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  1. Carlos M.

    Trade management with a small account

    Hi, check out this podcast on trading a small account. There might be some good tips that you can take away from it that might help. https://bearbulltraders.com/lessons/small-account-and-cmeg/ Thanks. Carlos
  2. Here is the chart we shared this morning in the Pre-Market show as we discussed the Markets. Very interesting. There is a good read article about bull and bear markets here (https://www.brightscope.com/financial-planning/advice/article/27993/Bull-And-Bear-Markets-A-History/) were I found this chart. 



    1. Miguel Angel

      Miguel Angel

      Very interesting.

  3. Carlos M.

    SQ maybe silly idea but...

    Yes those first few minutes at the open are brutal, especially if the stock is not trading clean and very volatile.
  4. Carlos M.

    SQ maybe silly idea but...

    That was a nice drop, Hope tomorrow works out better.
  5. Carlos M.

    SQ maybe silly idea but...

    Hi Peter, I do not think this is silly at all. If you are able to find a pattern after several of your criteria are met and you find an edge that works with that percentage is worth giving it some continuation. Key is to at all times manage your risk and have a plan to exit the trade when it does not work and it the set up just works 50% of the time you will come on on the winning side.
  6. Carlos M.

    Day trading journal (MadsFromDK)

    Wow excellent post! You are gearing yourself up for success! The work you put into outside of actual trading is what pays off when you trade. Could not agree more with Brendon here:
  7. Carlos M.

    Mike B. Simulator Video Recaps

    Nice recovering from a hotkey mistake. Sometimes that can throw you off your game, you kept cool and stuck with the plan.
  8. Carlos M.

    What went wrong?

    Agree with Jason. Munish keep in mind that after it stalled around $72.60 it ran up to VWAP around $74.20 and a passed it, that's a big move. The play would have been buying around 9:50 for the run up to VWAP, After such a big move you need to expect a pull back. You got caught here cashing and buying the top.
  9. Carlos M.

    Help! Losers way bigger than Winners!

    Yes I do take it into consideration for a stop loss, but I look at the entire picture of the chart as well. Depending on how the chart looks I can better determine if it is a strong stop loss level.
  10. Carlos M.

    CME Group - ECN Fees

    Great point. I have been using CME and I think what got most of the people upset was the lack of communication from CMEG on this issue. If they would have simply sent out a note saying "FYI, we screw up, you been getting a free ride on ECN, is corrected effective this date ECN will be charge" Everyone would have been ok, maybe lol. But seeing this comparison shows that the ECN fees are in line.
  11. Carlos M.

    Help! Losers way bigger than Winners!

    Hey George, This is something we all starting out struggle with, our Losers being bigger than our Winners. Here is my advice and is only based on what I personally experienced. There is no way to really tell you what you can improve on without seeing the details of your trades over a period of time. This is were a mentor or a trading partner you can be a huge help. When I first started I was not getting a good enough entry and was hesitating a lot to get into a move. Sometimes we want firm confirmation that the move is going to happen and we get in too late. Make sure you are trusting your set up and that you are getting in with no hesitation once you spot your signal. Trust your set up and get in as soon as possible. For me setting stop loss by a set amount can sometimes mess with your judgement, I set my stop loss based on a technical level, meaning the low or the high of the previous candle, daily level, LOD/HOD this puts my trading at ease. Based on how much room I need to get the stop loss I decide if i will take a full position or half position. If my stop loss is .30 away on a very active stock i am not going to take a full size. If is .20 cents then I feel more comfortable taking a full position. Once in the trade check out the price action and what is telling you if you see any indication that your is likely not going to happen get out regardless of the stop loss. I used to set a stop loss and sometimes when the price action was not looking favorable I would still stay in the trade to see if it would work out then get out at my stop loss. Instead of losing a .05 I would lose .15 . There is no reason for that, jump out and if the set up becomes active again jump back in. Andrew is great at this, we cannot be afraid to jump out if things don't look good for a small loss and jump back in when the set up is back in play. Easier to make up 5 cents than 15 cents. There are so many variables and other possible areas of improvement but again without knowing what your specific struggling with it's difficult to hit the nail on the head. Others might also have a different answer that can fit better to what you are experiencing, so look forward to seeing responses from other members as well, as we all deal with this differently. There is no wrong answer, just what will work best for your trading style.
  12. Carlos M.

    Expressive writing...

    Nice. Abiel, thanks for sharing, great article.
  13. Carlos M.

    Bear Bull Traders NYC Meet Up

  14. Carlos M.

    NYC Meetup - Redux

    We are all set for our 2nd NYC BBT Meet up. Andrew will be joining us and we look forward to another great meet up! Please click the Evite link below to RSVP as soon as possible so we can confirm numbers of members attending. CLICK HERE TO RSVP
  15. Carlos M.

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    Hey Robbie, Yes there is a fee for the deposit. I am not sure who takes this fee is is CME or the middle bank that is doing this on behave of CME. I try to find what the exact Fee is on their FAQ but is not listed there. I when back to when i deposited money and it was $15 that was deducted from my wire deposit as well.

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