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  1. Bad day today, not proud of my trading, that being said.. P/L not too red for the kind of trading I did.. so there's that.. getting there. 2019-09-1316-01-46s.mp4 2019-09-1316-07-18s.mp4 2019-09-1316-16-08s.mp4
  2. 2019-09-1216-42-11s.mp4 2019-09-1216-48-15s.mp4
  3. Green, red with fees. Didn't respect my plan today, would have worked, so this is the positive side... need to trust myself more, seems that I'm taking good trades or having the good analysis, but lacking execution. Will try to really follow my plan this month. See you Friday. 2019-07-03AMD.mp4
  4. Ok day.. considering I'm 2/5.. managed to end green, but small red with the fees... I try to keep it under 10 mins.. so sorry if sometimes I cut the explaining part short.. Also, was at work today, so I had to make calls and etc.. so watched when I was able to. 2019-07-02AMDAAPL.mp4
  5. Part 2 Took one last trade on $AAPL, had to re-record.. but here we go! Thanks! Also, I've put my arrows before recording so it's quicker since I took more trades then usual.. less exponation on each too.. I try not to go over 10 mins for a trade recap vid.. 2019-07-01AMD1.mp4
  6. https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/topic/1215-karls-journal-thekbsb/ Here's mine... I invite you to post yours as well! Karl
  7. A place where we can place the link to our trade journal. If we want to follow each other and how our trades are doing.
  8. Friday at job.. not good, should not have trades today. See the video... Have a good weekend all! 2019-06-28AAPL.mp4
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