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  1. +$632 Trade Recap: AMD 1-Min ORB VWAP Breakout, TSLA 9/20, MU VWAP Run and 9/20 Trade Date: 6/21/24 AMD - after a quick selloff to 20EMA daily and S1 a beautiful double bullish candles formed coinciding with a VWAP break and 1-Min Opening Range Breakout. You could not ask for cleaner setup. Went long at break of HOD towards Pre-Market High and R1. We were stalling on the way to R1 so I partialed on the way up aggressively and decided to not hold for a potential uptrend. TSLA - was holding the consolidation area of Pre-Market after a quick run-up and sell-off. Thought we may try for PDC and a 9/20. High chance of failure for this setup so I waited for the 1-Min 9EMA break for my entry and partialed out at the 20 EMA with a final target of R1. The L2 was turning bullish during this time. **Clean trade but Tesla is known to whipsaw around so I did not hold. Tried again later for a break of VWAP but were ranging and decided to exit and not risk my gains. MU - gapped down on the daily and had a strong bounce from the daily 20 EMA. This trade was pure momentum and had targets of VWAP and 20EMA 1-Min. Partialed at the 9 and 20 EMA 1-Min then fully out once we pulled back more than 50% of the previous candle. #AMD #TSLA #TESLA #MICRON #MU #VWAP #ORB #920
  2. +$329 Trade Recap: AMD Scalp to VWAP, 9/20, Camarilla rejection Trade Date: 6/17/24 No big runs today with my trades, no full stop outs either so can't complain. 1st trade, simple scalp to the 1-min 9EMA/ VWAP, stop out at B/E. 2nd trade, classic 9/20 once 9EMA was broken, exited at the 20EMA and just before VWAP. 3rd trade, Camarilla S6 break lower, a little late on my entry since there was a clear rejection of S5, covered at large liquidity of $155 then longed to VWAP once we broke above S6 again and stopped out at B/E #AMD #CamarillaPivot #VWAP #920 #Scalp
  3. +$443 Trade Recap: AMD Short to Pre-market Low then ORB Long to the Camarilla Pivots Trade Date: 6/14/24 1st trade, AMD had a nice reversal off pre-market low to S1, saw a quick rejection and went short (small size as I was not that confident) to VWAP/S2 and PM/S3 low targets. We sold off nicely on the retest of PM low but Doji'd out. AMD was holding VWAP for a potential squeeze higher, and I exited before B/E. Better to get out for some profit than wait for a stop out at B/E if you sense it! 2nd trade, beautiful bullish 1st 5-min candle, 2nd candle also had a great wick and we were above VWAP. Saw momentum flowing for an ORB higher and went long (heavy size) for HOD break towards S1 then to PDC/R1, large orders at $160, and a final push to R2 goal. We ended up testing R3 but by that time we were extended and wicked on decent volume for the rejection. #AMD #CamarillaPivots #ORB #OpeningRangeBreakout
  4. +$577 Trade Recap: TSLA Short from Camarilla Pivot R6 Rejection Trade Date: 6/13/24 TSLA gapped up on Elon's shareholder vote support for his pay package. We saw a run up to a very extended R6 and wicked rejection to the penny. Initial short entry was small in case we squeezed higher and I would stop out. Saw weakness in QQQ and a 2nd hard rejection of R6, added more, then final add was when we failed to test again. Targets were liquidity orders from the L2 ladder at VWAP, R5, and final covering was at consolidation opening range at $187. *Today's trade goes to Thor's Cam Strategy education (and instilling confidence with taking the same setup today using it) thanks buddy for teaching us Camarilla Pivots!!! #TESLA #TSLA #CamarillaPivot #VWAP #Short
  5. I was thinking about a script to stop out and auto flip your position but I wonder how to differentiate between stop outs after partialing vs stop outs w/o partialing. Not sure if that is possible. Also thought it over and it's probably best practice to simply stop out and manually re-enter the trade, sounds boring I know but probably the smarter method.
  6. +$281 Trade Recap: TSLA Opening Range Breakout, Pre-Market Bounce, VWAP Breakout, and Double Bottom Trade Date: 6/10/24 Entry/Exit: 1st Trade was very fast, saw a bounce off PDL and thought we could squeeze above VWAP to PDC. Went long at VWAP, partialed at S1 heavily and left the remainder for PDC. Exited fully as coil snap backs to VWAP are common and Tesla is volatile. 2nd Trade: Bounce of S3 and went for a scalp to VWAP and possibly S1, we squeezed up but had a hard reject at S1 and got stopped out B/E after a few partials. 3rd Trade: Very nice bounce off Pre-Market Low/Double Bottom, great wicks on 5-min, went long for a break of VWAP towards HOD, QQQ was also breaking higher. Partialed at S1, PDC, and R1. Tesla did test Pre-Market high but we were fairly extended at that point. #TSLA #TESLA #OpeningRangeBreakout #VWAPBreakout #PreMarketBounce #DoubleBottom
  7. +$317 Trade Recap: $AMD PDC Break and VWAP Short Stop Out, $NVDA PDL Bounce and VWAP Breakout Trade Date 6/7/24 Entry/Exit: AMD had a hard reject of PDC and I went short in anticipation of a VWAP break but we squeezed right back up breaking PDC and I stopped out at a loss. Thought we may reject again but was holding above PDC and R1. Jumped in long since R2/R3 were close and order book was building a bullish ladder/huge bullish candle. Held all to almost R3 (no partials). My goal was to make back what I lost, we were extended, and I thought a pullback would of stopped me out after a partial. It came close! NVDA bounced from PDL twice, nice wicks, went long for a break of VWAP towards S1, partialied on the way up and exited at S1. I loved this trade since I had a good entry and survived a pullback to VWAP. #AMD #NVDA #VWAPBreak #PDCBreak #StoppedOut
  8. +$1983 Trade Recap: $AMD Daily/VWAP Bounces/Camarilla Pivots, Overtrade Scalping! Trade Date 6/6/24 Entry/Exit: Trades today were quick scalps based off momentum/scalping, no holds longer than a minute or two. First trade, AMD sold off quickly, saw a bounce of YYH near S3, went long looking for a scalp to the 9EMA 1-min for first partial then 20EMA. Trade worked but got stopped out at B/E after a couple partials. Second trade, PDC was holding and we were above VWAP, went long for breakout towards R1 and Previous Day High, trade worked out great, partialed on the way up to PDC, momo was slowing and exited fully. The next few trades were some scalp shorts/longs that I took below VWAP, nothing worth noting besides the quick momentum break towards S2. Later trades were choppier, a perfect example to end your day and not let over-trading set in. I was eager to trade after taking a few days off and it shows. Trades after 9:40AM I did not make much reward. #AMD #Overtrading #PreviousDayLevels #VWAPSqueeze, #CamarillaPivots #Scalping
  9. +$398 Trade Recap: $AMD LOD Break, $TSLA VWAP Scalp/Breakout Trade Date 5/29/24 Entry/Exit: AMD rejected VWAP early, pulled back to the 9EMA 1-min and trended lower. I went short towards LOD/PDL and liquidity of large ASKs @ $165, stop was a new 1-min high towards VWAP. Added more as I felt the break imminent and partialed out at LOD break, S5, and at a daily moving avg. TSLA was pulling back towards the consolidation area at S2 and I was looking for a quick scalp to VWAP. Stop was break of $175 (200SMA 1-min Pink line). Added more at S2 and partialed out at VWAP. Re-entered again a little early for a break of VWAP, stop was break of S3 this time. Added more after a nice bullish 5-min booster candle and decent 1-min bullish candles. Target was PDC and exited fully. #AMD #TSLA #ScalpVWAP #VWAPBreakout #LODBreak
  10. +$566 Trade Recap: AMD VWAP Breakout, TSLA Extreme Reversal Trade Date 5/28/24 Entry/Exit: TSLA Extreme Reversal bounce off Yesterday Low/S5 level. Partialed in initially, then added as the bottom was holding, stop was new Low below YL/PDC. Partialed out at VWAP and 9EMA 5-minute then got stopped out at B/E. AMD was reversing to VWAP, strong DOJI on 5-min with good volume and strong 1-minute bullish candles @ 10:02 indicated possible squeeze above VWAP. Went long, stop was loss of previous day's close. Targets were R1/200SMA on 1-min, 20EMA 5-min, R2 and above. #AMD #TSLA #VWAPBreakout #ExtremeReversal
  11. Hey Alan! That's a great feeling to have success with trading early on, welcome to the BBT family. Remember each trader has their own strategy and approach, no two traders are exactly alike. I would suggest to follow you initial plan to this trade and do not deviate from what is working for you. You can always tweak your strategy for the next trade and lock in more profits or avoid a large loss.
  12. +$694 Trade Recap: TSLA Bounce off PM low VWAP Squeeze, BABA Bounce of PM low, AMD Bounce off PDC Trade Date 5/22/24 Entry/Exit: TSLA quick momentum squeeze above VWAP trade, saw a few wicks bouncing close to PM low. Target was S1, stop was break of low of day, partialed a few times and got stopped out at B/E. AMD was holding PDC nicely after a massive selloff, QQQ was running up above VWAP, went long, 1st target was 20EMA 5-min, then VWAP, then large order @ $168 and S5/PM high. Stop was break of PDC. Partialed on the way up but did not hit my final target and decided to exit fully. BABA was a bullish engulfing play on the 5-min, went long after break of VWAP, stop was >50% retracement, added on the way up toward PM high and S4 (large Asks sitting higher in the $85s and PDC), partialed and got stopped out at B/E as there was a hard rejection above S4. #TSLA #BABA #AMD #PDCBounce #VWAPSqueeze #BullishEngulfing
  13. Trade Recap: AMD Bounce off PDC Trade Date: 5/16/24 Entry/Exit: I was looking for a reversal off a strong level Previous Day Close. AMD has been doing quick selloffs in the first few minutes then a pop to VWAP and higher. This is known as the Fallen Angel pattern, gap up pre-market then quick selloff at the open and a move higher if it holds VWAP. PDC held and wasn't even tested, I went long, stop was below PDC/S1. I added more at the VWAP breakout but had a bad fill, lots of chop and whipsaw action, then quickly partialed at R2 and 200SMA and got stopped out at break-even. Saw QQQ bottom forming and a bullish candlestick @ 9:34 and went back long AMD heavy size for a breakout towards R2 and liquidity at 161.50 and 162 which was the 50 SMA on the daily (potential resistance). Exited fully at R3. Lesson: Watch for a bounce with AMD after a quick sell-off. AMD is one of those stocks can take a few minutes to find direction, you may get stopped out during those whips, once the move start happening you can re-enter with conviction and make back any losses. #AMD #FallenAngel #PreviousDayCloseBounce
  14. Hey, ill have to screen record the L2 and screenshot it next time, thanks for the idea!
  15. I have been having success with vwap pullback trades lately. I'll keep it short and sweet What I saw in this setup was a strong 5 minute bullish candle and a 50% pullback to vwap. This aligned with pre-market high, holding the 9ema on 5min trend, above R4 and holding previous day high. Stop was below R4, target was R6, HOD, then a large liquidity grab at 170. Gave about 3-4R.
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