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  1. Week of March 15th I decided to go from watching the 30 and the 5, to watching the 5 and the 1, my new U.I is going to look something like this .. I also think it's time to just pick 1 stock to watch the first hour. That's it, trading off the 5 minute I feel like I can manage a few and have a good idea how everything is moving, but with the 1 minute it's just too fast, and there are too many "pretty good trades" that just aren't gonna get me where I want. I feel like I'm spread to thin and it's time to refine my focus. So, I think it'd be good practice to do an extremely thorough premarket analysis, and pick the 1 stock with the best catalyst, the best levels, the best L2 and just watch that. Rules - I can partial again! but, only at logical levels, a 2R-3R move is still a great trade. Only can watch 1 Stock 3 Trades max Every trade counts towards my weekly R count Strategy: Orbs, ABCDs, PRs, Double B/T, HoDB/LoDB, VPA Unless I'm trading momentum, every entry must have a technical level that has PROVED to be significant and has clearly been respected the last few days. Also, have fun. I got 99 problems but trading ain't one HUA.
  2. These 2 screenshots sum up my week ...
  3. Trading update/summary Week of 1 March 2021 Recap/Review
  4. I tried to use finviz but I need an upgraded membership for what I want to get. Here's a list that I have now if anyone is interested, I'd like to add to it. I check the ones intra day that are trading with a high rvol. Thanks!
  5. I think your strategy makes perfect sense from a technical/number crunching perspective. However, I think most traders that have been doing this for a while would agree with me when I say that trading is much more about psychology than analytics. If you traded this way live and you took a trade with heavy size that goes your way, there is going to be a very strong impulse to hold (because of the fear/greed of missing out on large profit) . If it goes against you, there is also going to be a very strong impulse to hold (because of the fear of realizing a heavy loss). I think a strategy like this may work for a computer trading algorithm, but the psychology required for this is well beyond a beginner / intermediate live trader. So to put it bluntly, I think this approach is an excellent way to blow up an account. -Chris
  6. Week of 11 Jan 2021 Recap. I chose to jump back in SIM this week. My personal life got busy, I had to move and school starting next week. So far I have about 11 months in SIM and 3 Months total live experience. I hope everyone is doing well, it's neat to see more people doing journals on here, I'll try and do better about weekly recaps, when I post a live recap for BBT I'll also post it here as well. pt 1 pt 2
  7. For anyone stopping by I'm still trading just not doing as many video recaps. I'll be uploading weekly recaps here still.
  8. https://youtu.be/9RpWk__wAec https://youtu.be/TVo5TnkZqSI couple more trades after the more session. R.I.P $DOCU
  9. - Weekly Review - - Thoughts for next week - Trade Management - not getting enough out of winners -open 5 min plays should wait until break of HoD or LoD and then ADD in and partial heavily. -okay with partially at 2:1, but if the level 2 is heavily confirming my bias, be greedy. ; -be more patient with winners, however, I have to justify being greedy. If I'm up 2Rs and took a wide stop, just take the 2R if there is no strong reason to say in. -when in doubt, get out. Especially with PRs. - Continue to work on trade entries - BIG PICTURE - -have to trade setup -VPA has to be there -price levels have to be clean -market has to be NOT be against me - unless it's a hard catalyst stock - Overall - Keep working on market awareness Keep working on VPA It's okay to take range plays / support resistance trades when the VPA is right and the level is extremely clean. like $EL It's ok to take aggressive stops with high volume hammers Take the tightest stop that you can justify VPA HAS TO BE THERE ESPECIALLY WITH PRs!!!!!!!! Ascending triangle must have crisp price levels - OR ITS JUST NOT WORTH IT SO KNOW YOU'RE NOT MISSING OUT Stop with the crappy ABCDs Great week, keep it up! VPA - Setups only - Clean levels - Better trade management.
  10. - Recap - HMM probably should have let this one run for a bit ... T_T lol
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