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  1. in the new version of das it's now moved it to the Chart Area Configure window, right click the chart->Chart Area->Configure Area
  2. Damnit! Really wanted to go to this one Bc I grew up in Stl and have many friends there. Unfortunately I already booked a trip and will be in Thailand this day. Hopefully will have another meetup in Saint Louis at some point.
  3. Wasn't sure how to add in excel either but I should be there this time, sorry I wasn't able to make the LA meetup.
  4. Couldn't figure out how to sign my name but the 27th works for me, in the evening preferably so I can drive in. Someone can add me to the list if they want. Thanks, Seth
  5. I'm in! Since I live in Vegas, will be super easy. If you guys need help with anything, just like KyleK29, just message me, I'd be more than happy to. -Seth
  6. Is anyone driving from Dallas and going to the Austin meetup? Looking for a ride, would be happy to pay for gas, just need a ride to and not from because I'll fly out of Austin later on that night after the meetup. Thanks so much, Seth
  7. Thank you! The one in the upper left does not because that's where I have the spy, my P&L, trades, scanner, etc. The rest have montage and time and sales because I'm trying to practice reading level 2 and time and sales more.
  8. I've been a member of Bearbulltraders since October 2018. I read Andrews first and second books in September along with a few other ones and I am really glad I did, his books are well written and well thought out and really gives you the tools and basics and most importantly rules and setups. I then wanted to join the community and see what real trading was like, I didn't even have a platform or setup yet, it took me about a week to realize this was not fake or a money making scheme. I then knew it was going to be something for the long haul and so it made sense to get the lifetime membership and so I did and I have not regretted it since. This is definitely not a get rich quick type of deal, it takes hard work day in and day out, but the people in this community are there to help and make it easier and they have! There is so many people I want to thank from Norm, William H, Robert H, Carlos, Brian, Abiel, I'm sure I'm forgetting people and of course Andrew who of course without him, none of this would be possible. Thank you guys so much! -Seth Aldrich
  9. yeah that was similar to the video I watched and is for recording video games, not das or trading or even a recording of the screen you are on. He goes on and on about stuff we wouldn't use like audio but finally got to the part we would need and I guess I'm just not sure what source to use. He uses a game capture source in the video but since I don't have any games on my computer, pretty sure thats not it, so there are several other choices left like display capture, window capture, scene, etc etc. I don't suppose you know of a simpler tool, I basically just want to record the time and sales and level two on the opening so I can try to read it. Maybe I'll try my phone and it would be easier?
  10. Abiel, I downloaded it but have no idea how to make it work. I tried to search online but it only has videos on how to record games not how to do das pro trader or for trading or take recording screen shots. Could you go through step by step? Thanks so much, Seth
  11. Awesome, I'll plan on both then! Are you going to post where and when or did someone respond to your request to help organize? I would help but I've never been to either city before so I don't know what's there and any good places, but I'm def excited to see both
  12. My g/f's friend is in Austin but I think you're in Dallas, it's only a 3 hour drive it looks like so I can probably do either or both. I wouldn't mind doing both to meet more people and put faces to chat room names. Are you just going to one of the meetups?
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