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  2. flip is just a double position stop but sometimes you may be not filled because of margin requirements so be aware of that
  3. SYMBOL is a symbol it does not matter what it is for the order preparation on montage so i think there is no way to determine it (now) documentation is very vague in the application itself in the hotkeys section. better documentation with some explanation and examples is here https://traderpeter.substack.com/s/dastrader-hotkeys
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  5. Hi PeterB , is there a way one can test to see if the current symbol is a stock or an option for example with the Advanced hotkeys? where can one find some literature on the commands plz ?
  6. I was thinking about a script to stop out and auto flip your position but I wonder how to differentiate between stop outs after partialing vs stop outs w/o partialing. Not sure if that is possible. Also thought it over and it's probably best practice to simply stop out and manually re-enter the trade, sounds boring I know but probably the smarter method.
  7. +$281 Trade Recap: TSLA Opening Range Breakout, Pre-Market Bounce, VWAP Breakout, and Double Bottom Trade Date: 6/10/24 Entry/Exit: 1st Trade was very fast, saw a bounce off PDL and thought we could squeeze above VWAP to PDC. Went long at VWAP, partialed at S1 heavily and left the remainder for PDC. Exited fully as coil snap backs to VWAP are common and Tesla is volatile. 2nd Trade: Bounce of S3 and went for a scalp to VWAP and possibly S1, we squeezed up but had a hard reject at S1 and got stopped out B/E after a few partials. 3rd Trade: Very nice bounce off Pre-Market Low/Double Bottom, great wicks on 5-min, went long for a break of VWAP towards HOD, QQQ was also breaking higher. Partialed at S1, PDC, and R1. Tesla did test Pre-Market high but we were fairly extended at that point. #TSLA #TESLA #OpeningRangeBreakout #VWAPBreakout #PreMarketBounce #DoubleBottom
  8. Thanks Pete, that wasn’t my issue but figured it was the calc of fees. great Substack by the way! I was actually hoping you can help me with a hot key I’ll send you a message. I was trying to setup a a buy static # of share and set a stop loss at $x below the break even price, wanted to use this for breakouts as it would lower the risk per trade to less than a defined % and if I am wrong I can immediately stop out. Would use this on the first break out candle, but can’t seem to script it right. Also I was reading your Substack, what is the use case for the “reverse” position? Like you are wrong on a long and it auto flips to a short?
  9. that would require more complicated hotkeys containing conditional execution (or placing a set of orders) which is possible but it comes with some challenges. I might be covering it in one of my hotkeys posts here https://traderpeter.substack.com/s/dastrader-hotkeys feel free to ask there any of your requirements I can use for the use case
  10. if your account is in different currency then the conversion rate against USD applies. you can convert your account to USD to be the same for commissions it is actually a default setting of DAS - they guess the commissions by default with some value - you contact das support to change your commission pricing per share as you like to have more precise results but it will never be 100% beware of other dastrader nasty "features"https://traderpeter.substack.com/p/trading-platform-choice
  11. +$317 Trade Recap: $AMD PDC Break and VWAP Short Stop Out, $NVDA PDL Bounce and VWAP Breakout Trade Date 6/7/24 Entry/Exit: AMD had a hard reject of PDC and I went short in anticipation of a VWAP break but we squeezed right back up breaking PDC and I stopped out at a loss. Thought we may reject again but was holding above PDC and R1. Jumped in long since R2/R3 were close and order book was building a bullish ladder/huge bullish candle. Held all to almost R3 (no partials). My goal was to make back what I lost, we were extended, and I thought a pullback would of stopped me out after a partial. It came close! NVDA bounced from PDL twice, nice wicks, went long for a break of VWAP towards S1, partialied on the way up and exited at S1. I loved this trade since I had a good entry and survived a pullback to VWAP. #AMD #NVDA #VWAPBreak #PDCBreak #StoppedOut
  12. +$1983 Trade Recap: $AMD Daily/VWAP Bounces/Camarilla Pivots, Overtrade Scalping! Trade Date 6/6/24 Entry/Exit: Trades today were quick scalps based off momentum/scalping, no holds longer than a minute or two. First trade, AMD sold off quickly, saw a bounce of YYH near S3, went long looking for a scalp to the 9EMA 1-min for first partial then 20EMA. Trade worked but got stopped out at B/E after a couple partials. Second trade, PDC was holding and we were above VWAP, went long for breakout towards R1 and Previous Day High, trade worked out great, partialed on the way up to PDC, momo was slowing and exited fully. The next few trades were some scalp shorts/longs that I took below VWAP, nothing worth noting besides the quick momentum break towards S2. Later trades were choppier, a perfect example to end your day and not let over-trading set in. I was eager to trade after taking a few days off and it shows. Trades after 9:40AM I did not make much reward. #AMD #Overtrading #PreviousDayLevels #VWAPSqueeze, #CamarillaPivots #Scalping
  13. Hi Chris, I have been using Das for the last 4 years and it is a great platform. Being from Canada and not trading as much now, I found it quite expensive ( After converting from US to CDN dollars it was running me about $ 225 cdn / mth). If you plan on using it extensively, well worth it. I have since transitioned to the IBKR Trader workstation and find it is meeting my needs and is free, except for the data feeds which cost me about $ 14 / mth. Not the most user friendly platform but once you get used to it, not a problem ( again, doesn't come close to DAS features but suits me. ) One other benefit of DAS is the BBT community is very fluent with DAS and provides alot of training. plus addons (ie: hotkeys, forums, etc) all related to DAS. I would love to get on TOS but we Canadians are persona non grata. You could download IBKR Tradestation for free and try out their system (only in Sim of course) and see if you like it. I know Megan has posted alot of training videos on Tradestation set up and has helped me when I had questions. She is such a great resource, it's almost worth joining BBT just for her knowledge. If you having any questions on Workstation, please feel free to email me. Good luck with your trading. Mike
  14. Anyone have this issue? I don’t keep position after hours and the daily p&l on IBKR is lower, on top of the fact das is showing way more commission fees than my IBKR actual (2 separate issues) any help would be appreciated
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  16. was anyone able to create this script?
  17. Hi Gideon, I am also a UK day trader. Have been investing in stocks for 4 years but only now just looking into day trading. I set up my IB account yesterday and my journelling account today. I think we have a benefit to trading from the UK as our trading day starts at 1.30pm so not too early!
  18. SCHWAB / THINKORSWIM - HOW T+1 SETTLEMENT WORKS WITH A CASH ACCOUNT I switched a trading acc with Schwab from Margin to Cash mid-day yesterday. I do options day trading in this acc - only long options (buying calls and puts) - so a cash acc works well for me - don't need the margin and the PDT restrictions. Here's some important info for Schwab/TOS from TOS support: 11:50 Adam_V: When you make a daytrade in a cash account, you will see your buying power replenish immediately 11:50 Adam_V: Even though the funds are not settled 11:51 Adam_V: It is much easier to incur a good faith violation as a result 11:51 Adam_V: For trading on unsettled funds 11:51 Adam_V: We recommend adding in the "Cash Available for Withdrawal" balance to keep track of how much you have in Settled Funds for trading Yesterday, after an options day trade in TOS in the new Cash acc, predictably, my "Cash Available for Withdrawal" dropped by the amount I spent on buying the options. ("Available Funds For Trading" showed the higher settled value - which the TOS support warned about). This morning, "Cash Available for Withdrawal" is at the settled amount. So with T+1 settlement, at least for Schwab/TOS , the settled funds are available the next day morning - awesome! To avoid cash acc trading violations, in TOS, trade with funds within the "Cash Available for Withdrawal". https://www.fidelity.com/learning-center/trading-investing/trading/avoiding-cash-trading-violations
  19. For only stocks use the $150 package. You can add Arca Book more more order book depth (more Level 2)
  20. Newer versions of DAS have two options to visualize menus and settings. Go to Setup > Other configuration and you have USE NEW CONFIG WINDOW selected. That´s the new menus and settings. Uncheck it and you will get the old menus, just like the videos.
  21. Hi, I’m planning to start day trading from the UK. I have set up an IB UK account to be linked to Dastrader. Please let me know if there are downsides with this set up trading US markets from the UK? Thank you
  22. +$398 Trade Recap: $AMD LOD Break, $TSLA VWAP Scalp/Breakout Trade Date 5/29/24 Entry/Exit: AMD rejected VWAP early, pulled back to the 9EMA 1-min and trended lower. I went short towards LOD/PDL and liquidity of large ASKs @ $165, stop was a new 1-min high towards VWAP. Added more as I felt the break imminent and partialed out at LOD break, S5, and at a daily moving avg. TSLA was pulling back towards the consolidation area at S2 and I was looking for a quick scalp to VWAP. Stop was break of $175 (200SMA 1-min Pink line). Added more at S2 and partialed out at VWAP. Re-entered again a little early for a break of VWAP, stop was break of S3 this time. Added more after a nice bullish 5-min booster candle and decent 1-min bullish candles. Target was PDC and exited fully. #AMD #TSLA #ScalpVWAP #VWAPBreakout #LODBreak
  23. how can I get info of meet ups? Also, do you have an email newsletter I can subscribe to? Thank you
  24. +$566 Trade Recap: AMD VWAP Breakout, TSLA Extreme Reversal Trade Date 5/28/24 Entry/Exit: TSLA Extreme Reversal bounce off Yesterday Low/S5 level. Partialed in initially, then added as the bottom was holding, stop was new Low below YL/PDC. Partialed out at VWAP and 9EMA 5-minute then got stopped out at B/E. AMD was reversing to VWAP, strong DOJI on 5-min with good volume and strong 1-minute bullish candles @ 10:02 indicated possible squeeze above VWAP. Went long, stop was loss of previous day's close. Targets were R1/200SMA on 1-min, 20EMA 5-min, R2 and above. #AMD #TSLA #VWAPBreakout #ExtremeReversal
  25. I do not know TOS much but for DAS you can check here if you see its features are useful for you https://traderpeter.substack.com/p/trading-platform-choice
  26. Hey fellow BBTers! For background: I'm back for a second time with BBT after a year off. I'm recently a member of the 'restructure' club after my employer has gone through some downsizing activities. I've been paper trading for 3 years with decent success and had been planning to 'retire' in July...so the downsizing doesn't hurt my feeling considering a decent severance was included. I'm taking this opportunity to turn my retirement into career #2...day trader...so I will be going live in the next week or so. I've been paper trading in TOS through TD/Schwab for 3 years. I've been considering making a switch to IBKR and using DAS. I know this is a DAS/IBKR heavy community, so I wanted to get thoughts from folks who have used both TOS and DAS in the last couple of years. I'll be trading primarily Stocks, ETFs and Futures (beginning to study Options soon also, but haven't paper traded yet). Does making the switch make sense? Or should I stick to what I'm familiar with. Any watchouts with either choice? Any other thoughts? Sincere Thanks to all! I hope to get to know y'all very soon! TraderChris
  27. you can use the new syntax for orders but specifically this line drawing has been fixed in only
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