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  1. Lee W

    Introduce yourself!

    Lol. You only think I know everything. I really don’t know anything, aside from how to be the first person in the chat each morning. I’m glad I’m someone’s favorite, though. This encourages me to be the best I can be. All for you, boo. Lol One day I’m going to make my way to California. It has been many many years since I’ve visited. Roll out the red carpet!
  2. Lee W

    ‘Reading the tape’

    As you probably know, Mike Bellafiore is also the co-founder of SMB Capital. The SMB Capital YouTube channel has some great videos. I did a quick search in their channel of "reading the tape." This link should take you to what I've found. I haven't watched these yet, but I have watched many of their other videos. They are a wealth of information. https://www.youtube.com/user/smbcapital/search?query=reading+the+tape
  3. This got a lot easier when DAS version was released. See this post below for information on the Global Trendline feature. To enable, right click the chart, Configure, the look at the bottom of the options. If you’re on .31 or newer you’ll have checkboxes for the Global Trendline feature.
  4. Agreed. I actually mentioned a step similar to this a couple of pages back. I just have a copy of the entire DAS folder stored in a second location. It’s effectively the same as the zip file. I’ve had to use it once before, so having the full backup (either zip or otherwise) is a great idea. Thanks for reminding everyone.
  5. Lee W

    IB Market Data Subscriptions

    Nope. You’d only need IB’s market data if you were using their platform, TWS. If using DAS, you’ll have all of the data directly from DAS.
  6. Thanks!! Also a good idea to go to Tools>Back Up Settings. It will place a file on your PC desktop. If you need to restore all of the settings, this makes it simple.
  7. Lee W

    Live Trades

    Other than the YouTube channel, no. But there is a playlist of Andrew’s Live Trades on the channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfO2yCpx6_XU-xovhpJuaYw
  8. Lee W

    Day Trading and Tax Preparation

    I don’t believe it means you’re out of luck, but having a regular job does make it more difficult to be TTS. Keep in mind that TTS and Section 475 MTM are two different things. You can have TTS and not elect MTM. According to Robert Green, TTS simply qualifies you for MTM. This link should be helpful to you: https://greentradertax.com/trader-tax-center/trader-tax-status/how-to-qualify/
  9. Lee W

    New broker: CenterPoint Securities

    This looks like a pretty good deal. I'm curious about the waived DAS fee. Normally, CenterPoint charges a base fee for DAS of $120, but it is waived if more than 300k shares are traded in any given month. Is that the case for us or do we just get DAS for free no matter what? Scroll down to Platform fees to see the blurb: "Base terminal fee waived if >300K shares traded in any given month." https://centerpointsecurities.com/stock-broker-dealer/pricing-brokerage-fees/ Thanks! EDIT: Andrew answered this in the chat. He said we do not have to meet the minimum number of shares traded.
  10. I spent Friday using only the new beta .33. So far, no issues. Below are the changes in this version per information given to me from DAS. One of them is premarket high/low pricemarkers. I’m so glad we have this now. We added option to adjust font size of customized hotkey buttons on Montage (right click a hotkey, then select Edit). We also fixed several issues of trend lines in log scale. The following hotkeys are added, FocusWindow (under Window Configuration category), for chart window, IncreaseTopBottomMargin, DecreaseTopBottomMargin and ResetTopBottomMargin. There are several new price lines added in PriceMarker chart study. Options Chain and News window can automatically save column widths when closed.
  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if it returns. It’s a know bug (known by DAS) and that’s why they’ve already released the beta .33 with the fix. Some of us reinstalled the software and it went away...for a while. Perhaps your experience with what you’ve done will work permanently, but it’s doubtful.
  12. Make that beta version .33 instead of .32. There was an issue with .32 so they sent me a new one. More to come...
  13. Same here, but I’m not with CMEG. DAS emailed me the link to download beta .32. I’ll probably install it tonight and give it a go tomorrow.
  14. I emailed with DAS today. They informed me that they have NOT fixed the cursor/hand issue on the charts, but the fix will be implemented in the next version release. I guess the clean install is just giving us some good luck, although the hand has returned on my platform in a few cases. Oh well.
  15. Marek, just to be clear, I *DID* configure my global settings and made sure the account portion is blank. This is what makes it automatically choose the TR account when I open DAS. Once I change it in the montage, it will stay on my U account all day until I exit DAS and go back in. Just wanted to make sure I was clear in what I was describing.

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