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  2. Hi, Here's another hotkey command for STOP Market at avgcost or at breakeven whether you are Long or Short. ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Market;Share=Pos;StopPrice=AvgCost+0.00;TIF=DAY+;SEND=REVERSE Thanks, Ryan
  3. Yes, some of the IB users had experienced this. So it's a habit of mine now to open TWS platform to check the margin rate of a stock.
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  5. David from CT

    Podcast with Dr. Brett Steenbarger!

    From the perspective of being one’s own trading coach, assuming a trader does not have to work through any major issues, which would be your top 5 lessons to use in a continuous improvement loop for improved performance?
  6. Thanks for sharing the link, Ryan! I ran into a similar scenario attempting to short MLNT today. DAS Pro showed the equity as "Marginable by default". The margin order I placed was rejected due to IB showing the stock as non-marginable. (E.g. I didn't meet the initial margin requirement of 100% trade value in my IB acct.) Wondering if anyone has run into this issue before and is there a way, within DAS, to get a more accurate view of IB's margin requirements on any given stock? The website you shared, Ryan, is helpful, but not a quick-to-execute option.
  7. IamKarthi

    Vikramaditya Trading Journal - Live 08Apr2019

    18.Jun.19 - DASTrader - BT Green Day. I had $MU, $FB, $TSLA, $MSFT and LF/LP $MLNT & CHWY on the watchlist. Trade1: $MU. MU was strong on the daily coming from double bottom, I thought. At the open price dumped, I took 5min ORB under PCL. I was not comfortable to take an entry so far below the VWAP and MAs. I got out. Price dropped to 2R and bounced back. Entry - $34.16, Stop - 13c ($34.29-PCL), Exit - $34.2. Price reached 2R before bouncing back. Trade2: $MLNT. Main trade. $MLNT is a Lowfloat stock (<20Mn flt), it had +ve results and so gapped up premarket. At the open price fell down. Slowly came up above the MAs with volume, and I took long once the price opened above MAs/VWAP. Huge candle and I partialed completely. Stock was halted after that. Fallen Angel setup. Worked for me everytime. Good: On $MU, I thought the Entry was extended, so got out immediately, which is fine. Nice Entry on $MLNT for the fallen angel setup. No more trades. Learnt that one such good trade is enough to meet weekly target, so cut your losses. Improvement: $MU, take a moment to think before entering, sometimes even exiting imm may cause big loss due to slippage/spread.
  8. Mark D.

    Mark D. Day Trading Journal - Live 2019

    Wednesday June 19th, 2019 Sleep: 7.5 hours. Mood: good, ready to trade. practicing emotional acceptance of real loss. first trade of the day was an ORBU in $X. I'm finding that i'm frozen by fear when i'm seeing good positions to get in to. i wanted to take X long right at the start of the second 5min candle but i froze and couldn't pull the trigger. then i wanted to get in on a pullback but i couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger on a full size so i did half size. then added the other half at the break of HOTD. This moved my entry to 15.38 and I needed to get to 15.68 for 3R. it came two cents from my target the first time and i held all for an hour until it hit my PT that was also the high of the day but i didn't get filled. then it made a shooting star on the 5min and i got out at 2.2R the candle after. i'm all for staying in my trades until my profit but i did not like at all how it broke the HOTD then ended lower. happy with my decision to get out. GOOD: took a winning trade! RFI: had i took my full position at the first two times i wanted to enter i would have had 3R without any trouble. MOOD: good. CONSISTENT: yes. though i should have got out right at $15.67 or $15.65 when i was i didn't get filled. no point in penny pinching. What i did good today: took a good setup and actually took the trade even though i needed to scale in. What i did bad today: fear on my entries. What can i do better tomorrow: take the dang trade. work on fear of entering trades. i'm not going to reduce share size yet but i might if it helps me get over my fear.
  9. Wednesday 6/19/2019 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. My nerves were OK. Looking forward spending a day with my family today while everyone else is working J I took two live trades with FB. But, first an update on Centerpoint. I spoke to them and the BBT deal (.35min, .005 for com+ECN) limits the routes to CPGO. They said that it is not a fast route and is used for lower price. But, since I trade so close to the open it’s been difficult with the slow fills. Centerpoint said I will have to drop the BBT deal on my account if I want to use a faster route, it will cost me (0.95c min comm with 0.0032 ECN). Which makes IB look better. Both FB and AMD were both setting up for an 1min ORB but I didn’t take either. I even watch the video of my trade and not sure why I didn’t take one. Both dropped fast right at the break of the 1min candle so I might have felt like I was chasing. Instead I took the 2min ORB on FB but with a tight stop at $165. Even with the tight stop I exited early. I then went short on a 3min ORB on FB and I took a wider stop (VWAP) with a target of the 184.45 with a nice R/R~3. I took my first partial way too early from nerves since I was just stopped out a minute before on the same trade. I took two more parials the second one I got a bad fill. Then FB made a bullish hammer and I exited the rest of my shares on the new 1min high. My score card for today: What I did good today: Was able to get back into a trade after a stop out. 50% win rate and still green. How did I challenge myself today? Stuck to two trades today, though with the early S/O I was allowed to take a third. What I did bad today: That first partial was terrible. What can I do better tomorrow: Figure out what to do with Centerpoint.
  10. EagleBear

    SF Bay Area meetup?

    See you there! Lemongrass in Martinez, Friday, 6/21 at noon for lunch https://goo.gl/maps/ttPYLFrxZsREcyX48
  11. TheKbSb


    IT'S ON!!! Got the gears for our picture on Friday! Thanks to @Ryan W Looking forward to see you all! Thanks! ----------------------------------------------------- Fin prêt pour vendredi! Merci à @Ryan W pour les chandails et casquettes. Au plaisir de finalement vous rencontrer! Karl
  12. IT'S ON!!! Got the gears for our picture on Friday! Thanks to @Ryan W Looking forward to see you all! Thanks! Karl
  13. Your NVDA trade was amazing and your final exit was right on the mark.
  14. IamKarthi

    Vikramaditya Trading Journal - Live 08Apr2019

    18.Jun.19 - DASTrader - BT I was watching Premarket and $BYND was ripping. At price $189 I thought price will definitely touch $200. And it did within 15min. But stick to my rules of not trading in the premarket. Did not chase $BYND at the open. Proud of that. I had $SNAP, $TIGR, $AMD, $MU and $FB on the watchlist. Trade 1: $TIGR Looked strong daily above 20ma. Took the conventional 1min ORB Long at the open. Price didn't move much. I got out and price dumped immediately. Good read. I can't flip my position quickly, so just let it go, price dumped 60c. Trade 2,3&4: $SNAP. Daily looked strong. Opened very strong, I went long at the VWAP pullback, was so confident about this setup, I didn't set any Stoploss. 1min chopped a bit and I got out (before my stop, if there was one). Again twice got in and out due to 1min chop. Finally the price took off without me for a 70c move. Trade 5: $NVDA. Took $NVDA as it bounced off all MAs and VWAP on 1min (Harmonious setup). Took it long. Took an early partial (may be due to 4 failed trades), then let it ride till 5RR (at HOD). It is also 10min ORB. Trade 6: $NFLX. I liked $NFLX for long today (& yesterday). Took it long at break of HOD, got stopped out. Trade 7,8,9&10:$MU. I called out $MU at the premarket. It formed a double bottom on Daily and was looking to go up. I missed the open. it was similar to $NVDA above. I waited for the pullback to MA, before taking Long for Trend trading. I took long, once again, didn't define my Stoploss, got out. Happened 3 times, before finally the price shot up on the 4th trade. I put in a range order fpr 20% sharesize, price didn't go to my target, I got stopped out (my target was too high). Good: No premarket trading, Respect my rules. Pround of my 2 Green trades on $NVDA and $MU, despite having a rough day today. Improvement: Had very high FOMO at the open, probably impacted my trading a lot today. No stoploss - I have read about the exact same thing in Tradinginthezone. I was so confident about my trading and the setup being right, I just forgot to put a stoploss. I could have traded the usual stocks $MU, $AMD, $FB and had good moves too. But I was looking for a lowpriced stock, hence took $SNAP and $TIGR. Conventional ORBs are not working. Bit of Overtrading today(may be Revenge trading too on $MU), when things don't go well, this happens. But stopped at noon and didn't trade again.
  15. Have you set the thickness of the line to be 2+? At least that was my issue. it was there, it's just that I was not able to see it lol
  16. Last week
  17. csxilin

    DAS Trader On Mac OS

    Hello Just subscribed to DAS trader yesterday and was testing it on my PC, as well as my MacBook It seems that no one had tried using WineBottler (http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/) to install DAS Trader on their MacOS. WineBottler creates a container for Windows Application to be run like a MacOS application. I just installed it, I have not fully tested it, hope it'll work smoothly.
  18. robenson.alisme@gmail.com

    Show us your set-up!

    Looks Pretty cool!
  19. leafvert

    Day Trading Reality Check (list)

    Thanks! I need to print this out and underline the ones that are my problems.
  20. nikdobri

    Show us your set-up!

    paint keyboard hotkeys I saw my daughter painting with these acrylic paint markers and decided to try a trick. Cheap MSFT keyboard. Decided to not paint on top of keys so it does not annoy me when I touch the keys. I uses SHIFT as the main auxiliary key for all. I enter a position as a % of BP. My hotkeys to exit a position use SHIFT only to remove liquidity and CTRL+SHIFT to add liquidity.
  21. marcelperez

    Day Trading Reality Check (list)

    thanks Rob
  22. Through a lot of trial and error; a lot of testing and refinement; I have finalize my hotkeys layout. The goal has always been to design a layout that take a strong consideration into the placement of your fingers and how it will affect the execution of the trade once those fingers are moving fast all over the keyboard. As a bonus, because of the ergonomic of the design I find that memorizing the key action just come a little more natural and things just seem to make logical sense. In all, it took me a month to come up with this final design. I am proud of this this layout and I like to share it with the community. I hope that you find this useful. For myself, this has been extremely useful. Enjoy! You can get my hotkeys script from this links: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RK7eLPxC95uXC0O5MjqPHpyVnbm_rPw2/view?usp=sharing
  23. Hi Guys, I am trying to avoid FB. But please count me in. I am coming. Thanks again for organizing this meetup.
  24. The Day Trading Reality Checklist discussed in this YouTube video. Download link: Checklist.pdf
  25. Mark D.

    Mark D. Day Trading Journal - Live 2019

    Tuesday June 18th, 2019 Sleep: 7 hours. Mood: feeling a little fear from yesterday's max loss but i'm focusing on each trade as independent of the next one. i feel pretty good. Almost took the engulfing crack in AMD but i was waiting for a pullback which i never got. watched it climb over a dollar from where i wanted to get in to the trade. pretty much just building FOMO until i finally tried a double top that didn't work at all. GOOD: got out at stop RFI: bad trade. went short right in to a MA MOOD: disappointed CONSISTENT: not a great setup but i stuck to my plan last trade of the day was a double bottom in BYND. i liked how it was holding the 200 MA on the 5min chart and the volume of the new 5min high at 10:20. got in long on a new 2min high after waiting for a pullback. got stopped out about 10 minutes later. the trade may end up working out after i got stopped out. went over my stop by about 60 cents. before reversing in my direction. GOOD: setup made sense, waited for an entry RFI: could have waited for an MA cross on the 2min before jumping in MOOD: feel pretty numb about it which i think is good. i'm not angry about getting stopped out. CONSISTENT: yes, followed my plan What i did good today: took only setups and didn't chase AMD. What i did bad today: setups weren't that great. missed a really good setup in AMD. What can i do better tomorrow: Take better setups.
  26. Hey Guys, I had an issue with my $ARRY trade yesterday wherein DAS says it's 25% marginable SHORT and or LONG, which means I can use 4:1 buying power. But When I entered the trade, my order failed and it did not let me use my Buying Power. I am now few seconds late to my trade so I missed the great downward move (SHORT) and chased the stock without using my Buying Power. This happened to me with $UBER and some stocks that also requires 100% margin. I found this IB website that you can use to check what's the margin percentage requirement of a stock. https://contract.ibkr.info I hope you find this useful. Cheers, Ryan (ryan_pdt) @Robert H and @PeterD. I know you guys are using IB too.
  27. Several folks have PMed me asking for my the hotkey file I use with my StreamDeck. I've attached it below. I've organized it logically so there is a single, sequential key set so if my StreamDeck crashes it's not hard to know what combinations to press. I have incremental buy at ask +-.05 and short @ bid+- .05 from 100 to 10000 shares. To use it change the extension from .txt to .htk (the forum doesn't allow .zip or .htk file types...) Hotkey.txt
  28. I really like this idea, maybe if Andrew can replay some of his live trades and provide commentary on what he is looking at in the price action, level 2 and T&S while looking for the setup.
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