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  2. dchababe

    DAS Alternative

    Hi Chris, I downloaded the ninja platform. But their charting gives me only daily: 1, 5, 15, ..etc.. minutes don't download. Am I missing something? Thank you Sammi
  3. Daniel Thomas

    Alaska Meetup - everyone is invited

    If you guys are talking slopes like the one in the picture, there's no way! Lol... I haven't been on skis since 1997....and even then -- it was only once! The imagery is amazing though. Imma' try to talk the wife into it, though she's a Jamaican -- who loves beaches and sunshine -- so I have my work cut out for me! Lol... I know for certain that I would enjoy the trip... I've always wanted to visit Alaska!
  4. Yesterday
  5. @KyleK29, nice. This seems solved the "Not enough buying power" problem as well. Much Appreciated. Going back to my original question. How do I set up a hotkey enter a stop loss order with the trigger price I double clicked on the chart?
  6. Last week
  7. Hi Tommy, Risk Controls are not available for BBT sim accounts, we are working with DAS to enable it.
  8. Hello, I just started and got the lifetime membership, and I'm using the 3 months free DAS sim. I'm following the video and when I right click the Accounts window, I see the "Open Risk Control Page" option but it is greyed out and not clickable. Is this page only accessible in the paid sim? Thanks.
  9. Hi Zack,

    Have you stop your FX Weekly analysis ?

  10. The program only checks the production branch. You have to manually acquire and install the BETA versions. There is a version, but it's a tad tempermental, 0.34 is decent. I'd recommend backing up your existing DAS install by right-clicking the directory --> Send to Zip. Then install overtop of that directory. https://www.dastrader.com/download/fixes/DASInstallDEMO. ^^ This is the SIM/Generic version. There are separate builds for IB/CMEG, if you happen to have them as a broker.
  11. Should be in original post now, I copied the wrong share link so it was linking the last version.
  12. Minor revision from the version (1.45) uploaded earlier today, 1.46 now includes more "bidirectional" modifiers (don't need Long / Short specific keys).
  13. KyleK29

    Montage View

    Try: Right Click TitleBar of Montage --> Config button on right --> Add "Level2" with >> button. --> Hit OK
  14. @Robert H Guys, I did find a bug in the prior version, for those willing to test (do so in SIM). Can you download the new version 1.45 of the spreadsheet? Then delete the hotkeys you've added in DAS from the prior version [or just create new ones], regenerate in this Excel file, and readd them to DAS. For testing, I'd add them exactly as copied from the sheet at first. Test to make sure they're working correctly, then add any modifications (such as the Focus Montage) you want. If they still don't work, please do this: - DAS --> Setup [top menu bar] --> Other Configuration --> Check the "Log debug message" (it's near the top). - Restart DAS - Do a few test orders to the long and short side. - PM me with the following: - - Your DAS version number --> Help --> About - - The hotkey file in the DAS main directory, it should be called "Hotkey.htk" --> You may need to add a .txt extension to this to send it through the forum, that's fine. I can reverse it later. - - The "log" file generated in DAS Main Directory \LOG\ *todays-date*.txt [default install for SIM/Demo: C:\DASTrader DEMO\LOG ].
  15. jgreen90

    Montage View

    Good morning, I am a member of the chatroom and had to renew my membership to the DAS Trader Pro software. When I renewed my membership, my Montage View does not have the Bid and Ask columns. Looking back in the introduction videos, when you pull in the Montage View, the Level 2 has the Bid and Ask columns, but my view is blank. Is there a setting that I am missing with a renewal? Thank you very much for your time, have a nice day.
  16. Lee W

    Day Trading and Tax Preparation

    This is correct, @Daniel Thomas , however it is important to note that the 3k per year write-off is the max write-off against OTHER income. If you have capital gains, you can use as much of a capital loss as you have gains, THEN you apply the additional 3k against other income. Your examples are correct. I just wanted to clarify the point about the 3k capital loss. it is mentioned in your post, but I just wanted to help make that point clear. If you have no other income to report (for example, if you don't hold a regular job), then MTM doesn't have much of an advantage. You may have a trading loss, but without any other ordinary income, you can't deduct the loss from anything. I supposed one advantage of MTM is being able to avoid the wash sale rule, but that's not really a big deal if you know what you traded in December, break the chain, and don't trade those same tickers in January.
  17. Daniel Thomas

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    IBKR is an excellent choice.. I use them, but I subscribe to DAS for the trading platform. If pattern-day-trader is not an issue -- you cannot go wrong with IBKR... Good luck... Keep us posted on your progress! I'm not a BearBulls moderator, but I've been with Andrew since "Vancouver Traders," so feel free to reach out anytime! GL...STAY GREEN!
  18. keen246

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    Thanks Daniel for clarifying this question. After a couple of weeks of reading and pondering where to open my live account, I decided to go with IBKR.
  19. Daniel Thomas

    Day Trading and Tax Preparation

    Hey everybody... Just wanted to chime in; since we're encroaching upon tax season... According to my CPA, there are actual advantages to using MTM.. I'll try to summarize below with examples: Let's say you lose $99k trading.... If you DID NOT elect MTM, then you can ONLY write off $3k/year until that $99k is recouped. If you make zero money trading year after year after year --- then you're looking at about 33 years to break even on this "write-off." On the flip side --- if you DID/DO make enough money -- in any given year -- to offset your losses from a previous year -- then that "gain" can be written-off based on your previous years' loss... Here are a couple of examples: Example 1: You DID NOT elect MTM, and in 2018 you lost $99k trading... If you throw in the towel on trading, you can write off $3k/year for 33 years.... That would suck....lol... one year of losses; 33 years of write offs.... ---That said.... If you happened to sell a house, or realize some other "capital gain," before the entire amount is written off --- then you can deduct THAT amount from the $99k you lost in 2018... For example: You lost $99k in 2018 trading..., but in 2019 you sold a house and GAINED $50k... Well... You can write-off $3k in losses from 2019, and offset $50k from your capital gains in 2019..., which leaves you with a remaining "write-off" balance of $46k for 2020......... ($99-$50-$3 = $46). Example 2: You DID ELECT MTM, and in 2018 you lost $99k trading... If you elected in time, you can actually write off the ENTIRE $99K (as opposed to only $3k/year)... So, for example, your "other job" brought in $100k in 2018, and you lost $99k trading --- your tax liability would only be based on the $1k net profit you realized on the year... The examples above are clear as day... If you lose money day-trading.....AND...you elected MTM in time (per IRS guidelines) -- then you're set! If you lost last year, however, and made money this year....then you may want to consider ignoring you "MTM election," and taking the capital LOSS instead... Hope that helps .... And, for liability reasons --- it's all per my CPA... STAY GREEN people!! Daniel Thomas
  20. Daniel Thomas

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    No... The cost is NOT $6/ticket... This is how it works: If you use a group code (Andrew probably has a code, and if not, you can use mine), the trades are $2.95/trade. In/around September they started passing through ECN fees (prior to that it was literally $2.95/trade). It's important to realize that ECN fees are NOT a brokerage fee, and rather an "exchange" fee... So if you add liquidity to the markets, you may actually receive rebates, rather than incur a charge... Either way, I find it impossible to believe that (with a group code) you'll pay $6/trade... My average, with ECN fees, is around $3.10... I would prefer it to be the $2.95 we agreed to, but I can completely understand their rational for passing through ECN fees... After-all, my primary broker is Interactive Brokers, and they too pass through ECN fees.... If PDT is an issue for you, based on personal experience --- I see no better option than CME... You can try SureTrader, but I had horrible issues with them... TradeNet is another option, but again --- the consensus is that they are not the best choice. In all honesty -- your best choice (if PDT is an issue) is CME... If PDT is not an issue, IBKR, SpeedTrader, and a few other options may be worth a look...
  21. Daniel Thomas

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    The reality that PDT isn't an issue is their biggest strength. The reality that they take a few days to accept wires, and/or send money to my account via wires, is the biggest negative (and you have to use an actual form, scan and email, to receive wires)... Other than that...they are the BEST option for people looking to trade without dealing with PDT...
  22. Daniel Thomas

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    Yes... You can... You can 'right-click' on any chart, then select "trend lines," then "horizontal lines." You can also program a hotkey to make the task simpler via the use of your preferred hotkey. Lemme' know if this is detail enough, or if you need a little more guidance... STAY GREEN!
  23. Daniel Thomas

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    I assume you figured this out? If not, just re-post, and I'll follow up... I actually use Bank of America to wire (and receive wires) from CME, so I figure I may be of help (I do it all electronically).
  24. @KyleK29, I appreciate you taking your time to help me out here. I have inputted the new link and verified the montage is in "Stop Order" style, but the trigger order still doesn't work. On the simulator account, the buy/sell orders were executed right away, but there was no stop orders in the "Orders" window.
  25. YFNspiderman82

    LOS ANGELES - Meet Up

    Anyone else in the LA area interested in meeting?
  26. keen246

    Brokers and PDTR for european traders

    I gave up looking for low-risk/cost-effective alternatives to circunvent the PDT rule. I didn't find any solution, so I decided to open an account with IB and put up with the dreaded PDT rule. CME was on the table, so I sent them several questions about their known shortcomings, and they basically said, "those are part of the risk of trading". Such ridiculous answer made me discart them.
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