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  1. Kairos, would you do that arrangement for us?
  2. Thanks for this. I think having a semi private area that we can take over is much better. Maybe worth checking with current venue if they can give us that option? If not, I am OK with changing the venue, if others dont mind.
  3. Guys my experience is that it is best to have a private area and no body is sitting, but everyone standing so we can all socialize. Is the venue like it? Can we all stand in a semi-private area to socialize instead of one big table?
  4. very nice! Anyone needs a ride from Vancouver?
  5. Thnaks all for coming! Pitman feel free to share the photos!
  6. Excellent Nas, excellent. Maybe you can join us and helping Brian in leading the swing section for us! See you in Toronto!
  7. Welcome! Hopefully we can have a meetup soon in Greece!
  8. IBKR Lite is only for web version and mobile app. They do not even offer TWS for it. It is mostly for asset collection in response to Robinhood, but overall it has not gotten any attention yet for active traders. IB for active traders mean IBKR Pro. You can mention it too.
  9. Hey guys, DEc 14 works for me. Who is leading it? Lets plan it so my wife and I can book the tickets asap!
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