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    • I have recently switch to DAS Trader from IBKR.  Does anyone know if we still need the Market Data subscriptions in IBKR or does DAS Trader include those?
    • Hi Silviu  I currently have an account with tradezero since they were the only other semi-reputable offshore broker I could find. I must admit their platform isn’t up to much, so I use DAS for my charting platform and just enter the trades in tradezero’s montage. I did briefly have an account with cmeg before tradezero, but I found the lack of available shorts was super frustrating, not a problem I have come across with tradezero (although sometimes the locates can be a bit expensive, so I just choose to not trade that stock on that day…but if I wanted to, at least I have the option!). Hope this helps 🙂
    • I've never traded while under 25k so I don't have any direct experience, I didn't answer you the last time you posted hoping someone with direct experience would help. However, the one that is mentioned by BBT is CMEG (it's still on the website but I haven't heard it mentioned in a long time). From what has been said on here I'm told they have higher commissions than IB (who most here use), I think they tend to have less short inventory which shouldn't be an issue with your strategy and they are obviously foreign HQ so may not have the same level of protections. Again none of that is from 1st hand experience, just 2nd hand info that I've heard over the years.  
    • Hello! I would like to try doing day trading on a real platform (I have been practicing for more than 6 months), using break of the high of the day strategy. I usually buy once per stock and sell several times as it goes up (assuming everything goes well). I rarely do more than 2 different stocks per day (usually AAPL being one of them). I can use about 10k for now, so I won't be able to do day trading in the USA. As far as I understand there are other options, outside US but still trading US stocks, but with higher fees. What would be the best option for me (as a beginner and given my strategy)? Thank you!
    • It's still in that link at the bottom (before all the links to other places on the site)
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