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    • Thank you. Is there any way to set a trailing order that gets deleted if a limit order is hit? So for example if the price moves 20 cents against me it stops me but if¬†it hits my target it takes profit and deletes the trailing
    • @Bibonow, @Skye, @nmarnson

      Hi guys, I hope everyone is doing good ūüôā

      Like we discussed on my other post, I will start to post my Journal here with my Chart in order to get some advice.
      if you guys want me to add anything else on my Journal let me know.  

      Thank you.
    • @Daniel Thomas¬†- I only ski about once or twice a year but have found it's like riding a bike.¬† At 54 years old I don't push it on the slopes.¬† That would not be me in the photo.¬† Alyeska Ski Resort¬†has lots of different terrain for every skill level.¬† The resort hotel is gorgeous and has indoor pool, exercise, and spa facilities, as well as places to relax by a big fire and enjoy the mountain scenery outside.¬† January is a magical time to visit Alaska.¬† Hope you and your wife can make it.¬†


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