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  1. Hey Everyone. You can call me Terry. I am an ex-industrial mechanic in Albertas oil and gas industry. My body could simply not keep doing the work even though I'm only 25. I got into crypto in 2016 and got caught up in it. I tried trading it for about 5 minutes before I realized it was too choppy and 'manipulated' to trade consistently. So I searched for the most liquid and easily accessible asset to trade, that being the ES mini future. I tried day trading that with a variety of indicators and strategies. Promptly blew out my account, as expected. Sadly this was right before they released the Micro E-minis. I rethought my strategy and needed I needed more a community than doing it all myself. I then went on to follow the low float pushers and started trading those way too quickly without spending enough time in sim and once again blew out my acct. BBT and higher priced stocks is my last hail mary. I haven't had income in over an year. I have dedicated myself to TA and read a ton of books/watched a lot of trading/investing videos from a variety of places. At this point I almost feel I have information overload. It seems I can't have a green day anymore. I watch every trade review, am in the chatroom every morning, and have gone through all the education material on the site. Oh well. Hopefully I can turn this ship around. Terry
  2. If I trade a position in DAS does it show in TWS? I know it doesnt the otherway around until the next day with DAS.
  3. So the typical trader only has the first hour of the day to make money and markets moving. I've searched with no luck as to a service that will allow me to replay stocks I would have wanted to trade but didn't have the screen real estate or were outside my price range like Apple. Something tick by tick, with preferably L2 and T and Sales although not needed. Something tradingview replay mode doesn't show the candles forming in realtime. Just prints one candle and the next. Pretty fake. Something to practice in the evenings. Thanks.
  4. And he now seemingly only trades the first 5 mins. *jokes* Mine is by Tone Vays. I have it taped to my desk in bold: The market has a way of making the most amount of people lose the most amount of money. Always think of where the most amount of people will be hurt. -Tone Vays
  5. Wow. This is super helpful. Im definitely gonna be using this. Already imported into DAS.
  6. Thanks big guy. Its the simple stuff like this that went right over my head in trading 101. I guess it comes from my trading perspective from another trading group that is always on max risk. Would say the name and you'd know who it is but dont know if that group's a swear word around here... I will greatly reduce risk/trade so that like you say I can feel comfortable with it if I lose it. Okay, that's kinda what I'm after. Like The info-graphic with the risk per trade based on stop loss distance doesn't take the price of the stock into account. So a $0.10 SL on a $250 stock is severely different than a $0.10 SL on a $2 stock. If I have to decided in real time on how far I want my SL to be from my entry then I have to check the infographic. That means that I still have to know how many share I can take for that stocks price per share and Im wondering how you guys do that in real time. I did the math for a $0.10 SL and a $1 SL on both a $2 stock and a $250 stock. The numbers work out to needing a $1000,$100,$125000,$12500 account respectively. Since the $125000 is clearly impossible I would have to decide my max amount of share for that stock price before I decide the risk per trade. Does that make sense? Im basically trying to figure out which comes first. The risk per trade calc or the account size calc. And how to do it quickly. Im thinking for now I just do the risk per trade calc and not trade stock more than like $50. IDK still confused out hurr.
  7. Thanks for the reply. So it isn't typically advised to use leverage to increase acct size? Why would I need it to short?
  8. Hey there, Say I have a $5000 starting account balance. At 1% risk per trade that $50 risk on each trade. I download the infographic which is taped to my desk. I'm with IBKR in Canada which gives me 3.33x leverage. Okay cool, that means on a $0.25 stop loss I can take 200 shares. How do I work my leverage into that now. Since my Risk per share is capped at $50 do I multiply that by 3.33x to get a risk per share of ~$165 (at $5000 X 3.33= $14000) and thusly ~600 shares? Or do I only get to take more shares (~600) but not increase my risk per trade ($50) at $0.25? Kinda having a hard time wrapping my head around this one?
  9. Where it says choose files:no files chosen. I can only upload one. Tried 3 browsers on 2 different operating systems now. Windows 10/OSX
  10. I did. And also just used a different browser. Still no go. Ugh.
  11. When you get to step 2 after you pay it asks you to sign the attestation as well as upload a gov't photo ID simultaneously. I have tried multiple times to choose to upload two items at once. It wouldn't allow it. Then I pasted the image into the the attestation PDF file so I was only sending one file and still I got an error telling me to upload both pieces at once. Has anyone else had the same issue and can help me out? Thx
  12. ahhhhhh. The lightbulb went on. I totally get it now. Thanks.
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