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  1. Jason this is an amazing post with really showing how great this new deal with CMEG is. Especially for anyone that is trading small and starting out. Good point about the 900-1000 share. Not an issue that many traders should have if they are using CMEG as most likely and hopefully they should not be trading that many shares when starting out (). Thanks for putting this together!
  2. Hey BBT family! On Thursday (7/11) and Friday (7/12) you might have noticed on your platform some orders were routed via ARCA instead of LAMP. Even though you send the order correctly using LIMIT or MARKET as your route, the system was having some issues and caused this mistake to happen. Please review your statement with CMEG for Thursday (7//11) and Friday (7/12) to make sure everything looks correct with the route LAMP and with the new commission structure for BBT members. If you do have some orders that were transacted with ARCA and commission fee of $3.95, you can email me your carlos@bearbulltraders.com just full name and I will add you to the list of names we are sending to CMEG so they can fix the issue accordingly. You can also work with CMEG directly, and if you have already emailed them about the issue they will address. CMEG is aware of this issue and is addressing it to prevent it from happening and they are committed to adjusting all statements that were charged incorrectly. Thank you all!
  3. Carlos M.

    Workshop Wednesday are here!

    This is a really good and important topic. We will get something together on this for August. Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, As you already might be aware we kicked off our first live "Workshop Wednesday" this week with the Topic Trading a Small account. We have plenty of more scheduled for the following weeks. These will be held every Wednesday at noon EST in our Classroom chatroom. Check your Dashboard calendar to see what topic is next. If you missed it no worries, we do have it recorded and available for you in the Education Center under Workshop Wednesday! We have a few exciting topics like Hotkeys, Journaling your Trades and Trading Rules scheduled but we want to hear from you what you are interested in having a live discussion. Feel free to post it here or also email it to carlos@bearbulltraders.com. Thanks!
  5. Carlos M.

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    Hey everyone, Hope you are having a nice weekend so far. When CMEG mentions using the SMART LAMP route. They are referring to "MARKET" or "LIMIT" from your Montage or for your Hotkey scripts. I tested the route this entire week and it has been really good no issues and fills are really quick. I traded both long and short positions, sold and covered and no issues. What the platform will do is when you select "MARKET" or "LIMIT" as the route, it will route your order via "LAMP". You are not going to see "LAMP" on your script or on the montage but if you check the Trade window you will see the order was sent via the "LAMP" route. The video below is an actual example of a short order for a stock on SSR. I had to wait for my order to get filled which is normal if you are sitting on the ASK, but the overall execution was amazing. Notice in realtime how fast I was able to get filled and get out before that nasty squeeze. Hope this helps, please feel free to send me over any questions you might have. Thanks.
  6. Carlos M.

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    Hey, Yes I will be trying this tomorrow. Looking forward to the great rates and checking how great the execution is. Thanks.
  7. This is an amazing setup!!! Love it! Nice touch with the clocks up top, I also have that same Classic Chart Patterns! Now, who is the better trader?? Just kidding Best of luck to you both!
  8. Carlos M.

    NYC Meetup - Part III

    Just thinking about this meet up! What a blast this was! It was amazing seen old faces and new ones! Can't wait to do it again!
  9. Greg, Nice job keeping your losers small!
  10. Good morning BBT! Happy Sunday morning! I love waking up early on Sundays and getting ready for the trading week. 

    Make sure to take out time today and review your journal for last week. As you know from my podcast on YouTube "Reflection & Review" https://youtu.be/yUzCnMbR3yI , it is critical to have a system that you can go back and review what you need to improve on for the following week. Tracking your main issues and highlighting them for improvement the next week is very very important. 


    Related image

    This week let's focus on time management. On Sundays, I also plan my schedule for the week, I literately put in everything. Below is what my week looks like almost every week. Now on all this empty white space I will fill in with things that I want to work on this week and get done. That could be time for your projects, maybe something you want to learn, studying and reviewing recaps. I will even block out 2-3 hours under "Me Time," this is were I will complete do what I want that is fun or chilled. 

     This can really help us manage our time and give us visibility how much time we have available. DO NOT WASTE IT. 

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend guys! Time to make this calendar look like a "Christmas Tree!"




  11. Yes it is a really neat feature they have added. You do not need to turn it on. The information is shown right on the montage. Tomorrow when a stock hits the halt scanner put switch to that ticker on your montage and you will see the new feature. If we get one in the pre-market or during down time in the chatroom we can bring it up to discuss.
  12. Hey Mike really impressive notetaking journal you got going! Putting in that work off the trading screen is huge for improvement. Great job.
  13. Hey guys, I ran into this great article about patiences over the weekend. As we discussed yesterday in the Pre-Market Show “Motivational Monday’s” segment, this week we want to focus on Patiences. What I love about this article is that it describes patiences in a way that most people don’t see it as. Patiences can be mistaken for just having to wait and this article talks about how is not solely that, it can also be when to act and how not to react to frustration. Is not a Day Trading article but so much can be applied to Day Trading and our personal lives as well. Here is the link hope you find it useful and let’s focus this week on working on our patients but knowing when to act and waiting for good opportunities knowing that our chance will come. Also delaying gratification by working on great trading habits oppose to bad ones that could have immediate gratification but long term damage. The Power of Patiences https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/emotional-freedom/201209/the-power-patience
  14. Good morning BBT! Happy Sunday! 

    Time to prepare for the new week! Let’s review last week and see what we can improve for this coming week.  


  15. Carlos M.

    Pivot Points- My Journey So Far!

    Hey Matt! Thanks for sharing this, going to queue it up to read that article this weekend.

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