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  1. Are you using CMEG or IB? If you're using CMEG you may need to reconfig to the correct routes.
  2. I use Kyle's keys to put a $ stop loss on a position before I enter it, you shouldnt put a stop on an already open position, too easy to have imaginary stop loss
  3. I think we need to empathize this is a community and not a 'university' like the other groups out there that sell 'classes'. Our focus should be on the psychological aspect of trading, members will come and go to learn technicals but stay for the emotional support. Don’t let your emotions make your decisions Mistakes are...Expected, Respected, Inspected, Corrected in our Community corny i know...
  4. What I have been doing is after I scale out a few times, if I have to leave or work another trade, I set a range order for the last bit. It's the best I can do for now. Say after 3 or more partials But no I don't think Kyle has a hotkey for that.
  5. im about ready to pay lodge's monthly DAS fees, this is painful but the determination will make him a great trader
  6. hey just curious, why did you decide to go with tradestation over das?
  7. Hi Kyle, I messaged you this a looong time ago and it could require a lot more scripting, but would be a great feature. This feature would allow you to have multiple scale out pending orders with 1 stop order at a fixed price (average cost, b/e, or another price figure). After a scale out, your stop order, which would of been sent to the market with Kyle's Keys, would again resend to the market depending on your current position size...so after 1 scale out your number of shares for your stop order would recalc and resend to market and after 2 scale outs, etc. Say you are long 300 shares @ $10 and want to scale out 100 shares at $10.30, 100 shares at $10.60, and the last 100 shares at $11.00 but want your stop to be at say be at b/e $10. And the stock hits your first two targets $10.30 and $10.60 but then failed and went back down to hit your STOP at $10. My question: is it possible to have the pending STOP orders calc your current position size, which is now 100 shares, not the original 300 shares? (Cancel and resend to the market after you're 'in the money stops' are triggered) Not really related to Kyle's Keys, but could be a new project if it would be practical
  8. You have to be able to identify patterns and price action with proper risk management. Although a lot of the time the stock does the exact opposite of what we think, I have never heard of a trader who is successful simply by doing the opposite of his gut. In short, don't ever do that , btw I would lower your risk to $25-$50 per trade and take no more than 5 trades a day until your consistent. Also try sticking to going long vs short. I find short trades a slightly more difficult to identify.
  9. Hey Kyle, I look forward to the new version! Sounds exciting. I think what would be most helpful to members would be: --Examples of you customizing the hotkeys (a few common ones) live in excel, entering them in DAS with the proper montage setting, then how to use them. Also converting Andrew's hotkeys from the classes using your settings. Most of which you have gone over before, but it's always best hearing the teacher again. Thanks!
  10. Hi Ercilia, hmm I dont recall that I entered a tax ID number, I forget, I may have, this was a couple of years ago. I just made sure I had a statement from them and excel extracts showing my trades for my records. I was lucky enough to get both of those. Not sure if international brokers have TIN numbers, sorry! But if you dont have 25k, the best approach is to day trade under PTD and when you save up enough, go with IB.
  11. Oh that was just Andrew using his crystal ball again
  12. In that case use the DAS app for your phone and exit the position yourself. I would not rely on anything CMEG sets up. I do however have DAS Trader wind up (close) all my positions by 3:59PM anyway just in case. But that's more so I don't swing trade by 'accident' because that would be breaking my rules
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