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Ryan W

Club Setup and Guidelines

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What is a Club?

A club is a way for members from the same region, country, city, etc to keep in touch in a more personal and one-on-one way. Clubs are opened for anybody to join, but only the members of those clubs will be able to interact with one another. We welcome all members to create clubs based on any preference. We even recommend creating clubs for support and accountability as well. You can utilize the clubs to create a small group of 3-5 people and maintain contact with each other to monitor each other’s trades and support each other.

To create a club:

If you create the club, you are automatically the club’s Owner/Leader. You will have special access and control over the club.

Creating a club is easy, simply go to: https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/clubs/ then click the large green ‘Create a Club’ button on the right side.
Fill out the form that pops up and please keep the club ‘Open’. If you need a private club, please reach out to [email protected] to properly configure this for you and invite the appropriate members.

After your club has been created, you will have the ability to invite other members to the club. Members can also see the club on the main clubs screen and will be given the option to join the club by simply clicking the ‘Join Club’ button.

The most important step to take after creating your club is to enable the ‘Topics’ feature to allow other club members to chat within the club.

To enable the ‘Topics’ Feature:

Club Owners/Leaders will need to go into their club. One they are seeing their club, simply click the Manage Club button in the top left corner, then click ‘Topics’ under ‘Add Club Feature’:


You will need to provide a name for your Topic and optionally a description. Once you have created your topic, other members of your club will be able to post items and reply to one another.

You may also wish to add a calendar if you plan on having any types of events. This is self-explanatory and completely optional.

Club Rules and Guidelines

Please be mindful of all members of the club and the Bear Bull Trader Community. We are inclusive of all people regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, etc. We have a Zero tolerance policy for any statements that degrade another member’s race, gender, religion or ethnicity.

The Clubs are provided to our members as a courtesy to ensure more efficient communication amongst the community. However, if a club or club member shows a lack of respect of other members in the club or community, they will be banned. Furthermore, if a club is encouraging of any nefarious or derogatory behavior, we have the right to shut down that club and ban the members.

Please keep all topics on point and related to trading in some capacity. Please minimize any talk about politics, religion, race, etc. Any posts found to be in violation of this will be deleted.

If you are the target of harassment by another member, please reach out to us: [email protected] so we can take appropriate action.

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