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  1. Just to help me shape this. What do you people want to see in terms of information? Would you rather have a breakdown of the math behind them and then show how they work in DAS, or would you like a more detailed breakdown of the actual hotkey (as ugly as they are)? I'd assume the former is better for most as it's a "concept -> application" presentation, keeping to the important bits in a concise manner. Any other hotkeys / DAS features you want me to go over, please post here. I have a list going. For this presentation there will be a new version of the hotkeys / configuration rolling out, so even if you're familiar you may want to check it out. I've also discussed with DAS on some modifications, but I'm not sure what the timeline is on those.
  2. There's a built-in less known about hotkey for that called ShareCap. You could try to add it as ShareCap=1000; at the beginning of your hotkey. Test in sim though, as I haven't tested it. It's very limited because of the user-accessible memory areas. In the Excel Configuration there's a couple that will put 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1 (etc.) price targets. DAS has indicated that they're willing to make changes to allow to us to do more of this natively. I'll add your request to the list I have going for their devs. There's a few other methods you can do to get values in and out of DAS, but they're really complex and I would not recommend anyone using them. One way is to use a secondary program (you write it) and the OS's native clipboard (to pass data back/fourth). The other way is to search and replace the bytes in active RAM. Are you with IBCO and was this during a LIVE trade? I believe IBCO on the short side does 3:1 margin, not 4:1. So if you use the 4:1 margin hotkeys with them when short (and live), it'll calculate your Buying Power incorrectly. As Brandon said, this is usually caused by Buying Power. His math is correct, you weren't able to take the full $20 risk on this and ended up with a much lesser risk, but still ~2:1 return. My guess is the problem exists in the first part of the hotkey config where it does the BP/equity calculations. If you didn't generate your own hotkeys via the Excel Configuration sheet, I highly recommend you do that. The ones people copy and paste aren't setup for everyone, they're specific to the person who created them (and their account variables, such as their margin-ratio which can different from broker to broker). I'd say 90% of the math issues come from this fact.
  3. That's a feature you'd likely have to request them add to the PriceMarker Chart Study. Right now, it only has "Last Bar High" (and Low / Open / Close. Last Bar is the current active bar). You'd want to request one for "First Bar" and then you'd just add the study to a 1min chart.
  4. Some users asked about this in chat a while back and as I was writing up the documentation on how to do a dual-copy of DAS Trader Pro -- one version for Sim and another for Live -- I realized that it had some complexity which may have made it difficult for some end-users. So to remedy this, I wrote a script to do it for you. I did this with batch / powershell commands (it's been awhile, so not eloquent at all) so that users can see what is going on (no tomfoolery with your accounts). What Does It Do: It's a Windows 10 (if Mac users exist, your mileage may vary) script that will: Makes a mostly symbolic copy of your DAS Trader Pro install (it'll copy over the Config.cfg file, since we need to change a few things) --> If your DAS install is C:\DAS Trader Pro\ it'll create a C:\DAS Trader Pro_Sim\ folder. By default, only the theme folder and .exe exist in the new folder install (the SIM version will check for a version change on the .exe and copy it over as needed for when updates occur), the rest is symbolically linked via the file-system to the main install. This is done so that items carry over their settings (Trendlines, Desktop Layout, Hotkeys, etc.). This is beneficial because if you use the default config then all layout, chart, trendlines, hotkeys, and other options stored outside of the Config.cfg file will be the same in both versions. You can change this behavior with options (more on that in setup below). Right now, options exist for: Desktop Layout (default.dsk), and the Hotkey File (hotkey.htk). Change the background of the simulator install (for better visual recognition). [optional] Add A Sound Alert for the Simulator version when a LIVE account trade is made in it [auditory recognition]. [optional] Add a Sound Alert for the Live version when a Simulator account trade is made in it. Example Image Notes / Prerequisites: If you set your account via as part of hotkey scripts (e.g. "ACCOUNT=U#######") you will want to change those values in your hotkey.htk file and also toggle the config.ini setting for separate_hotkey_file to "separate_hotkey_file=1" (instructions below). I assume most users won't need to this do. How Do I Use It?: Glad you asked. Download the zip file linked below and then follow the instructions here. As a precaution, I recommend you make a backup copy of your DAS install. Easiest way is to go to the folder that contains your DAS install, right-click it, and select "Send to Compressed Zip" .. if your install is in C:\, you'd right-click the "DAS Trader Pro" folder there. Unzip the downloaded file to a directory. If you use the DAS default install location of "C:\DAS Trader Pro\" - and / or - wish to have the defaults, skip to step 3. If you don't use that location, continue reading this part. Go into extracted directory and edit "config.ini": Config Available: ⓐ directory=C:\DAS Trader Pro This is the location of your DAS install. By default, it's C:\DAS Trader Pro as that is the DAS default. ⓑ separate_desktop_file=0 This is if you want to have separate Desktop.dsk files for SIM and LIVE. By default, it's the same layout. To use separate desktop files, set this as: separate_desktop_files=1 ⓒ separate_hotkey_file=0 This is if you want to have a separate Hotkey.htk file for SIM and LIVE. By default, it's the same file. To use separate hotkey files, set this as: separate_hotkey_file=1 ⓓ add_sound_alerts_sim=0 This is if you want to have a sound alert added to your DAS SIM, for this to work properly there will be additional setup (see section "Sound Alerts - SIM Account"). What it does is add an audible alert if you trade with your LIVE ACCOUNT in the SIM ACCOUNT. To use, set to: add_sound_alerts_sim=1 ⓔ add_sound_alerts_live=0 This is if you want to have a sound alert added to your DAS LIVE, for this to work properly there will be additional setup (see section "Sound Alerts - LIVE Account"). What it does is add an audible alert if you trade with your SIM ACCOUNT in the LIVE ACCOUNT. To use, set to: add_sound_alerts_live=1 Right Click "Setup.bat" --> Run-As Administrator a) On Windows Admin Prompt Click "Yes" b) On the command window that opens, make sure it does not give an error. If prompted, type the letter "Y" and hit enter. c) If no error messages, hit enter again to close the command window. Launch DAS using the shortcut created on the desktop as "DasTrader - SIM Account" --> Under ... Blue w/ S is the SIM account. Yellow w/ L is the Live account. You're not done ... go to Additional Setups section. Additional Setup: There's some brief changes we need to make within DAS for this to work properly. Open the "LIVE" version of DAS (the yellow icon). Login and on the top menu bar select "Setup" -> "Order Templates" On the "Account" box, select your LIVE account (for IB users it's likely something like U#######). Hit "Apply This Setting To All Exchanges." [optional] If you enabled the SIM trade in Live Account alert in config.ini, read the next line, otherwise skip to #5. For the Alert to work, go into Top Menu Bar -> Tools -> Alert & Trigger -> Double Click "WARN-LIVEACCOUNT" -> Double Click the "Value" box next to the "Acc" item (it should say "U1111111") -> Set this to your LIVE account. Image helper here. Close DAS. Open the "SIM" version of DAS (the blue icon). Login and on the top menu bar select "Setup" -> "Order Templates" On the "Account" box, select your SIM account (for IB users it's likely something like TRIBT####). Hit "Apply This Setting To All Exchanges." For the Alert to work, go into Top Menu Bar -> Tools -> Alert & Trigger -> Double Click "WARN-SIMACCOUNT" -> Double Click the "Value" box next to the "Acc" item (it should say "U1111111") -> Set this to your SIM account. Image helper here. Close DAS. Download: v1.00 - 1/14/2020 - BBT_DASSim_Separation_Script_V1.0.zip Changelog: v1.00 - 1/14/2020 - Release of initial script. Known Issues: v1.00 - 1/14/2020 - My father never really played catch with me as a child, but besides that, there doesn't seem to be any that I'm aware of with the script at the moment. /joke
  5. For those planning on using this system, would you be interested in a historical BBT gap list lookup system? I have gap lists for years 1999 - 2019 with a BBT (same as the TradeIdeas config) filter, I could make this accessible to BBT members if there's enough interest. It'd allow you to look up a gap list for a specific date (frozen as of 9:30am on that date). That way you can appropriately simulate the complete trading method. Thanks for answering that. That's interesting, triggers / stops are more complicated because they're stored on the server side once accepted (and it'd need to reference historical data there as well), but I'm surprised they don't just implement a local broker for it (at the application level), probably be way easier because they could just tie into their alert system.
  6. My guess is it'll be in soon, they probably just haven't figured out how they're going to package it for non-BBT users. It's in the IBCO / CMEG releases, users just don't have permissions to the data. Since it's a completely new feature, I don't know personally what would cause that and I doubt many users have figured it out yet. Once IBCO users can use it (me included), I'll be sure to update any documentation / configs for it.
  7. HELP / FAQ for this post: Please post questions that have not been asked below, they'll be edited into the main topics as they're answered. Frequently Asked Questions: **RESERVING for future space**
  8. I know my Streamdeck layout by heart and can trade without looking at it, but it comes down to personal preference. Andrew uses hotkeys. I like being able to have a visual fallback and to have a ton of hotkey combinations for various things, without having to memorize it. It has cut down my hotkey "errors" that I used to get. I probably have around 100 different DAS hotkeys, trying to memorize that would be a nightmare. I'd say StreamDeck has an advantage when it comes to traveling if you don't trade on the same keyboard, as it's smaller and easier to travel with, thus allowing you to keep the feedback exactly the same no-matter where you are (e.g. switching from desktop keyboard to laptop keyboard can be like relearning the hotkeys).
  9. Yes, but you'd need to do some config before hand. You need to go to the titlebar of each chart window you want to change (see image) and give it a unique name. For my example, I changed my B-Montage 1minute chart name to "CHARTB1M" and my A-Montage to "CHARTA1M". You then need to do a hotkey with FOCUSWINDOW CHARTNAME; CHART-COMMAND for each chart you want to switch. So for my example, changing two of my designated charts from 1minute to 5minute, my hotkey would be like this: FOCUSWINDOW CHARTB1M; ZoomFit;MinuteChart 5 10d; NumBar 50; FOCUSWINDOW CHARTA1M; ZoomFit;MinuteChart 5 10d; NumBar 50;
  10. I'd second Eric's suggestion on IB. You can use MetaTrader, but it uses it's own syntax that you'd have to get accustomed to. IB offers their API in a variety of languages. Plus, another added bonus is if you play nice with the API, you can download market historical data without paying the massive costs data-brokers want for it. Other automated platforms would places like QuantConnect.com and TradingView.com.
  11. Added some more icons, mainly to do with the upcoming Line Styles feature in DAS (hence all of the H-Line colors). Also added a newer option, if the file ends with "_trans.png" it is a transparent icon and you can change the color using the StreamDeck icon creator by adding a background color and then putting the icon-image over top of that background. Objects ending with "_trans90.png" have a 90% opacity (10% transparent) background. Only like two icons currently have this, but I'll try to rework it into more going forward for more flexibility. DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kushuhwPep1nfnNQdEWNdXZtyw8Z356g
  12. Hey Lads and Lasses, apologize for the delay in replying .. I was on a vacation and then took some time to get back into the groove of things. I did find where they make those beautiful postcards (jk) ... ^^^ Beautiful location ... the swim back to the boat was a tad much though. Anyways ... I missed this earlier. When you scale-in, are you using the scale-in version of the hotkeys or the original risk management version? You should use the scale-in versions if you aren't already. SwitchTWnd is for switching the Trade Window. You'd probably want FOCUSWINDOW. If you right click the titlebar of the Montage you want --> config and then give it a name .. you can then focus it. So the hotkey would be FOCUSWINDOW MYWINDOWTITLE; Just put that at the front of any hotkey you want. The double-click already does this though. Ok, thanks. I'll take a look at it. Usually the negative values are caused by the BP function not getting the correct equity for the calculation. If I had to guess, your Montage was set to the IBCO account that isn't funded yet (your LIVE account, which has $0 buying power). It begins with "U". Swap the Montage to the account that begins with "TR" and give it another try ... let me know if that fixes it for you. You'd likely have to do it with two different hotkeys and the Spreadsheet has a few examples of Range Orders with a 2:1. The *ideal* way would be to modify the TriggerOrder, but I just tested it and DAS doesn't like the math at all. DAS has a very simplistic mathing engine, so you can't do the proper sequence like you could if it allowed HighPrice=(AvgCost-StopPrice)*3+AvgCost . If you're using the "StopType=Market" (as recommended), the Price will be 0. This is because DAS forces it to that value when you submit the order, the actual triggering price is stored in the "Type" column (e.g. "SM: 10.10"). It's also the reason the stop-order arrow doesn't show on the chart (because it's sitting at 0). For the 2:1 partial. You'd be better off doing a second hotkey that sets a partial limit order. Like: 1) Double-click, hit normal "long" hotkey (for this example). It'll set the stop order when it's filled. 2) Hit second hotkey that sets the partial take-profit .. like (assuming 25% partial): SHARE=POS*0.25;SHARE=ROUND;ROUTE=LIMIT;PRICE=AVGCOST+AVGCOST-STOPPRICE;TIF=DAY+;Send=Reverse;
  13. You could try: SHARE=POS*0.33;SHARE=ROUND;ROUTE=LIMIT;TIF=DAY+;Send=Reverse; That should work in both directions (long or short). You must have an open position. To use it: 1) Double-click on the chart where you want to set the order (be sure to have Double-Click to trade turned on in the Chart Configuration; Right-Click Chart -> Double-Click to Trade [in Settings area]). 2) Hit hotkey. 3) Hopefully profit.
  14. Seems to be a bug in the Excel sheet, it's not flipping the Trigger portion. Give me a few minutes. *EDIT* New version in OP. Please regenerate those hotkeys using this version and see if they work for you properly now.
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