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  1. Hi all, I've been in contact with the BBT team. Look for a webinar to be scheduled soon!
  2. Are the new scanners in the members download file?
  3. I’m excited there’s interest! I’ll put a webinar together and either post a Google meet link or ping the admins and see if they want to use the BBT webinar. Give me a few days t get it together.
  4. Both great suggestions! I'll get those added in. Stay tuned, I need to figure out when is a good time. Jason
  5. I've had a few people reach out asking for tips and training to set up their hotkeys and StreamDeck for day trading. Rather than continue one-off calls, is there any interest in me putting on a webinar for the community? Topics would include: HotKey set-up for efficiency and minimizing cognitive load Configuring StreamDeck to optimize efficiency and minimize potential HotKey errors Contingency plans for device and internet failures Please let me know if you're interested! A little about me: I'm a part-time day trader and full time Director of User Experience. I've spent most of my career optimizing complex systems to make them easier to learn and use. I've developed design principles to guide other UX designers, and I have successfully applied those same design principles to learning trading.
  6. Bump because folks keep requesting the Google link and they should actually download this here.
  7. Re-thinking this topic. One option that hasn't been mentioned and may be perfect is a dual-boot scenario. Macs support partitioned dual-booting (boot to full windows OR full mac) for free. You'll still need a windows license. I happen to have a mac laptop I need to erase and update, so I will get a copy of windows and test a dual-boot as an option. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201468
  8. Hi everyone, I've gotten a ton of requests for my hotkey file and associated StreamDeck icons and I haven't been able to stay on top of all the google drive requests. So I've attached them to this post! Included in the zip file: -Short and long icons for trading sizes for 100 to 10,000 shares -Sell 1/4, 1/2, and ALL size icons -Cancel icons -A couple of custom icons -The Adobe Illustrator template file to make your own -And finally my hotkey file with a specific, logical hotkey defined for each share size in the set. Hope you enjoy! JH-STREAMDECK-ICONS.zip
  9. My full time job is as a User Experience designer. I study users to understand their needs, mental models, and design software that "fits" their brains. One of the key measurements I utilize to evaluate a design is cognitive load. Put simply, cognitive load is how much "brain effort" it takes to learn and understand something. Trading is a very high cognitive load activity. Learning to trade even more so. When I set out to learn trading I immediately looked for ways to eliminate as much "extra" thinking as possible. Hence the streamdeck. Memorizing hot-keys takes effort, and while I'm trying to juggle chart signals, make planning and position-size decisions, and execute good risk management I don't also want to be trying to remember which hot key I set to buy 500 shares. By using the stream deck I don't have to remember, because my hot keys are visual, right in front of my face. Next to my membership here, I'd say the Stream Deck is the best investment I've made in my trading.
  10. It would be nice if we could enable a couple more file types to make sharing easier. Mods?
  11. The icons were done in Illustrator, I've added a share link to the file because the forum doesn't support zip or illustrator file types. Enjoy! Original icon file Jason
  12. Several folks have PMed me asking for my the hotkey file I use with my StreamDeck. I've attached it below. I've organized it logically so there is a single, sequential key set so if my StreamDeck crashes it's not hard to know what combinations to press. I have incremental buy at ask +-.05 and short @ bid+- .05 from 100 to 10000 shares. To use it change the extension from .txt to .htk (the forum doesn't allow .zip or .htk file types...) Hotkey.txt
  13. Hi Ragycpa, I have a hotkey file for DAS and my related hotkey setup in my Stream Deck. Unfortunately right now my trading machine is not accessible because we're in the middle of moving. Once my machine is back up and running I'll post both.
  14. You make hotkeys in DAS, then you create a keyboard shortcut in elgato's configuration app with the correct keystroke.
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