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  1. Greetings - I'm newly relocated to the Bend area. In these COVD times, hard to meet new traders, but would be glad to meet some who are more local. Hit me up anytime! Wesley
  2. I joined BBT in Jan 2017 with no prior trading experience, and no prior trading education other than Andrew's book. As you'd expect, it was a bewildering experience to see the live fire of the trading environment. Andrew and the BBT mods eased that entry tremendously through their chatroom commentary, on the forum, in email, and the YT recaps. Since that time, additions of the pre-market show, ADog's epically-detailed trade reviews, and everything else that comes with a BBT membership only serve to increase learning opportunities offered by this community. The BBT style never fit my personality, and even early on when I was overwhelmed by "unknown unknowns", this was intuitively evident. I therefore began to explore the universe of potential approaches to trading, in search of something more matched to my strengths. My single desire for the community, then and now, is a greater diversity of discrete trading styles / systems, led by experienced traders. I know from conversations held with other members, as well as comments in chat, that not everyone is so lucky to begin their trading journey with with BBT. This truly is a place geared towards community and education. I have not found BBT's level of camaraderie anywhere else, and regardless of where your trading journey takes you, there is absolutely no better place to begin than right here. If the style suits your strengths, it has all that you need to become a great trader.
  3. Trying to configure a hotkey script that will set a trigger price for a stop limit order a set amount above / below the limit price. The limit price can be entered by double-clicking a chart. I've seen many scripts that send a stop price relative to average order. Anyone know how to accomplish the above?
  4. Traders, making this post to see if we can get a Portland / Vancouver meetup organized. I'm happy to run point on this. I have travel the first half of Feb, so latter half of the month into early March would be great. Let's start with interest, and go from there to establish timing and locale. Vancouver BC is a puddle jump away, so maybe we get Andrew down here for this, as well.
  5. Set up these hotkey scripts on my Stream Deck - love! Have tried them in Sim and everything seems to work as expected. One issue I encountered is with the 'Update Stop Order' hotkey. I have this configured and, following the instructions, double-click the stop market order in the orders window and then hit the hotkey. Nothing happens, however -- and I'm not exactly sure what should. Can you advise? Thanks -- and thanks for putting these scripts together. Awesomeness.
  6. Any Philly folks up for a meetup? I'm from Philly but live in Portland, OR. I'll be visiting Feb 15-18 and it would be awesome to meet fellow traders from my hometown. Let me know if you're game and available during those dates and we'll figure it out.
  7. Trying to chart the US Dollar Index in Das but no data exists for the DXY, USDX, DX. Any idea how this can be accomplished in Das? Thanks
  8. In today's recap, Andrew noted how a couple stocks sold off in pre-market and consequently opened below VWAP. I swear that in past discussions about VWAP, the consensus I gathered from others is to not include pre / post market activity in VWAP (which is a configurable option in DAS). Obviously, Andrew is doing so (a la today's recap). I am curious what others do. I have not been including pre / post activity in the VWAP calc and doing so really changes the value. What do you do?
  9. Duane, Steve, I'm in PDX, as well, and would be down with meeting fellow BB traders. Not sure I can make Sunday or if the time still works for you, but hopefully a meetup gets re-upped on a future date. Cheers, Wesley
  10. OK -- so basically the only way to ensure that the correct account is selected when initiating a trade is visually. I've set the account associated to each market in the global trade template to blank -- i.e. there is no 'default account' for a Montage to revert to when I select a symbol in a Market Viewer.
  11. As a safeguard for my live account, I've saved all Montages on my DAS desktops to 'locked', with my trading account displayed in the account dropdown. The idea here is that I would need to manually unlock the Montage and change it to my trading account. However, I'm still able to change the account in the dropdown while the Montage is locked. I assume, therefore, that the "lock" is only for trade buttons, not the dropdown?
  12. What function for the following snippet within the hotkey commands above perform: Price=Round2
  13. I have an MBP, so that's my context for the constraint I mentioned. Nothing to do with Windows or Parallels, but it would be worth researching the latter if you're ultimate goal is to max out your video card(s) capacity. Good deal that you run can so many monitors on the Mac Pro -- seems that most 'pro' trading stations incorporate 4+ monitors.
  14. I've run DAS on my mid-2012 MBP with two external monitors for ~ 3 months. I experienced issues early on, but these occurred while I was running a trial version of Parallels, and prior to purchasing a copy of Windows. Since purchasing Parallels and Windows, I've had few DAS-related issues. A couple of crashes, but now having been in the chat for a bit, I've 'seen' DAS crash on PCs, too, and cannot correlate mine to Parallels specifically. So, DAS on Parallels seems solid, particularly with a machine that has decent horsepower. Another consideration for Mac users is the inability to run more than three monitors - at least on machines of this era. Based on my experience so far, this isn't an unworkable constraint, but if / when I go full time on trading, it would be with the objective of building a dedicated PC / multiple-monitor trading station. For now, I'm content with the native display on my MBP, in addition to a 32" 1440p and 24" 1440p external monitor.
  15. AdventureDogLA I've had the same thing happen. Drives me crazy and wish DAS would treat this as an issue.
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