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  2. @Justin Here's a little sneak peak into what will be released later this week Deleting trades is on our radar. For now, you can try to implement your own solution by using tags. Otherwise you can stay tuned for when we release the delete trades feature
  3. October 21, 2019 Started setting up an office in the house and traded from it today. Didn't work out to well as the data speed was not where I needed it with the Wifi. Contacting the cable company to turn on the port, so hopefully next week it should go better on Monday. Trading from my normal spot for the rest of the week. Sample Set Results, S P G E E P P P P G G P 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
  4. Hahaha. I'm so glad you had a good time. Dont worry, your jacket is enroute to you and you'll never have to be cold again!
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  6. Very clean - I think this is going to be great. But for me, right now, it's unusable until deleting trades is implemented. As I'm in the simulator, I test ideas and analyze outcomes that I don't consider part of my "official" morning trades. Also having tags is absolutely necessary for journaling. Being able to analyze what types of trades (ORB, ABCD, etc.) you do best on by pulling up their tags will be great!
  7. Hi Mike, thanks for the note. I did have exiting rules but they have proved incorrect. I analyze the data again and create new ones which again prove to be incorrect. Then I don't trust my rules anymore and take partial profit to quickly. So right now I am trying a "discovery" style, where I will try some different rules, more to teach myself patience and discipline more than optimized for profit. So far so good. Hopefully a more permanent set of rules will be designed from this.
  8. I bought one of those and returned it, it was kind of cool but for a scalper, nothing beats the keyboard. Anyone had a similar experience?
  9. 21.Oct.19 Green day. +5R. Today I had a better day. I am going to keep this journal short, as I am travelling. I may not be able to trade the next couple of days. Watchlist: $AAPL, $AMD, $HAL, $YNDX. Last earning season, I did not trade well, partially due to having so many stocks on the watchlist and not watching one particular stock. This time, I made sure, I finalize only 3-4 on the watchlist and observe one at the open. Trade1: $AAPL. $AAPL gapped up and at ATH. $SPY also gapped up, I had a key level at 238.2. Trade 2: $MU. $MU also gapped up. Had a nice entry at 10.05, that I missed. Later took a long at 20MA (1min) final partial at HOD (also 200MA on 15min and 30min). My trade of the day (due to my poor add in AAPL). Trade 3: $MU. I also took a reversal on $MU after trade 2 that worked well (under huge resistence in mutiple timeframes). Trade 4: $INFY. Took a scalp on $INFY once it bounced off VWAP at 12 Noon. Good: Whatever setups I took in Real and SIM worked out perfectly (including $AMTD Earnings Play). I was calm and patient today. I am still listening to relaxing music at the open. Improvement: couple of them in $AAPL trade. Will try to improve on them.
  10. First - Kyle your point about traveling is great and is convincing enough for me to buy one. Jason, as a former UX Designer myself (I did UX for an app company for 6 years and then a couple with a fashion startup in SF) I 100% get this logic. But it also kinda proves my point - as the hotkeys no longer have any substantial cognitive load (it's muscle memory at this point) a Stream Deck wont make me faster. And like Kyle said, you get to the point where you memorize the layout by heart anyway, and now you're in the same position. That being said... Still gonna buy one come Black Friday It may not make non-new traders faster, but it sure looks awesome and will have some utility outside of placing live trades.
  11. 21/10/19 ive been really ill for over a week now so havent been trading. im going live today but with the intention of only doing minimal trades per day/week and only taking A+ setups Did so well all day not taking any trades because they werent perfect and then took a stupid setup right at the end because i watched so many of my good trades pass. Trade 1: basically took this trade because there was a huge seller at 45, if anything i shouldve taken it long since it was ascending but really i shouldve just stayed away.
  12. 10-21-19 At desk at 7:55, feel ok..... Normal morning and premarket routine.... PAT: FOMO ..... Scaled down Live Trade Size...... Notes: First Day with a potential Live Trade be very aware as to grade of setups..... All of the trades thus far should have been in SIM but............ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This the break of SIM and Live account Trades........ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I did not find anything I was willing to trade in Live account but I did end up in Live positions three different time with the montage switching back and forth on me..... I now realize that the montage automatically sets to my Live account every time I choose a new stock..... Live and Learn ...... Cost me ..... -60.02 YNDX Finally found a trade I thought I liked but once I got in it, it was hitting the 9ema on the 30min over and over so I just got out at what I thought was BE.... my stop was at 9.24 for a .06 risk and I thought I was at 9.42 for reward..... After analysis I found this serious resistance on the 30min.... -10.45 Cons: I completely messed up my SIM / Live account in the trades Pros: I did use smaller share size and followed my stop when I did not have a hard stop..... Favorite Trade: none Notes: Remember Montage is on Live account by default..... -70.47
  13. Monday 10/21/2019 I had a well-being score of 7/10 this morning. Was on a >1min restriction this week. Took 2 live trades this morning was with YNDX and ROKU. YNDX, ROKU and AAPL were the stocks I liked the most in the PM. I liked ROKU the most but it was on SSR. AAPL’s daily chart looked great, ready for a breakout. YNDX gapped up big with lots of volume and I liked how it traded last time. Though I liked YNDX the least of the 3, I placed it on my only montage. So I actually traded all of those 3 stocks today. Two live and one SIM. All 3 setup really nicely before 1min after the open and all 3 would have been winners. But due to my 1min restriction I had mixed results. YNDX opened with good volume (but not great) and created a nice hammer and broke a daily level when it finished its hammer. This is my favorite setup. But it occurred less than 1 minute so I waited. After a minute the price passed all the obstacles and there was just open space. It did move 1% from open, but since it gapped 10% I thought t wasn’t extended. So I went long at the break of the 1min wick with 33.68 daily level as my target and VWAP as my stop. The price did move 10 cents in my favor than retraced and I was stopped out (yes by a penny as usual) for a full -1R. But that’s OK I was going to get stopped out a minute later anyway. ROKU had a strong open with OK volume (also not great) but went red to green. I was about 50 cents late to the entry, but I was still in the YNDX trade. R/R was still good even with the late entry. My target was the 200MA-5min with $130 as my stop. I set a limit order at 1.5R (50% shares) and waited. It took a minute to get my limit order filled, but then the price dropped fast and I was out at B/E. A few cents lower it reversed again and reached my target. I took 1 SIM trade with AAPL for +2.7R Score cards (live trades). YNDX ROKU 89% 92% What I did good today: Traded fine with the new DAS setup. I was patuent waiting for my 1.5R limit order to be filled. What I am grateful from today? Not trading in the first minute. Grateful for my -.3R today since I did not trade my best today. What do I need to improve on: Patience. Both setups were just OK. I should have waited for a setup with more volume.
  14. I'm curious for those of us who has CMEG, what relevant hotkeys have been working for you and that you can recommend? Thank you!
  15. I'm curious for those of us who has CMEG, what relevant hotkeys have been working for you and that you can recommend? Thank you!
  16. I'm curious for those of us who has CMEG, what relevant hotkeys have been working for you and that you can recommend? Thank you!
  17. I know my Streamdeck layout by heart and can trade without looking at it, but it comes down to personal preference. Andrew uses hotkeys. I like being able to have a visual fallback and to have a ton of hotkey combinations for various things, without having to memorize it. It has cut down my hotkey "errors" that I used to get. I probably have around 100 different DAS hotkeys, trying to memorize that would be a nightmare. I'd say StreamDeck has an advantage when it comes to traveling if you don't trade on the same keyboard, as it's smaller and easier to travel with, thus allowing you to keep the feedback exactly the same no-matter where you are (e.g. switching from desktop keyboard to laptop keyboard can be like relearning the hotkeys).
  18. My full time job is as a User Experience designer. I study users to understand their needs, mental models, and design software that "fits" their brains. One of the key measurements I utilize to evaluate a design is cognitive load. Put simply, cognitive load is how much "brain effort" it takes to learn and understand something. Trading is a very high cognitive load activity. Learning to trade even more so. When I set out to learn trading I immediately looked for ways to eliminate as much "extra" thinking as possible. Hence the streamdeck. Memorizing hot-keys takes effort, and while I'm trying to juggle chart signals, make planning and position-size decisions, and execute good risk management I don't also want to be trying to remember which hot key I set to buy 500 shares. By using the stream deck I don't have to remember, because my hot keys are visual, right in front of my face. Next to my membership here, I'd say the Stream Deck is the best investment I've made in my trading.
  19. What a great time in St. Louis and meetup with some Bear Bull Traders! A BIG "Thank you" to Kurt and William for making this meetup so very special! We had new traders, swing traders, and long time traders to bounce our thoughts and questions off of. And of course many thanks to Andrew who supported all of this! I would highly recommend attending a BBT Meetup as a way to find out how our other traders approach Day Trading and get to know some of the greatest members of our BBT community. St Louis has a lot to offer as a visitor, and I was lucky enough to get out for a little sight-seeing. Thanks to everyone that came out! (It was a bit chilly without my jacket the next morning.)
  20. Plan for week starting 10/21/19. I reduced my risk per trade, last week, to $10 and it worked out OK. I changed my DAS setup, this weekend, so I only have one Montage. I am starting to get more comfortable taking two trades at once. I need to prevent that. Back test data shows the usual stocks are no longer in play at the open. AAPLs amazing 15min ORBs from two weeks ago were gone last week. The only stock showing promise is ROKU and only on the 1min/2min ORB. Here is my plan for this week: No trading before 1min after the open I must take at least one 5min ORB and one 15min ORB live this week. If I have not taken either by Thursday I am placing myself on a no first 5min rule for Thursday and Friday. ROKU is worth a chart since it may be in play for 1min/2min ORB. AAPL 5min ORB may become in play later in the week. Keep $10 risk per trade. Try to set a limit order for 50% shares at 1.5R. Also try and get out at B/E if the price reaches 1R and retraces. Keep trading 5/10/15 min on SIM Don’t add to any trade, even winners. Continue with the Van Tharp’s Peak Performance Course for Traders. Remember you can take a third trade in a day. Try and take partial profits on the way down as well if you lose faith in the trade. Instead all out at B/E or exit too early.
  21. Last week
  22. Thanks,Justin, for confirming my feelings. Just getting set up, so am proceeding with fear and trepidation. Received a Logitech MK270 wireless keyboard/mouse, but just don't like the idea of relying upon batteries Back-up DAS phone # also essential. Will definitely investigate your suggestion. Big help! Thanks again!!
  23. Well wired keyboards aren't Ethernet. They are USB. Wireless keyboards are definitely fast enough, most are 1ms now. The issue is battery life and and random, but unlikely, interference. When trading with your real money, do you think it's worth it? Can you imagine being in a trade that is going south and the battery dies, exlplodes or leaks? I have a wired Logitech G815, and a spare basic USB keyboard sitting in its box ready to go. Also just get DAS trader on your phone for backup.
  24. Newbie here: any suggestions as to whether wireless (wi-fi) keyboard connection is as effective as a hard-wire (Ethernet) connection is to the internet for successful day-trading? Thanks for any/all suggestions. Tingrin
  25. Journaling is the hard work we put in to become better traders. Recommend developing a journal that you enjoy doing at the end of each day, then it doesn't seem like work.
  26. Hi There. for this script above, can you set is to work for covering as well on short. or what do i need to change for it to work this way? thanks for your time.
  27. Hello @Blake Harder, Thank you for your bug report. You will be happy to know that I've patched the bug and fixed your trades. Take a look at your account now and you should see your trades fixed for your AXP positions. If you run into anything else, do not hesitate to let us know. Thanks!
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