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  1. Guys, I got an email that ask a very important queastion. Let's share best practices here. Becuase I think this is VERY important. Email: My short answer is as below: Hi XXXX, that is a million dollar queastion! I think you need to trade small to build the confidence and grow your account to have a shield on your capital. It is much easier to trade if you have already made some money on your account. First loss on your original idea is much more harmful and it will put you in a big emotional distress. What do you think guys?
  2. Andrew Aziz

    CME Group - ECN Fees

    Thanks Daniel.
  3. Did you read my second book? I highly recommend it, not that is because of its for me, but I spend a lot of time and energy to go in depth in it. I recommend watching my video recaps going back in time. I also highly recommend psychology books, starting from my suggestions in BOOKS sections. It is a typical mistake people think they need to learn more about the markets and ignore important aspect of trading like psychology.
  4. Hey traders, I am thinking of going to Pico De Orizaba in Mexcio during Xmass break. Few others may come, Abiel, Carlos etc. It is a hard climb due to high elevation, but not very technical. Anyone interested to join?
  5. Andrew Aziz

    CME Group - ECN Fees

    Really? I am not sure if this is the case. Have you tried shorting the ask, instead of bid?
  6. Hi traders, I like to discuss in this forum why having a daily profit target is important. Why I am walking away after I made some decent money, and stop trading. Why? I do not honesty 100% know what is the secret in it, but I found myself losing statistically significant after made my daily goal. What is the reason? I read about having a daily goal, but I never learned why. Can you discuss this here? I love to hear your stories and ideas? You might discuss anything you think it is relevant. like: 1 .You do not believe it is true, and since each trade is independent of others in probability it should not have any effect. 2. Psychology plays a role, you look at your P&L more than focus on good trading. 3. Time of the day? As time goes by, market gets choppier. 4. ...... Help me in this discussion as I like to have it my next book on psephology! THANK YOU for being with BearBullTraders!
  7. Andrew Aziz

    CME Group - ECN Fees

    IB commission structure is slightly bit better, but not much.
  8. Andrew Aziz

    CME Group - ECN Fees

    They provide DAS platform for free, for active traders who make over $350 commission.
  9. Andrew Aziz

    CME Group - ECN Fees

    Thanks. In all honesty, I am not trying to defend CMEG or anyone else. I just want to look into the best option for traders. For under PDT traders, I found CMEG is best so far, but I do not swear on them! For over PDT traders, I recommend IB/DAS or CenterPoint Securities. Each has its own pros and cons. Which brokers they want to choose is eventually traders' decision after getting all the information.
  10. Andrew Aziz

    CME Group - ECN Fees

    Thanks Brandon. Welcome back! Does SureTrader 4.95 flat fee includes ECN fees? Is that screenshot from simulator trtade? Problem with simulator Account Report is they are not accurate, because you dont 'really get filled and different ECNs have different fees. NSDQ is one of the most expensive routes.
  11. Andrew Aziz

    CME Group - ECN Fees

    In this case, it may be fixed better for low volume traders. Honestly, I never looked into it. I am in 0.002 tiered structure 300K-3M. So for me, it probably will be the same. But for low volume traders, it may be better to go with fixed I suppose. Do IB have info on which one is more suitable to which type of traders?
  12. Andrew Aziz

    CME Group - ECN Fees

    Are you sure it is all inclusive? I read this: It seems there is an "exception transaction fees".
  13. I love to come to DC area to meet you guys. Never been there. Early November should work. I plan to be in FL on Nov 19, so before that would be nice. I can fly south from DC to go to FL meet up. How about November 12-17?
  14. Andrew Aziz

    New broker: CenterPoint Securities

    Mike, use ARCAL if you are using marketable limit orders. ARCA has the highest liquidity and should not have any issue filling in it. I emailed them to check if they support SMRTL or not. I will let you know. Amen! I think you an not go wrong with ARCAL.
  15. Andrew Aziz

    CME Group - ECN Fees

    Hi everyone, Yes this issue has brought to my attention by few traders. They sent me their statement and I am looking at it. Here are my thoughts: 1CMEG apparently did not charge ECN fees until August 2018, and they actually lost money on it. This was an internal mistake from their side. So many traders are surprised seeing ECN fees, but in fact, they are actually very normal and every broker is charging them. So part of frustration was because many people were shocked seeing them, while they were benefiting from a free ECN rebates in the past. From what I see, CMEG ECN fees are normal compare to other brokers. The list is here: https://www.cmelitegroup.com/rates-and-conditions/trade-fees As you see, most ECNs are chargin around $0.003-0.004 per share for marketable orders (removing liquidity). This advertised fees is also standard with other brokers such as SpeedTrader, CenterPoint or IB. https://centerpointsecurities.com/stock-broker-dealer/pricing-brokerage-fees/ I looked at few of my trades, and I saw IB also charges me in the range of 0.003 per share ECN fees in addition to 0.002 tiered per share commission trucutre. See below my IB commissions on 3 trades on MU and AMD. My calculation for IB with 0.002 per share commission shows: One of our trades ECN fee: Overall, I think ECN fees of CMEG is not unreasonable. I see why most people got surprised, because they did not have it on August and before. But you should know that CMEG made a mistake so far by not charging those properly. ECN fees are common to be charged to traders by all brokers. Am I missing something?

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