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  1. Everyone, in working through the logistics, it seems we will just not have time to include a trip to Ottawa for Andrew in June. He would have loved to come, but his packed schedule just does not allow it. If there is enough interest in the future, we will look to schedule a stop in Ottawa at a later date! Thanks, everyone, for your understanding.
  2. Sounds good. We'll see if we have interest. I know there are other Ottawa traders out there, but they are being shy. Let us know, everyone!
  3. Andrew will be in Montreal this weekend, so a meet up in Ottawa on Sunday (brunch, anyone?) might be a good idea. Who would be interested?
  4. Looking to have a meet up something in February. Any suggestions of when and where?
  5. Stay tuned here for announcement on a Ottawa meet up!

    1. osalois


      I just saw that message! I share my time between Santiago in Chile and Ottawa. Keep me informed if there is an Ottawa meet up. Cheers! 

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