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  1. actually it is only the last version of DAS which allows you to export/import hot buttons so you are lucky
  2. its the other way around. you need to setup your PAD to the key combo setup in DAS there should be a software for your PAD configuration where you record the "macro" which is the key combination you want.
  3. basically you do in in 2 steps 1. you bind the hotkey for one key combination in DAS. for example alt+shift+B for a BUY hotkey 2. you setup your keypadto mimic the key combination u used for your hotkey and map it to the desired key on your keypad
  4. Maybe ask Thor to send you his settings? Or be more specific what you want to accomplish.
  5. the answer is in the "why yes?" you just can be in a situation when your stop order will not be filled and you blow up your day or whole account
  6. hi Adam, i do not want to be rude but sometimes the best assistance is to simply search https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/search/?q="valid price"&quick=1 after you click to the chart the price has to populate the price field on your montage. if you still get the error you have wrong syntax hotkey which you have not shared
  7. and + you can always search for the term "hotkey" which will give you plenty of results
  8. read the first post for proper setup of DAS and there are plenty of working scripts in the topic itself
  9. hi troyn1080, it works on all time frames 1min 2min same stock was a 3BP on 15min too 5min stop loss goes to the 2nd candle low (for longs) or 2nd candle body low depending on the pullback size. It can go to the low for the entering candle as usually if that candle changes color you are done.If it has too big wick you use the body. If it is too narrow use the wick. The most important for the 3bar plays are the entry rules. It has to be trend continuation, the first candle needs to be breaking out of a range or through MAs with huge volume and the next bar needs to be a significant lower volume and the break will just hit and run. It is best if they are combined with an ORB or ABCD on different time frames so you get more people in going with your direction
  10. trading is about adapting and this sounds like the easiest thing to do while its beenfits of having static risk without harder counting should be enough motivatio for you to overcome it
  11. that is nonsense because you can double click the stop-loss level on the chart minutes before you press/click the hotkey/hot-button. you usually know where you want the stop to be
  12. i do not understand. it is exactly as you wanted. 1% of 150 is 1.5 and 1% of 20 is 0.2 if it is too much then lower it to 0.5% or maybe you could do some set of hotkeys for each price level anyway 20 cents on 20 dollar stock is normal move sorry to ask but what is the problem of clicking into the chart to set the desired stop?
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