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  1. Updated the location!! We’ll be at the Crusting Pipe on the 5th! Full details up in the original message. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
  2. Awesome! We'll confirm the exact location ASAP.
  3. That would be fantastic! Hope to see you there. We'll post the exact location once we settle it
  4. That would be great. I'll let you know the location details once we have them.
  5. Everyone, I will be in the United Kingdom for a family event over the new year and wanted to meet with local traders in London, UK. The exact location is TBD, but will be near Charring Cross / Trafalgar Square in central London. So we can get an idea of numbers and book a spot, let me know if you're interested in joining up Meet-up details: Where: The Crusting Pipe, Jubilee Market Hall, 30 Tavistock Court, Covent Garden www.Davy.co.uk When: Thursday, January 5th, 2023 from 5-7pm (local time) I hope to be able to meet a few of our traders! Cheers, Peter
  6. I have 3 people interested. Once the venue is confirmed, let us know!
  7. Welcome, Sudhir. We look forward to having you as part of the community!
  8. Weclome to the community, Nate! We look forward to engaging with you in the chatroom.
  9. PeterD

    NYC Meetup with Thor


    Michael, there is no button, we will change the statement above. Hope you can make it. In the Reviews you asked about your son. All are welcome. Please bring your son (assuming he is of legal age to be in the bar!)
  10. Today was a tough day. $SPY and $TSLA trades I get. The $X trade I'd not have taken....easy to say now, of course. Anyway, let's hope tomorrow provides more opportunities.
  11. Welcome, Gjeret! We will strive to be on the interesting edge of boring....keep smiling and I look forward to seeing you in the chatroom!
  12. Welcome to the community. Ask lots of questions! We love to help. Cheers, Peter
  13. Great. Don't be afraid to reach out if we can help with your journey!
  14. Shannon, welcome to the community. We are very happy to have you. Please do not be shy in asking questions here in the forum or in the chatroom. You'll find everyone helpful. We're all had to start at the beginning and part of our philosophy is to help out those coming in after us. Glad you were not too shy to make this post and I hope to hear from you in the chatroom! Peter
  15. Welcome to the group! We're all here to help.
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