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    • hi Omar, the edge you find with proper tools and honest and objective journaling look what your stats say. if you are not profitable with the trading setups you use, you need dig in the historical data and to look why they fail on you and establish newer and newer set of rules for entries. having 4 strategies at once and none of them being profitable is challenging. maybe pick the one you are least losing or scratch the one that is losing you the most. for ABCD pattern don't rush it and look for it on 5min and 15 min charts too. they work so much better on those in my trading
    • I really am struggling to find my edge in this market? I went from trading every strategy and keeping logs of my perfomance to narrowing down 4 strategies and when they work best for me. I know you might think that's a lot but this is my routine: 9:31 ORB - break of the first minute candlestick on a doji candle  ABCD Pattern - between 9:35-9:40 using 9 and 20 EMA as the entry and stop loss VWAP Reversal - 5 minute candlestick must break the 9 and 20 ema and bounce off VWAP on a strong stock Double Top and Double Bottom - Looking for this setup around 10:00-11:00   Is this too many strategies? And how does one find their edge? I feel like it's one of those things where "you'll know" but I want to put my time and effort in the right areas. I'll be joining the bootcamp in September and i'm excited to actually hone down my skills but I want to see other's opinions. 
    • You are right @peterB. Thanks for your advise! Wish you a great day!
    • you would need to ask DAS support for that, anyway don't be overfocused for some precision of calculation. its just another indicator and nothing is 100% exact, neither levels nor pivot points so you can live your trading life around the tools you have been provided from DAS without much difference to those provided by others
    • Hi Roberto. Thanks for your information. As far as I see, for the calculation of the pivots we need only close, hig and low of the previous day. I the DAS chart of the stock I can see the same values for close, high and low as I can see in Trade-Ideas for Close, High and Low. I have put these values and all formulas into excel and the calculation of the pivots in excel and Trade-Ideas gives me the same results. Just DAS has slightly different results. Do you know if I can see somewhere the formulas DAS uses to calculate the pivots?
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