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  1. WilliamH

    Longer Time Frame MA's Chop me up

    Great Recap and great questions you are asking yourself and all of us. Asking those type of questions, even if you dont find the answers to them yet, will make you a better trader. I want to focus on one of those questions. . . Who uses the longer time frames? Lets think about who doesn't use the longer time frames. Many people in our chat stick to the 1 minute, 5 minute and level 2 price action. This is neither bad or good. Just a style preference. Traders who want to be in and out of trades very quickly dont use the longer time frames. Traders who only trade the open will most likely use smaller time frames. Traders who tend to revenge trade wont use the longer time frames. . . I researched this same exact question you are posing a while back, and I found as a general rule that the bigger the fish, the longer the time frames used. Lets take one specific example from one of the biggest fish . . . "Warren Buffett is taking a big bite of Apple. Very big. The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) told CNBC on Friday that his company bought about 75 million shares of Apple stock during the first three months of the year. That adds to 165 million shares that Berkshire had at the end of last year.May 4, 2018" Do you think Warren Buffet entered his position of 75 million shares over three months based off the 1 minute charts? 5 minute? 15 minute? Or do you think he wanted to see the bigger picture. The overall trend, using the Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Quarterly Charts and using longer time frame MA's. How long is Warren Buffet planning to hold those shares for? Months if not years! Imagine if someone took a short on AAPL for a 5 minute new low the moment Warren Buffet was filling his shares on a daily support level knowing that almost no amount of shorts would eat up his longs. (I understand Warren Buffet would never execute the trades himself, but just using this as an example). Now think about all the traders, institutions, algos, hedge funds. etc . . . that are in between the 1 minute micro traders, and the Long Term Investors. Each will use different time frames, with different strategies, different risk tolerances, different holding lengths. Someone like Andrew, focuses primarily on the 1 and 5 minute charts and he makes a killing nearly every day. So each of us, including you Nick, need to find our trading style that fits us and utilize the proper information for that style and then ignore everything else and not get bombarded with paralysis by analysis and execute our plan day in and day out.
  2. Wow, Thanks Lee W. I followed these steps exactly and everything worked perfectly!
  3. WilliamH

    Retroactive Account report

    Isaac, DAS only gives you information from same day. Even if you call them, they do not have anyway to provide old data. You have two options. 1. TraderVue as Abiel mentioned 2. Get previous data from your actual broker who is required to provide it.
  4. WilliamH

    Brandon's Day Trading Adventures

    Great job posting your recap and hope to see more recaps from you. I had and still have the exact same problem about not letting winners run. One thing that really helped me was to make a hotkey that sold 95% of my remaining shares. So no matter how many exits I have already made, instead of exiting the remaining 100% I exited only the remaining 95%. So my remaining shares will be very small if not insignificant and really allowed me to practice holding in a risk free way.
  5. WilliamH

    DAS Chart question

    @ KThu, did u get it fixed? For some odd reason, the posted solution works for most of my charts, but no matter what I did, a few charts would ALWAYS zoom out when I switched stocks. I found the solution. It is so ridiculous but it works. . . 1. Type Ticker in Montage 2. If chart opens and is zoomed out, either use a hotkey, or your mouse function to zoom in to a place reasonably close to where you want 3. At this point if I switch stocks again, it zooms back out BUT 4. If i simply roll my mouse scroller on the chart and do a slight zoom in or zoom out, for some reason, if I switch stocks after the mouse scroller zoom, the charts stay at the same zoom FINALLY! Such a weird bug for me . . .
  6. @RyanW, can you update us after a few days of usage on how you like it? Just a short review? Looks very interesting
  7. If I ever get to that dream status of all the Real/Fake (I never really know) youtube Day Trader millionaires traveling the world, flipping open their laptop for a few minutes to make a cool $10,000 . . . I will DEFINITELY get this!!!
  8. WilliamH

    Is there an account minimum for IB?

    It is true that IB advertises it has a $10,000 account minimum. But I scaled in to my account (like scaling into trades :)), with sizes of $9,000 at a time to avoid getting flagged by the IRS, and to my happy surprise, I was able to trade in IB/DAS live when only the first $9,000 was posted and verified.
  9. One way I started out which really helped me, was to look at my % gains and loss, without worrying about the actual $$$ amount gained or loss. I started with 20 shares, and that might be on a $2 stock. I made 4%! WooooHooo! What a great trade. but I lost money with Commissions and scaling out. But it didnt matter. It made me feel so good to know I made a great % EVEN THOUGH I LOST MONEY. So then the next day I would increase share size by 5-10 shares, and so on and so forth. I figure if I am in this for the long term, short term losses on learning and practicing trades in a live account is well worth it. Maybe I lose $10's-$30's on winning trades, but If I can keep that up while increasing my share size ever so slowly, I will make back that money in the near future with smart trades and bigger shares. I am very confident that it is MUCH easier to increase share size to 1000 shares, and tell yourself you only need 1 good trade and make up all the commissions u have paid out on your small share trades . . .that is a perfect way to lose the game before you even have a chance to play. Hope that makes sense.
  10. WilliamH

    Los Angeles Meet-up

    @Jedi8 @AndrewAziz @JVargas2108 All this sounds great! I can host a get together if we can actually plan out something. We could do it somewhere around the 91105 area code near Pasadena. @Jedi8, yeah that is so close. Will try to contact friday morning 4/6 in the chat. If not send me an email "wnh410@gmail.com"
  11. @Wpicotte, I feel yah. Since DAS probably wont treat that issue any time soon. I made "hotkey/button mistakes" as part of my trading plan. So now I am 100% accountable and give myself high scores for having no "hotkey/button mistakes" per day and week.
  12. Also, when your montage is selected, whether you select it by clicking on the montage, double clicking the chart linked to it, or having a hotkey, for me at least, it automatically selects the montage AS WELL AS highlights the ticker symbol field within the montage. So lets say I am in a position, ready to get out, select my montage, but then accidentally press some random key, it will change the ticker symbol and when i try to place a trade, a notification message comes up. . . "This order will be placed for symbol "AAA" (whatever your chart is on), but currently symbol "?" is entered in the symbol text box. Continue?" So its great that DAS is trying to do the right thing, but in the heat of the moment, and especially if you have never seen this message and unaware of exactly what happened it can be a big distraction at the perfectly wrong time. Hope this saves anyone from the fate it caused me first time I experienced it.
  13. WilliamH

    Los Angeles Meet-up

    I live in the Pasadena area, and I would be up for a meetup. Where do you live @JVargas? and @Robbie, what two days are you here usually? and in what area?
  14. WilliamH

    Panic Key explanation

    This should help all of us understand how to fully utilize the Panic Hotkey Script = PANIC Description = This will close all positions in your entire account, including Real and Simulator accounts Script = PANIC ACCOUNT=myaccount Description = This will close all positions in only the specific account
  15. Quick Tip to having your custom desktop.dsk file open automatically when you login to DAS. Many DAS users, like myself just get in the habit of logging into DAS, having the DAS defualt Desktop load, and then manually changing to our own custom desktop we created by the following steps . . 1. File 2. Open Desktop 3. Selecting your custom.dsk file When you log into DAS, it automatically will open the DAS file titled "Default.dsk" that is preloaded with their software. So of course you can just open the original Default.dsk file and customize the file to your liking. But there is also another simple trick if you already have your custom.dsk file. 1. Access your DAS file folder located on your Hard Drive. For me it is in: C:\DAS Trader Pro For simulator it is in: C:\DASTrader DEMO 2. Select the "default.dsk" file and either delete it or change it to any other name such as "DASDefault.dsk" 3. Find your custom.dsk file and change the file name to "Default.dsk" 4. Move this new "Default.dsk" you just renamed, into the Das Trader Pro folder 5. Now upon logging into DAS the custom desktop you created and just renamed "Default.dsk" will automatically open

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