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  3. Great meetup yesterday. I look forward to more meetups in the future.
  4. Hi Bailey, Thanks for your reply. I noticed most traders don't talk about using options for risk management, is there a reason for that? What if I'm buying less than a 100 shares in a stock, how does that work? I was hit hard yesterday with HAE gap down by 35% reducing my capital value by 10%. Worse my stop loss limit order did not execute due to not fulfilling the specified limit. I have a full time job. and I set automated orders, but that didn't protect me and I needed to be at the platform. I don't understand something, if all the advice says we have to sell and accept any loss rather than hold and wait, why not set the stop loss for market price instead of a specified limit? The advice also says use stop loss limit. Thank you, Khaled
  5. Hi all, Does anyone know that if BBT members still get discount from CMEG? What's the deal of the commision fee now? Thanks.
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  7. Thanks for clarifying. These hotkeys are awesome!
  8. Hello everyone, first time hear and just kinda seeing whats up. looking for a cool  community of day traders in my local area of Santa Monica.


    Enjoy the day.

    Joseph Moretti

  9. Hi, yes we needed to update that page removing any reference to hotkeys. As stated in the same page, the most commonly used hotkeys are already included with the default installation of DAS. If you need more references you can download a PDF file that contains the most used scripts for hotkeys here https://bearbulltraders.com/course/downloads/lesson/technology/ If you want to use the dynamic risk hotkeys please visit this forum post https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/topic/716-das-dynamically-calculate-shares-on-risk-or-risk-hot-key-configuration-updated-91019-v21/
  10. Kamal, If you are still interested in joining a small group, let me know. I joined BBT back in August and joined a small group on Discord. We have had some come and go, but at the moment we are looking for individuals who are willing to chat with us pre-market and into the open if that is what you might like. We have talked a lot about indicators, different strategies and changed how we look at the market and the information we use to make decisions. We do expect individuals to take part in the chat and sharing your trades so we can discuss and help each other get better. Let me know if you are interested in checking us out.
  11. As a new member, I find the evolution of how and where the Hotkeys are located on BBT very difficult to follow. When I downloaded my Sim last week, the intro page Step 2 is "How to Download and Use Andrew's DAS Layout". The button says "Download Layout and Hotkeys" I assumed that labelling to mean I was downloading Andrew's hotkeys. But did I actually download the "current" hotkeys instead?
  12. I've found the numbers to inconsistent to the point of being unreliable. The best answer I've gotten from a trading platform so far is that it's possible not to get every single order from every exchange in the database, in which case a H/L could be off...
  13. Last week
  14. Hi all, Just a note for those using Camarilla pivots on Trader Workstation. It seems to calculate Levels 1-4 the same as DAS, and they are identical to Kyle's calculations here: https://kaelmedia.com/projects/tradepivots/?symbol=AAPL However, Trader Workstation draws what it calls Level 5 (S5 and R5), which corresponds to S6 and R6 in Kyle's calculator. IBKR does not mark Kyle's S5 and R5. In other words, if you are using, Trader Workstation, you will get 5 levels, which will be Levels 1-6, skipping 5. Here's how it looks on the chart: If you want Level 5, you would have to insert it manually. Cheers! Miguel
  15. I've noticed that they can be different in TradingView and ThinkorSwim, versus IBKR. Still, I think IBKR calculates them the same as DAS when it's paired with IBKR. At least my IBKR levels match Thor's. I think it has to do with the extended hours data each platform uses. I find that IBKR's levels work well for me. In the Pivot Boss book, Frank Ochoa says that levels based off regular hours and extended hours both work well.
  16. Peak Capital will be starting soon, the current session ends on the 22 of April.
  17. Re: using the hotkey to enter a position in Replay mode and not getting a stop, my understanding is that trigger orders don't work in Replay mode. Since the script uses a trigger to set the stop, the stop will not be placed.
  18. make sure you have set a margin account in account settings and that you have at least $2500 funded and check the BP on the web by clicking Details in the Portfolio
  19. Just like the song says. Renko is now the way. I've subscribed to ProRealTime basic for the year, and we'll see how it goes. It's got some interesting features, including the ability to network live paper trading (paper for legal reasons I assume). So people in your network can see your trades live. Great scanners, although you can only program one with the basic package. Unlimited indicators any way you can imagine. At any rate, I think this will work, and by the end of the year, I hope to be live and green with this platform on a weekly basis.
  20. I´d say yes, it will depend on your share size and consistency, you need to make $7.50 daily after comms to pay DAS every month. For me DAS fees are justified just by the risk controls (avoid excessive losses) and dynamic hotkeys (always trade with the risk I want).
  21. I am with IB as many other BBT members, no complains.
  22. Hi Yenren, Did you manage to solve the margin issue? I'm preparing to go live and have noticed the same thing on my account? Thanks, Matt.
  23. Futures (ES) live trading journal 4/16/21 Friday. What luck to have a setup right after the open everyday this week. Though I was stopped out on the opening setup, I was still green for the day. We had strong upward momentum in the PM and a pull back at the open. I went long to test the highs (TT) with 3 contracts and was stopped out. Then there was a really large pullback. So large I would usually call momentum down. But the price had a resounding rejection of the PDC. So I still called it momentum up. So when there was the opportunity to go long I did with 2 contracts. Sold 1 contract at a conservative target and the other when the price slowed down. I may not be trading next week. I have an online seminar with the Day Trading Academy all week. Unsure if the instructor wants us to trade or not. Have a good weekend. Rob C
  24. Good morning BBT!!!! I'm looking for a new Broker, still with SpeedTrader. Is Interactive good to join? Steve Pham
  25. Hi fellow traders in Switzerland. 2020 was my first year trading with IB. Now my accountant is asking for an eSteuerauszug from the broker, but since they are in the UK, I doubt they produce such a thing. I have not received anything at all in my tax documents section in IB actually. How do you handle the mechanics of filing in Switzerland? Thanks!
  26. 1) yes you just need to link the DAS to your IB account https://bearbulltraders.com/request-special-das-package-for-ib-traders/ 2) not really but if you set it up it is easier to trade with DAS as it supports so much more automation 3) it will come, try to watch the room later on the day for a lower tempo 4) any strategy you like from the book which you seem to understand easily, more will come later 5) yes 6) have a plan for each week/month, have realistic expectations, do not try to shoot too far, have a lot of questions, have a trading buddy, journal your trades
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