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  1. Hey everyone, I am going to be in Vegas April 23 at Freemont Street. If you live in the area or are in town would love to get a drink with you. RSVP here in the topic or at this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bbt-meetup-las-vegas-tickets-885894342827 Date: April 23rd Time: 5:00pm PST Location: Whiskey Licker 128 Fremont St #2, Las Vegas, NV 89101 Live Concert at 7:00pm PST at the stage next to the restaurant. https://vegasexperience.com/annie-bosko/
  2. Everyone, I will be in the United Kingdom for a family event over the new year and wanted to meet with local traders in London, UK. The exact location is TBD, but will be near Charring Cross / Trafalgar Square in central London. So we can get an idea of numbers and book a spot, let me know if you're interested in joining up Meet-up details: Where: The Crusting Pipe, Jubilee Market Hall, 30 Tavistock Court, Covent Garden www.Davy.co.uk When: Thursday, January 5th, 2023 from 5-7pm (local time) I hope to be able to meet a few of our traders! Cheers, Peter
  3. Hi Guys, Are you in Dubai, anywhere in the Middle East or simply interested to travel and discover this city while meeting other members of this great community!?. Then, please jump into this discussion raising your hand, cuz we are planning a Meet Up in Dubai in Feb!. Options are Saturday 22nd or the 29th (please select your preferred date) Boca Restaurant- in the financial district DIFC Time: 5pm to 10pm In Dubai, the weekends are Friday and Saturday, so I can free up my weekend and organise some extra activities for whoever is coming, like desert Safari or I can do a tour in the city myself!. Please let me know you who can attend and if you are coming more than one with you, please tell me names and preferred date (22nd or 29th). If Friday suits better instead, please propose this too. Looking forward to hearing from you traders! PD: Below a quick intro of myself, Facebook: Elias Beyrouthy, Instagram: Elitos55
  4. Hey, I am visiting from Belgium, and would like to meet a few traders around the OC/LA area, anytime before the 9th of July. You can message me on twitter or instagram (handle: @aakarnawat) or in the BBT chatroom (handle: Abhi_K) Thank you.
  5. Hey fellow BBT members! It's been some time since we've been active on this club so let us how you're doing. Andrew is coming to Chicago in the near future, so I'm conducting a poll to gage interest for a Chicago BBT meetup. Please respond to the poll here: https://forms.gle/XjbxHgYK2MUd82an9. It would be great to meet to discuss trading, life in general and have some food and drink. Take care and hope to see you in the near future.
  6. Anyone live in Edmonton area wanting to meetup/talk about trading? Interested to talk to other traders since I haven't found one in the city. Thx.
  7. Hello, My name is John. I'm new to this community and would love to meet up with some other members and discuss anything from setups to strategies to just weather. Just looking to meet some likeminded people in the area. I live in the south bay area (Redondo/Hermosa Beach) but would be down to meet up anywhere in LA. Let me know if other people are interested and lets connect! John
  8. Not sure if this is posted already or not. ChangeFlip added this to community calendar. I wanted to make that sure all who are interested are informed about the meetup. If you want to be added to the email list you can send @ChangeFlip a message at Market Open. Colorado BBT Meetup April 20th, 2021 3PM 9580 Ridgegate Parkway LoneTree, Colorado 80124 Looking forward to meeting some new folks and having some discussions on trading. My friends and family are annoyed and tired of listening to me talk about it. Can't wait! Jeff
  9. Sorry if this isn't allowed so no big deal if you delete it, Mike. We have started a San Diego traders Discord server to make organizing in person meetups easier and share trades in a smaller group. If anyone wants an invite to it, you can reply to this thread with your email and I'll send you an invite. If you don't feel comfortable posting your email, the forum does have a private message function. Send me your email that way.
  10. Thor

    NYC Meetup with Thor

    Hey Everyone! I'm going to be in NYC for my 40th Birthday. I was thinking about a little get together on the 3rd. We are Meeting up with @Andrew Aziz, @Carlos M., @Mike B, and Myself. Location is going to be the "Three Monkeys Bar" one W 54th St. We have an entire floor and outdoor patio with a private cash bar and food. Hope to see you there. Please RSVP by commenting below so I can get a head count. Thanks! Thor
  11. Two things: 1) I can help host a Santa Fe, NM meetup if anyone interested? I've lived here since 1999 (I formerly lived in Seattle and SF Bay Area). Santa Fe is a unique place to live and visit. High desert in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and 60 miles from Taos. About 75,000 population. Art (top 3 art market in nation), SW culture, hiking, skiing, biking, fly fishing, micro breweries and restaurants -- great food if you now where to go, Native American and Spanish culture, etc. Possible good months to meetup are May and early to mid September 2019. 2) Anyone out there near the land of enchantment? I'm a lifetime BBT member, wondering how close any members may be near me? Chime in at your leisure and advise on your interest and current locale, Cheers! Steve Burke
  12. Had a great meet and great with some other BBT members over the weekend! Planning on meeting up every couple weeks to support one another. Anyone else in Central Oregon and want to join?
  13. Rick Lee

    Bend OR BBT Meetup

    A newly formed group is going to try to meet bi-monthly. If you're in central Oregon and want to join reach out and we'll make it happen.
  14. Hello all! Now that some of our restaurants are open here in San Diego County let's figure out a time and place to meet. Anyone have any favorite spots?
  15. Hello Everyone, very excited for our meetup tomorrow and I cannot wait to meet those of you that are coming. I will be wearing a Bear Bull Traders shirt with a small banner by where we can organize at 7:00 PM. I encourage anyone last minute interested to come! We can play some pool, bowl, and get drinks. Once again, this is at Clubhouse in East Hampton, New York on Long Island 174 Daniels Hole Road. Thanks and see you all soon! -Jordan
  16. Greetings all, I'm very happy to announce that Seattle, Washington meet-up is scheduled and should be very fun for a night with great conversations related to trading, food and drinks! As well... Andrew will be joining us Date: Saturday January 18th, 2020 Venue: Derby Restaurant: 2233 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134. (It's located in "The Shop" https://theshopclubs.com/). Plenty of free parking onsite/area. Time: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM Attendance is open to everyone including non BBT members. Please reply to sign up and I'd appreciate it if you could include the total number of attendees in your party so we can get an accurate headcount. Thank you, Raed (Ed) Masri
  17. Hey fellow BearBullTraders and all Non BearBullTraders from around the world. First and Foremost anyone who attends this meetup gets FREE DRINKS ON US! Now lets get to the less important details BearBullTraders is hosting another Meetup in the Bay Area. We hope to see all of our local BearBullTrader members and all other members who are willing to make the trip! Everyone is invited. And we mean EVERYONE. You do not have to be a BearBullTraders member to attend. Anyone who follows us on social media, or who wants to learn about trading, or just wants to have a fun night with free drinks and talk trading! Everyone Welcome Date: September 7th 2019 Time: 5:00 PM Location: Bierhaus Oakland, 360 40th St, Oakland, CA 94609 Theme: Free Drinks, Have Fun, Talk Trading! (No Hard Selling . . . PROMISE) Attendance: Open to everyone including Non BBT Members. Please sign up using the attendance sheet link below. BBT will be providing some type of swag for those in attendance. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aHrDigg_-hc-oxMZmLJ45ZH0WzKWJc1I For anyone interested please add comments to this thread so we can get some activity and build up some fun going into the event!
  18. Copied from @Abiel (go in Forum to see the main discussion) -As you may know @Andrew Aziz was invited as a speaker to Modern Traders Summit in Montreal on June 22, 2019 https://bit.ly/2G1WSkB It would be great if we can arrange a meetup the night before, friday, june 21, please let us know who is available and what venues do you suggest! -------------- Comme vous le savez, @Andrew Aziz a été invité à présenté au "Modern Traders Summit" qui aura lieu cette année à Montréal, le 22 juin 2019. https://bit.ly/2G1WSkB Ça serait super de pouvoir en profiter pour faire une rencontre avec les membres de la région la veille, soit le 21 juin. Allez dans le forum principal et veuillez signaler si vous comptez être présent! Aussi, si vous connaissez des endroits où on pourrait aller se rencontrer, les suggestions sont le bienvenue! Merci au plaisir de vous rencontrer! Karl
  19. I wanted to see if anyone wanted to get another Austin meetup going. I helped organize one probably 5 months ago and would love to have another. Let me know if you're interested so we can start trying to pick a day and location. - Jared R
  20. Ladies and Gentlemen, Here is the link to the thread about the Meetup going February 1st. Albert will be posting the location and time once it is confirmed. Current attendees look like 1. Andrew 2. YFNspiderman82 3. Mike B. 4. Nick Abrams 5. jvargas2108 6. Ryan P 7. Trinity 8. ecadaret 9./10. ShivaMani 12. rizza0907 13. Dani846 14. cthennebry 15. R Lu 16. Lou 17. svb333031
  21. We has a great time (drinks, food, and fellowship) at our 1st BBT Chicago Meetup at Miller's Pub on July 21, 2018! Now it's time to plan BBT Chicago Meetup Round 2 featuring special guest Dr. Andrew Aziz in person ! Where do you want to meet (should be close to public transportation and parking)? What date and time works for you (during the fall, before winter holiday)? Anything topics you want to focus on at the next meetup? Any other issues or concerns? Please chime in my fellow Chicagoans and let's have the most productive and fun meetup yet! Regards, Miguel Angel Chicago, Illinois
  22. Ok guys this is a little bit of the adventure we had in Mexico Andrew, Carlos and myself.... We arrived to Mexico City on Tuesday afternoon and then we went to the our cabins located at the town of Amecameca, in Mexico State, about 1.5 hours drive from Mexico City. After checking-in in our cabins we went to a nearby forest to look for Fireflies and we were surprised with a lot of them in their mating ritual in the dark. For dinner, we had delicious Chiles en Nogada, right know is pomegranate season in Mexico and restaurants use it to prepare this great Mexican dish. Thursday we had a Cecina (meat) breakfast before a 11K / 2.5 hrs hike around Paso de Cortés (3,600m) to get some acclimatization before the real thing (Iztaccihuatl volcano, third highest peak in Mexico, 5,286m). In this hike we went through Apatlaco park where we admired a fall and some creeks After the hike we went to see some places around Amecameca and finished the day with a dinner and a hail storm. Friday we continued with sightseeing Amecameca, got some supplies and we head to Iztaccihuatl volcano base to set up our camp to spend the night there to start hiking Saturday 6.00 am. Saturday night we had a very heavy rain and thunders for the most part of the night so we got poor sleep. Of course this rain covered of snow the Iztaccihuatl the day after. @ 4:00 am we woke up to break camp and pack up. 6:00 am we started our hike to Iztaccihuatl. After about 6 hours hiking, Carlos and I made it to the “Los Cien” retreat @ 4,780m and decided to head back to base while Andrew continued the hike to the summit (5,286m). For Carlos and I the Iztaccihuatl was our first mountain (in this case, volcano) so 4,780m wasn´t that bad. For Andrew, having done Nepal before, Iztaccihuatl wasn´t a big deal lol… Next day, Sunday evening, we meet Leland, who flew from Tijuana to México City to meet Andrew, and Fernando @fdo.smo, from México City. They shared their own motivations to get into day trading, some reports from the field and had a great time.
  23. I discovered Day Trading a while ago and have devoured books, YouTube videos, blogs and anything else I can get in front of my eyes. I am still in early stages of learning - trading in a real time simulator before putting my hard earned cash on the line. On the path of knowledge, I am ahead of some and way behind others. I hope to share what I have learned, hear what you have learned and go down this exciting path together. Agenda: 1. Mingling and Introductions 2. My Day Trading Teacher: Bear Bull Traders and Andrew Aziz 3. Strategies with Example Trades 4. Analyze Past Trades - Successes and Failures 5. Share Your Trades 6. Open Discussion Thank you so much to ChopRoom (www.choproom.com), a Corporate Team Building business in Uptown, for use of their space. There is plenty of street parking and a parking lot in the back. Please arrive no later than 6:30pm, because we have to lock the door. We will have access to a flat screen to go through various trading strategies and show our trades. We will also go next door to Nico's for drinks afterwards.
  24. until
    ANNOUNCEMENT! CHICAGO AREA MEETUP ROUND 2! Featuring Dr. Andrew Aziz as our special guest! Saturday, August 18th, 2018 from 12:00 pm-2:00 pm at Logan Bar & Grill (2230 N California Ave), Chicago, Illinois. Learn from the best and fellowship over food and drinks. You don't want to miss this special event! Seating is filling up fast. Reply with your RSVP in the comment section: See you all at Logan Bar & Grill! Andrew is excited to meet us all in person!
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