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  1. HELP / FAQ for this post: Please post questions that have not been asked below, they'll be edited into the main topics as they're answered. Frequently Asked Questions: **RESERVING for future space**
  2. I know my Streamdeck layout by heart and can trade without looking at it, but it comes down to personal preference. Andrew uses hotkeys. I like being able to have a visual fallback and to have a ton of hotkey combinations for various things, without having to memorize it. It has cut down my hotkey "errors" that I used to get. I probably have around 100 different DAS hotkeys, trying to memorize that would be a nightmare. I'd say StreamDeck has an advantage when it comes to traveling if you don't trade on the same keyboard, as it's smaller and easier to travel with, thus allowing you to keep the feedback exactly the same no-matter where you are (e.g. switching from desktop keyboard to laptop keyboard can be like relearning the hotkeys).
  3. Yes, but you'd need to do some config before hand. You need to go to the titlebar of each chart window you want to change (see image) and give it a unique name. For my example, I changed my B-Montage 1minute chart name to "CHARTB1M" and my A-Montage to "CHARTA1M". You then need to do a hotkey with FOCUSWINDOW CHARTNAME; CHART-COMMAND for each chart you want to switch. So for my example, changing two of my designated charts from 1minute to 5minute, my hotkey would be like this: FOCUSWINDOW CHARTB1M; ZoomFit;MinuteChart 5 10d; NumBar 50; FOCUSWINDOW CHARTA1M; ZoomFit;MinuteChart 5 10d; NumBar 50;
  4. I'd second Eric's suggestion on IB. You can use MetaTrader, but it uses it's own syntax that you'd have to get accustomed to. IB offers their API in a variety of languages. Plus, another added bonus is if you play nice with the API, you can download market historical data without paying the massive costs data-brokers want for it. Other automated platforms would places like QuantConnect.com and TradingView.com.
  5. Added some more icons, mainly to do with the upcoming Line Styles feature in DAS (hence all of the H-Line colors). Also added a newer option, if the file ends with "_trans.png" it is a transparent icon and you can change the color using the StreamDeck icon creator by adding a background color and then putting the icon-image over top of that background. Objects ending with "_trans90.png" have a 90% opacity (10% transparent) background. Only like two icons currently have this, but I'll try to rework it into more going forward for more flexibility. DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kushuhwPep1nfnNQdEWNdXZtyw8Z356g
  6. Hey Lads and Lasses, apologize for the delay in replying .. I was on a vacation and then took some time to get back into the groove of things. I did find where they make those beautiful postcards (jk) ... ^^^ Beautiful location ... the swim back to the boat was a tad much though. Anyways ... I missed this earlier. When you scale-in, are you using the scale-in version of the hotkeys or the original risk management version? You should use the scale-in versions if you aren't already. SwitchTWnd is for switching the Trade Window. You'd probably want FOCUSWINDOW. If you right click the titlebar of the Montage you want --> config and then give it a name .. you can then focus it. So the hotkey would be FOCUSWINDOW MYWINDOWTITLE; Just put that at the front of any hotkey you want. The double-click already does this though. Ok, thanks. I'll take a look at it. Usually the negative values are caused by the BP function not getting the correct equity for the calculation. If I had to guess, your Montage was set to the IBCO account that isn't funded yet (your LIVE account, which has $0 buying power). It begins with "U". Swap the Montage to the account that begins with "TR" and give it another try ... let me know if that fixes it for you. You'd likely have to do it with two different hotkeys and the Spreadsheet has a few examples of Range Orders with a 2:1. The *ideal* way would be to modify the TriggerOrder, but I just tested it and DAS doesn't like the math at all. DAS has a very simplistic mathing engine, so you can't do the proper sequence like you could if it allowed HighPrice=(AvgCost-StopPrice)*3+AvgCost . If you're using the "StopType=Market" (as recommended), the Price will be 0. This is because DAS forces it to that value when you submit the order, the actual triggering price is stored in the "Type" column (e.g. "SM: 10.10"). It's also the reason the stop-order arrow doesn't show on the chart (because it's sitting at 0). For the 2:1 partial. You'd be better off doing a second hotkey that sets a partial limit order. Like: 1) Double-click, hit normal "long" hotkey (for this example). It'll set the stop order when it's filled. 2) Hit second hotkey that sets the partial take-profit .. like (assuming 25% partial): SHARE=POS*0.25;SHARE=ROUND;ROUTE=LIMIT;PRICE=AVGCOST+AVGCOST-STOPPRICE;TIF=DAY+;Send=Reverse;
  7. You could try: SHARE=POS*0.33;SHARE=ROUND;ROUTE=LIMIT;TIF=DAY+;Send=Reverse; That should work in both directions (long or short). You must have an open position. To use it: 1) Double-click on the chart where you want to set the order (be sure to have Double-Click to trade turned on in the Chart Configuration; Right-Click Chart -> Double-Click to Trade [in Settings area]). 2) Hit hotkey. 3) Hopefully profit.
  8. Seems to be a bug in the Excel sheet, it's not flipping the Trigger portion. Give me a few minutes. *EDIT* New version in OP. Please regenerate those hotkeys using this version and see if they work for you properly now.
  9. Been playing with this some, since you asked for feedback (I assume you have a developers ear on this), I'll post my suggestions here. I really like it, a few solid enhancements I think would be: Functionality: 1) Double-clicking a flag should send that OrderID to the chart's connected Montage for easy replacement. This would make it very fluid with modifying the orders in a streamlined workflow. Right now double-clicking it just loads the clicked price to the montage (if double-click-to-trade is turned on). 2) Maybe Shift+Click could update the order's position size to your current position? Aesthetically: 1) Ability to adjust the font size on the flags, they can get quite big otherwise. 2) Color change --> Right now, short positions are blue and long positions are red. Be nice to have different colors for if it's a STOP order or a standard order. See attached screenshot for example.
  10. If you're in SIM with a BBT account, make sure you to drop the TR from your username when logging in. So if it's TRBBT####, your login would be BBT####.
  11. I confirmed this issue with the newer versions of DAS and I think it's the order of operations causing it to default to limit. In one of the DAS versions the stops started defaulting to Stop Limits in certain scenarios. Try these, if they work I'll put up a new update with the fix: CXL ALLSYMB;Route=Stop;Share=Pos;StopPrice=Price;TIF=DAY+;Price=StopPrice-0;StopType=MARKET;SELL=Send; Hi Bo, I tested your hotkeys in my version of DAS and they worked as expected. Even tried a few common mistakes to no avail. It seems like a calculation is failing somewhere. Can you post your DAS version and also go into Setup > Other Configuration and check "Debug Message". Try the hotkey out and then send me the latest file in the your DAS folder /LOG/ via PM? It'll help me see what it is doing.
  12. With regards to the not deleting trades, maybe create a special account tag all users get called "Trash," so users can trash certain trades they don't want statistics on? I understand the reasoning behind not allowing the deletion of the trades, but it's not a one-size-fits-all approach. For example, I have *a lot* of dummy SIM trades when I'm testing things (hotkeys, DAS updates, etc.). Right now, I'd have to manually edit those out of the DEBUG LOGS before sending them up or start completely fresh. Just a thought.
  13. Can you post the hotkey command(s) that you are using? And / or did you create them using the configuration Excel sheet yourself or did someone send them to you? I find that the ones users pass around tend to fail because a lot of messaging programs strip out (sanitize) the "*" in the command which causes calculation issues.
  14. All of them. Just kidding. Depends if they can do dynamic typing and/or convert to the necessary datatype for a field. Probably at least 5 floats would be helpful (if they can still write to INT based variables). Unfortunately no. I wish there was a reoccurring Trigger Order that could do it. You have to just be vigilante with updating. I did make some requests that should make hotkeying it a tad easier in the future. Does your username start with TRBBT? You need to drop the TR part of it, so it's just BBT####. Otherwise it won't let you login. Be careful with it though, I've managed to crash my PC 4 times yesterday (hard lock ups). The chart tools don't play nice at the moment.
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