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  1. Hey Mike really impressive notetaking journal you got going! Putting in that work off the trading screen is huge for improvement. Great job.
  2. Hey guys, I ran into this great article about patiences over the weekend. As we discussed yesterday in the Pre-Market Show “Motivational Monday’s” segment, this week we want to focus on Patiences. What I love about this article is that it describes patiences in a way that most people don’t see it as. Patiences can be mistaken for just having to wait and this article talks about how is not solely that, it can also be when to act and how not to react to frustration. Is not a Day Trading article but so much can be applied to Day Trading and our personal lives as well. Here is the link hope you find it useful and let’s focus this week on working on our patients but knowing when to act and waiting for good opportunities knowing that our chance will come. Also delaying gratification by working on great trading habits oppose to bad ones that could have immediate gratification but long term damage. The Power of Patiences https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/emotional-freedom/201209/the-power-patience
  3. Good morning BBT! Happy Sunday! 

    Time to prepare for the new week! Let’s review last week and see what we can improve for this coming week.  


  4. Carlos M.

    Pivot Points- My Journey So Far!

    Hey Matt! Thanks for sharing this, going to queue it up to read that article this weekend.
  5. Carlos M.

    Trading Buddies

    Welcome to club Dirk! Yes buddy system is beneficial. Does not have to be one on one it can also be a team, I have found that messaging app like What'sApp is really convenient. What does everyone else think?
  6. Carlos M.


    Hey Everyone! We should starting putting some possible dates together. Maybe March/April? What do you guys think? Looking forward to seen familiar faces and new ones!
  7. Carlos M.

    Short with trailing stop setup

    No need to set neg or pos.. Just enter the amount you want the trail stop to be and based on your position Das will execute based on your Sell or Buy.
  8. Carlos M.

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    I have not had an issue with them on SSR. I know they are aware of the SSR issue that was brought to their attention. No official word from them if it has been completely fixed. I also traded SSR this week and have not had an issue getting in or out.
  9. Carlos M.

    Show us your set-up!

    Nice machine Marek! Looks like a beast. I need to get me a travelling laptop. Right now when I travel I trade off my mac using Parallels. Not the best set up.
  10. Hey Greg, hope you did better today and that you were able to control the FOMO. This is why is so important to stop trading once you hit goal. I no longer trade after a certain time or after certain amount of trades just because I know I can easily give it back or make a small red day worse. Why bother when tomorrow morning we can get more opportunities to trade good setups. Nice Journal as well. Keep it up.
  11. Carlos M.

    Mark D. Day Trading Journal - Live 2019

    Hey Mark, great job staying consistent with your journal! You are putting in the work off the trading station and it will surely pay off in the long run. There were not many good ORB's today on the watchlist, below was my trade for today and actually turned out to be a good ORB Down but got stopped out too early. Funny you mentioned taking a break from ORB as I just finished responding to a member who also was telling me they were thinking of stopping the ORB strategy. What we have to realize is that not every day the market will give is great clean ORB's. We might go on a streak were it might seem as they do not work any more then they will be back in play. My suggestion to this is continue to look for this strategy at the open but if you do not see a clear signal for one just bypass it for that day and focus on your secondary strategy. Once again, great job with this daily journal!
  12. Good morning BBT Family! Happy Thursday!!!


  13. Comparing IB and Speedtrader I asume is what you are referring to. IB is better, they have an excellent short inventory. You are correct our style of trading there is not time to call broker for shorts.
  14. Carlos M.

    Question for the consistent profiters

    Hey Peter, that's a very hard question to answer. I think most traders will remember easily how long it took them to turn their trading around and start seeing improvements over the numbers of actual trades. It can also be deceiving number because usually the worse you are doing the more trades you are taking and over trading. So it might not give you a good picture person by person. Here is my personal case: January 2018 to June 2018: Hard months of trading (shock effect: this ain't easy, bad habits of averaging down, taking too big of a risk, just not experienced enough in live trading.) August 2018 to December 2018: - Drastic improvement in consistency. (More experienced, taking better quality set ups, proper sizing and risk management, accepting red days) January 2019: Still learning, I do not yet consider myself a profitable trader, I personally believe to reach that status you need to have at least 2 to 3 years consistently being profitable. So there is still a lot of work to do this year and the coming year. This is a marathon. Kurt posted some amazing feedback and advice! Looking forward to what other members think.
  15. Image result for work hard


    Good morning BBT Family, Happy Sunday! Let's get up early and put in some work. All the work to become a better day trader is not put in during the market hours. Let's take advantage during the off hours to get closer to our goal. Few things we can attack today and tomorrow. 

    1. Review last weeks trading and highlight improvements areas for the coming week. 
    2. Check out members recap on YouTube and learn from them.
    3. Read a book. (Andrew's 2nd book if you have not done so already.)
    4. Review classes again and again.

    Let's put in the work during this off time! Let me know what you are doing on your end.

    1. KurtLoeblich


      I guess binge watching the Lethal Weapon movies doesn't cut it 😉

      Nah, I'm actually going to go back and look at the stocks I traded and find the mistakes I made, and potential signals that I should have heeded before/after I entered the trades.  I'll also go back and take a look at my winners and see how I could have played them better (if at all possible)


      Carlos, when you've got some free time, shoot me a message. I want to chat with you about the premarket show. 


      Have a good rest of the weekend/enjoy the Holiday!

    2. Abiel


      Great advice, and nice cover pic bro!


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