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  1. Hello, I trade mainly extreme reversal on small-caps and mid-caps on the short side. I was wondering if someone in this forum has a similar strategy and would be willing to discuss her/his strategy. It could be about scanners, entry points, brokers for short locate, how to identified the stocks that are not suitable, etc. I have my own approach and strategy but I'm always looking for improvements. Oli
  2. I'm looking for an accountability/trading partner. We could do a morning call before or after the trading session to analyse our trading decisions. Let me know if someone is interested. Oli
  3. Hi ChrisW, I keep track of all my trades with the data from DAS Trader after each day of trades. The same data is also available from IB. There is a difference due to the fact that DAS Trader doesn't calculate your exact fees. I use a proxy for these fees. I only use this tracking for trading assessment purposes. For my taxes, IB makes tax slips available for each year. On these slips, you'll find the total sales and total cost. With this information, you can fill your taxes. I also keep track of my business spending (DAS memberships, electronic, etc.) in a Accounting ledger. This information is usefull at the end of the year for my taxes. Hope this help, Oli
  4. Any of you guys have opened an account with Interactive Brokers for a Canadian corporation? I'm interested to know if there are significant hurdles to be aware of. Thanks in advance.
  5. Tes frais comptables peuvent effectivement être tès élevé si tu fais affaire avec un professionnel. Est-ce qu'on parle de 1500-2000 pour 4 déclarations de revenus ou par déclaration? Si c'est pour les 4, malgré que ça semble cher, ce n'est pas excessif. Cependant, il n'a pas besoin "de suivre le coût moyen pondéré" pour les transactions d'un day trader. Si tu étais un investisseur à moyen-long terme, il devrait faire ça. Cependant, pour les déclarations d'impôt d'un "day trader", il suffit de prendre le total des ventes et des "achats" pour obtenir le revenu imposable (qui est imposé comme un revenu d'entreprise).
  6. La réponse peut être beaucoup plus complexe et complète mais au bout de la ligne, tu peux déduire tes dépenses directement reliées à ton trading contre tes revenus provenant de ton trading.
  7. Stay tuned here for announcement on a Ottawa meet up!

    1. Olivier


      I just saw that message! I share my time between Santiago in Chile and Ottawa. Keep me informed if there is an Ottawa meet up. Cheers! 

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