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  1. Hi Kyle

    I am having problems placing orders with hotkeys at DAS through CMEG, there is something wrong with the script and I can't figure it out. Can you help me?... I've tried with DAS support but didn't went well


  2. good day Kyle

    I am having good problems with the equalized $ risk hot key. It seems to mess up DAS. Is there anyway we could communicate through email? Thank You very much for your time [email protected]

  3. Hi Kyle,

    Can you please share the scrip for limit equalizer risk per trade with two targets?


  4. Hey, Kyle. I tried to use your "DAS Trader Line Style Configurator" but I must be doing something wrong. Here's what I did: First, I programmed three buttons with the Configurator to make a width=3, dashed line (like my currently programmed HorizontalLine hotkey), but each a different color than my current HorizontalLine. I thought that now if I were to press one of my new buttons, it would toggle my current default line to that selected color so that if I hit my HorizontalLine hotkey, I'd get "the pencil" for dropping a line on my chart of that color. Instead, I get the pencil, but it drops my "old," default line color. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! /KennyG 

  5. Hi Kyle,

    My friend and I am trying to figure out why your 2:1 hotkey does not buy 925% of my buying power.  Here is your hotkey:

    CXL ALLSYMB;StopPrice=Price-0;DefShare=BP*0.925;Price=Ask-Price+0.00;SShare=50/Price;Share=DefShare-SShare;DefShare=DefShare+SShare;SShare=Share;Sshare=DefShare-SShare;Share=0.5*SShare;TogSShare;ROUTE=LIMIT;Price= Ask+0.05;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send;DefShare=200;Price=Ask-StopPrice*2+Ask;TriggerOrder=RT:STOP STOPTYPE:RANGE LowPrice:StopPrice HighPrice:Price ACT:SELL QTY:POS TIF:DAY+

  6. Updated: 6/30/2022 @ 2:34pm (PST) ** IMPORTANT NOTE: This program is released as-is without any warranty or implied support, please read all of the information, and understand what you're doing. This is a personal release by Kyle and not affiliated with BearBullTraders, so please do not request any support through the BBT support channels as they will not be answered. What it is: Bookmap Think-or-Swim Config Helper (say that five times fast) is a command line utility (.exe) you can use to run various functions against the Bookmap config file if you're using the Think-or-Swim version. For some reason, the ToS port of Bookmap does not include these features natively. The way the ToS version works is that it uses the lastUsed section of the config file to apply to any newly opened feeds if a symbol doesn't have a matching config. To make things more confusing, configs are stored with their feed# (e.g. AMD@DXFEED#3), so it's possible you will load an AMD chart and it will inherit the default settings stored in lastUsed, despite you previously setting the config for this symbol. I got tired of this and decided to make a fix. Functions: Print or Save the symbol list (saves the currently stored configs in the Bookmap config) Extract a Symbol's config to an external file (for importing later). Clear all stored configs from the Bookmap config. Inject a previously exported config to the lastUsed setting (so newly spawned charts will inherit the config you want them to). Overwrite all existing stored configs with a previously exported one (good if you use detached windows, as it leaves the window settings untouched). Auto backup of Bookmap config file before any destructive (change of data) action is taken. Instructions for Usage: Please see the ReadMe.md file on the GitHub for more detailed information, including the commands to use: https://github.com/kylek29/bookmap-tos-config/ DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/kylek29/bookmap-tos-config/tree/main/dist [zipfile: BookmapToSConfigEditor.zip] VIDEOS: - None yet, but I will make one on it. SUPPORT: Post here and I'll try to answer any issues as I have time. KNOWN ISSUES: None yet. Everyone should collectively cross their fingers. UPDATES: 06/30/2022 - Initial v1.0 release.
  7. Hi Kyle,

    New member of BBT and I am just getting familiar with DAS. Currently on DAS Demo. It would be greatly appreciated if you could share your hotkeys so I can implement and learn. My version in default is missing several scripts/keys for basic essentials. Thank you, Kyle!



  8. I'd still recommend submitting the bug via email to bugs[at]dastrader.com and/or support[at]dastrader.com - I've been trying to get them to fix it for over a year now.
  9. Hey Kyle, I saw you are currently in the forums and I wondered if you know why I suddenly get denied when I try to use the Das replay feature.  I've never paid extra for it but Ive had it since it was first offered to BBT members for free.


  10. Hi Kyle, some time ago I found your file with the hotkeys to do the add. The hotkeys calculated the size of the add based on the unrealized profit of the position and the risk was that, by inserting the stop loss on the be. Could you postpone the file or script? I would be grateful. Thanks in advance

  11. IMPORTANT NOTICE - 2021/12/08: I've noticed some major issues with interacting with DAS this way - a method I usually try to avoid at all costs, the User Input layer - where the script misfires and ends up interacting with the montage (in my test case, it canceled a bunch of Open Orders I had in place, including my stops), I feel that this is too major of a potential issue to recommend. Because of that, I do NOT recommend using this script. If there's enough interest (added a poll), I may replace it with a proper program that doesn't have to interact with DAS via the User Input layer. I'm leaving the script linked for REFERENCE ONLY. If you still feel that a utility like this is useful and want to see me create a better (and much safer) way of doing it, please vote in the poll. ----------------- Okay, I think I've got this in a decent enough state for an initial release, so here it goes, hopefully we don't break anything and if we do, I'm not responsible. Might not be the most elegant because it's using AHK's script syntax and I'm not that familiar with it ... in fact, I'm not fond of it. What it is: It's an AutoHotkey script that will detect if DasTrader.exe is running and then send a sequence of commands to export the Trade Logs (Orders, Tickets, Trades). This can be further automated using Windows Task Scheduler (instructions below). By default, the save-to folder is in your My Documents \ TradeLogs \ YYYY-MM-DD, but this can be changed by editing the top line of the script (see Config section below). As a note, if DAS is not found to be running it will try to start and login before proceeding. It uses the machines local DATE, so be aware of that as your exports will save to a date relative to the local timezone. Instructions for Configuration: VIDEO Tutorial: This script was covered in the 11/22/2021 Monday Tech Class, which can be found here (when it goes up): https://bearbulltraders.com/course/technology-monday/lesson/kyles-tech-webinars-2/ For the script to run, you'll need to download AutoHotkey from https://www.autohotkey.com Run the installer and choose "Express" install, unless you know what you're doing. Download the relevant script file here: Disclaimer: The following script is provided for REFERENCE ONLY and is not recommended for use at this time. If you choose to do so please note that you do it on your own accord. No warranties/guarantees and it is unsupported. v1.0: DOWNLOAD (Please see the warning at the top of this post) Unzip the download to a folder of your choosing, for simplicity sake, let's put it in a folder C:\scripts\ [you may need to create this] Now if you have DAS Trader Pro installed to C:\DAS Trader Pro\ and you don't mind the default save directory of your My Documents\TradeLogs\, you don't need to configure anymore and you can jump to the automation portion. IF you don't have DAS saved in C:\DAS Trader Pro\ or you want to change the save locations, right-click the DASExportTradeLogs.ahk file you unzipped and go to "Open With" -> "Notepad" (unless you have another txt editor of your choice, just don't use WordPad or MS Word). On the top of the file, there are two variables "logoutput" and "dasfolder", you can edit the right-hand side to a value of your choice. By default, these are set to these values: ; Default Settings logoutput = %A_MyDocuments%\TradeLogs\ dasfolder := % "C:\DAS Trader Pro\" ; Uncomment (remove semicolon) to make your own. ;logoutput := % "C:\Trade Logs\" ;dasfolder := % "C:\DAS Trader DEMO\" If you want to change these folders, uncomment the lower variables by removing the semicolon and edit between the parenthesis. Example edits below: ; Default Settings logoutput = %A_MyDocuments%\TradeLogs\ dasfolder := % "C:\DAS Trader Pro\" ; Uncomment (remove semicolon) to make your own. logoutput := % "C:\MY TRADELOGS FOLDER\" dasfolder := % "D:\MY DAS INSTALL LOCATION\" AUTOMATION: To automate this script, you need to use Windows Task Schedule Go to the Start Menu, type: Task Scheduler Once it has launched, on the right hand pane under "Actions" click "Create Task" In the dialog box that has popped up, the tab will be "General" Name: Give it a friendly name you may remember, I chose "DASTradeLogsForLoveOfKittens" Leave "Run only when user is logged on" selected Switch to the "Triggers" tab Example screenshot below: In "Triggers", select "New..." button towards bottom. Set: Begin the task to "On a schedule" Set to "Weekly" and select Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Under "Advanced Settings" Check: Stop task if it runs longer than: 5 minutes [type it in] Check: Enabled Hit OK Example Screenshot below: Select the "Actions" tab and hit "New..." alongside bottom. In the "New Action" dialog: Action: Start a program Program/Script box, copy and paste the following: "C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.exe" In the "Add Arguments" box, type the location of our script and the name .. for this tutorial, we unzipped it to C:\scripts\DASExportTradeLogs.ahk Hit OK Select the "Conditions" tab and set .. Checkbox on "Start the task only if the computer is idle for:" Set to your choice, 10 minutes is a good number. Checkbox on "Wake the computer to run this task" See screenshot below: Switch to the "Settings" tab Leave checked "Allow to be run on demand" Check: "Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed" Check: "Stop the task if it runs longer than:" and set to 10 minutes Leave the rest as is, see screenshot below: Hit "OK" until you're out of the task creation screen. All done. You can test to make sure you got the parameters right by finding the task name you assigned it in the "Name" column, right-clicking, and choosing "Run". Hands off as it does it's thing. For best results, run DAS Trader and navigate to the main menu -> Trade -> Reports, then set your settings to be like the following screenshot, as a note check "Show training orders/trades" if you want to include both SIM and LIVE account (unchecked is just LIVE account). I'm sure I forgot something ... ChangeLog: 11/24/2021: Initial Release
  12. As a note for users who find this thread, DAS now supports TriggerOrders via ReplayMode as of (production release). So you no longer need the special hotkeys and you can use your normal hotkeys.
  13. Depending the timeline, I maybe down with this as well. I won't have a rental car, so I'll have to nab a ride. It's been a long time since I snowboarded though. Been meaning to go more regularly, but we don't have any major mountains in Las Vegas. Our local resort is basically a bunny slope with a lodge.
  14. Kyle,

    In your webinar on StreamDeck you discuss "Super Macro" and you show how to download it with a menu item called "More".   I do not see that menu item on my Streamdeck app.  Can you tell me another way to get it?

    StreamDeck Kyle.jpg

  15. Hi Kyle

    Is there a way to set DAS alert for stock crossing previous day close


    Sam K

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