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  1. 2020-10-8 <SIM> Started the day with some strange technical difficulties. Internet froze for the first two minutes then was working fine... Missed any 1 Min ORBs... TRADE 1 $ROKU 5 MIN ORB -1.24 R Went long on $ROKU, pretty tight stop which should equal a good risk:reward. Stopped out 19 seconds later... Trade 2 $ROKU ABCD -0.1R Back long into $ROKU. A wider stop on this on, however it did not make the big move up that I was looking for. Out at break-even after almost 10 minutes. TRADE 3 $CCL Continuation / Support and Resistance +0.2R A beautiful downtrend on $CCL it broke the support level of the overnight low and I went short. Good Risk to Reward with target of yesterday's low. Nice room for this stock to move. Took a small partial and ended up stopping out at break-even. Should have held to run more ?? TRADE 4 $IBM 15 MIN ORB -1.1 R Long biased on $IBM. Certainly pulled the trigger following Andrew, of course his least favorite trade of the day. Stopped out in 22 seconds with my tight stop... Dang ! Tough day for me...not sure what to take out of it yet... Afterthoughts: -2.14 R Need some constructive ones here....
  2. 2020-10-7 <SIM> TRADE 1 $DKNG 2 MIN ORB +1.67R Went long on $DKNG. Was shooting for a target of $54. Partialed on the way up but held and got stopped out at break even. Will also post the partial numbers for feedback... Green trade. A little disappointed that it didn't go to my target. My P&L was showing this as a good trade while I was in it, but obviously didn't maximize it. Thinking if I should just make one trade per day and stop. Maybe one Live then the rest SIM... Will stay in SIM for a while... TRADE 2 & 3 $PENN Support & Resistance with VPA -1.04R First, this was not on my watchlist of my four stocks (four stocks max) I added it because Brian had mentioned it. The chart was super clean, looking back I still like the charts. One thing I did not give enough credit to was the spread, could be as high as ten cents. That is a lot for me... Look how pretty this chart is ! I saw it break through the overnight high and thought it would hold as support. A great argument for VPA. High volume bullish candles on all the charts. I was certain this would go to the next level of 70.68. Went long and stopped out in less then a minute on the wick. TRADE 3 $PENN Support & Resistance with VPA -1.04R Revenge Trade ?? Maybe, but I still liked the VPA and support level. Traded with conviction as I held it for 11 minutes. Afterthoughts. -0.43R Started green, gave it back. Stop after 1 ? Traded stock not in watchlist. Still a great chart. Maybe I just misread it. Took a revenge trade (#3). I had the opportunity to walk away at break-even several times. Get out it is not going your way immediately. A little frustrated to post a red day...looking to pull some constructive lessons from it.
  3. Dude, thanks for the shout out ! I started a new job about a month ago, so I have not been trading every day. Will try to be back at the open tomorrow !
  4. 2020-10-1 <SIM> Stopped after one green trade. +1.79R TRADE 1 +1.79 R $BBBY 1 MIN ORB Went long on $BBBY for a one minute ORB. Took partials along the way and held 10% back to the break even mark... Stopped after one green trade... I was looking through my watchlist after this trade but nothing was super clean. Good discipline to not trade ! Good start to the day and the month ! Have a good one all ! Afterthoughts: Good balance to trade the open while being committed to a full time job. Feels good !
  5. 2020-9-28 <SIM> Back in action for me. I have been off the keyboard for a while trying to focus on my new job. Game plan was to trade back in SIM today after experiencing a few loss days live with small Rs. Re-motivated to focus back on trading after a great San Diego Meetup yesterday with some local traders and @Mike B ! Didn't like how I was setup today. TRADE 1 $DKNG 2 Min ORB -1.35 R Went short on DKNG. Missed the 1 Minute ORB and went for 2. Got stopped out. Maybe a chase ? Tough start to the day... TRADE 2 $AAL VWAP Reversal +0.09R Poor risk vs. reward trade. Went long for VWAP reversal, took partial then out at break even. TRADE 3 & 4 $CCL TRADE 3 15 MIN ORB -1R Went short with a huge downtrend on $CCL. Hindsight 20/20 I could have used a confirmation candle on a shorter time frame... TRADE 4 $CCL Continuation Went short again on $CCL thinking the downtrend would continue... Not a clean entry against any resistance levels. Definitely jumped the gun on this one... Afterthoughts: -3.2R Good to be in SIM ! Good to be back to getting up early and trading the open. Need to shake some of the rust off and re-focus. Will review the new video of 1 Min ORB. Back to fight another day !
  6. 2020-9-21 <LIVE> Broke trading plan of one live trade then to SIM TRADE 1 $ORCL 1 MIN ORB -1R FAILED TRADE 2 $INO 2 MIN ORB -1R FAILED A little rusty on the Hot Keys...only SIM trading until I get a little momentum back... Also some type of error at the end which put me short in the stock...not sure what happened... Back to SIM for a while...
  7. Awesome Checklist ! Might have to steal that !
  8. What's up #BBTFamily ! Sorry I have been checked out...started a new job on Aug 27... Should be trading a few mornings this week... Looking forward to the BBT Meetup in San Diego this week !
  9. 2020-8-26 Plan is to only take three trades at the open... TRADE 1 $ PLAN 1 MIN ORB -1.2 R A couple of warning from the moderators today. Both regarding how poorly the NYSE stocks trade. Carlos mentioned the wide spread. I went long for an 1 Min ORB stopped out in 5 seconds for a -1.2R OUCH ! Not the way you want to start the day ! No more trading this stock ! TRADE 2 $NIO ABCD -0.03R The more I look at this trade the more I like it. Strong out of the gates. Huge volume candle at the 9:33 mark. I waited for a pullback. Stock came back to VWAP and I went long. 10% partial and then stopped out. TRADE 3 $CRM Trend Trade +1.5R Stock was strong on all charts 1,2,5 and 15. I saw a pullback on the 1 & 2 where it held the 9EMA. Partialed at whole dollar numbers. Only took eight shares because of my small risk size. Ran our of shares to partial rather quickly. No upper levels so not feeling to bad about not holding longer. Afterthoughts: +0.25R for the day. Don't trade NYSE stocks with wide spreads. Two back to back green days for very small dollars. Much better trading today, waiting for the pullbacks on these stocks.
  10. That is an amazing amount of winners ! Great Job !
  11. 2020-8-25 <SIM> Light trading week for me. Work commitments this week. Planned on trading the open today for three trades only. I did not do a good job with a watch-list today, just copying Carlos. TRADE 1 $INTC Chase -0.1R This wasn't on my watch-list, but was on one of my chart windows left over from another day. Wow! What a breakout from the open. Is chase a strategy ? Haha Bailed out after it wasn't going my way... TRADE 2 $INTC ABCD +0.1R Re-fire on $INTC when it pulled back. Only took a 10% partial at support/resistance level. Stopped out at break even. Should my first partials be 50% or 25% ? TRADE 3 $AAL 15 Min ORB -1R $AAL was breaking the VPA point of control and on the 1, 2, and 5 there was no lower levels. I went short. Really tight stop, picked up 1000 shares but stopped out in three seconds. TRADE 4 $AAL 15 Min ORB +1.56R Really liked this setup, so I re-fired with a wider stop. When I was in the trade I saw the 100 SMA on the 15. So I took some heavier partials and then out for a green trade. Pushed my day to green. Afterthoughts: +0.5 R for the Day I tried to jump into my computer closer to the market open. This did not help me today, I was not as prepared as I like. Need to make sure I have the overnight Support & Resistance levels marked. Need to focus more on 3:1 trade minimums. It still takes a while to journal even with just a few trades Have a good week everyone !
  12. Looks like $DAL was the trade of the day ?
  13. Looks like a winner ! Nice Trade ! I admire how you are focusing on one strategy...
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