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  1. My bad guys! I completely forgot about the meetup. I am committed to getting another one organized, but I completely blanked yesterday.
  2. Doug, does Tuesday January 22nd at noon at the Domain work for you too?
  3. Could we make Tuesday, January 22nd at noon work?
  4. What days usually work for you guys? I'm usually available Monday or Tuesdays (most of the day) or around noon Wednesday-Friday.
  5. Alright Doug and Stuart it might just be us this go around. How does the domain work as a potential meeting place?
  6. Nice, what do you two think about waiting a little longer to set a date to see if we get some more responses? I figure a couple more days and if not we'll set something up for us three.
  7. Hopefully there will be a few more that see this and get involved.
  8. I wanted to see if anyone wanted to get another Austin meetup going. I helped organize one probably 5 months ago and would love to have another. Let me know if you're interested so we can start trying to pick a day and location. - Jared R
  9. Sorry about the delayed response. Some things have come up for me this weekend. How does the the late morning or early afternoon Saturday, 6/16 work for everyone?
  10. I wanted to reach out since we have had a couple new members mention they were in the area and get the ball rolling on another meetup. I'm excited to hear from Viking to hear how going live with a below $25k account is, hear updates form those I know, and meet the new ATX members. Anyone else ready/excited for another to get together?
  11. I know Viking got a couple on his phone so I'm sure we will get those sent over shortly. PS Viking, I'd love to have a copy of the photo too if possible. Thanks again for responding and getting together! And thank you to Andrew and Ryan and the whole BBT gang for sending the swag!
  12. My bad Doug! I never saw your post where you offered to take t-shirt sizes etc. I only did it because I didn't think anyone else volunteered (for some reason the forum didn't email update me with that post but did for some of the others). GREAT NEWS! The swag came in so I have 4 t-shirts and 4 mugs. I'll bring them to the meetup :) Quick reminder: 2pm today (4/28) at Yardhouse in the Domain. I'll be there probably wearing my bearbull shirt to make it easy to find me. But in case you don't see me my cell is: (817) 658-8776. See y'all soon! Jared
  13. 2 pm Saturday (4/28) at Yardhouse works for me. Can we set that day/time in stone? :) ***Also, if you are going to be there please message back with your T-shirt size. Ryan and the gang said they want to send us some Bear Bull T-shirts but we need sizes ASAP so they'll be here in time. I'll get those sent over to Ryan and I've provided him with my address for the delivery.*** I have to get those sizes to him by 6PM EST today in order for them to arrive on time so I will send whatever sizes I have by then
  14. Yeah, that's 3 more than I was expecting
  15. That works for me. I should be able to make it! I'm pretty excited this many bbts live in the area. I was hoping for a reply but wasn't expecting one. Jared
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