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  1. Recently downloaded and am going through the process of starting to use Sierra charts. With this comes the massive learning curve. I did this for one reason and one only. SUB ONE MINUTE CHARTS. They get the tick feeds, so I don't get why they cant pass it onto us. Especially with their ever lauded Nasdaq co-location. This should be beyond capable for them. I need this data for how I want to trade. Yes I know to most even 1min charts are noise. If the power of this community can help William implement new hotkeys, I'm fairly certain we can get this done.
  2. What you can do is hide the montage behind the watchlist by making the watchlist “always on top”
  3. https://www.elitetrader.com/et/threads/cboe-aims-to-eliminate-hft.348144/
  4. Any platform, I have DAS and TWS that shows relative pre market volume to see if its of higher interest in the pre market? Thx
  5. I have the oldest POS integrated graphics only desktop. and I am running 4 screens. (go through my post history and youll find pics). Just get a USB 3.0 to HDMI dual splitter adapter. Works fine for me. I only have 2 DP ports on my computer. Thats how I get 4 screens. 2 DP and 2 HDMI.
  6. @Thor said in the video that there was a link to all the scripts someplace. I can't find in education or downloads section. Looking for the free roll script. PLZ and thx
  7. Hey, What do you guys find important? Like strategy, setup, market condition, strength of setup (A+,B...), pattern... What am I missing. How do you guys set it up? Thx
  8. Once youve vetted the stock already to have enough RVOL, volume, within ATR... What are you guys looking for like spread, L2...
  9. Hey guys, just found this thread. I know I'm late, oh well, I just want the community to learn the awesome things Kyle has made. Video won't fit here so I'll just email to Admins and hopefully they can upload it for everyone. https://youtu.be/ypJzZwMCq_Q
  10. Part of my studies leads me to many other sources for information on the markets. On YT I found a day trader that talks about novice VS professional gaps. Premise here being most gaps are pro until you see them being proven as novice or gaps that dumb money would make. The ending day on a parabolic run up like on TSLA the last day it ran to 980. Lets say 5 min before the daily candle closes and prints you see that this will close the day as a insane novice gap and you want to short it for the next day. I'm sure option premiums would be high at that point as they were with TSLA period but wouldn't it being pretty easy to buy puts and sell at open? Or would the premium or some other factor im not thinking about dis allow this strategy from working? I haven't looked into the idea that much. Just got to thinking after TSLA did its thing without me.
  11. Sapperstien. Are you still interested in a BBT meeting to chat about trading with other Alberta based traders? Where in AB are you? You can also email me direct at [email protected] 


  12. Usually we use some sort of old level of price action that acted as S/R in the past. With us being in the greatest fed induced bubble of all time and new highs being made every day how are we supposed to choose levels to take profits. The best I can come up with it fibonacci levels and 1/2,full dollar amts. Sad thing is that I already use my fibs as a gage used to outlined where my 2:1,3:1,... scale out levels would be based on my stop loss as Kyle K mentioned.
  13. That 8 gigs is never enough. Not to say you can’t add more. But when you start adding chrome tabs for finviz/bbt/squawk... and maybe OBS to record. You need 16 min
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