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  1. i am in Europe so thats why i am up if you say that the alt+1 does not work from keyboard then its not a streamdeck problem so alt+1 on streamdeck does not make the difference. it depends all on your computer operating system and adware installed. like on laptops the alt+1 might not be alt+1 or if you have a spanish or german keyboard enabled the number 1 is not 1 so it does not work. how to find out what works. you want to have it on strange and not usual key kombinations. like shift+ctrl+B for buy order for example l. that way writing on the keyboard will not execute orders when your writing window focus is by mistake in DAS
  2. so that is your problem. not the streamdeck. just find a combination that works with your trading software
  3. the setting on your photo is for candle colors only
  4. the panic button closes everything and cancels all orders at the same time. if you always have only one trade opened you can use it
  5. you can always exit with the panic button/hotkey Use a montage style that is compatible, they are: Stop Order, Detail, Trigger -- I recommended using the "Stop Order" montage style. To change this, right click the montage area around where you'd enter a price and select Style --> Your Choice.
  6. does it work in real time sim or not? it might be some limit of the replay feature only
  7. i noticed that the delay in graphs is caused by different time in my operating system and the DAS trader platform. so just make sure you have time in sync
  8. yes like you see all the level2 and time and sales flowing but the 1min candle starts drawing after 5 seconds in the minute. i checked some videos i took in april and it was not the case then. but recently i see that a lot. i will try ti make some video of it on tuesday anyway cannot do much about it
  9. Some icon backgrounds for you all are here Just put any text you like over them
  10. hi Peter, the double click method is much better than what you intend. It allows you to set the stop loss based on your selection rather than strictly following a moving average which is only a price and no pattern indicator. Setting stop loss 1% away from your doubleclick makes more sense than setting it from any other price indicator as the price can be extended from that moving average or the moving average not being a support/resistance area for that stock
  11. what i noticed in EU that the graphs are delayed in drawings 3-6 secs. mostly noticable on the 1min chart when the new minute starts. it just starts drawing later. not an issue though.
  12. if you press alt+1 on the keyboard, does it work or not?
  13. most probably you tried to enter an order while there was another order in the queue holding your buying power
  14. honestly it just has to work with any software just do the same key combination that you do in Tradestation. but keep in mind that hotkey is not a script so if you need to press the keys in a sequence then you need to set it up differently. try to use https://www.keyboardtester.com/tester.html to see when you press the streamdeck button if it does exactly what you need it to press for tradestation. and post a screenshot of your key setup which is not working
  15. Hi Peter, I'm looking into a Stream Deck and saw your post.  You show a button "Set Stop Long". Does that bring up a dialog box or do you have it set as a % or $ amount below entry? Just curious how you set that up. Thanks,



    1. peterB


      hi Kevin, i had it setup as a 0.5% percentage of current price

      Alt+2:SET STOP 0.5%  LONG:ROUTE=Stop;StopType=Market;StopPrice=AvgCost*0.995;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY;SELL=Send;

    2. Kevin


      Hi Peter checking out the different models offered. Thanks for the setup help.

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