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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, The journal - Total Trader, is now available for free download on my blog http://daytradearcade.com There are 5 short instructional vidoes to help you get the most out of it. I'd be grateful for all feedback (both good and bad!) Also, if you like Total Trader, I'd be grateful for a donation as I spent about 200 hours building it + $200 for a programmer to build the macros. Let me know what you think! The direct link to the download is: http://daytradearcade.com/trading-journal2/ Let me know your feedback (both good and bad!).
  2. Hello Everyone, First I wanted to say what a great community we have here with BBT. I have learned so much from traders with all different levels of experience. Today marks 4 months of simulator trading and I plan to do one more full month before going live. I have decided to post daily recaps of my simulator trades as a way to help myself with accountability and ensure I trade in the simulator the way I would trade live. Hopefully, these posts may help some traders who are just beginning in the simulator. My plan for the last month of simulator trading is to trade 100 shares size to copy what I plan to trade during the first month of going live. I am hoping that this gives me metrics to evaluate against once I am trading live. I welcome any feedback and comments that anyone wants to provide. 2018-09-28 15-34-44.mp4
  3. In today recap Andrew mentioned "expressive writing", this is an article about it in Harvard Health blog https://goo.gl/5HeLAq
  4. Hi Guys! This is JB and I really want to thank Andrew for being such an excellent and inspiring teacher for me and for creating this amazing community full of dedicated and serious traders! I want to start this topic to share with the community all my journey in the simulator. I appreciate any feedback from you guys. So this is officially day one and here is my video recap:

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