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  1. Have you found a different broker to use and still avoid PDT?
  2. @Chris Blechschmidt I've been using CMEG all year, no problems (I haven't tried a withdrawal yet though) There are many members here that use CMEG. I don't know anything about tradingschools.org where that article was written.
  3. I know in my journal yesterday I said I would continue trading in SIM the rest of this week. Well, I said f%$k it. I went back live today. Wednesday LIVE +2.8R SQ 1MinOrbUp +0.9R I was watching SQ because the daily had formed an ascending triangle the last 3 candles, it had also tried braking this level for 5 consecutive days. I took my first partial too soon, but hey, it was my first live trade in a month, I'll get better at slower partials. I think I'm going to set up a hotkey to draw a line for my first partial (one R). DAILY TRADE FDX 1MinOrbUp +2.8R FDX had gapped up a lot on earnings, beat on all expectations. Got a good entry near VWAP after the second candle pullback. Then it was off to the races. I had some other trades I skipped, I attribute these good decisions to my improving self awareness. I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about my self awareness, but I really believe that was the biggest missing part of my trading skills. I could always see afterwards the reasons I should not have entered the trade, now I'm aware before I enter the trade. I ask myself if this is one of my setups or not, and I can skip the trade if it's not. Before, I would enter the trade first, then realize it wasn't a setup I was supposed to be taking. Thanks BBTFamily
  4. The daily is why I was watching NVDA on Tuesday 30th. Look at the big bottom wick on Monday 29th.
  5. I just posted that on your thread. My stop was at 52.01, high of that candle was 52.02, then it dropped about 80 cents. Maybe next time I'll go .03 above whole dollar instead of .01. Thanks
  6. Nice recap, I shorted MU at the open same candle you went long, I got stopped out too, even though we were on opposite sides, lol.
  7. Tuesday SIM +2.2R MU 1MinOrbDown -1.0R First candle was white, closed above VWAP. and had a big down wick. Probably not the best short. NVDA 1MinOrbUp +2.5R good trade UBER 5MinOrbUp +0.6R Not a clean chart on the 1 minute, but that first five minute candle with the big wick down, and VWAP holding as support looked good. Finished the month of June +25R, this was all in SIM, but I am very happy with my improvements this month. I am tempted to go back live tomorrow since it's the 1st of the month. But I had a plan to get 3 positive weeks in SIM before going back to live. So I should stick to that plan and finish the week out in SIM, then plan on going live Monday.
  8. Monday SIM +3.3R BYND 1MinOrbDown +3.3R When second candle failed to hold VWAP, I went short. I thought about adding for the 5MinOrbDown, but decided against it, BYND can be very erratic, so I just decided to play with what I had. I also continue to make improvements on my self awareness. I had a couple of trades that I would usually have entered, especially since I was in a winner already. But I took a breath and realized they did not meet enough criteria for me and I stayed away. I looked and looked for another trade, but didn't see any that I liked. I need to keep improving on my self awareness. I watch William's meditation video in the morning after the pre-market show and before the open. This BYND trade worked exactly as I had pictured it during the 3 Min Meditation. I have also started muting the chatroom at the open. It is helping me concentrate on the trades I'm looking for without getting distracted by the trades Andrew and Brian are talking about.
  9. I just found an old Carlos webinar on 5 Min Orbs
  10. I love Peter’s webinars on his strategies, his Lightning Bolt, and his doubles. Could we get someone to do a similar type of webinar for 1 and 2 MinOrbs.....and a separate one for 5 and 15 MinOrbs?
  11. Yes, I have all the strategies as tags, so I can do a tag breakdown and see what my stats and performance are on each one. It helps my discipline as well, because it jumps off the page that my "No Strategy" trades kill my total "R"'s and profits.
  12. I did make an excel sheet that tracks several things, win %, sharpe ratio, "R"s, and maybe some other things, but I haven't used that spreadsheet since I started with TraderVue. I would like to get back to using it if I can find time.
  13. Thanks! Group 1 was all of my LONG trades, Group 2 was all of my SHORT trades.
  14. Hey Chris, are you tracking your trades with software? I wish I had started doing that from day 1 . It's the only way to find out which strategies are working and which aren't. I was surprised what the data told me about my strengths and weaknesses once I started tracking stuff. TraderVue and ChartLog are the two most popular ones with BBT members. One of the biggest things that jumped off the page at me was the majority of my losses were in the category of "No Strategy" I was just taking trades on feeling and not looking for criteria for an actual setup. Keep up the good work, have a good weekend.
  15. Friday SIM +5.2R I traded fairly well today, should have been more patient on some entries. I am actually very happy with a couple of trades I didn't take. There were two different times I was going to take positions, one I didn't because it was too far extended from VWAP, I think that was GPS, even though that would have been a big winner, it wasn't one of my current playbook strategies. The second was a break of HOD fifteen minutes in or so, I don't remember which stock that was maybe BBBY, I'm not trading HOD or LOD breaks right now. These two non entries are what I am most excited about from this week, it shows I'm starting to be more self aware while trading. Another big accomplishment today was it is the first day I CHOSE to trade in sim. My new funds hit my CMEG account, so I could have traded live if I wanted to. I made a deal to have 3 consecutive green weeks before going live again, I stucjk to the plan and conquered the temptation to get back in live. So I am happy with my progress this week, and look to build on it next week. I think self awareness is the most important aspect of my trading, so I'm really going to concentrate on that moving forward. NKE 1MinOrbDown +0.22R This was a good entry below VWAP, if I would have been more patient with my profit taking, I could have had a nice winner. NKE.2 5MinOrbDown +0.4R Good trade, it just wasn't ready for the big drop yet, it did happen 10 minutes later after I stopped watching it. WFC 1MinOrbDown +0.35R Stock tried to get above VWAP and rejected hard, so I shorted, no follow through. WFC.2 5MinOrbDown +0.23R This one also wasn't ready for the big move, happened 10 minutes later just like NKE. C 5MinOrbDown +0.17R Slippage got me on this entry C.2 5MinOrbDown +3.9R I got pretty lucky here, as I was hitting my hotkey for shorting, the price quickly moved closer to my stop loss, so that gave me more shares than if it had not made that move, either way, this was a good 5minOrb with ABCD on the 1Min. Did a little stat review in TraderVue before journaling. Group 1 is longs this month, Group 2 is shorts this month....I had no idea there was such a big discrepancy. Is this something I should worry about, or just see how it plays out next week before making any adjustments?
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