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  1. Jason H.

    Show us your set-up!

    Hi Ragycpa, I have a hotkey file for DAS and my related hotkey setup in my Stream Deck. Unfortunately right now my trading machine is not accessible because we're in the middle of moving. Once my machine is back up and running I'll post both.
  2. Jason H.

    Elgato stream deck

    You make hotkeys in DAS, then you create a keyboard shortcut in elgato's configuration app with the correct keystroke.
  3. Jason H.

    Trade journal survey

    Hi All, When I'm not day trading I'm a software designer. At the beginning of the year I started developing an app for journalling trades. I had a bit of a hiccup and had to set the project aside, but now I'm back at it. I've put together a survey to learn more about traders various methods of journalling their trades. Please take a moment to tell me more about your journalling process! I'm hoping to build an app that will be helpful to the community! Thanks in advance! https://goo.gl/forms/2arn8J70zgCPJ1352
  4. Jason H.

    Elgato Stream Deck

    Those are really nice looking, nice work!
  5. Jason H.

    What went wrong?

    My take: It broke VWAP on the 5 min, but the wicks shot below on the next candle so you didn't have any confirmation of a close above VWAP. Wait for confirmation of a candle opening an closing above VWAP for a sign of a reversal. I read that first chart from the massive drop in the first 5 minute that the ABCD you're seeing isn't there, it's upside down. So the marks where you bought would to me have signalled a potential to short, because it broke down hard at open, continued a downtrend, and pulled back to VWAP, but never confirmed a reversal.
  6. Jason H.

    When to Quit Day Trading?

    I've had several setbacks in my journey to becoming a full time day trader. I sim traded for 4 months, finally gained some momentum, reached a level of sim trading that was consistently profitable, made some small gains in real trades to start building thicker skin trading real money... Then I lost my job. It wasn't because of trading, but it did result in me needing to empty my trading account. It's amazing how long it takes to establish something that can go away in an instant. I didn't blow up my account, but it felt the same. Two months of unemployment later and I was back in an office working a consulting contract for more money than before, but a lot less time. In the office by 8am. No time to trade or even watch the chat. No point maintaining a DAS or TI subscription. No point even studying or reading because I know myself enough to know I won't retain it if I don't get to practice. I didn't quit. To me quit means never going back. I prefer "when should I reevaluate my approach?" I think that is a question a day trader should already be asking themselves every day and every minute because that's the nature of trading. So I re-evaluated my approach. I knew my contract was 6 to 9 months. 6 to 9 months of no trading, so I adjusted my trading plan: 1. Find a job with enough flexibility to allow me time in the morning to trade; 2. Rebuild my trading account. 3. Re-develop my long term plan to reach full time trading. It took 6 months but I found the new job. I started 4 weeks ago and for the last week I've been able to join the chat through the open. Right before I started my new position a pipe burst and flooded our home, so now we're dealing with that, which will definitely delay my account funding again, but I'll deal with the setback. The upside of the flood is the owner of our home wants to sell it, and offered to sell it to us. Another setback financially, but long term a good thing. I didn't quit. I don't want to quit. Personally for me I've decided that day trading tics all the boxes of what I want to do to earn a living. I know 90% of traders fail, and I know many of the reasons why. I think self-reflection is THE key skill a trader needs, and unfortunately I don't think many people who approach day trading appreciate that. Self-reflection counteracts self-deception and reinforces self-reliance. To me, the time to quit is when you've been honest enough with yourself to accept that you either don't really want to be a day trader, or, more likely, you fell in love with the idea of day trading and found the work too daunting. Like any career, it isn't for everyone. But if it is for you, don't ask yourself when you should quit, ask instead "what do I need to change to succeed?"
  7. Jason H.

    Show us your set-up!

    I'm not sure, I've heard a few people have been having trouble getting it to work with DAS. I haven't had an issue, but I also haven't updated the software for 6 months because I've been unable to trade. The general idea is you have to create hotkeys in DAS first, then on the streamdeck create a "keyboard shortcut" action on the button, and choose the same action. My machine is in a box for another month or so but once I get it out and updated I'll see if I can provide more guidance.
  8. Jason H.

    Elgato Stream Deck

    I'm not sure why you're having trouble. You shouldn't have to set a DAS specific profile at all. If you use the hotkey fuction in the software you can then record whatever keyboard shortcut you want. I've not set up mine to utilize profile switching, so perhaps that's why you're having an issue? You also still have to set up hotkeys in DAS that match the keyboard shortcut you set in the streamdeck.
  9. Jason H.

    Changes in Chatroom!

    I personally like 3 separate tabs. It keeps the chat focused and on-topic. Support specifically used to get lumped into the trade chat and then the off-topic conversation slipped in, This way there are very specific places for each type of discussion. Especially during the first 2 hours when trading is most active, even a single random question in the trade chat can be distracting.
  10. Jason H.

    Elgato Stream Deck

    Yes! I've been asked about this a couple times. My machine is currently not available for me to pull the hotkey file out of as my home flooded and we had to start packing our stuff. In a few weeks I'll unbox everything and get the file posted for everyone. For reference, I set up 100-1000 share block keys as CTRL-SHIFT-<number> and short hotkeys in the same denominations as CTRL-Shift-<bottom keyboard rows). I then set my streamdeck to use standard hotkeys. I don't use the app profile switching functionality because I have found it to be unreliable when I bounce quickly from app to app. That may have changed as I haven't been able to trade in the last few months.
  11. Jason H.

    Elgato Stream Deck

    Hey FDO, The simplest way is to create hotkeys in DAS and then use the keyboard shortcut option in the streamdeck setup.
  12. Jason H.

    Elgato Stream Deck

    Sorry I just saw this! I had a request for my hotkey file and I'm still planning to share it but my trading machine has been dormant for 2 months and I haven't had time to get it back up and running.
  13. This looks really cool. I'm not trading right now but I am signing up for the trial to test it out.
  14. Jason H.

    The "Sour Hours Trader"

    I have noticed that late day trends on active stocks tend to continue, albeit slowly. I think it's a valid late day strategy for sure!
  15. I believe Think or Swim offers a replay functionality. I think the difficulty will be that the scanners won't work real time, so I'd suggest perhaps logging in during the morning to grab the watchlist so you at least have a starting point to practice.

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