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  1. Anyone know how RVOL is calculated in DAS?
  2. I will be there with my wife. Look forward to meeting so many of the traders in the room I chat with every afternoon. See you in Toronto! Peter
  3. Wish I could be there. Have fun and a drink for me!
  4. From this I can't be sure what the issue might be. Do you keep your Orders window open? Next time you do this, keep a close eye on it of the orders as they are sitting waiting to be executed (and take a screenshot of the pending trades). That should give you a clue as to what is going to happen. DAS should only execute as per the commands in the Orders window.
  5. Steph, how did you enter these orders? Did you use function keys (hotkeys), the Montage buttons or just through the Montage directly? Also, when you set your stop, what type of stop did you use? (limit, range, market, etc) Depending on the answer I might need more info. Plus, if you did use anything with a script (the first 2 options) can you post the script. Thanks.
  6. My (first) question: They say "never trade with scared money." However, I always say that all my money is important to me, so all of it is scared. As a result I am a chronic "under-trader". How do you recommend I/anyone get over my fear of losing money to be able to effectively trade the set-ups I know will work if I can just put my money on the line? Thanks!
  7. Not a quote..but still true...
  8. I will be at the summit and will try to be there on Friday night if possible. Cheers!
  9. Everyone, in working through the logistics, it seems we will just not have time to include a trip to Ottawa for Andrew in June. He would have loved to come, but his packed schedule just does not allow it. If there is enough interest in the future, we will look to schedule a stop in Ottawa at a later date! Thanks, everyone, for your understanding.
  10. Sounds good. We'll see if we have interest. I know there are other Ottawa traders out there, but they are being shy. Let us know, everyone!
  11. Looks like I'll be in town too. Look forward to seeing everyone!
  12. Andrew will be in Montreal this weekend, so a meet up in Ottawa on Sunday (brunch, anyone?) might be a good idea. Who would be interested?
  13. Shame Andrew cannot make it. If you reschedule for April (as Andrew suggests), then let's coordinate times so I can have an Ottawa meet-up the next day. Thanks!
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