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  1. Thanks @Rob C for that information. I'm currently with IB and I was thinking of using their API to do algo trading. But their day/initial margin for future is pretty high. So I'm thinking of moving to Ninjatrader and may be use their strategy builder app. Do you pay any extra to do algo trading with Ninjatrader? Or is it just normal commission and market data fees? Also, do you the minimum amount/balance required to use their application to trade futures?
  2. @Rob C which trading strategy are you using? Did you get an off-shelf trading strategy/system? I know ninjatrader has tons of trading strategies. Are there any free strategies or is it mostly commercial?
  3. @Rob Cvery interesting. I like how the algo removes emotion from trading and that helps tremendously in the long run. Do you mind pointing me to some good resources that will help me get started with Algo? I'm using Interactive Broker. Which programming language are you using?
  4. @Rob C This is pretty cool! What was your stop loss ($) for the first and second entry?
  5. Hi Rob, Can you give me some pointers on how you got started with futures? With my 9-5 job, it's becoming harder for me to trade stocks. So I thinking of switching over to futures or forex. What's your opinion about forex? Have you researched that before settling for futures? Any advice will be very helpful. thanks yardley
  6. @Mark D. how did you find this stock? Was it in the watchlist that Carlos created yesterday?
  7. oh, I missed his webinar. Where's the link to his spreadsheet?
  8. @Mike B do you use Kyle's keys (https://youtu.be/kDgiWrNVE3Q) to submit your max stop loss per trade?
  9. @MarkCB what profession are you in?
  10. @Ville How do they deduct the monthly fee for DAS Pro Software? Does it come out directly from your account or from some other source, like Credit Card?
  11. Hi Glenn, Can you share the scripts that you are using for the following buttons in your montage? Buy: $15/R, $30/R Sell: $15/R, $30R Thanks
  12. @Aiman Almansoori do you mind sharing your DAS hotkeys? I'm specifically interested in the automatic b/e setup. Thanks a lot.
  13. Folks, Can y'all share your dastrader pro layout file? Thanks
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