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  1. what is your buying power/BP? you have half of the BP used in the script test with wider stop like 2 dollars to see if you hit the BP limit or not
  2. it cancels all orders so not only one if you want to do only one you have to select it in the orders window then use the replace function but this way its more straightforward so if you do not have multiple orders set then its a good solution
  3. you can add CXL ALLSYMB; in front of your hotkey and that will cancel any existing order for the ticker and send a new order instead.
  4. what type of order? why cant you just press the order hotkey at the right time to get filled?
  5. you can use these variables for the price but it will not work with the calculations you wrote as it is too complex for DAS
  6. its because there is not enough data on the 1min chart to draw them, load more data and let us know the results
  7. for the record you dont expect a break UP for a stock that is gapping DOWN so you might be looking at a wrong day to sort this out anyway if you look at 15m chart it will be much more clear to you what is the breaking point and stop loss
  8. Partial 50% when LONG CXL ALLSYMB;ROUTE=SMRTL;Price=BID-0.05;Price=Round2;Share=Pos*.50;TIF=DAY;SELL=Send;ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Market;StopPrice=AvgCost;Share=Pos-share;TIF=DAY;SELL=SEND Partial 50% when SHORT CXL ALLSYMB;ROUTE=SMRTL;Price=ASK+0.05;Price=Round2;Share=Pos*0.5;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send;ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Market;StopPrice=AvgCost;Share=Pos-share;TIF=DAY;BUY=SEND change the SMRTL to LIMIT if needed
  9. you can never avoid being stopped out anything can happen its probabilities we play it takes just one trader anywhere in the world as you or me for you to get stopped out its easy to speculate now on the past but when you enter the trade you never know what will happen next you just need to accept the fact that if you do this it will work in your favour making you money
  10. most ppl use the trading platform to have realtime data but if the data on trading view is realtime as well and it allows you to do some charts your trading platform does not, then use tradingview. usually the realtime data comes for a price. the free version of tradingview is delayed with IBKR you pay monthly $10-$15 with DAS you have it in the platform fee of $150 tradingview i do not know but it depends on the market as well
  11. In EU your tax residency is determined usually by your permanent stay (over 183 days in a year) but if all your documents, ID, driving license etc. are still canadian do not bother. you can trade with your canadian account. technically there is no limit to that. IBKR has also a european version which will make your funds transfer much easier and free if you have a bank account in EU so its up to you if you open the EU account or not. but be aware that you would need to go through the account opening procedure with new documents confirming your EU address so if you are just renting a place and have no electricity bills or similar confirming your address you might fail on that regarding the german members look at the member map above
  12. yeah just reinstall and it will be there or install to a different location and take it from there. other peoples hotkey file is not gonna help you much as it can contain shortcut keys you will be suprised by when pressed
  13. the file should exist in your Das trader pro directory. you can delete it and get a new one from a new install or someone else. you could restore from backup if you did backup
  14. it has 3 outputs and supports 3 monitors but i have only 2 at home, i can test 1x4k+1xfullHD only
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