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  1. Hi Mike, Can you please tell me what did you use to create the template in? Was it OneNote? Excel? Secondly can you share that with me please Thanks Munish
  2. Love your trade analysis. Thank you for sharing it.
  3. mahamuni

    What went wrong?

    Hi, Still in Sim, trying to learn and correct mistakes. On 10/12/18 I did the following 1. I bought $SQ at the mark (1st mark) because it broke VWAP, but as it can be seen it did not work out. 2. I bought $SQ again at the 2nd mark because of ABCD pattern (on 1 min chart) but again it failed. 3. On both of them there was a decent volume. (Please see the chart below) How can I prevent these kinds of mistakes? What can I look for as a confirmation to see if it is a sustainable move or not? TIA Munish
  4. mahamuni

    Risk Management

    Hi Robert "The important part is to find a stop loss at a technical level. That is the AHA moment for me." Thanks Munish
  5. mahamuni

    Risk Management

    I am confused with risk management... Lets say I have 25000 in my account. I bought 100 shares at $55/share. So it cost be $5500. If I do not want to risk more than 1% then what would my stop be? Is it 1% of 5500 or 1% of 25000. If it 1% of 25000 that does not make sense to me. If it is 1% of 5500, that 55 cents per share. That seems alot also to me? Can someone throw a light on this with some examples possible. TIA Munish
  6. mahamuni

    NYC Meetup - Redux

    Please let us know the details, would love to come.
  7. mahamuni

    ABCD/Flag Strategy

    Just mind blowing. I am learning so much from you guys. Thank you for teaching us this valuable information. Thanks Munish

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