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  1. @Mark D. how did you find this stock? Was it in the watchlist that Carlos created yesterday?
  2. oh, I missed his webinar. Where's the link to his spreadsheet?
  3. @Mike B do you use Kyle's keys (https://youtu.be/kDgiWrNVE3Q) to submit your max stop loss per trade?
  4. @MarkCB what profession are you in?
  5. @Ville How do they deduct the monthly fee for DAS Pro Software? Does it come out directly from your account or from some other source, like Credit Card?
  6. Hi Glenn, Can you share the scripts that you are using for the following buttons in your montage? Buy: $15/R, $30/R Sell: $15/R, $30R Thanks
  7. @Aiman Almansoori do you mind sharing your DAS hotkeys? I'm specifically interested in the automatic b/e setup. Thanks a lot.
  8. Folks, Can y'all share your dastrader pro layout file? Thanks
  9. Andrew mentioned something about a post regarding CPE in this video https://youtu.be/NuezkuTJJ54?t=10m44s Can someone please point me to that post? Thanks
  10. Carlos, Does their platform provide backtesting capability? Also, what was the minimum amount required to open the account? kochu
  11. Folks, When do y'all plan of practicing using DAS simulator account? I hold a full time job (8-5) working from home one day a week. B/c of that I don't see myself finding the time to fully dedicate to practicing trading except for the one day I work from home. Wanted to see where y'all stand.
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