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  1. hailchaser2


    For anyone wondering, it worked. So now when I take my partial, it cancels my previous stop loss order. Then I set my new stop loss at break even with my HotKey for that. I guess I could actually integrate my break even stop loss order at the end of my partial order to make it a one keystroke move. Can HotKey scripts handle that much?
  2. hailchaser2


    Can I put CXL ALL infant of my hotkey commands to cancel the stops I have in place when taking a partial? Example: I have 1000 shares with stop loss order in place 0.10 below my average purchase price. I take a partial at 0.30 above my entry. But my old stop is still in my orders. If I put CXL ALL in front of my current partial HotKey, will it do what I'm hoping? Do I put it before ROUTE (CXL ALL;ROUTE......)?
  3. hailchaser2

    Recap Edit Software/App

  4. hailchaser2

    Recap Edit Software/App

    I was playing around with Skitch tonight, what do you think?
  5. hailchaser2

    New Trader Journal

    One more day of the Challenge. Today I traded poorly just like yesterday. Fees and Commissions pile up when you are firing away trying to make up for your last bad decision. My FB trades got way out of hand. Later in the day I did make a couple of normal trades. Hopefully next week I will fall back into my normal trading habits. Pre Market Plans 2 Days in a row with a Christmas tree chart in my recap.....Not Good! Im going for a home run tomorrow in the open, I think that's my only chance to win now.
  6. Yes I’ve heard of that many times......but I’ve never heard of stories of Trader’s that trade poorly in sims, then trade well with their live accounts. IMO if you can’t control your emotions to be profitable with a sim account, it’s just going to be worse in a live account. If you don’t have the self control to trade your sim the exact same way you plan on trading your live account, more self control practice might be needed. Again I’m new, maybe a more experienced trader would like to shed some insight. Thanks for posting this journal thread though, this should be interesting either way. Best Wishes
  7. hailchaser2

    New Trader Journal

    Just added two more HotKeys, stop losses for 0.10, I only had 0.20 set up.
  8. hailchaser2

    New Trader Journal

    Forgot my journal pic for Wednesday. A big fat F for my grade today.
  9. hailchaser2

    New Trader Journal

    Day one trading in Dallas did not go as planned. When I saw this morning that I was not in the top ten in the challenge I told myself I needed a big day to make up for my "Truck Stop Trading" yesterday. Well I didn't just have a big day I had a HUGE day..........A HUGE DAY OF FEES AND COMMISSIONS. It all started fine I was a bit upset that I didn't let some of that trade ride lower, so I should have cleared my head of those thoughts, but I didn't. Then all H#LL broke loose. I started trading other stocks, started believing CRON had to reverse back to VWAP, and even started trading the dangerous RBZ late in the day. I think this challenge is making me trade worse, I will be relieved when this week is over and I won't be competing against anyone....only my own demons, which I believe I can control under regular trading circumstances. LOOK AT THIS ALL DAY CHRISTMAS TREE CHART!!!!!!! WTF was I doing???? Here was my original plan So my account took a big hit today I found out later, I didn't even need to make ground up, I was actually still in 12th place before today, hopefully today didn't ruin my chances.
  10. Im new, so maybe I'm way off here. But why not do this challenge with a simulator first. It's going to take time to spot his setup ideas and manage the trades the way he teaches. Doing this challenge without practicing his strategies first will not be a true representation of his teaching advice.
  11. hailchaser2

    Recap Edit Software/App

    What are you all using to edit your screenshots for recap journal entries? I have a MacBook, what are my options? I want to add Text, Lines, Circles, Etc.
  12. hailchaser2

    New Trader Journal

    Tuesday, day 2 BBT challenge. Well, I was still driving to Dallas this morning, so I pulled over at a truck stop to trade the open. I don't suggest jumping in at 9:31 in your Jeep without listening to the pre show, without any type of trading plan, and start trading. I took a stab at a long first, but got out when it started looking bad. Then I had a very premature entry on AMD, but it ended up working out. I should have waited for the re-test of VWAP to fail.....but I was impatient, needing to get back on the road.....AMD actually fell the rest of the day.....if it weren't for work, I could have rode it all the way down. So it wasn't a complete disaster, still a little green. And I found some sweet gas station sun glasses for $19.99 I finally made it to my new location and set up my new trading station for tomorrow morning. Look out challenge peeps, I won't be at a truck stop tomorrow
  13. hailchaser2

    New Trader Journal

    Monday, first day of the BBT challenge!!!!!! I broke two of my rules at the open, Don't trade stocks under $10 and Don't trade the first 5 minutes. Hey, I'm trying to win, and I didn't think $100-$200 a day was going to do it. So I had to be aggressive. Got lucky and it worked out on CRIS, 25% BP short!!!! After that giant win I went to AMD Got Lucky on AMD too, the 844 Short was actually a mistake, my stop loss at break even had the earlier share size, I had taken partials and didn't resend the stop. Lady Luck was on my side for Day 1 of the challenge......But after trading I found out I needed to pack up my tools and hotel room and leave Colorado and head to Dallas. So it was time to say goodbye to my old trading station.
  14. hailchaser2

    Montage account selection

    I emailed about this, they replied "Account changes won't take place until tomorrow morning"
  15. How do I save them to my laptop so I don’t have to build them again if something bad happens?

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