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    • Ville, my trades appear on CMEG portal around 2-2:30 am Eastern time.
    • I opened account with them and it went really smoothly. The whole process was 10 days, including one request of additional information and funding(from Europe). They send 10 emails keeping me on track whats going on.  So far so good... But now that i have opened the account, should trades be showned in realtime at my CMEG Account Portal? As i can't see my friday trades.     For Ed:  I use Kyle's Hotkeys, which define dollar risk per position. They work great! Just remember change the hotkey script so that the DAY+ on the script is DAY  
    • That 8 gigs is never enough. Not to say you can’t add more. But when you start adding chrome tabs for finviz/bbt/squawk... and maybe OBS to record. You need 16 min
    • 6th Gen i5? Would this be a used PC? I would not get a used PC for trading, you don't know what you're getting.    Minimums to have: CPU: at least an i5 or greater (latest gen recommended)  RAM: 16BG or greater Monitors: 24 inch or greater, 1080 is fine Video Card: 4x ports or greater, by far the best is nVIDIA P620 (I have the older P600, they are not for gaming), you're gonna need a screen for chat, platform, and the other 2 for stock watching.  https://www.amazon.com/HP-Quadro-P620-Graphic-Card/dp/B07C68M2GJ/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3JJ5SAP0BDV3V&keywords=p620+quadro&qid=1575047336&s=electronics&sprefix=p620+%2Celectronics%2C186&sr=1-1
    • Hey, sorry for the late response, I am still recovering from PRK eye surgery, it did stop me from trading but not from working on my gainz. So if you were a beginner, keep your workout shorter, probably no more than an hour each session otherwise you may injure yourself, mostly in your joints by gaining the flexibility and stamina for longer more intense workouts. Over working out will slow your progress and fatigue your nervous system. Do about 4 exercises per session, 2 per body part, and 2 body parts a day. One compound movement and 1 isolation, example would be like a barbell bench press, then a dumbbell bench press or a barbell curl and the a concentration curl, and you're done for the day. Then for the full body lifts like deads or squats, just have that as your workout day, it should take you an hour to do say 5 sets of those with warm ups.  DO NOT bother with a personal trainer lol, they will take your money but you will learn best by your own trial and error on what your body tells you and your own research, like youtube, t-nation, etc.  Kind of like trading, trade with a community and learn from them, but trade on your own, no hand holding. 
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