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  1. i only use TWS sorry I cannot help you with that, but as it seems, everybody in the chatroom was having major problems today even though that not happens often at all...
  2. @johnjnc as Andrew commented during the opening, try to setup a TWS backup for your positions just in case you have troubles one day like this. So that you can fall-back to another system if your DAS is giving you a headache
  3. 100% agree with @peterB ... At the begining of your trading career, one screen is more than enough as you still need to start the learning curve with hotkeys and the platform + the chart reading + pattern recognition + L2 reading + etc Whenever you start doing some more practice, you can jump into a setup of 2 monitors or just 1 bigger one. It all depends on many things and IMHO is too personal to decide based in anyone else experience. I totally disagree with the idea of having 4 screen at the same time. Too much info. Only "professionals" with +5 or +10 years of experience will manage that amount of information properly. Most of the cases, they will do more wrong than good.
  4. Hi @greg g ... I agree with some of the comments that you already got ... screen space is the only concern to be explored before getting a laptop for trading. As @peterB mentioned, those specs are above requirements and you won't have troubles with any software platform (DAS or TWS) however you have to take into considerations some caveats : laptops expansion posts (USB, HDMI, etc) are fixed and limited and you wanna add some more screens in the future for a triple screen setup which is very common you might have very limited options via extension ports. On the other hand, a laptop will get you a trading station that can be used everywhere if you travel a lot. Thinks I'd take into consideration going all-in with a portable trading station : a good base, USB keyboard and USB mouse for best ergonomics Super cheat ikea base: https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/braeda-laptop-support-black-60150176/ Screens : I've got 3x 24" Dell u2500 series (res 1920x1200) and I totally regret my decision. Now, after 3 years, I'd better get 3x 27" FHD 1920x1080 which are pretty inexpensive and common. Check this one as an example : HP 27 Inch FHD 1080p IPS LED Anti-Glare Monitor : https://www.amazon.ca/New_HP-1080p-Anti-Glare-Monitor-FreeSync/dp/B097SMZBSN/ref=sr_1_5 Extra Connections : you will need to expand your ports if you want to connect more than 1 external screen via expansion ports or expansion panels. Check this ones : USB-C to dual HDMI Adapter : https://www.amazon.ca/Adapter-Thunderbolt-DisplayPort-Compatible-Pixelbook/dp/B0899HYCR3/ref=sr_1_15 Portable Monitor : https://www.amazon.ca/PTVDISPLAY-Portable-Extender-External-Speakers/dp/B09BJX5CDR/ref=sr_1_6 I'd choose the adapter + 2 extra 27" FHD monitors side-by-side with the main laptop screen + base + keyboard + mouse
  5. @Silviu please check the "Trend Trading Webinar" by @Aiman where you will find super dupper cool explanation about how to use daily ATR. Most of the time, a period of 14 is used on the daily chart taking into consideration both premarket and postmarket. Any platform like DAS or TWS will place the numbers for you in the charts just adding the indicator to the daily chart Apply logic 100% of the time: if the GAP+ the ORB is over 50% of the daily ATR(14) ... would you take a trade that have in the best case scenario only a 40% daily range available to capture ?? I wouldn't
  6. oh oh, now I see what was the problem...... That puzzle piece icon was introduced in Chrome a couple of versions ago to make the plugin area smaller. Very veeeery silly idea, I reckon.
  7. @Roberto you have to follow the instructions in the first post of the thread. Before setting the CSS Style, you need to install the "Stylus" plugin in Chrome or Firefox Browser...
  8. 2021-04-09 UPDATE : added color / background highlighter on ticker symbols starting with $ PS : download files from first post in this thread......
  9. 2021-04-07 UPDATE : added few changes to fix tickers column on bezinga news tab with bullet points and a better line jump management >> ending in better reading ... This feature was suggested by @Justin and @Alastair ... hope it helps many people !! PS : download files from first post in this thread...... @Andrew Aziz @Thor @Aiman
  10. Hola compañeros hispanohablantes ! @Abiel me comentó que sería buena idea enlazar aquí el video que hice para explicaros cómo uso las teclas rápidas en TWS con chart-trader, que es la herramienta de trading directa en el gráfico que provee la aplicación. Es bastante más potente que DAS y me pareció interesante compartirlo. TWS es una herramienta muy potente a mi parecer, que sólo se queda atrás en DAS para el scalping. Espero os guste ! Saludos, Pablo PS: @Andrew Aziz @Thor if you consider that this video might help others, we might try to translate it into English too
  11. hi @Stefan Tanev i had this same conversation with another member this week. TWS has some Global settings that will be applied on every chart by default accesible via File Menu in the main windo...... Global Settings >> Charts >> Settings >> Prior close Every single chart u open in the platform has override settings via the View Edit Menu >> Chart Properties ... You will also find there a “Prior close” setting that will only change that chart only ... Double check those 2 and for sure your dashed prev day close level will show up on the chart.... Besides that, @Abiel shared with u a post I update regularly with all the settings, mov avgs, hotkeys, levels etc ... hope that file can help u to setup a starting point with TWS Regards, Paul
  12. Saludos a todos ! Soy Pablo, conocido también como Aurbano en el chat ... y aquí estoy desde hace más de 1 año tratando de ayudar un poco con lo poco que he aprendido a base de pelearme con la plataforma jejeje Soy Español, y durante 20 años me he dedicado al mundo de la consultoría técnica y consultoría de negocio.... acabando en el trading como una nueva forma de vida. Un saludo a todos compañeros ! Pablo
  13. hi @maesterfitch from what I know, IB does not provide tick-by-tick data ... never .... ever ... not even for their own TWS platform .... they use a technology called snapshots and they provide 5s updates on the most updated charts and T&S so there is no way to get tick-by-tick from their API. Also, go to the documentation, your API queries will be queue if they are above the limitation meaning, that you can only do a certain amount of queries every 15 seconds. Hope I helped u with some information
  14. last update with the Spanish Tab add... protradingroom v2.txt
  15. @Justin @Alastair remember to activate the DarkReader Plugin on Firefox or Chrome, but I think that now you can use the chat on the right side : just detach it from the main video window to another brower window. The new code provided here will fix the style now. NOTICE: there are 2 independent browser windows side-by-side... u can fit the size as u wish ... Enjoy ! protradingroom v2.txt
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