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  1. Hi Joerg, Your converted logo is awesome! I also have a stream deck and have set up hotkeys for the DAS simulator. Unfortunately, the hotkeys don't work all the time. Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Not sure what the issue is. I also went out and bought a programable mechanical keyboard, set up hotkeys and they don't always work either. Do you have any experience or knowledge of how the stream deck works with the DAS simulator vs the full pay version of DAS? Any knowledge would be helpful. Thanks, Chris
  2. Hi John, Sorry, hit the wrong button above. I will try to figure out how to delete the re-post. Anyway, great webinar last night! Not only am I impressed on your discipline to trade only one strategy, but I am really compelled by the insights that you gained that can be applied to trading in general. Anyway, I cannot remember if you mentioned this last night or not, but do you have a minimum RVOL threshold for this strategy? You mention here that MSFT was only at ~50% RVOL and based on the chart it seemed to have a little trouble getting started which stopped you out, but then it still looks like it ran up a whole dollar. I understand the grouping of pricing levels that seemed to compel you to take the trade anyway, but without the “ideal” HOD setup, would you have taken the trade due to the low RVOL? Thanks for any insight you can give! Chris (freekasch)
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