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  1. Hi Stavros, I am trying to open an account with IB, I am trading from the UK and having trouble with the application. Did you manage to finish the Interactive Brokers application in the end? Also, I keep getting a message saying 'your net worth cannot be larger than Total assets'. I haven't written anything about my total assets, so I am not sure what I am entering incorrectly?? If anyone has had this issue any help would be much appreciated. Thank you, Dexter
  2. No problem, thanks for creating this group. Yeah I had the same problem with small caps, too volatile for me at the moment. I am mostly trading in sim as well with a few live trades here and there. How long have you been studying? I about 7 months in now. Dexter
  3. Hello everyone, I am from London and trade on the NYSE I started out trading small caps but now have moved to trading mid cap stocks. I just started trading this year due to the pandemic to get some extra income. Where abouts is everyone from and how long have you all been trading? Dexter
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