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  1. Part of my studies leads me to many other sources for information on the markets. On YT I found a day trader that talks about novice VS professional gaps. Premise here being most gaps are pro until you see them being proven as novice or gaps that dumb money would make. The ending day on a parabolic run up like on TSLA the last day it ran to 980. Lets say 5 min before the daily candle closes and prints you see that this will close the day as a insane novice gap and you want to short it for the next day. I'm sure option premiums would be high at that point as they were with TSLA period but wouldn't it being pretty easy to buy puts and sell at open? Or would the premium or some other factor im not thinking about dis allow this strategy from working? I haven't looked into the idea that much. Just got to thinking after TSLA did its thing without me.
  2. Sapperstien. Are you still interested in a BBT meeting to chat about trading with other Alberta based traders? Where in AB are you? You can also email me direct at [email protected] 


  3. Usually we use some sort of old level of price action that acted as S/R in the past. With us being in the greatest fed induced bubble of all time and new highs being made every day how are we supposed to choose levels to take profits. The best I can come up with it fibonacci levels and 1/2,full dollar amts. Sad thing is that I already use my fibs as a gage used to outlined where my 2:1,3:1,... scale out levels would be based on my stop loss as Kyle K mentioned.
  4. That 8 gigs is never enough. Not to say you can’t add more. But when you start adding chrome tabs for finviz/bbt/squawk... and maybe OBS to record. You need 16 min
  5. Any chance you could send/link a video of what it looks like when its working? I cant get it to work. I even did what the video showed me. And downloaded the other C++ file. It just wont auto switch for the screen Im in and only record that. Thx
  6. Hey I cant get the advcanced scene switcher to show up in OBS. Im trying to record 3 screens at once. I downloaded and extracted it but then the file doesnt run or do anything (.dll) Help?
  7. @peterB well, id like first to take a partial the size of the potential loss (for example $20 risk per trade). I can always update and replace the stop loss order size.
  8. @peterB Hey Peter, Neither of these two. My stop loss in this case for sake of ease is set to $9. But let us assume that its a very technical level that I dont want my stop to move from at all. I always want my stop to stay at $9. What I want to do is take a partial at $11 so that if the stock comes back down to $9 and stops me out of a position I dont take any loss because I already partialled out that same amt in $ value before when I was green.
  9. I don't think anyone's made a hotkey like this but Thor's (to my best knowledge has gotten close). Thor's hotkey to my knowledge is a hotkey that moves stoploss to breakeven when you're in the green unrealized PnL on a trade. What I'm after is a hotkey that (when in green PnL) will sell 'X' amt of shares (calculated upon the actual trade value and SL distance like Kyle's Hkeys) so as to essentially 'kill' the trade or get a 'gimme' trade without moving your SL from a technical level to your entry position but will make it so that if the stock moves back down to my SL I wont lose any money. So what I'm doing is getting rid of a certain percentage of shares when green so that I can stop out without a loss. Ex. I enter a position at $10 a share with SL at $9 and TP at $12. At $11 I want to sell 'X' amt of shares for profit so that if it were come back down and stop me out at $9 then I would lose $0 on the trade due to profit taking. Any help would be awesome. Dont even know if something like this is possible with DAS.
  10. Running through this now but werent we all kinda saying that FA/RD strategies happen within the first couple minutes and not 20 mins later or am i missing something?
  11. Awww wicked. it was that last little bit with the Show study lastest value I couldnt find. Thanks a lot.
  12. Im using tradeinsights for free. Awesome so far. Easy import with DAS.
  13. Okay so roll with me on this one here. If you've been around BBT for any length of time you know what a 1-min ORB is. And if you've tried it, I bet you've also noticed that it isn't as easy as 2nd minute makes a newer high than the previous minute close and vice versa and have gotten your pee-pee slapped. I've noticed lately that a lot of 1/5 ORBs dont work out. Especially the 1 min. They pump it up just enough for you to FOMO in the beginning for the second minute. Then damp it. (Link here for the uninitiated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV5QlSgq7lg So... My thought process is to get in to a stock at somewhere like 9:30:40, let it come up and allow for the start of the new minute to print higher to wreck people getting in and get out for a base hit. Whatever it may be in this case like 10-20cent scalp profit and get out at like 9:31:05 or so. Could even in to see if it runs. Thoughts? Ill be practicing this strategy in the future. Obviously if L2 is positive then let 'er run.
  14. Anyone potentially having the same issue in the future, I've all but solved it by having all 4 screens on even though the fourth one has no DAS windows on it at all or have anything to do with DAS. I have to have that screen on and it solves the problem. Usually one window is still out of place. But I can live with one as opposed to like 20 windows being mis-located. (Charts,T&S,L2,Montage...)
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