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  1. I am a new member. Can you post the link to the custom BearBullTraders scanners to download or add from Trade-Ideas Cloud link?

  2. Hey everyone! We want to get a few questions from you to ask Dr. Jonathan F. Katz and he will answer them on the Mindful Monday segments. Also please share with us what topics you would like to hear about in future segments. Thank you!
  3. @Jad Welcome to the BBT community! Great traders come out of Vancouver so you already have an edge! lol Welcome once again see you in chat!
  4. Google Chrome recently made some updates that might be causing a pixelated chatroom screen specifically at the lower part of the screen in chatroom. Follow steps below to correct the problem by Turning off Hardware Acceleration Mode on Google Chrome: 1. Launch Chrome, then select “Menu” > “Settings“. 2. Scroll down to the bottom and select the “Advanced” option. 3. Scroll to the “System” section and toggle “Use hardware acceleration when available” off. Make sure to restart the browser before entering chatroom. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Thank you!
  5. Many of you might have already heard of the fantastic DAS Dynamic Hotkey (aka Kyle's Hotkeys), which allows you to place trades setting by fixed dollar amount or percentage you want to risk on each trade. These dynamic scripts take a lot of work of your hands and allow the DAS Trader Pro platform to do all the thinking and calculating for you. Saving you time and allowing you to focus on the actual trade, which is far more critical. Kyle is kind enough to host a Success Webinar for us on Wednesday, March 4th at 8:00 pm. The webinar will structure in two parts, the first session will breakdown the latest dynamic hotkeys, how they work, and the expected action. Part two will be a Q&A in regards to these hotkeys. To better prepare, we asked that you post questions you might already have about these hotkeys below so that Kyle can review before his webinar. Thanks! PS: If you are not yet aware of Kyle's hotkeys, below is the post link. https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/topic/716-das-dynamically-calculate-shares-on-risk-or-risk-hot-key-configuration-updated-91019-v21/
  6. Looking forward to seen new and old faces here!
  7. Hey, Mike that is correct even for BBT members. There is going to be a charge in the future to be able to support the feature. Thanks.
  8. Hey everyone! We are scheduling a live DAS Trader Pro Basics Q&A class this Monday, January 20th @ 9pm EST! We have received several basic questions about DAS that we will go over in this live Q&A. If there is something you would like to ask or discuss in regards to DAS Trader Pro, please join us, we will have our platform up and walk through the answer live. Hope to see you there!
  9. Hi Cindy! That is correct is not yet available on the IB version. I expect early next year DAS will most likely start releasing this feature to other platforms. Again just me guessing, I wont be surprise if they way for the level 2 feature to be done first. That was going to be upgraded on their phase 2 of programming. BBT is getting a first look now with the hope of getting feedback from our community on the software. Unfortunately if you are not using the BBT Simulation version you are not yet able to use the DAS Replay feature. When this changes or as we hear more news on it I will make sure to update the forum post. Thanks.
  10. @Seydou Dia Welcome to the community! Never heard of this book is it good and do you recommend it? Once again welcome! We are glad to have you on board!
  11. Hey @TommyK667 Correct at the moment is out for the BBT simulation platform. Eventually it will be be out to all platforms Thanks.
  12. Guys, Here is the post about the DAS Replay feature including short video on how to get it and use it. Thanks!
  13. Hey everyone, Below is the video on how to use the DAS Replay feature. Currently this feature is available on the BBT Simulation Version Which can be downloaded at https://www.dastrader.com/download/fixes/DEMO. (When the feature is ready for production it will be release to other platform versions like IB, Centerpoint and CMEG.) Thank you
  14. Hi Carlos,

    hope you can help me with this chart setting( open order should be visible on the chart as a line  that you can move it up or down) below its explained in DAS website.  I am practicing in DAS SIM, but my chart Configuration Area does not have the option SHOW ORDER >SHOW ORDER LINE; if you can help me me this option or refer  me to someone,  I will really appreciate it.

    Screenshot (72).png

    1. Carlos M.

      Carlos M.

      Hey, what version of DAS are you running. I know some settings have been moved around on certain versions. 

      This could be one of them. Let me know. Thanks. 

    2. Haroon


      Hi, Carlos M.

      Thanks for the response, really appreciate it.   I use  the version  ""  Build time Jun 27 2019 


    3. Haroon


      Hi, PeterB

      I contacted DAS help desk, the order line is not available in version . they send me a link to upgrade  to the latest version, but is only available for SIM as of right now. I am practicing in SIM and it works for me. if you are in real acc you have to wait until  it releases fully .

  15. Hi Damon! @Damon0042 First and foremost Thank You for your service! Welcome to the BBT family! Is great you are coming back around to something you always wanted to do. Life is short so we need to take stabs at what we always wanted to do! Nothing worse than having that thought of what if? We have a lot of traders down in Florida not sure how many are from Miami but I am sure there are a couple there! Anyway we can assist please let us know, once again welcome!
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