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  1. Andrew Aziz

    Let's Start Planning Our Next Meetup!

    Do we have a forum for this meet up only? Can you create one Robert?
  2. It was a good short small meetup. Thanks Ivan for coming over! Happy Father's Day!
  3. Andrew Aziz

    Podcast with Dr. Brett Steenbarger!

    Thanks guys, please share what you are struggling with, and let us absorb as much as possible from him. I want to ask him about: How to Overcome Performance Anxiety: I see many traders having good days, and then they start getting anxiety of bad trading and fall into its trap. What else?
  4. Hi guys, I have a layover from a flight on Houston this coming Sunday. I land at 6 am and leave 1 pm. Is there any trader available for a quick meetup, maybe a Texan breakfast style in Houston around 9 am? Sorry for late notice!
  5. Thanks Thor for posting it. I am keen to learn about these. Although most people probably are part of bear bull traders, but it is interesting to know what are the criteria for the best trading chat room? What are the other communities doing well that we can do better?
  6. Andrew Aziz

    Meet up June 21st, 2019 ???

    guys! I fly out on June 22 evening to Italy, unfortunately! How about having it on 21st?
  7. Thanks Michelle and Nathan! You guys look great and I wish you all the best! We have some couples trading together in the chat, and it always impressed me how they manage to trade: two minds on a tough decision! Love it! Thanks for sharing!
  8. What is this? Is it a cycle power desk? Love it!
  9. Andrew Aziz

    Alliance Traders

    Thanks Fader for this!

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