King. Thanks for that, too! Was a game changer for me! Actually there is a lot planned for this I partnered up with another BBT member for the next release. Let me finish the coming release (1-2weeks) and I'll get back in touch with you regarding contribution! P.S. Thanks for the support on Jared's issue!
  26. Thanks a lot Kyle! Very clear explanation
  27. Wow this is really impressive and informative ! Great work and design is very pleasing Can I suggest adding overview for each month or week, would be interesting to see this on stats for current month/week. Also something useful would be the ability to export day by day to add to existing journal and then only add stops/targets to analyze Risk/Reward and Strategies success rate. This project can even become a full journaling software one day, keep it up
  28. WilliamH

    San Francisco/Bay Area Meetup

    Hey fellow BearBullTraders and all Non BearBullTraders from around the world. First and Foremost anyone who attends this meetup gets FREE DRINKS ON US! Now lets get to the less important details BearBullTraders is hosting another Meetup in the Bay Area. We hope to see all of our local BearBullTrader members and all other members who are willing to make the trip! Everyone is invited. And we mean EVERYONE. You do not have to be a BearBullTraders member to attend. Anyone who follows us on social media, or who wants to learn about trading, or just wants to have a fun night with free drinks and talk trading! Everyone Welcome Date: September 7th 2019 Time: 5:00 PM Location: Bierhaus Oakland, 360 40th St, Oakland, CA 94609 Theme: Free Drinks, Have Fun, Talk Trading! (No Hard Selling . . . PROMISE) Attendance: Open to everyone including Non BBT Members. Please sign up using the attendance sheet link below. BBT will be providing some type of swag for those in attendance. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aHrDigg_-hc-oxMZmLJ45ZH0WzKWJc1I For anyone interested please add comments to this thread so we can get some activity and build up some fun going into the event!
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