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    • That happened to me too. I was up +685 after Day 1, and then went I came in to today, my buying power had only increased by $~200.Today’s P/L was $935.00, let’s see what my BP says tomorrow
    • Did anyone have issues with the platform’s hot keys or hot buttons? I could not exit my positions without hitting the panic button. I managed to recover my losses but my buttons and keys were not working in the pre market. I ended in the green +$900
    • Tuesday 3/26/2019 I had a well-being score of 5.5/10 this morning. My nerves were bad this morning, but I had time for extended breathing exercises which really helped. I had two trades today both on AMD. First trade was a scalp. Both AMD and AAPL both were setting up for it. AMD looked a little better so I focused on it. Of course AAPL was the better one J I took the trade as it broke the high of the day with a target 10 cents away (the green line). The enter fill had a 3 cent slide and so did the exit. Thus I made very little from the trade. I did plan to take a large partial instead of all out due to a strong second target. Then got out at B/E.   My second trade was with AMD. AMD had a very bullish 2min candle forming with VWAP near the end of the candle. A really nice setup. Chart when I took the trade: My checklist: I took the trade when it made a clear break of the 1min VWAP. My target was at 26.32 where both a tech level and 200MA resided. There was a strong first target as well, the 50MA which was just ~1.5R from away. The price did hit the first target but it bounced from it so fast that I was unable to take a partial. I watch the video and it looks like I can’t blame myself for missing the partial, it was REALLY a fast bounce. Then price reversed and I got stopped out. So it seems I am still not ready to trade after a loss. This was a reasonably good trade that happens to be a loss and my mental state was not ready to take an impartial trade afterwards. Another thought bothering me. Since I have not done my “homework” the last 3 weekends due to family and work commitments, I was thinking maybe this wasn’t a good trade. Of all the stocks AMD changes its personality the quickest. I like using 50MA as a target (for AMD) for the first partial since it tends to pull the stock toward it but if the stock is strong/weak it tends not to repel it. I wonder if that has changed in the last 3 weeks. I will be definitely reviewing charts this weekend and will find out.   What I did good today: Stopped out right on target without emotion. How did I challenge myself today?  Successfully fought through the urge to revenge trade. What I did bad today:  I haven’t reviewed charts in 3 weeks. I am wondering now if I am making poor decision based on old data. What can I do better tomorrow: I will try and review charts a little each day to catch up.        
    • March 26th - Did not take a live trade. The stocks on my watchlist today were a little choppy for the first 45 minutes. $MU and $AMD had great moves after that once they picked a direction. Hopefully, some of you were able to take advantage of it.
    • Awesome guys! Thank so much! Let me tell you where I stay, probably near downtown. 

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