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Day Trading Examples and Review

Share your interesting trades and your thought process.


    • I just sent them an email directly to clientservices and received a generic response about them having high volume and would get to my email as soon as possible.   Did you get one of these responses from your first email?
    • Swing trade journal 1/27/2020   Very busy but profitable day. . Long KO at 56.04. Stop at 55.40. First partial at 56.93. Second partial at 57.48. Next target 58. Finished the day weak, but happy it was only down -0.35% when SPY was down -1.6% Long and stopped out D today. Took this near the open when it was showing strength. I thought it may be wise to take a safe play (Utilities) today. I only went half shares and a reasonably tight stop. After entering, D was weak the rest of the day and I was stopped out for a -0.3R loss. Long and exited LK today. Entered at 37.16 and partialled twice and all out at 39.18. Long and exited SDC today. Entered at 12.51 and partialled three times and all out at 13.44. Long KWEB today at 47.83. First partial profit at 48.58. Stop at B/E. Only have 1/3 shares left. I didn’t want to hold a Chinese stock over night. So I kept the risk low. Long GMRE today at 14.76. Price bounced off of the 14.60-14.65 support level again and I went long per plan. The price slowly drifted upward the rest of the day but not high enough to take a partial profit. Finished very weak. Makes me nervous. But I stayed in since it is nice to hold a position in a stock that was down -0.27% on a day SPY was down -1.6%. Also I am worried the daily now looks bearish with a dome created. This is my most worrisome position. Stop at 14.55.
    • 1-27-20 AIS 0800, 4 hours PAT: Focus.... SIM vs LIVE ...... Notes: Keep my eye on SPY Going to keep it a little more simpple here as I have spending way more of my limited time in my playbook INTC PB#1.1 2min ORB...... 1min setting up for an ABCD but never got there... I jumped the gun on this one...... the second entry was a mistake and covered right away -2R LK PB#1, PB#3 5min ORB with a pullback to the 9ema on the 1 and 5min, broke above VWAP with trend adds after the first partial.... alll partials were 50% and all adds back to original entry..... last entry exit was a second trade that I just took a BE on, this is where I should have called it a day..... +9R TCOM PB#3 .... Trending the 9 on the 5min ... stop was below PMH... three partials, add, partial, add, 4 partials leaving me with tiny share size... added back on twice for a grand total of about 25% of original size (these adds were pure speculation and I was only risking what profit was left which was nil) ... Also took some trades later in the day for a chop fest that ended up decreasing my Rs by 3 and I also let one of my stops run past.... -1R MRNA  PB#3 Trending the 9 on the 5min with ABCD on the 2min, stopped out ..... second entry was still a trend that I should not have exited the first time, took two partials , add and all out...... First entry was apx 1/2 size and second entry was full size.... -3R CONS: Jumped the Gun.... Early exit... Over Trading in the afternoon... Let one run past my stop Pros: Had a nice calm morning and felt in control Playbook Trade: TCOM Rs:  +3.5      
    • I have the 32 and love it. I am still figuring out the combination of keys i want to use. But as you said, saves memorizing the keyboard hot key commands.  
    • Agreed.  Das has the most cumbersome method I've seen on any platform to set a price alert.      Below is a copy of an email I sent as a "feature request" to     [email protected]   and    [email protected] ......remember the "squeeky wheel principle"....   ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////   I think everyone of your subscribers would appreciate a simple 'on chart' method to set a price alert.  Something as simple as: (1)being able to right-click on a Horizontal Trendline (2) from a right-click menu item simply set the alert if the price crosses the horizontal line.   There would be no need to complicate the procedure by offering a >  or <  or >= choice since it should be obvious to any user that "crossing the line" from the current price would be the reason for the alert.   In this example it would be if the price increases and printed any price above 207.40     ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
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