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  1. SirPatrick, I have a similar issue with the charts not showing certain stocks. CGC for example doesn't show up on my 1-min or 5-min charts. Chart->Refresh usually updates the window. I just don't trade those. My computer runs everything fine, and doesn't crash besides for TWS and that only within the past week or so (before that is was 100% stable). I upgraded to 16GB of ram, and instead of spiking to 4GB, it now spikes to 8GB and freezes. I am trying the "Show more than 500 bars" option as unchecked. It seems like when I go to Daily/Weekly zoomed out to find support/resistance levels, and then switch back to 5-min and scroll to the current day is when TWS hangs. BrianS, my setup is one L2 and 13 chart windows of various time frames and groups. 1 order entry, 1 watchlist, 1 trades, 1 orders, 1 t&s, and 1 portfolio window. I don't see it as really excessive. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. My TWS Win10 Latest, has started freezing recently. Sometimes, it recovers and sometimes, it crashes/closes. Looking at the Task Manager, I see spikes on Memory up to 4GB. I have the memory setting at 1.5GB (which is recently updated from ~750KB). Anyone else seeing this issue?
  3. Hi peterB, My disclaimer is that everyone try out different platforms to see what ultimately works or doesn't work for them. My personal experience between DAS and TWS is that TWS sometimes takes a few seconds to update charts and related windows when switching between instruments. (Note: Before someone asks, I have a 3.2GHz quad core processor with 8GB of ram, not the best, and not the worse.) The TWS charts do not update as fast as DAS charts. Overall, the DAS platform is "more responsive". I liken it to using the same iPhone for 5 years. At first, it is responsive, but then you find yourself waiting after tapping. I could but won't comment on the "technical" side of why this might be as that would be speculation.
  4. Hi Peter De Beir, I think ECN fees are dependent on broker/routing/exchange or some combination. Maybe someone else can clarify, or talk to you broker. For TWS charts, I have not found a way to replicate BBT's DAS chart colors exactly. It is possible to make the charts close, but the "Bar Up" color seems to be tied to the Background somehow. In a chart, click Edit, then "Global Chart Configuration", then "Chart Colors (on the left of the pop-up window). Under the "General" Tab, you should see, "Bar up", "Bar down", "Background", etc. For me, I can get BBT's DAS color's except the Bar up is not white (it seems to me "Bar up" has to be a different color than the background). My 2 cents about TWS. I've used it many months to save money after using DAS. I made due paying for Q data only and only trading Q stocks (<$50 per month). I paid the $25 for the 2 week challenge to try DAS again. DAS is much more responsive (when seconds count) and the charting is better. So, it depends. I used TWS because of the month to month cost. If DAS is within your budget, then there's no benefit in using TWS except for a backup (DAS goes down). I hope this helps.
  5. January 22nd at Noon works for me.
  6. Sounds like we are aiming for lunch? Lunch days that work are Tuesday and Friday. I could meet anywhere from 11 am through 2pm at the latest. Aside from lunch, most of my weekdays are full after 5pm except for Friday. Saturdays are mainly open with minor exceptions. Sunday early afternoons are available from 1pm until about 4pm.
  7. Yes, the position above the buttons is the current position I want. The positions information is correct. And, I'm sure this is for stocks. These windows are linked through the green group. I usually click on the left Favorites window to select the symbol for the stock I want to view. It's not that the Buttons never work for shorts. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. I haven't been able to find the reason through online searches and through TWS help. I haven't cared enough to contact IB just yet.
  8. I can only get it to reproduce for short positions. This is in simulator for what it is worth.
  9. The Domain is good with me.
  10. Will S, thanks for the hotkey tip about using the "Reverse Position" button to scale out. It works great. I've wondered the same thing about adding horizontal trend lines on TWS charts. I click the "Edit Chart" icon in the chart, and then select "Add Horizontal Trendline". It take 2 clicks for me. Three clicks if you count placing the actual horizontal line. I haven't found a Hotbutton or Keyboard short cut for it either. Does anyone know why some buttons are greyed out when in a position? For example, "Close Position" will be inactive for some of my open positions. Other times it works just fine.
  11. Hi Jared, Yes, I'm interested in getting together again. It would be great to catch up with everyone. I'm still on the slack channel that was setup if we need a way to discuss times/days. Cass
  12. For what it's worth, I'm working with DayTraderTax. I took their "TTS qualification" questionnaire and had a phone consultation with a partner. From what I understand, qualifying for TTS would be discouraged if you work a 9-5 job. Otherwise, I would want to be TTS with MTM (with my 9-5 job). I'd follow the advice of whatever tax professional you retain unless you are doing this all on your own.
  13. July 21st @ North Italian or anything in the Domain works. What time frame are we thinking? Since it is July now, I might vote for inside A/C versus patio.
  14. Next weekend doesn't work for me. If it does for everyone else, then go for it. I'll see yall next time.
  15. I see this thread is stale, but is there anyone else out there using IB TWS for day trading? Or, if there's anyone out there that moved to DAS from IB TWS that would comment why from a platform perspective? It would be much appreciated since you have experience with both platforms. I understand (or at least I think I do) that DAS is direct access the benefits that provides. Thanks.
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