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  1. Yes my bad! Here is the Weekly DayChart 1w 4y; ZoomFit
  2. Hey Skey this is the hotkey script I have to bring up the weekly chart using hotkey. Let me know if this helps and if it is what you were looking for. Thanks! Edit Correction: DayChart 1w 4y; ZoomFit Below is for 15 Minutes MinuteChart 15 5d
  3. Carlos M.

    Workshop Wednesday are here!

    Hey Antony, thanks for the feedback and the answer is YES, we are open to suggestions on topics you guys want to hear about. We encourage everyone to give us things they want us to discuss in future Workshops. Brian is working on putting something together on this. He is traveling a few days this month so in talks with him, he is looking to get something up for us in October. Looking forward to it myself as he is really good with these strategies. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Carlos M.

    Mark D. Day Trading Journal - Live 2019

    This is so true Mark, instead of beating ourselves up we need to look at it as opportunities to improve and learn from them. Daily Trading Coach is an amazing book must read for anyone that has not yet.
  5. Carlos M.

    MRVL Long, Friday 30

    Hi Sergey, What strategy are you trading here? This set up is tough. The stock was on a strong uptrend at the open then goes into a downtrend on the bigger time frame. When it comes back up at the time you got in, the stock has not really set a change in direction on the bigger time frames. After 10:30 and 11 I like to pay close attention to that 5 min and the 15 min chart as the smaller time frames 2 & 1 min can have a lot of fake outs. For me personally the 15 min only did a pullback then continue to the downside. Again depending on the strategy you were looking for. On your 5 min chart if you are looking for a trend trade above VWAP try waiting for a retest of the VWAP. On the way down to retest it does not hold and falls right back below VWAP, this is a great entry for a short for a false VWAP Breakout. Like you said maybe the SPY affected this as well. Hope this helps.
  6. Marcel, I have pretty much the same set up.
  7. Yes usually anything I have to do with CMEG I email them at clientservices@cmelitegroup.com and the responses have been great. The do not respond to call timely and this has unfortunately been like this for sometime but through emails you can get anything you need done. Great thing also is once you are set up there is not much interaction you will be having with CMEG, and with just a great uptime (meaning very very rarely is the Das system ever down) you are not contacting them for immediately issues. I have been with them for months now and they have been really great.
  8. Carlos M.

    Budde (Booty) Trading Journal

    nice! This was a great interview. Hope this works well for you as well!
  9. Carlos M.

    Das Trader Pro and simulator

    Hi Kelly, You do not have to pay for both, when you get Das Trader Pro with IB or any other broker. It comes with a demo account as well. That is included in your monthly fee, you will only be paying $150. It is also very easy to switch from Live to Demo with Das Trader Pro. There is one login only but once you log in you have several options to switch from Real and Sim, you can do it manually on the montage, you can define it by hotkeys or you can change the overall global setting to Real or Sim. This post has more information on how to switch between sim and real. Hope this helps. Thanks.
  10. Carlos M.

    Brendon D 'The Big B' is BACK!

    Brendon my man!!Welcome back!!! Love that you are back and taking the tough experiences into lessons learned. They say trading is not for everyone but I believe that RESILIENCES and not giving up goes a long way. I believe there are many traders that quit and never return to trading but if they would have been a be more resilient they could have become great profit traders. Welcome back!
  11. Hey everyone, This is the spreadsheet we talked about in previous Workshop Wednesday "Trading in Probabilities" https://1drv.ms/x/s!Agc0kibqYd7fwDv0vV3G8wflrE3e Thanks!
  12. We have a new scanner layout for our chatroom that includes two new scans. Kurt has tested and has been successfully using as indicators for possible trades. If you missed the video explanation live in the chatroom, here is the recording! If you want to get Trade Ideas we’ve negotiated a discount, so you can get their scan software for 15% off. Just click the button below and use “VANCOUVER15” at the checkout. http://trade-ideas.com/referral.html?p=vantrading&w=download Scanners Kurt.mp4 Scanners Kurt.mp4
  13. Carlos M.

    Workshop Wednesday are here!

    Hey AM, Yes, we will do this for sure. Let us put something together on this.
  14. Carlos M.

    UPDATED: CMEG Commission/ARCA Route Error

    By now all commissions should be corrected, if you still have some dates showing incorrect amount please contact CMEG to adjust properly. Also yesterday my trades were routed via LAMP and SMAT on Das Trader Pro but I was charged correctly on the statements. Let's continue to keep a close eye on this for the next couple of days. I mean we should all be checking this every day to make sure all is good (pointing finger at myself here!). Seems like the issue is coming to an end and that they might have found a fix to the problem.
  15. Carlos M.

    UPDATED: CMEG Commission/ARCA Route Error

    UPDATE: As of 10:30 this morning, I received an update from CMEG on the current issue: 1. Statements are being adjusted to the correct BEARBULL commission structure. If you look at your statement now you will see yesterday will be showing correctly and by the end of the day, you will see the rest of the days also adjusted. 2. Programmers are working on fixing the issue, so it does not keep occurring in the future, but if it does happen while they are working on the change, they will address the fees and correct statements. From my end, I see that CMEG is doing an excellent job staying on top of this issue and making sure everything is corrected and working forward. Please be patient as they get this all resolved. Thanks everyone! FYI: Please make sure that your platform is up to date with the latest version and that you are using the LIMIT and MARKET routes on your hotkeys and hot buttons on montage. Also, make sure you are using DAY as the time in force on Hotkeys and hot buttons as well.

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