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  1. I’ll be in St Louis the 1st week of March 4-6 (Not weekend) for business.
  2. If interested, we can use this as a place holder to do a peer review on any/all trades. I'm new to the game but I think I have the technical aspects relatively down (psycology, not so much).
  3. I live in the DC metro area. Let me know if this may happen. Definitely interested
  4. Carlos, any updates on SpeedTrader? Now that you've been using it for >3+ months.
  5. The trade didn't go your way but you stayed disciplined! I'm proud of you!!!! Small loss........big wins coming near-term!!!
  6. Interested. Keep posting updates/screen shots and opinions. I'm using TraderVue but always looking for better options (if available). See ya in the chat room!
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