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  1. i think you could use temporary variable instead of the parenthesis. like tempprice=Pos*AvgCost;StopPrice=tempprice-300 i cant imagine a use case for this anyway. you will never get good stop loss like this you will be way off where you wanna be technically
  2. peterB

    PCT boot camp

  3. thanks i was just about to write to Thor on how he has this set up
  4. ok let me try to summarize you want a future entry - use stop limit order set stop price and limit price, done this is standard for all brokers you want a future entry with static risk and automatic stop loss and profit target - not possible it would require trading platform change so that the 3 stop orders do not interfere. remember the submitted orders are held at the broker so the broker will not do any additional calculations for you, just order and order type. done you want a pre-market or post-market stop loss order - not possible this is every broker i know limitation unless DAS would allow some order playlist at a specific price trigger point the "not possibles" will never work with any broker until then it is up to you traders to trigger the complex calculations order scripts at the precise time
  5. usually recomended way is to master one strategy then move to next, it will evolve with you over the time till you find your own trading system suiting your personality and options
  6. scanz tradingview benzinga pro finviz really depends on what you are looking for
  7. it depends what you need. TI is one of the sofisticated scanners with much functionality while the others mentioned provide only basic stuff there is plenty of other alternatives to TI though none of them free
  8. no, that applies only to US and UK IB accounts
  9. mind sharing for the community for the future members struggles?
  10. if it suits you and you can be consistent with the style then do not change it just now but maybe over the time you will evolve it to something more efficient just naturally. to me 90 executions seems too much to somebody else it might be ok. But if you tend to over-partiall ask yourself next time if you really want these $10 of this partial and pay for it 0,5$ just for the keypress which cost you 5% of the profit
  11. you are welcome, fixed SL is the perfect way to start with to get proper statistical data so you know easier what kind of trader you are
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