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  1. I really like DAS Trader PRO but I have some security concerns. As far as I know there is no way to add a second factor? I mean it's pretty state of the art now, even some video games have it. If your own device gets hacked or the database from DAS gets leaked an intruder could disable the max SL and could blow your whole account pretty quickly? Any tips on how to make DAS more secure? Thanks in advance!
  2. Can I find somewhere a list of all the S&P 500 stocks to import into DAS, so I don`t have to do it manually ;)?
  3. I know some people are having trouble with hotkeys sometimes. For me, they are working perfectly fine for CMEG live/demo. Try to avoid the F1-F12 keys and the ALT key. I'm using "CTRL+Numpad 0-9" and "CTLR +0-9" and it should work.
  4. sorry for the late reply. Finally the 32 icon version is here 😉


  5. Hey guys, I converted the BBT logo using for streamdeck as a sort of screensaver. 15 buttons: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GbiW96xjHywbynT84gXXh83oXgNebtiK?usp=sharing 32 buttons: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eeffMQYCMAQRo8JYNdT2tLZupn8C_qWT?usp=sharing If you have any further suggestions or feeback please let me know.
  6. @simonpe sorry for the late response. Are you still interested?
  7. I have a question about Kyles Hotkeys. I'm using the hotkeys for fixed $ risk entry (working perfect) and partials (working also perfect). Now my partial hotkeys are market order with 33% or 50% partial. Can someone send me hotkeys for a limit order? Where I double-click on the chart on a price level and press the hotkey for setting a limit order there?
  8. Hello Peter, I'm pretty sure it's not possible. You need hotkeys for both sides!
  9. If someone is interested in something similar to a BBT screensaver for streamdeck, feel free to use it. If there is supply for that, I can refine the text to fit better and bring it also to the mini and XL streamdeck? PS: I programmed streamdeck to switch to my original hotkeys if I'm working in DAS. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xLuLwI17KfdKzQkUG2q1hTSH0k2cAXnY?usp=sharing
  10. Would be awesome if you could do a webinar on this
  11. It would be great if we can have a success webinar or class on the different partialing methods from the moderators. Which they prefer, or if the went all out, etc... At which point the go out (round numbers, risk reward ratio, etc.) Thanks Joerg
  12. Something that emphasize the power of this great community. Header: Something like "use the (cumulative) power of a community" Sub-Header: "get better at trading every day with the knowledge and help of experienced full-time trader" Like Justin posted above, only use positive slogans for that.
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