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  1. wow, interesting, thanks aurbano! I will forward this to the developer of the chat.
  2. Hey BBT, I have a crazy idea, and I like to know if anyone taking the challenge. I like to have videos like what Slava did for us showing his trading room and trading station, and post them on our YoutTube channel. We can do for 30 days, and at the end, whoever got the most view or most likes (we can decide later on the rules) I love to buy them the newest iPhone: iPhone 11 Pro Max (exactly like I have). Is it a crazy idea? (I know Justin, I know what you want to say!) Anyone would take it?
  3. Yes I can make it at 6 pm. see you all! drinks on me and bring friends and family! Everyone welcome, thanks for coming everyone! #BBTFamily
  4. I love it Justin, thanks a lot! Thank you guys! These means a lot to me.
  5. Wend is good for me as well. Lets make it Wend, if it works for everyone! Thanks guys for coming in such a short notice!
  6. Lets do it Thursday evening! 8pm? You suggest the place Anna!
  7. Awesome, what about Thursday evening? Yes I am close to oldtown but I can travel anywhere that is convenient from everyone.
  8. for sure, we can have two for people who can not make it one day. Maybe one person organize one in Wednesday? Any one want to lead it booking a place etc? Ryan?
  9. Hey guys, I will be in AZ Sunday 8th to Friday 13th. Lets meetup somewhere. I suggest Sunday 8th evening (sorry for short notice). I have an AirBnb in Scottsdale, welcome to stay with me, I will be running in the mountains nearby for 1 week with a buddy. Runners welcome. Not runners also welcome Bryan W? Jarad C?
  10. Kairos, would you do that arrangement for us?
  11. Thanks for this. I think having a semi private area that we can take over is much better. Maybe worth checking with current venue if they can give us that option? If not, I am OK with changing the venue, if others dont mind.
  12. Guys my experience is that it is best to have a private area and no body is sitting, but everyone standing so we can all socialize. Is the venue like it? Can we all stand in a semi-private area to socialize instead of one big table?
  13. very nice! Anyone needs a ride from Vancouver?
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