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    • basically your whole hotkey is wrong as you have non existent ROUTE=MARKET so maybe go to this topic and take it from the first post excel sheet rather than trying to fix what you have messed up  
    • Thank you for your replies. Can you please tell me what is the error to fix? regards
    • this is wrong assumption. you have fallen to the trap of believing that route name defines the order type which is not exactly true even if the route name is called STOP. its the route only. not order type. there are limit orders, stop limit orders or stop market orders. its even explained in the very first post of this topic and the very first tab of the spreadsheet   1. order type is defined by the "Price= Ask+0.85" which says you want a limit price of Ask+0.85 and not more 2. you can use Ask*1.0025 to get Ask+0.25% of Ask price   however none of the above has anything to do with dynamically counted share size and your hotkey is obviously not from the first topic spreadsheet file so if you screwed some ramdomly downloaded hotkeys with wrong assumptions driven edits please do not expect miracles here anyway going back to the first posts and start from scratch might help you as you seem to misunderstood it
    • Hi there I am sharing a sample watchlist and sample chart setup for swing trading volatile stocks for microtrend-term. The methodology contains/combines information generally discussed in the intermediate-term and short-term swing trading plans posted earlier. The watchlist is prepared with scan criterion of stock HLVolatility ( > 5%), Beta ( > 1), ATR ( > 2.00) and 50-day average volume ( > 4M) on Thinkorswim. The chart set-up incorporates exponential moving averages on 1-hour time frame. The chart includes at least 4 weeks of 1-hour data to identify potential support and resistance levels for potential exit points. This is for discussion purposes only. Please feel free to send comments/discussions so our BBT Forum can benefit from same.  The sample watchlist, charts and notes herein are based on information from instructor training, textbooks, Webinars, swing trading plans, and information available on the internet over last few years. One good point up front is to keep things simple and this seems to be working for me. For further reading: 1. " 20 Most Volatile Stocks - This strategy is for experienced trader. .....This strategy requires you to be able to react to price momentum very quickly and is primarily for day traders, options traders, and some microtrend traders.......If you are using this strategy as a microtrend trader, you must use stops, for a microtrend trader will not hold one of these stocks over five days......The key to trading this strategy is to identify the trend strength and trade in that direction. " * " Microtrend Trader: A microtrend trader by our (Deel's) definition is a trader who takes position with the intention of holding it for three to five days. The microtrend trader is attempting to trade a small part of a larger trend.... For microtrend trading to be successful the entry must be made when the trend is strong.  This usually occurs when the trend is underway or begins explosively. The momentum should carry the price for three to five days....After three to five days, the microtrend trader liquidates his or her position and looks for another microtrend. " * * the strategic electronic day trader, Robert Deel, 2000, Published by John Wiley and Sons Inc. 2. Investopedia In summary, and per Deel, the idea is to prepare a watchlist of volatile stocks for analysis at end of each week. After graphical analysis of the individuals stocks,  three of the most volatile stocks that are moving in a definable trend on daily chart are selected for trading during the following week. My trades will be for bullish trend for long trade. The attached example watchlist and charts are for last weeks trading (Jan 10-14). Examples thereon can lead you to further research, and as mentioned in earlier posts, it would prudent to have a mentor who can help you to prepare a swing trading plan for trading volatile stocks for microtrend-term.  Please note this is not an investment advice. Please seek investment advise  from your own investment advisor. The attachments and notes are for illustration and discussion purposes only on our BBT Forum. Examples - Swing Trading - Microtrend Trading - High Volatility Watchlist and Setup Examples.pdf    
    • Futures (MES) algo trading journal Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 1/12-14/22 The algo did not trigger any trades Wednesday and Friday but did take two trades on Thursday. Lots of weakness on Thursday as the algo waited for strong downward price movement and a deeper pull back and lots of other filters. The first trade of the day was after some real local weakness and a deep pullback. The price kept moving higher after the short and almost hit my stop then dropped but didn't reach the target. The algo tried to cover at BE but got a bad fill for a loss. The second trade was late in the afternoon after continued weakness. The first pullback missed the entry by a tick the second pull back did trigger a trade but got a horrible fill. The price went right to the target also with a bad fill. Thus exactly half the profits went to the fills.  So for the week I had 1 win and 3 BEs. Have a good long weekend. Rob C
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