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  1. KurtLoeblich

    Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome to the community. You're doing it the right way by starting in SIM! Dont hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. See you in the chat!
  2. KurtLoeblich

    St. Louis, MO BBT Meetup!

    Awesome. See you then!
  3. KurtLoeblich

    P3rsistentK's Journal

    Hey -- so, its going to be really hard to imitate my ideas because by the time I call them out, the best entry has likely come and gone. In this trade, i was short at 99 so by the time you got in, i was already sitting up 3-4R. I'm happy to teach you my style of trading should you ever be interested though -- just give me a shout!
  4. KurtLoeblich

    Nas' Swing Trades and Results

    Saw this on Twitter. Awesome!
  5. KurtLoeblich

    St. Louis, MO BBT Meetup!

    Hey all! Just a reminder that I'll be picking the spot early October so make sure you start checking then. It's looking like we will have a decent sized turn out so far. Looking forward to it!
  6. KurtLoeblich

    New lifetime member here

    I'm still a bit of a spring chicken (I'm turning 29 next week, so maybe I'm not as young as I like to think I am) but I know from talking with day traders from all walks of life that you'd be surprised with how many of the challenges you will face as a day trader are shared throughout the community. The struggles we deal with on a daily basis are rooted in human psychology, and whether you're 18 or 80, that's something we wll share. That being said, I have no doubt that there are certain challenges the seasoned demographic (as you so eloquently put) will face that some of the younger folks may not initially struggled with. Something that comes to the front of my mind is, naturally, embracing the technology that we utilize. Considering I grew up playing video games, integrating the hotkey muscle memory into my trading was relatively easy and I didn't have to put much thought into it and I can certainly see how others may not have a similar experience. What I may recommend to you is that we do have members of all ages within BBT and you are obviously more than welcome to connect with them and potentially setting up a group within the community! This forum post right here may be the first step! By connecting with members in a similar situation as yourself, you can all share your experiences and help each other, which is what BBT is all about. Once again, we are so happy to have you aboard, and wishing you the best on your journey!
  7. KurtLoeblich

    New lifetime member here

    Hey Duane! My name is Kurt and I'm one of the moderators for BBT. We are so excited to have you as a member of our community. Please reach out to myself or any of the other team members should you have any questions or need any assistance. We are here to help you in any way we can in your trading journey! (besides telling you what to buy or sell, of course). See you in the chat!
  8. KurtLoeblich

    St. Louis, MO BBT Meetup!

  9. KurtLoeblich

    Throwing in the towel! (With a twist)

    I'm going to let my wife day trade for me next week and see what happens, hahaha. Hopefully she's just as good as yours!
  10. KurtLoeblich

    St. Louis, MO BBT Meetup!

    Awesome. Looking forward to meeting you!
  11. KurtLoeblich

    St. Louis, MO (or surrounding area) Meetup

    Hey all! See the following thread. Make sure you sign up!
  12. KurtLoeblich

    St. Louis, MO Meetup!

    Please see the following thread for description and sign-up!
  13. Hello everyone! You guys/gals have been so patient and with that I am proud to announce the FIRST (I think) St. Louis, MO Bear Bull Traders Meetup! As always, drinks and appetizers are on Andrew. This meetup is open to everyone who is a member of BBT and is also open to those who aren't! I'll be bringing my wife, so make sure you're nice to her Before I can pick a specific venue for this event, I do need to get some sort of head count so I can determine whether or not we will need a private room. That being said, if anyone in the area has any ideas/suggestions, feel free to either comment in this thread or message me directly. So, the important stuff: William and I will both be attending and we are looking to get other moderators to attend as well. I will update this thread as I find out more. Drinks are on Andrew. If you want to eat, make sure you prepare accordingly. We are going to focus on all topics trading -- although, if you want to ask William about his dogs, I'm sure he would LOVE to answer you. That being said, please fill out the GoogleDoc below if you plan on attending. I'll start looking for the venue early October so the sooner you reply, the better. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1trXWDJCm3RO4raOy8mo5eRSDRVn68GGoj4Z_TxhprbU/edit#gid=0 When: October 19th, 2019 at 5:00 PM Where: TBD - will pick venue in the STL area Who: Anyone and everyone! What: To talk all things trading Why: Because I want to meet all of you! Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  14. KurtLoeblich

    1 Minute Candlesticks

    Its very much day by day. When we say trade very well, its typically from past experience. Some stocks just have a tendency to not make large or predictable moves so we tend to "blacklist" them unless they've shown that they are going to trade nicely. It just comes from personal past experience and it is impossible to know how a stock will trade before you get into it.
  15. KurtLoeblich

    1 Minute Candlesticks

    If you're going to trade off of the 1 minute chart, you really do need to be in and out very quickly. As soon as the price starts to roll over OR if the price isn't moving how you anticipated, you need to be very quick in your decision to stay in or get out. That's why I personally prefer using the 5/15 minute charts for trades, because I'm just not very good at the whole "scalping" trading style. I personally feel that for momentum stocks that are moving quickly, you can use the 9/20 ema for pullbacks. However, if it has lower volume/slower price action, I prefer to focus on the 5 minute and 15 minute chart emas. The 20 moving average slope is what I find to be the most significant of all. I try to take all trades (excluding reversals) in the direction of the 20ema. Ultimately, I try to use the moving averages that the chart has shown are the important ones. If a stock is bouncing off of the 9ema, then that's the EMA I'm going to use for entries.

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