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  1. Thank you Robert, I didn’t realise it was that simple
  2. Since you can only have a maximum of 10 montages, is there any way to watch more charts without linking them to a montage? I’d like to be able to watch not only the stocks in play for the day, but also have 5 minute charts up for the stocks in play from the previous few days as well.
  3. Is it possible to use the DAS risk control page with CMEG?
  4. I’m not really up on scripts but the way I’m interpreting this particular one is (Price=Ask-Price+0.01) translates to doing a quick sum to work out your stoploss size from where you double clicked on the chart compared to what the Ask price is at that particular time. Say the (ASK) is 50.00 and you double click on the chart at 40.80 (PRICE) because you want a 20 cent stoploss. It will take the 50.00, minus the 48.80 and leave you with your .20 stoploss size (Ask-price). The +0.01 part is because for some reason when you double click the price on the chart, DAS decides to take away 1cent before it puts that price into the montage (so if that wasn’t in the script your stoploss would be 19 cents, not 20 cents). I think it would read easier if it were (ask-price=stoploss size). So now the script has determined your stoploss size (Price=Ask-price) it will continue on to working out you share size from that initial sum, and then finally on to price=ask+0.10 part which works the same as our normal scripts, buy those shares at 50.00 but if that price is no longer available, pay anything up to 50.10 but no higher. I hope this helps, sorry about the wall of text (well it is like a wall on my phone anyways lol)
  5. I’ve been using this script a bit as well and I like it apart from when it doesn’t let me have a 10 cent stoploss because it’s trying to buy more shares than I have BP for (depending on the stock price of course) To answer the question about the +0.1, I’ve noticed that when you double click on the chart (say at 50.05) the price in the montage is set at 50.04, thus adding the 0.1 gives you the original price for your stoploss.
  6. Hey I was wondering how the "Above Ask" and "Below Bid" in the time and sales window relates to affecting the direction/speed of the price action. Would i correct in assuming the "Above Ask" would increase the speed of the stock rising in price more than just buying on the Ask? And vice versa for the "Below Bid" for the stock moving down?
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