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  1. I don't believe DAS has that level of scripting at the moment - maybe someone else can chime in if they know differently. The groundwork is there, but it doesn't appear to be complete. You can see certain areas where a trigger order will (eventually?) have the ability to fire a script/hotkey.
  2. It's a tad more involved (easier to mess up and leave yourself open to error) and best explained in a video. Essentially, you have to do it in one of a few ways - a replace order or you have to cancel all pending orders for that symbol, both have their tradeoffs. DAS does not currently have a hot key for grabbing the active stop of a symbol. I've included the hotkeys for this in the 1.46 spreadsheet (under extras), but instructions will follow when I do a video on it all. Yes, I'll be doing a video on the latest version once I make sure I've gotten everything corrected in this. I think there was one other user with issues, so if it's all good for him now, I'll do it before I leave on vacation. Technically, the price you double click in the chart should show up in the montage until you fire the hotkey. It's then overwritten by the order price (e.g. ask + .05 cents). There's a few other things that can cause DAS to blank the box or fill it with a L1 price. If you want the price you initially clicked, you can store it by putting this at the beginning of the hotkey (if it's not already there). StopPrice = Price; That'll store it in the StopPrice variable which can be viewed on the montage if you use the "Stop Order" display style. Just note that this variable is MONTAGE specific, not SYMBOL specific. So it'll remain across all symbols, not a problem usually, but worth mentioning.
  3. The program only checks the production branch. You have to manually acquire and install the BETA versions. There is a version, but it's a tad tempermental, 0.34 is decent. I'd recommend backing up your existing DAS install by right-clicking the directory --> Send to Zip. Then install overtop of that directory. https://www.dastrader.com/download/fixes/DASInstallDEMO. ^^ This is the SIM/Generic version. There are separate builds for IB/CMEG, if you happen to have them as a broker.
  4. Should be in original post now, I copied the wrong share link so it was linking the last version.
  5. Minor revision from the version (1.45) uploaded earlier today, 1.46 now includes more "bidirectional" modifiers (don't need Long / Short specific keys).
  6. KyleK29

    Montage View

    Try: Right Click TitleBar of Montage --> Config button on right --> Add "Level2" with >> button. --> Hit OK
  7. @Robert H Guys, I did find a bug in the prior version, for those willing to test (do so in SIM). Can you download the new version 1.45 of the spreadsheet? Then delete the hotkeys you've added in DAS from the prior version [or just create new ones], regenerate in this Excel file, and readd them to DAS. For testing, I'd add them exactly as copied from the sheet at first. Test to make sure they're working correctly, then add any modifications (such as the Focus Montage) you want. If they still don't work, please do this: - DAS --> Setup [top menu bar] --> Other Configuration --> Check the "Log debug message" (it's near the top). - Restart DAS - Do a few test orders to the long and short side. - PM me with the following: - - Your DAS version number --> Help --> About - - The hotkey file in the DAS main directory, it should be called "Hotkey.htk" --> You may need to add a .txt extension to this to send it through the forum, that's fine. I can reverse it later. - - The "log" file generated in DAS Main Directory \LOG\ *todays-date*.txt [default install for SIM/Demo: C:\DASTrader DEMO\LOG ].
  8. Hi Robert, I'm aware of that, was just posting the workaround for other users that come across it. The issue circled is that the chart line (thick blue) falls behind the chart calculation (blue label on price scale). For example, in the image the chart is calculating the 1min VWAP as 35.746 (this is correct), yet the line is stuck at 35.70. Moving the VWAP study config up or down fixes this (it goes back to where it should be). Earlier for me, MU's line was stuck about .06 cents away from the chart label at one point on all timeframes until I did the reset. I know a few other users have mentioned it. I think it's a bug in BETA 0.34/0.35 as they also added VWAP to the daily chart in these versions, so something else might have gotten messed up. *EDIT* Replaced image above with a more clearer example.
  9. I tested this more today and wasn't able to replicate with the $Risk version, it properly scales, only switching to the BP value when there wasn't enough buying power. If you're willing to help, can you post/answer the following? - Were you trading LIVE or SIM? - Can you post the hotkey command that you're using which is causing the issue? - DAS Version, Excel Spreadsheet Version - Can you PM the debug log from DAS Folder --> LOG --> *date-of-test*.txt file -----> You can edit out the top portion that has the server connection / account info if you wish. Best way for this is to close out DAS, delete the latest log file, reopen DAS, and then try to replicate (in a SIM) account. Also, I did confirm that the trigger orders only work with the following montage styles. They do not work on the default option. Styles that work: - Stop Order - Detail - Trigger Styles that don't work: - DAS Default - Basic - OCO [enters, but scaling out doesn't do what you'd expect] - Option - Full
  10. Forgot to answer this yesterday. Yes, it's possible, but it's a tad more involved. It'll be included in a video when I make sure all of the TriggerOrder issues are resolved.
  11. Did the spreadsheet create that command, or did you make edits (just need to know if I need to make a fix for the spreadsheet)? The TriggerOrder section shouldn't have ";" as it's technically one command. Here is what the TriggerOrder portion should look like: TriggerOrder=RT:STOP STOPTYPE:MARKET PX:StopPrice STOPPRICE:StopPrice QTY:Pos TIF:DAY+ ACT:SELL; Fixed command: FocusWindow MONTAGE;StopPrice=Price-0;DefShare=BP*0.99;Share=DefShare*0.25*Price*0.02;Price=Ask-Price+0;SShare=Share/Price;Share=DefShare-SShare;DefShare=DefShare+SShare;SShare=Share;Sshare=DefShare-SShare;Share=0.5*SShare;TogSShare;ROUTE=LIMIT;Price= Ask+0.05;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send;DefShare=1000;TriggerOrder=RT:STOP STOPTYPE:MARKET PX:StopPrice STOPPRICE:StopPrice QTY:Pos TIF:DAY+ ACT:SELL;
  12. Just a heads up (I noticed some people mentioned this in chat the other day as well). With 0.34, it seems the VWAP has a slight issue (see screenshot). It can "lose the line" - the rule marker and montage stay correct, but the line falls behind by a few cents. I don't recall seeing this in previous versions. Changing timeframes doesn't fix the issue, only way I could correct it is to go to Study Config --> VWAP --> Move Up (or Move Down) and it'll reset itself. In the screenshot, the light blue label marker is the correct value for that timeframe (circled), the thick blue VWAP line is not correct.
  13. The portion that uses BP in the $Risk is just calculating the maximum affordable shares. Can you do me a favor and post the hotkey, and the DAS version #? I'll poke around it some more to see if I can replicate the issue. As for the stop, GaryD might be right. I may need to add that to the instructions, I'll test it in a bit. Try GaryD's suggestion. If not, I'll look at it. I know the Trigger order hotkey is very tempermental on whether it'll work or not. So I need to try and replicate the scenarios where it doesn't. Good suggestion, forgot about that. I'll test it and update instructions if it's required.
  14. I finally got around to testing this today. Yes, it uses the available Buying Power to try and refactor the available equity. This can cause it to be smaller and smaller on subsequent orders. Ideally, we'd want an EQUITY variable to calculate the 1% for all trades equally (those without subsequent buying power would be reduced in the MIN equation), using the BP variable makes it so that it gets inaccurate pretty quickly. I've switched all of mine to a flat dollar risk. It helps psychologically as well, since I know in my head what my $risk is. Just have to be more cognizant of your account balance (if live) and update your hotkeys accordingly (so you don't start risking more than 1% unintentionally). I did notice an issue with the automatic STOP order when long on an SSR stock, DAS may block you from scaling out with the stop in place. I went long on AMD today (it was SSR) w/ automatic stop trigger, when I tried to scale out 25% I got rejected for "Short Marketable Limit Order disabled due to SSR!" - DAS calculates that the position size is going to drop below the pending stop order and rejects it because if not updated, the STOP order can convert to a short order (for the balance offset) if triggered. You have to clear the order the order to work around. I wish there was a STOP order that did not convert (e.g. do not cross position 0, change with current position).
  15. KyleK29

    How to set alerts in DAS

    No, I don't believe there's an ability to interact with alerts via the chart or hotkeys. It's also worth mentioning that the alert system is a tad buggy at the moment, at least in the latest BETA builds. I'd have to dig up my notes, but the math used for the alerts is way off depending what you choose for the equation (< and <= give completely different results). An alert for a price level will work fine (with a slight bug, see below), but anything using Unrealized, P/L, and Total P/L will give you unexpected results. Here's some of my notes to get around the bugs I've found: TTS --> Doesn't read out beyond the account line if present. Workaround: Type a message into the SYMB box, it'll read that first (e.g. "MAX LOSS HIT") PRICE ALERT --> Readout of price is incorrect. It appends the equation number (I assume it's the operators position in an array) to the price. So for example, a price alert for AMD at 19.40 will give you --> If "<" it'll read AMD 119.4. If "<=" it'll read AMD 219.4, if "=" it'll read AMD 319.4 and so fourth (> is 4, >= is 5). Maxloss does a running balance, depending on the operator used. Examples: P/L <= -150 ---> Expected Result: If actual P/L is less than or equal to -150, send alert. Actual result: Does a running balance, so if you're up $300 on the day and then take a $150 loss, it'll trigger at PnL $150. Not a bad idea for another option (a trailing P/L alert), just not the expected result. Workaround: Use "<" instead. e.g. P/L < -100 ---> This seems to work more appropriately, although I've had it sometimes trigger like the <= operator. Unrealized and TotalPL have similar issues, but are more random because of the inclusion of the unrealized variable.

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