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    • Hey @naptof330, I emailed them and called them a couple times, and unfortunately didn't hear a single word from them. For me, this caused alarm bells to ring and so I decided that I would steer clear of them, as there is nothing worse than a service that is ill provided, particularly when there could be severe repercussions. My experience might be isolated and as such, perhaps try them for yourself and see what happens. In the end, I stayed with my current accountant and asked them to do the research for me. My accountant is just a small (2 branches, I think), midlands based accountancy firm that deal with small/average local businesses and self-employed people, so nothing special.  They charged me somewhere around £500 (I can't remember the exact figure), and they contacted a 'specialist' to advise them on my situation. All it boiled down to really was just filling out the US tax form correctly and having it checked by someone in the know. As always though, please do your own research! Hope that helps 🙂
    • Hi there. I have found this on the internet. This is not a recomendation, instead I am wondering if anybody here have worked with them? https://www.accountantsfortraders.co.uk/
    • I would really appreciate if someone from the community who is profitable experienced trader can meet online and give us some guidance on how to move forward and become better traders. I have been trading for 2+ years and so far I’m just breaking even or losing slowly. I’m stuck in this period for the long time and don’t know what is needed to overcome this problem.    if anyone experiencing same or similar issues please comment to connect and hopefully someone from community will come forward and help us all. Cheers!
    • Live by Long Beach! Hope thats not too far from San Diego. Christianrodriguez7237@yahoo.com
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