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  1. all seems fine to me if you are using Interactive Brokers broker if you are using just demo of DAS or other broker you need to change all your hotkeys Route=SMRTL to Route=LIMIT
  2. @Trader_Jack your hotkey contains only the cancel+partial. you perhaps want to add the new stop loss order to your hotkey which is impossible because the hotkey script does not know your current stop. therefore, after you partial with your hotkey you will need to click to the chart where you want to set your (new or old) stop loss and use this hotkey CXL ALLSYMB;Route=Stop;Share=Pos;StopPrice=Price;StopType=MARKET;TIF=DAY+;Send=Reverse; you can use the same hotkey for Long and Short positions.
  3. hi Mathias, i have just opened an IB EU acount with 5k on it and the margin is indeed risk-based and every time different. some times i am able to buy stock for 20k sometimes it does not allow me to do so. its annoying but not much can be done. with CMEG broker you get 1:6 and you can use it fully without any limits but their commission pricing is high now. The margin with IB EU is 1:6.66 actually anyway if you start with small risk then you will be most probably fine.
  4. your tables say the same as mine so at least we have the math in-line 5R over 100 trades is the 0.05R reward to risk ratio per trade and you call it an edge which is correct mathematically. Practically, you need to risk 100 dollars to make 5 dollars. And after taking 100 trades risking 10000 dollars you make 500 dollars. If you risk 100 per trade you need to take 1000 trades to make 5000 dollars. 50 trades daily. Now start counting the commisions on how much you need to risk to make a living out of this edge. And count the time how much it takes you to take 50 trades daily. It does not seem worth it to me.
  5. i said to me it does not look to be a worth it. you might missed the point where his P/L is 1:2 and not 2:1 as you wrote which is just wrong. lets see sorry, there is not a 10R edge here You don't need a math degree to differentiate 1:2 and 2:1 but as market will teach you too, everybody can be wrong sometimes. So instead of throwing fireballs lets keep the discussion moderate.
  6. https://bearbulltraders.com/brokers/#broker-cmeg
  7. make sure you have set a margin account in account settings and that you have at least $2500 funded and check the BP on the web by clicking Details in the Portfolio
  8. 1) yes you just need to link the DAS to your IB account https://bearbulltraders.com/request-special-das-package-for-ib-traders/ 2) not really but if you set it up it is easier to trade with DAS as it supports so much more automation 3) it will come, try to watch the room later on the day for a lower tempo 4) any strategy you like from the book which you seem to understand easily, more will come later 5) yes 6) have a plan for each week/month, have realistic expectations, do not try to shoot too far, have a lot of questions, have a trading buddy, journal your trades
  9. make sure your montage is set to Stop Style
  10. IB gives you paper account for free so you will just switch the accounts between live account and paper account in DAS. the market data payment is only once for both.
  11. if you were in a position the whole day you will need to close it. market does not care your/their reasons to exit/entry
  12. 1. your hotkey has syntax error so if you copy/pasted it using discord or something simillar make sure all the asterisks were copied properly. your says instead of Share=0.5*SShare; 2. make sure you have set the montage style to "stop order".
  13. example: if the volume bar is 400k there were 220k sellers accepting price 223.3-223.25 there were 180k buyers accepting price 223.25-223.3 more sellers than buyers slightly so the price moved slightly lower. beside that all the transactions performed within the 223.3 and 223.2 range. thats it. absolutely normal situation. the same happens on various levels during the day
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