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  1. Robert. I'm having a problem running the scripts in SIM from Arishid's post from February 13, 2018 at 5:20 AM. Is anyone else?
  2. Guys. If you set up the Trade Montage w/ new Hot Buttons can you save the DAS settings to return to the original setting? Thank you.
  3. Arishid. That's a pretty cool script. Are you using it with some success? Is anyone else using it with some success? Thank you.
  4. Thanks Bart. That's a great idea!
  5. Can I get a copy of Bart's Trade Journal that he shared on the recap? Thank you.
  6. Dima made a trade using an OCO Order in DAS. See below... Is there a forum discussion on how to actually place the Range Trade or OCO Trade that he placed. I think it's a great tool to have. Here's what Dima shared w/ me? Dima Spivak "I used a range order in DAS, which is a OCO order that has a limit sell and a stop loss at the same time." Thank you!
  7. Guys. Has anyone ever had an issue with a feature called "sticky keys" in Windows 10 while in DAS? I'm trying to replicate and diagnose what happened on a trade. I think I was holding 2 keys down at once and caused a message to come up from either DAS or Windows about "sticky keys". I quickly hit NO or Cancel and moved on. When I tried to CVR a short with SHIFT 6, I couldn't. I don't know the cause yet but want to see if anyone else has experienced this. I checked the Hot Keys and they appear to be fine. I think it was self induced but don't know for sure. Thanks guys!
  8. I can't find my note on how to add lines to the DAS watchlist. The quick way that Robert taught us. Does anyone have it? Thank you.
  9. Great trade Robert. If I subscribe to this topic, will I be emailed when you posts a recap? Are you aware if Brian does the same thing? Or does he just do the videos? Thanks.
  10. Thanks Doug. It does help. So in really short terms Red to Green is "describing the overnight move" (a RED move for the prior day trading session and a move to GREEN since then).
  11. I'm stuck on the Red to Green strategy explanation. I've read Andrew's chapter several times and can't quite grasp it. This much I'm comfortable with... I think It has to do with the color of the exchange when a stock that Gaps changes direction and trades towards the PDC on rising volume. It sounds like the gain achieved from the PDC in the PreMKT is decreasing as it moves toward the PDC. Can anyone offer a simpler explanation or clarification? Maybe even some screen shots? Thank you.
  12. Has Brian P opined on the Double Bottom strategy in the forum or a video. I've seen his recaps and I get the visual on the Double Bottom. I'm just wondering if he has elaborated on any other setup traits of Double Bottoms. Thank you.
  13. Is the mAVG data below the volume chart in the order that it is setup in the Study Config? i.e. 1. 9d 2. 20d 3. 50d 4. 20d It's right next to the following data... Date Time Hi Lo O C V VWAP and then the 4 mAVGs Thank you.
  14. Robert H. Thanks for pointing out that DAS Price Markers will track "current" High of Day and Low of Day in real-time and that it will move w/ the day's activity. I noticed that DAS only has 4 - Price Markers. I'm going to test adding HoD and LoD and remove YY HoD and YY LoD. Are you aware of a way to add more than 4 - Price Markers per chart so we could have all 3 sub sets? Thank you.
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