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  1. i wonder how does your order preset screen look like in DAS. and i wonder how it would process the order if you had automatic stop order attached. scary stuff though
  2. there are tutorial videos available for more info on how it looks like. its really quick. if i do like 5 trades it takes me like 5 minutes to write the journal after i import the exported data from DAS to tradersync
  3. i paid for the full feature license. however you can choose lower license then upgrade later.
  4. the 14 day trial of das simulator is from das, not from cmeg cmeg will give you a simulator account as an extra to your normal account the promo code you mention to the application form
  5. 2 monitors are like $120 each so you can buy any PC you find for the rest budget easily - with 4core CPU (AMD Ryzen or Intel i3, i5 or i7) and 8GB RAM and SSD drive (480GB at least) check your favourite shop for any deals and brands. HPE, Dell, Lenovo, whatever you like really. Or post your intended purchase here for approval if you feel
  6. 1. how many monitors you want to use? 2. what resolution are those monitors? 1080p 1440p or 4k? 3. are you looking for a laptop or a desktop? 4. what is your budget for that? 5. do you need the PC for something else? video editing, gaming, anything
  7. i have been experimenting with https://www.tradematic.com/ and i was tring to configure some risk controls to close my positions when overreaching my stops before i switched to DAS. it is pretty capable tool but still very under development, they did not had VWAP implemented at all at that time it is not expensive to try for a month and it works with the IB API well
  8. i posted mine already, and shared my experience that an expensive chair will solve nothing really
  9. Guys, all your neck and other pains are like trading. It won't change by changing and introducing new parameters - the seat, you need to do the right thing and stop doing the wrong things to get it resolved. If you already have trouble the seat is not the solution in 99% cases. You can sit properly even on a rock. To know how to sit the correct way and to be able to hold the position is the key.
  10. i have this one https://www.techo.sk/produkty/freedom-headrest/ and have several issues as well and i must say that the chair does not help it. if you want to make it better you need to excercise and rehab.
  11. I have enabled the bid and ask price on one of my charts - 1min so i can see that the spread is ok or nasty. For me it is much more convenient than checking the BID/ASK on the montage. Might help you as well. Right click on chart - Chart area - Config Chart Area Click on Show Bid Price and Show Ask price checkboxes and change the colors to your needs.
  12. well you can see it all in this topic i like it most from all i have seen btw are you the famous Ondrej Adamek?
  13. View on what setups to focus on. Looks like i need to trade ABCDs only overall April 2020
  14. yes sim account tends to have worse fillings
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