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  1. market orders are not filled in premarket/postmarket we have to live with that limit. i suggest you to trade market hours only
  2. check the error you get on the montage but i guess that your order preset in DAS is not set to a MARKET order. TriggerOrder=RT:STOP STOPTYPE:MARKET PX:StopPrice ACT:SELL STOPPRICE:StopPrice QTY:Pos TIF:DAY; is correct why do you have the -0.3 there? PX:StopPrice-0.3 Instructions for Usage: First, you must have "Double Click to Trade" turned on in Chart, Right-Click --> Configure --> Settings --> Double-click to trade. Double click the chart where you want to set a mental stop (it does not place a stop order, you can always put one in after). Hit your configured hotkey.
  3. so today the hotkeys worked ok it must have been something else not the DAS itself. anyway there is a limit of trendlines in this version of DAS so you might come to this message wehn trying to create a new trendline you can raise the trend line limit in Setup Trading Settings or if you are like me and forget the lines all the time you can create a hotkey to delete all lines from all stock charts at once like this
  4. you need to enable click to trade on the chart and double-click on the chart to get the stop loss price and after that hit the hotkey/hotbutton more on the hotkeys and their requirements here
  5. my hotkeys do not work in post market with this version of DAS. see below
  6. https://www.dastrader.com/download/ETFA.html Updates since last official release Right clicking Account crash issue is fixed in this release. Bug fix: border color can't save/load when set to black color. Bug fix: Options Chain - Colors of ITM/OTM don't work for SPX. Quote Replay: Added "Back Ns" button to go back N seconds. Chart: Added feature to click and select VWAP anchor period. Chart: Fixed time axis font size issue. Added configuration for maximum number of global trend lines in Setup->Other Configuration - Fixed NYSE Tape color issue - Updates for trade signal - Bring up the Result window even if user minimized it. - Added icon for Result window. - Added fundamentals data display in Result window. - Added sector display. Added more info for trading halt. Fixed mail.dat file open error. Added ToggleDragMode hotkey toggle between hand and arrow cursor. Set topmost windows to non-topmost when opening dialog window, then restore to topmost after dialog window is closed. Added "Total P&L" (Un P&L + Net P&L) column to Account Monitor window. Bug fix - for admin order/traders window, don't filter for non-existing account. Bug fix for CMDAPI "cancelling quote replay order" issue. Added "Withdrawal" status for withdrawal order. Added feature to right click Account Monitor to update BP. Added CMDAPI command "GET SHORTINFO Symbol" to query symbol shortable / margin rate. Number of routes in route list can be more than 255 now. Added Auto fit to order flow window. Added confirmation message box if reached PDT round trip limitation. Added Hull Moving Average. For Montage hotkey window, added "Add button to left" and "Add row to top". Added "Curr EQ Lmt" to risk management. Bug fix - Position window "Diff" column not refreshing when level changed. Bug fix - for the number in hotkey Price= Bug fix - Options chain window's column widths reset after switching symbol. Updated stop trailing percentage order. Added support for order replace in replay mode. Bug fix - Market viewer not importing/exporting csv correctly. Bug fix - Only original positions window can save account filter. Retrieve stock “issueMarket†to calculate UP/DOWN PL for account monitor. Bug fix - Market viewer not sorted after top list update. Added "AvailLoc Query" button to Short Locate window to query left/available located shares for short. Count in marginable symbol's margin rate for script Share=BP*N. post any issues with this version here
  7. btw when i fund my CMEG account i send directly USD from my bank
  8. You can setup the chart to show you your orders. Like this - i find it sufficient I am not sure if the script is the way to go to draw the line in single key press but it can be done perhaps for another keypress. Regarding the later submission being discussed recently quite often i do not understand the logic. If you do not want to submit the order then you don't need to press it. If you want to submit it later, just press the hotkey later. Maybe i am missing something here.
  9. dont worry, they want you to take as many trades as possible to pay for commissions. you can take as many as you like
  10. since January 2021 all new IB EU accounts are opened either in Ireland Luxembourg or Hungary. No PDT rules apply i can confirm. The minimum account size i do not remember but i think that with 6k you are gonna be fine.
  11. it means that they accept money only from the account number you specify in the account opening application. It is anti money laundering practice so somebody cannot corrupt you by sending you one million pounds to your CMEG account. If you happen to have another EU passport consider opening account in IB EU which allows under PDT daytrading now.
  12. correct, market and stop orders do not work usually. it is broker dependent though
  13. yes your script would work. also a stop limit order for the triggered entry would work with the click to trade method - you click on the chart where you want your entry let the script do the counting and submit the order
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