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  1. I have a question about Kyles Hotkeys. I'm using the hotkeys for fixed $ risk entry (working perfect) and partials (working also perfect). Now my partial hotkeys are market order with 33% or 50% partial. Can someone send me hotkeys for a limit order? Where I double-click on the chart on a price level and press the hotkey for setting a limit order there?
  2. Hello Peter, I'm pretty sure it's not possible. You need hotkeys for both sides!
  3. If someone is interested in something similar to a BBT screensaver for streamdeck, feel free to use it. If there is supply for that, I can refine the text to fit better and bring it also to the mini and XL streamdeck? PS: I programmed streamdeck to switch to my original hotkeys if I'm working in DAS. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xLuLwI17KfdKzQkUG2q1hTSH0k2cAXnY?usp=sharing
  4. Would be awesome if you could do a webinar on this
  5. @TiagoPereira1998 did you calculated the minimum fee of 0.5$ per action you take? So if you go long, make 6 partials and go all out its a minimum of 4$ for the whole trade. Your statistic seems okay and traceable for me. You have 34 orders (which leads to a minimum of 17$ commission) and you paid 22$ which should be because some orders had been higher than 0.5$
  6. @peterB thanks for your help. 1. I know that DAY or DAY+ is the validation period, but someone mentioned that CMEG only offers the reduced comissions during normal market hours (not pre- and post market) and some member had problems with DAY+. 2. thanks for clarify the difference between order and route type. So if I want to get the reduced CMEG Comissions the route type is crucial for that, am I right about that? Should the route type for CMEG always be "LIMIT"? Cheers
  7. I have a few questions regarding commissions for CMEG. To get the discount for BBT my TIF has always to be DAY, is that correct? Also, the route has to be "limit" or "market" for the reduced commissions, is that right? Can I use this hotkey for Breakeven Stop Loss: ";CXL ALLSYMB;Route=Stop;Price=AvgCost;StopType=MARKET;STOPPRICE=AvgCost;StopPrice=Round2;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY;Send=Reverse;" ,or has the bold marked code to be "Route=Limit" or "Route=Market"? Thanks for the help
  8. Like peterB said, you have a mininum of $ 0,0065 per traded share (0,004 per share + 0,0025 ECN fee). 1,776 shares x 0,004 = 7,104 1,776 shares x 0,0025= 4,44 total = 11,544 everything correct from my perspective.
  9. It would be great if we can have a success webinar or class on the different partialing methods from the moderators. Which they prefer, or if the went all out, etc... At which point the go out (round numbers, risk reward ratio, etc.) Thanks Joerg
  10. thanks again peterB, I will see when I wire to them. Are you using CMEG at the moment? In the entry post says there is $115 fee for DAS and $35 for the market data, but their customer support told me it's $90 per month for DAS, so combinded $125, is this correct? cheers
  11. Thanks peterB. i got an answer from CMEG and they told me they are not charging for incoming wire transfers, however when depositing funds there are possible bank landing fees that may occur. The only charge for outgoing wire transfers. I will update when I wired the money to them. Cheers
  12. Can someone explain the wire transfer costs? On their website says it's $60 for the active account? Is this fee for both sides, wire to CMEG and wire back to my bank? Thanks in advance Joerg
  13. Something that emphasize the power of this great community. Header: Something like "use the (cumulative) power of a community" Sub-Header: "get better at trading every day with the knowledge and help of experienced full-time trader" Like Justin posted above, only use positive slogans for that.
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