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  1. Hi Sebastian, Great to hear you are liking Total Trader :-) As I've mentioned above I haven't been trading for 2 years (life, job etc!) and have not really updated it. @Mike B reached out to me a couple of months ago asking if he can use it in his webinar series. He has done some great enhancements and I suggest you ask if you can use his version. I may be able to update at some point too - just not at the moment. Regards, Bart
  2. Hi Beau, I built Total Trader in 2018 and shared it with our community. I spoke to Mike B recently ([email protected]) as he wanted to use it in a presentation. I've taken a break from trading hence have not updated it, however feel free to download it and let me know your thoughts.
  3. Hi True, The 3 month limit was put in place to ensure that everyone had the latest version. I keep updating the journal with new features as and when I get requests. I'd rather not remove it for the moment as I am planning to build an online version which will supersede the excel version.
  4. Hi Brendon, Once the 3 month time expires the journal will save each sheet in a separate excel file (so you won't lose any data). To migrate the data from an expired journal just copy it from the newly-created files into the new journal.
  5. Hi mate, Download a new version of the journal and let me know how you go. There is a 3 month usage period to ensure ppl download the newest version. I’m assuming you’ve downloaded a version that was on my site for 3 months and has lapsed. Let me know how you go :-) The link to the journal is at the top of this thread :-)
  6. Thanks DC - I appreciate your help. Sadly, I'm still not quite sure on the differences between: Price=Ask-Price + 0.02; and Price=Ask+0.10 Can you shed any light on it please?
  7. Hi all, I've started using this hotkey and it's working well. One question I have is: what does the red highlighted part do? Why add another price=ask+0.10 when we already have a price=ask-price+0.02. Price=Ask-Price + 0.02;Share=100 / Price;ROUTE=SMRTL;Price=Ask+0.10;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send I'd be very grateful for any help
  8. Hi guys, Total Trader, the journal I designed pretty much contains all the metric being discussed in this thread. It's now available for free download from my blog: http://daytradearcade.com Go to 'trading journal' on the top menu and add in your email and name. You will then receive a link to download it. Let me know if you find it useful!
  9. Let me know if you need any help - the videos should help explain a lot of the things, but feel free to ask about anything.
  10. No worries - hopefully it will help us traders iron out the kinks!
  11. Hi guys, The journal - Total Trader, is now available for free download on my blog http://daytradearcade.com There are 5 short instructional vidoes to help you get the most out of it. I'd be grateful for all feedback (both good and bad!) Also, if you like Total Trader, I'd be grateful for a donation as I spent about 200 hours building it + $200 for a programmer to build the macros. Let me know what you think! The direct link to the download is: http://daytradearcade.com/trading-journal2/ Let me know your feedback (both good and bad!).
  12. Hi Monk, I will be uploading the journal to my blog and also making it available here in the forum. I just need a couple of days to do it. Can I ask you a favour also: please send me all your feedback, whether good or bad. I'd like to improve it if I can and all comments are very useful!
  13. Hi Jason, I have scoured the web for journal apps and decided to create my own will all the bells and whistles. I'm semi-advanced in Excel however am not strong on programming so got a freelancer to program all the macros. All you need to do is paste your DAS tickets and it will work out about 30 metrics + charts/graphs. I updated it last week and broke something in a macro and am getting the programmer to have a look to fix it. Hope to have it by the end of this week. Maybe I can send it to you and we can turn the excel version into a software app?
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