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  1. 6th Gen i5? Would this be a used PC? I would not get a used PC for trading, you don't know what you're getting. Minimums to have: CPU: at least an i5 or greater (latest gen recommended) RAM: 16BG or greater Monitors: 24 inch or greater, 1080 is fine Video Card: 4x ports or greater, by far the best is nVIDIA P620 (I have the older P600, they are not for gaming), you're gonna need a screen for chat, platform, and the other 2 for stock watching. https://www.amazon.com/HP-Quadro-P620-Graphic-Card/dp/B07C68M2GJ/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3JJ5SAP0BDV3V&keywords=p620+quadro&qid=1575047336&s=electronics&sprefix=p620+%2Celectronics%2C186&sr=1-1
  2. Hey, sorry for the late response, I am still recovering from PRK eye surgery, it did stop me from trading but not from working on my gainz. So if you were a beginner, keep your workout shorter, probably no more than an hour each session otherwise you may injure yourself, mostly in your joints by gaining the flexibility and stamina for longer more intense workouts. Over working out will slow your progress and fatigue your nervous system. Do about 4 exercises per session, 2 per body part, and 2 body parts a day. One compound movement and 1 isolation, example would be like a barbell bench press, then a dumbbell bench press or a barbell curl and the a concentration curl, and you're done for the day. Then for the full body lifts like deads or squats, just have that as your workout day, it should take you an hour to do say 5 sets of those with warm ups. DO NOT bother with a personal trainer lol, they will take your money but you will learn best by your own trial and error on what your body tells you and your own research, like youtube, t-nation, etc. Kind of like trading, trade with a community and learn from them, but trade on your own, no hand holding.
  3. try to watch the BBT youtube video in my link from earlier on how to set that up, it explains everything, literally, all your questions
  4. Wow 3rd post today on just HotKeys, dang popular request. Please see below link and scroll to the bottom for my keys and let me know if you have any questions. Also feel free to search the forums, there are dozens of hotkeys out there but mine are obviously the best
  5. Hi Le, Try my hotkeys and see if you're having the same problem. At the bottom of the page.
  6. hmm i am not sure, but if you go to the DAS website support and contact tab they have a live chat where you can ask that question and get an immediate answer!
  7. yup deluxe is what you want, see link below https://www.bearbulltraders.com/request-special-das-package-for-ib-traders/ $150 a month
  8. Welcome! In Cali myself, moved timezones just for trading. Yes I agree, keep it simple, long term investing should be just in mutual funds like always, people will get burned hard if they stock pick. Then for additional cashflow I put my money to work in daytrading. Nothing revolutionary, just keep it simple, hard work and patience.
  9. Dang son, Rogue Trader was a spittn image of me when I first started, fella didn't respect his stops and blow up (throw up).
  10. Welcome to the club! Very cool areas of focus you have there! If you have any questions just message me, Ive been around the block a few times, then down that alley you dont want to go lol then back again
  11. Hi BBT, Some of you were curious about my workout routine during the SF meetup a month ago, so I thought I would share. How healthy your life outside trading will inventively affect life in the trading room. At the very least, discipline, structure, pain, and patience can transfer back and forth. I work out for 2 hours every other day, unless my day job grinds me to take an extra day off. I did not list abdominals, as I simply do a variety of hanging sit-ups, windshield wipers, and leg raises a few times a week. Also listed are my supplements (I buy raw supplements off Amazon and mix, it's cheaper and healthier to make your own).
  12. Hmm well if you shorted 85 shares, with a stop of 7 cents away, that's $5.95 risk, not $20. You may have the script set to $20 but as Peter pointed out you may be limited to your buying power...And to risk $20 with a 7 cent stop you would have needed to short ~285 shares of AMD (at that share price). Hopefully this helps!
  13. Hi Jra - post a screenshot of your order log because that sounds impossible. There could be some slippage between orders sent and filled, but be aware the script, by nature, is not 100% accurate with the risk calc.
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