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  2. i am in Europe so thats why i am up if you say that the alt+1 does not work from keyboard then its not a streamdeck problem so alt+1 on streamdeck does not make the difference. it depends all on your computer operating system and adware installed. like on laptops the alt+1 might not be alt+1 or if you have a spanish or german keyboard enabled the number 1 is not 1 so it does not work. how to find out what works. you want to have it on strange and not usual key kombinations. like shift+ctrl+B for buy order for example l. that way writing on the keyboard will not execute orders when your writing window focus is by mistake in DAS
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  4. I hate to be stupid again, but where did u find all this? I had to create separate hotkeys for each Buy, Sell, etc. I have no separate hotkeys for changing Route or Order Type. These are all part of the developed hotkey per TradeStation. What does ur Stream Deck look like? Thanks. Hey peterB, Didn't expect someone to be up so early. But doesn't all this beg the question -- why don't my TS keyboard hotkeys work w/ the Stream Deck if they work via keyboard w/ TradeStation? I guess it doesn't really matter which keys I use as long as I can understand the Stream Deck keys. Another dumb question -- How do I find a combination that works w/ TradeStation? I was looking at Marek's setup and can't figure out how he did it.
  5. so that is your problem. not the streamdeck. just find a combination that works with your trading software
  6. I'm planning on going live and this would be really useful
  7. OTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. My best and worst HOD break trade from September 17th, 2020
  9. Hi fellow traders - welcome to the club! Abiel has enabled the discussion board, please feel free to use it as per your needs.
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  11. ORBs are tough imo, I feel like prior to covid there were a lot more A+ 5 minute orbs, now I see more people do 1 and 2 minute ORBs which are tough too haha. I'm all about the parabolic reversals!!! :) I used to trade all the setups, now I just do PRs, I like it a lot.
  12. Hey all! Noah from Jersey here. I'm a new member, and I've been trading for about 2 months now. I'm wondering what brokers other traders used to work with small accounts while avoiding PDT. I started out first using thinkorswim because it was free, and I just opened up another account with Etrade for pretty much the same reason, both accounts are around $2500. While I know that I want to transition to DAS at some point, I avoided brokers/software with hefty fees. I assumed that trading 6 times a week would be plenty starting out, but maybe going all in on a CMEG account makes more sense? But what would y'all recommend doing? Are there other options? Any insight would be appreciated!
  13. That's awesome. Trading is coming along, I'm getting decent at swing trading but my day trading is improving slower than I would like. Mostly have been focused on ORBs since have to work the rest of the day. What about you, favorite strategies?
  14. Hello Everyone, My name is Maitri and I live in Saanich, Vancouver island . I am newbie in trading and have been interested in it after reading Andrew's book. I am a Business Analyst by profession and would like to learn about day trading and practice it . I have registered with the intro membership to immerse myself with fellow traders and see if this is good fit for my next career.
  15. Please use this thread to post your questions before and after the Success Webinar! Trading Momentum at the Open: An Scalper Guide to 1-min Opening Range Breakouts The styles of trading of course vary. They range from swing trading to investing to day trading. Furthermore, within these general styles you will find a number of breakout strategies such as momentum, scalping, and trend trading. Momentum trading at the Open is one of the most fast-paced types of trading out there. It requires rapid decision making, great execution speed, and a strategy that you can quickly identify on your charts. Join Andrew as he breaks down his momentum strategy for one of the most exciting times to be trading in the market: the Open. Date : Wed, September 23, 2020 Time : 8:00 PM ET Location : Webinar Room (Lifetime Members only)
  16. Hi all, Newbie, still paper account trader here. I'm making progress and feel like I'm probably a couple of weeks away from being able to go live. Anyway I thought I'd share something I found interesting today. One major hurdle I'm struggling to get over is not letting my profits run: I tend to exit prematurely from trades, maybe only taking 1R maximum of profit. Since I've started properly journaling using ChartLog I've noticed that for most trades, if I'd stayed in the position until it crossed back over the 20EMA I would have made significantly more. Today I did the sums of exactly how much more and here they are pretty surprising (to me at least): Today I took 9 trades in total, the 'Actual' Column is how much I made or lost in terms of R (which is always fixed for my trades, today R was $250). In the 'if exited at crossing 20EMA' column is what would have happened if I'd waited until the price went in the opposite direction and I'd got out when it crossed the 20 EMA. On the bottom row is a sum of the values for each trade. So basically today I broke even trading-wise, however had I exited when either being stopped out, or once it had crossed the 20 EMA - I would have made 20R or $5,000 in paper money terms(!). Will report back tomorrow if I manage to change this annoying trading behaviour!! GazJ.
  17. How's your trading coming along? What's been your approach? I'm studying math, I really do enjoy it, but the longer I've been in academia the harder it's been to balance math / trading / gym / life : P
  18. That sounds amazing. I've been working from home so get some more time in the morning to trade before I have to jump on calls... one of the few positives from all this. What are you studying?
  19. Here is the link to the new BB Women Slack Group. https://join.slack.com/t/bearbullwomen/shared_invite/zt-hdlklf0m-gsExb7aAr1Zx8fUrfQjDgg
  20. I took a semester off and doubled down on trading and hiking. It's been pretty sweet : P How are you doin?
  21. My best and worst HOD break trade from September 16th, 2020
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    Hi Jeremy - welcome to the club! Trying to figure out how to post on our AZ club...I became a lifetime member in Aug, still long way to go - plan to be on SIM for 6 months. I live in Ahwatukee, where r u?


    1. jeremyjohnolson


      Hi!  I am in North Pheonix, 67th AVE and Happy Valley area.  I have been trading off and on for the past year, but just starting to get serious about learning to day trade.

    2. Upendra


      All the best! Let me know if you want to discuss anything, though I'm still at a very basic level as far as trading knowledge is concerned.

    3. jeremyjohnolson


      Thanks!  Will do!  I am very busy with tax returns right now.  I am a tax director at a public company and tax returns are coming due soon.  Trying to find time to further my stock trading skills at the same time!

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