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  1. See you guys 12pm Today! Thanks for making it in such a short notice!
  2. Thank you! What about 12pm in Banff, you pick the place! Lets finalize it at 12pm any bar is OK. If not, a small gathering in outdoor.
  3. Hey guys, kind of a short notice, but you guys available for July 1st, Canada Day meetup in Banff? I will be driving up today and will have all day free in Banff on July 1st.
  4. Hey guys, I am recovering my slower than I was anticipating, so I had to postpone my trip for few days. I wont be in Banff June 27. I am really sorry. Is it OK if we push it for next week? I am sorry for such short notice and late change, I do hope to see all of you really week after. I can send you the exact time and location when I get there next week. BBTFamily for Life!
  5. I recommend Banff June 27, 11am. We can spend few hours together and then I have to drive up to Icefield.
  6. Thanks guys. what about a meetup in Banff June 27? We can do breakfast.
  7. Hey guys, I will be driving to Alberta Rockies this week Friday June 26. If anyone would like to have a quick meetup in Interior BC or Banff area I am very excited to see you guys. I can meet in Kamloops, Kelowna or Banff. You come up with ideas!
  8. Welcome Ebert! Thnak you for choosing us!
  9. I love it! Thanks Matthew, we should develop these.
  10. wow! Thanks Kyle! Maybe 1999 is too much, but maybe from 2010. Market has shifted a lot in the last 10-15 years. Regardless, thank you so much for doing this!!!
  11. Jason rad setup! I posted it on the YT and also my Instagram page. What is your instagram? May I tag you?
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