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  1. This is way more useful then MSNBC! I'll be checking this out, thanks J dog!
  2. @leilijHey! Congrats on going live and keeping it small. Handling losses is something traders never fully gain control of...so instead of trying to completely remove yourself from that emotion I focused on improving my accuracy. I found that being very picky on my setups helped me 'outweigh' my hulk days. For example last week I was up $800 then had a 2K unrealized, instead of wasting time sitting in the trade and potentially turning that loss into a 4k loss (which would be very hard to come back from), I took the loss and moved on. I was down $1200. I changed my approach to now work on smaller modest scalp trades and ended to the day green $800. Accuracy has helped me become profitable along with minimizing my losses. You reach a point where how much money is enough? Money became a less interesting driving force and it was more about 'can I trade well and win at the game'. I'll admit at the start it was all about the money lol. That's when I began to improve my trading.
  3. Oh! In that case I would use a blend of huge L2 orders sitting at daily or intraday levels to partial out (if they are there). But if you're at work and want to set limit orders, you cant use the L2 that far down the line, so I would just set those orders to daily levels, high/low of day break or pre-market, whole or half dollar numbers, and previous day high low areas. I wouldn't use % for anything.
  4. Hi Justin, I would never use a % amount, I would use the $ amount you're comfortable with losing in that trade without wincing too much/increase heart bpm when you get stopped out lol. Also use a $ amount that wont blow up your account either and you can absorb several losing trades without affecting your typical position size buying power ability.
  5. If i had to rank them it's charting (everything in the chart window) at #1, L2 #2, tape #3 in order of significance for my style. Would i trade without all of these in front of me, no I wouldn't. I also would not trade unless all of these indicators were meeting my standards. If you email CMEG with what market data plan you want they will provide it to your account. That's how I did it at least.
  6. @hailchaser2 I find the hardest parts of trading come down to two things, letting winners outrun your losers (so not ending your winning trades too early) and stopping out when you're wrong. If you're able to do those two things consistently (in Live) you are a god. Then all these quantified goals and excel spreadsheets can be thought up to maximize your profits. Moving from profitable in SIM to LIVE is more than just changing tabs in the montage The easiest part of trading for me is finding setups actually, it was easy making money, but not easy to stop losing money in a trade. When that losing trade comes and it will, that's when you're tested.
  7. Nice work Chris! If I was taking that trade I would partial at those moving averages and not in between them.
  8. Hi Phil, just my 2 cents budding in as usual, I would not use a fixed $150 loss per trade (although that could be helpful from blowing up of course). I would always use R/R. Your long term green success is a ratio of your accuracy and r/r per trade. You throw an arbitrary number in there and it will mess with it.
  9. @Justin Wow great job Justin on this! Although im more a 'visual' than a 'to the penny' guy, it is important to know what's going on with the 'click to trade' feature and using Kyle's scripts.
  10. Hi! Unfortunately this is VERY risky. I would leave adding to a position for the more experienced traders who understand how a stock 'may' pullback and to test what levels. If you add properly this can work in some scenarios. This stock pulled back to test VWAP and gave you a chance to get out at ~b/e. However there is NO guarantee a stock will allow you any pullback to get out. Especially in Trending and MOMO movers. If you're interested in adding to a position, review the setup on the 1, 5, and 15 minute time-frames prior to entering and adjust your stop accordingly because if the setup breaks down on those time periods it's time to fold. Let's say you want to risk $50 per trade, if you want to use an adding in strategy your initial entry should be like $15 so you can get 2-3 more adds without blowing your risk out of the water. With Kyle's keys you can replace your stop when you add in, and your new stop will be your new position size. Remember only ADD IN if the setup makes sense on the larger time-frames and your initial risk was smaller anticipating this possibility.
  11. @Justinoh sorry I forgot to mention you have to double click on the chart for your new stop then hit the kotkey with the amount you want to add (but you prob did that). I used the hotkey from BBT's Automatic hotkey youtube video..in the description. I can paste my script if it doesnt work. It seemed to work perfectly for me, it just cancels your old stop order and adds more, say the $50, with a new stop of your position size per symbol.
  12. Jumping in her as well, say you use the scripts with $50 risk with a hard stop, and you want to add another $25 or $50, you can hit the keys again (assuming you have two keys one for $25 and one for $50 risk). This will reset your stop out price to the new one with the new position share count. You are adding to your position so you will need to be aware what you are hitting and keep a mental note. I havent tried to Scale-In POS% yet, that could be simpler/superior coming from Kyle I dont doubt it
  13. Welcome! Take a look into one of the offshore non-PDT brokers, like CMEG. They are good beginner broker where you don't have to commit so much. Our website has information and some deals with them I believe.
  14. Ya X-Keys is the company. I made the switch and haven't regretted since but it has only been 2 weeks. The Genovation Pad is also a good alternative except the keys aren't backlit and the software I heard is a little rough but I heard the finish and mechanical keys are nicer. Also Genovation is not prime so returns could be difficult. I think the overall support of the X Keys is superior to Genovation given it's a larger company. X-Keys https://www.amazon.com/XK-24-USB-Programmable-Keypad-Windows/dp/B003MB780E/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=xkeys&qid=1589907152&sr=8-2 Genovation Pad https://www.amazon.com/Genovation-Cp24USB-GENOVATION-CP24-USB-CONTROLPAD/dp/B07C62NHQ1/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=genovation+pad&qid=1589907184&sr=8-8 Jason has a 'step into my trading station' video showing his X Keys for a few seconds (it's somewhere). I need to make one soon! Oh try to sell your decks, I got over a $115 bucks on ebay for them. Sold like hotcakes.
  15. I think there was a streamdeck software update the other day? I don't use the DECK anymore but I still have the software installed. I'm sure you checked but was that hotkey set to repeat a stroke? I never had a repeat issue and have had 2 decks since 2018. I recently got the X Key device (thanks Jason) and like it a lot more because of the tactile feedback of the keys and the you dont have to jam the key down to get it to register like you do with the deck. Thanks for sharing, I was considering getting the XL as a backup down the road, maybe i wont now.
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