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  1. When I first started testing the Stream Deck, I started with Ctrl+1 and it didn't work. Haven't tried any of the others yet.
  2. Hey peterB, thanks for the response. I'm using Windows 10 Pro w/ no adware installed. I use Ctrl+ for buying long (50 to 2,000 shares) Shift+ for selling (50 to 2,000 shares) Alt+Shift+ for selling short (50 to 2,000 shares) Ctrl+Alt+ for buying to cover (50 shares to 2,000 shares) Shift+Q to SellAllBidMinus2cents Shift+B to SellAllBidiMinus4cents (Bailout) Shift+A to SellAllAskMinus3cents Shift+L to SellAllLastPrice F4 to cancel the last order entered Shift+F4 to cancel All Open Orders Ctrl+F12 to close all positions at Market Shortcuts for scaling in/out: F5 to sell 50 shares AskMinus5cents F6 to sell 100 shares AskMinus5cents F7 to buy to cover 50 shares AskPlus5cents F8 to buy to cover 100 shares AskPlus5cents I have a couple more miscellaneous ones but they don't interfere w/ typing I still don't know how I'm setting up Stream Deck incorrectly. I guess I'll keep googling to find the answer.
  3. I hate to be stupid again, but where did u find all this? I had to create separate hotkeys for each Buy, Sell, etc. I have no separate hotkeys for changing Route or Order Type. These are all part of the developed hotkey per TradeStation. What does ur Stream Deck look like? Thanks. Hey peterB, Didn't expect someone to be up so early. But doesn't all this beg the question -- why don't my TS keyboard hotkeys work w/ the Stream Deck if they work via keyboard w/ TradeStation? I guess it doesn't really matter which keys I use as long as I can understand the Stream Deck keys. Another dumb question -- How do I find a combination that works w/ TradeStation? I was looking at Marek's setup and can't figure out how he did it.
  4. peterB, I have my hotkeys set up exactly as you've shown. Seems pretty easy to me, but they don't work. Robohound (elsewhere in this thread) said he couldn't get Stream Deck to work with TradeStation v9.5 either. Supposedly it works with v10 but neither of us want to upgrade to v10 at this point. It has too many problems. Barely beta IMO. I don't know what else I can do at this point. William
  5. peterB, I hate to be a pain about this, but I've done as you suggested -- assign hotkeys to the Stream Deck default profile. The only buttons that work for me in TradeStation v9.5 are (1) folder button that switches between Long and Short, (2) CPU % usage, (3) google.com, and (4) a button that goes to the BBT Login page. None of the buy and sell hotkeys work. Robohound has apparently upgraded to TS v10 and says that the Stream Deck works for that version. I'm very reluctant to upgrade to TS v10...my son uses it and absolutely hates it. He has all sorts of problems that I don't have in v9.5. He's not using the Stream Deck however. They changed the user interface in TS v10 along w/ some of the terminology used in the program (e.g., they use the word "study" instead of "indicator", which, of course, is not a big deal). They also have v9.5 commands now hidden in dropdown menus. I looked at the interface and find it rather confusing. I think it'll be a while before I upgrade to v10. I can't afford the time now to learn an entirely new interface, or deal with v10's own set of bugs. Anyway, I must be doing *something* right since I got a few of the keys to work. If you have any more suggestions, please let me know. And thank you for your help so far. William
  6. peterB, I have my hotkeys set up exactly as you've shown. Seems pretty easy to me, but they don't work. Robohound (elsewhere in this thread) said he couldn't get Stream Deck to work with TradeStation v9.5 either. Supposedly it works with v10 but neither of us want to upgrade to v10 at this point. It has too many problems. Barely beta IMO. I don't know what else I can do at this point. William
  7. Hey ALG, I'm having a similar problem. Seems easy to set up but mine isn't working. I was able to hotkey websites, but not my trading hotkeys. The title and Action for each is filled in, but none work. The "user manual" doesn't help either. Apparently others have gotten it to work. I'm using TradeStation instead of DAS so I have more restrictions on my hotkeys...need a separate one for each Buy, each Sell,etc. I bought the larger XL box b/c of this. Let me know if you get the problem solved. I will do in turn. Thanks. William
  8. Yes, it's true that TTS and MTM are not the same thing, but you still have to elect TTS via letter to the IRS. The deadline for 2020 was when 2019's return was due in April 2020. If you make a timely filing, you can then elect MTM. Mr Green will give you the wording for the TTS election letter to file w/ your return. You need TTS in order to elect MTM, but it's worth it b/c MTM allows you to avoid those pesky wash sale rules. TTS alone I believe allows you to claim expenses on Schedule C. I would recommend buying his Trader Tax Guide on his website greentradertax.com for more details. You can skip the chapters on Entities if you're filing as a sole proprietor. I file as a sole proprietor and elected TTS and MTM so I don't know much about filing as an entity. But, what I do know is if you miss the TTS election deadline, you can still claim TTS by forming an entity and filing for TTS within 75 days of the forming. Mr Green is probably the better person to consult on all the ins and outs of this. None of your trading income can be reported as capital gains since trading income is considered to be ordinary income.
  9. Sorry for the late response but I don't visit the forums very often. My broker and trade platform is TradeStation.
  10. Hi Johns Paul, Did you ever find a solution to the problem of drawing lines across several screen/charts? The only solution I've found is on the markplex.com site, but he uses the GlobalDictionary in EasyLanguage. Do you use or know EasyLanguage? I know some but not how to use the GlobalDictionary. I've seen it in action however. And it's pretty good. Exactly what we need. And it wouldn't cost anything except the time required to learn enough EasyLanguage to implement it. Let me know if you make any progress. It's very frustrating replotting lines from the Daily onto intraday charts.
  11. The only way to elect TTS for this year is to file as an entity and make the election within 75 days of filing. As to when the TTS would take effect, I'm not entirely sure. You'd have to ask GreenTraderTax about that or buy their Trader Tax Guide. But before doing that, I'd sit down and figure out whether you can meet the Golden Rules first. If you can't, there's no point in electing TTS or even talking to GTT in the first place. Regarding differences between filing as a sole proprietor or entity, as a sole proprietor I can't contribute to any kind of IRA or tax-deferred account. As an entity, you can if it's set up for that. Similarly for healthcare costs. An entity can pay for these costs but a sole proprietor cannot. A sole proprietor set up is much simpler than one for an entity, but an entity will likely cost you in State fees, some of which as Mr Green mentioned in his presentation, can be substantial. A disadvantage of filing as a sole proprietor is all your expenses go on Schedule C. The IRS sees none of your gains there (b/c the gains are on other forms). It is different for an entity. The IRS can readily see its gains and losses. Of course, whether you post gains or losses is of no concern for qualifying for TTS and deducting business expenses on Schedule C. I beg to differ about being rejected TTS as being subjective. If you meet the objective Golden Rules, you can certainly qualify. It may be a matter of convincing the IRS that your trading is a supplemental income (if you ever get to the stage of interacting w/ the IRS; I haven't yet). There are other benefits to filing as an entity but you'll have to read about them in the Tax Guide. I'm not concerned about them as a sole proprietor. Under TTS you would not be able to treat trader gains under capital tax gains rates. Trader income and losses are treated as Ordinary income (i.e., short-term income). You can certainly have a separate account in which you keep your long-term investments, but it has to be segregated from your trading account. Don't mix the two. Day trading transactions and swing trading transactions can, however, be in the same trading account. Just keep your average holding period below 31 days (sometimes difficult to do w/ swing trading). And, don't forget, it's your "average" holding period. Some instruments may be held longer, some less. Just as long as the average is less than 31 days. I would first figure out whether you can realistically meet the Golden Rules, then buy and read the Tax Guide, come up with questions, then consult with GreenTraderTax. Just have a list of questions so you can best utilize the 45-minute consult session. Don't worry, Mr Green will ask you a lot of questions to try and determine whether you'll qualify for TTS. If he says you can, then you're good to go. Hope this extra info helps.
  12. If you're filing as a sole proprietor, the deadline for the TTS election has passed. It was when you filed your 2019 tax return. However, you could for an entity and file for TTS within 75 days of the forming. But, since it's rather complicated, I'd refer to GreenTraderTax about that. You can either consult with them ($270 for 45 minute consult), or buy their Trader's Guide for $60. You can get a lot of info out of the Trader's Guide, but for setting up an entity, I'd consult with them. After the entity is set up, your TTS status would be effective from that point on (but, again, I'd consult w/ GTT for the particulars).
  13. It will be posted on Youtube too so non-Lifetime members can access it.
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