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  1. @Michael McCausland if you’re getting the message that says you don’t have permissions, you just need to email [email protected] and give them your name and DAS user ID. Ask them to enable the replay feature. They’ll do it and will likely tell you it is free until March 1st, then a $15/month subscription.
  2. Hey @Brian Tran ! Welcome! I'm in the Atlanta area, too. Hope to see you in the chat! I think we have a few others in the Atlanta area, but not too many have made an appearance in this thread. Perhaps we can get a large enough gathering to have Andrew join us for a meetup in Atlanta.
  3. When referring to the 1%, that’s RISK, not the full amount of the trade. You can take a trade using margin for say $75,000 (500 shares of XYZ at $150/share) and only risk $300, for example. The $300 is 1% of your $30,000. This means you’re not willing to lose more than $300 in that trade.
  4. SMB is arguably the most well-respected trading firm around. I don’t believe they offer a service as Brendon has described. You have to be accepted and hired (whether intern or desk trader) by SMB. You can’t just sign up and start trading. They train their interns through a full training program and ultimately you trade with their money, assuming you are given the opportunity. One of the founders of SMB Capital is the author of One Good Trade and The Playbook. There is also a video in the BBT YouTube channel that has an interview with said founder, Mike Bellafiore. Great interview worth watching. There are firms out there that will give you a funded account after you pay them x amount. I wouldn’t touch any of those firms.
  5. You can’t choose to use the borrowing power as priority over your equity. The trade will always use your equity first. If the trade exceeds your equity, it will use margin. Equity: $30,000 Total Buying Power with margin: $90,000 If your trade is for 1,000 shares of XYZ at $25/share, it will use $25,000 of your equity and total buying power.
  6. It’s the Back To School test drive. https://www.trade-ideas.com/ti-summer-test-drive-082019
  7. Great to read this journey recap and to see you back at it. Welcome back!
  8. Ah yes. I see that. Perhaps you weren’t actually in the position when you attempted to sell half. Maybe your buy order didn’t execute and when you tried to sell, you didn’t have any shares to sell. Subsequently, it tried to short (which is selling shares you don’t have). That’s my guess.
  9. Nick, this is awesome. I’ve been using OBS successfully but have continued to look for basic editing software that I like. I didn’t want to go through using Adobe Premier for very basic editing. I’ve tried Windows Moviemaker. It works, but meh. Looks like you’ve found the solution. I’m grabbing Avidemux and giving it a try. Thank you!
  10. Hi @Ercilia182, It appears you are trying to short something for which your broker doesn’t have available shares to short. If it were shortable, there would be an S in the montage next to VWAP. You would click the S and it would tell you how many shares your broker has available for short inventory. In this case, there is no S, hence it isn’t shortable for you.
  11. That's correct, @sawtooth500 If you right click your T&S, then Config, it will define the colors.
  12. With IB, third party fees include: ECN, FINRA, SEC, and maybe others. I'm not certain. Basically, it's everything that's not IB's commission. With the tiered structure, you'll pay them all, if applicable. In some cases, you can get an ECN rebate and these can actually be quite substantial. I've seen total fees for a ticket that SHOULD'VE been over $20 and ended up being in the single digit dollars. Rebates can add up quickly. To be eligible for an ECN rebate, you have to add liquidity. In other words, sell on the ask and buy on the bid. Many people use limit orders to do this. Not ALL ECNs give rebates, though. With the fixed structure, the ECN fee is built in. I'm not sure what other third party fees are NOT included in the fixed $.005 commission, but it is for all intents and purposes, an ALL-IN commission. I believe William is working on a commission explanation presentation for everyone. This should answer many questions and give real world examples for people to see. I think that presentation is coming soon, so let's be on the lookout for it.
  13. The 25% discount only applies to one payment. If you choose the monthly plan, you’ll get 25% off the first month. If you choose the annual plan and pay it all at once, you’ll get 25% off the entire amount. Annual is a much better deal. You can double check with them on this, but that’s how the discount has usually been applied.
  14. This should help. The video should start at 4:07. If it doesn’t, move forward to that time in the video for the info you need.
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