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  1. Hi, sounds great...let me know meet-up details when available. Thx.
  2. Hi something went wrong...I signed up on Robert's list but did not get any update/schedule on the meetup. Thx.
  3. Hi Robert Any update on the Vancouver meet this year. Thanks. Regards Vinod
  4. Thank you for the analysis Zack. Regards Vinod
  5. Hi Robert, thanks for putting this together. Last Vancouver meet I went to was last summer on a Saturday at Olympic Village at 3 pm. This was on Skytrain route and worked great for me. Look forward to seeing you all again.
  6. More helpful info on this subject can be found on u-tube/www.samseiden.com, educational videos on supply and demand trading with reference to institutional traders.
  7. I understand that to trade based on institutional data is a standalone strategy, as discussed in Zack's Forex book, ie., ref. supply and demand trading section. The chart analysis is done via supply and demand zones and trades taken accordingly. A good discussion is presented in Zack's book, but I think a Webinar discussion by Zack will be beneficial. You might want to read Zack's book to get a better idea on price movement and institutional traders.
  8. Great idea. Signed up, thanks. Please confirm place and time.
  9. Hi Ari How are you finding TD-TOS. I am trying out TD-TOS and TD-Advanced Platform. Will be great if we can exchange some notes. Thanks.
  10. Hi folks, I am researching Trading View which supposedly connects with IB and at fraction cost of DAS. Any thoughts. Thank you.
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